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									   École National Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle
              Industrial Ceramics National High School

Your contact at ENSCI
Christian Gault, direction@ensci.fr

Director of studies: Agnes Smith
Contact: Studies office,

International relations, international exchange programs:
Contact: David Smith

N+i program (www.nplusi.com):
Contact: Pierre Abelard

Research studies (PhD Cursus):
Contact: Jean-Pierre Bonnet

Contact: Cécile Pagnoux

Communication officer:
Cécile Golfier, c_golfier@ensci.fr

Welcome to Limoges

An attractive and young region

Limousin is a very attractive, young and dynamic region, ideally located in the center of
France, halfway between Barcelona and London and less than 3 hours away from the sea,
the mountains or Paris, the French capital.
Capital of Limousin, Limoges counts about 230,000 inhabitants and offers, with 600
hectares of parks and green areas and the nearby countryside, a high quality of life not
easily found in other big cities.

Limoges offers a wide choice of cultural and sporting activities with 5 swimming pools, 2
golf courses, 40 large sport fields, a bowling center, a municipal stadium, 20 exhibition
halls, 18 cinema screens, a municipal theatre, a multimedia library... Each day and
evening gives the opportunity to get out: movies, shows and concerts, night clubs,
restaurants, music cafés... Sport facilities and a privileged environment allow you to
practise more than 70 different sports.

Limoges is a great place to live and the cost of living for students is the lowest in

A friendly university town

With a community of more than 200,000 students, as well as 780 scientists and university
teachers, Limoges is a true university town. The city is recognised for having one of the
best multidisciplinary universities in the country with a large choice of degrees and
diplomas such as law and economics, medicine, pharmacy, natural sciences, sport, art and
social sciences. There’s also a institute of technology with 11 departments and 3
engineering schools. The university is an essential participant for the development of

An international city

Thanks to its many assets and its position of European capital of ceramics, Limoges is a
center of attraction for people from all over the world. Its technopole, its companies, its
university, its “Grandes Ecoles” (Grand Schools), its research center... All give the city
an international reputation.

As part of a national network of technology and research center and recognised for
international events such as the International French Language Theatre Festival, twinned
with Europeen, American and Asian cities (as: Pilsen, Charlotte, Fürth, Seto...), Limoges
maintains privileged relations on every continent.

Industrial ceramics with its pole of excellence, an innovative education, and development
of specialized knowledge and techniques are, today, the driving force of Limoges.

Study at ENSCI
Top students in French high schools follow a scientific cursus. The reason is that
engineering is considered as a highly respected profession with manageable
responsability. Engineering are trained in the “Ecole d’Ingénieurs” (Engineer School),
which there are more than 300 all over the country.

Ceramics have been made and used since antiquity but nowadays they become an
important part of highly technical industrial sectors such as electronics, computing,
nuclear energy, medicine, aerospace technology and many others.

ENSCI is a engineering college under the authority of the French Ministry of National
Education, associated with the University of Limoges and a member of the French
“Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” (Grand School Conference). Its mission is to train
engineers (master’s degree) in research, development and production of mineral
materials: ceramics, glass, refractories cement and concretes, raw materials, etc... This is
focused on high-quality research, a close partnership with the economic and industrial
world and an important international network of laboratories and universities for

ENSCI is the only engineering college in France devoted to industrial ceramics.

Three years are necessary to get the engineer diploma, recognized by the national
authorities. The program is both scientific (materials science, structure, microstructure
and properties) and technical (ceramic processing: extraction of raw materials, forming,
thermal treatment). Student engineers must undertake different traineeships in companies
(9 months during the program) and a 3 month research project in a at the end of the third

If you are interested in research, you may enter a PhD Cursus (third cycle). You begin
with a preparatory degree, the Master Research which can be obtained during the last
year spent at ENSCI. Then three years of research are necessary to write and defend the

Parlez-vous français ?

The classes are usually given in French and you must be able to follow them. When
staying in Limoges, you may improved your french by attending French classes in the
Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Limoges.

How much will it cost ?

Tuition fees: within the framework of FIRE or Socrates exchanges or bilateral
agreements, students pay their fees in the university of origin. Otherwise, students pay
fees to ENSCI: 450 €/year + Social Security 180 €.

Housing: a room on campus 115 €/month, a flat on the campus from 240 € to 380
€/month, a flat in the city around 290 €/month. There is a possibility of sharing a flat.

Eating: student cafeteria: 2,65 €/meal, in the city 8 €/meal, restaurant 14 €/meal.
Where will I be living ?

FIRE or Socrates-Erasmus students are automatically provided a room in a residence hall
on the campus. For others, this is not automatic and it is easier to obtain a room during
the second term of the academic year (March - June). If you are interested, apply to the
studies office at ENSCI. You may want to live in the city center in an apartment although
this is more expensive. There is a student cafeteria and many other facilities on the
University campus.

Student life
The student association manages the student rooms and facilities. This association
animates a lot of clubs: photography, dance, video, music, ENSCI’s newspaper. The
students organise parties, concerts, and the annual gala evening... For further information,
you can consult the web site: http://membres.lycos.fr/ensceramik/

ENSCI-IAG (“International Activities Group”) receives and assists foreign students
before and at their arrival and at their arrival, throughout their stay: integration,
administration steps... For further information, you can consult the web site:

The Sports association participates in competitions with several teams in a variety of
sports: football, handball, tennis, golf, rugby, badminton... ENSCI encourages sporting
sporting activities. Thursday afternoon is reserved for sport. These optional sport can give
additional points in the overall diploma mark.

All these associations are managed by ENSCI’s students who will be ready and
happy to receive you, to guide you and to advise you.

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