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					                                       The Thesis
    A thesis is a statement of position, belief or opinion. It conveys the central or main
    idea of the entire text and indicates how the main idea will be supported.
        -Serves as a summary of the whole composition.
        -The focus of the first paragraph or introduction.
        -Just like a topic sentence, a thesis statement signals what is to come.
             (Thesis=whole essay. Topic Sentence=one paragraph or section.)

        Imagine being on a trip, your opinion or view point proven, being the final
destination. A thesis not only states where you are going but also explains how you are
going to get there. It plans the trip for you! A topic addressed in the essay body is a place
you pass through (a signpost) to get to your destination (conclusion).

       A Thesis has 2 parts:
       1. Statement (Argument)- The specific argument of the paper.
             a. The thesis statement controls the subject of the paper.
             b. The thesis statement must be arguable, be specific in its importance
                 and/or impact, and leave room for analysis.
                 Non-Specific Statement (Argument): Trees are good.
                 Specific Statement (Argument): Trees create a better quality of life.

       2. 3 Supports- How the statement will be proven.
             a. The 3 thesis supports must be distinct and clearly in support of the
             b. The thesis support controls the organization of the paper.
                     i. The thesis support shows “parallel structure”: Composition
                        must discuss each point addressed in the thesis, and in the
                        order that the thesis states them.
                   ii. There should also be a reason for the order of supports.
                        (Ex: chronologically fits, order of significance, etc.)
             c. The thesis support must state the relation to the argument.
                    Support #1: Trees create a better quality of life because they are
                    esthetically pleasing.
                    Support #2: Trees create a better quality of life because they
                    provide needed shade.
                    Support #3: Trees create a better quality of life because they clean
                    the air we breathe.

       *The need of the Thesis Statement (Argument) and Thesis Support:
             These elements are inextricably linked – a Thesis is not a meaningful
             argument without the specifics of importance and/or impact, and it cannot
             successfully be argued without support.

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