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Simple Past vs (DOC)


									Simple Past vs. Past Continuous
In English, there are 4 basic tenses that occur in the past: simple past, past continuous
(progressive), past perfect, and past perfect continuous. In this section we discuss the simple
past vs. the past continuous. Each one is detailed below.

Simple Past – (verb + -ed) if not irregular.
      Refers to an event that happened sometime in the past. This event could have
happened 5 minutes ago, 5 days ago, 5 years ago, etc.
                        Past            Present         Future

       Examples of Simple Past
            He walked to school.
            The boy went home.

Past Continuous – (was or were + verb + -ing)
Refers to an event that started in the past and was interrupted by something.
                           Past            Present          Future

       Examples of Past Continuous
            He was walking to school when he fell.
            The boy was going home when the car blew up.

Below is a paragraph that shows you the difference between simple past and past continuous.
Both tenses are in bold in order to make it easier for you to see them.

The Stupid Cell Phone

       Once upon a time, there was a student by the name of Sabio. He loved his cell phone;

he would send text messages during class and play games on it while the teacher was

teaching. However, that all changed one day.

       One day after school, Sabio decided to walk to school. While he was walking to

school, it began to rain. The rain was so bad that Sabio’s cell phone got wet and stopped

working. He was angry. He still had to go to class. The cell phone was broken, or was it?

       During class, the cell phone rang while the teacher was lecturing. Angry, the teacher

took Sabio’s cell phone and smashed it! I guess the stupid cell phone worked after all.

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