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									Getting Started Trading Forex

In investing properly and when to face the risk of loss, it is not caused by our ignorance, but the external
conditions that are beyond our control.
To start investing in Forex Trading, it helps us perform the following steps:

* Choosing a Broker
There are many brokerage firms that sell futures broker services, especially at this time either conventional
futures brokers brokerage firms large and small scale. Each of these companies are racing to provide the best
possible service to its customers. Even the few brokerage firms that promise big profits for its customers, if
customers were to become investors and make investments through the brokerage services.

Then how to choose the futures broker that so much is that? The first and foremost of course depends on how
we react to it properly. However, there is a good principle to hold in choosing a futures broker, particularly for
the initial assessment, which is the more expensive the fee that the company offers brokerage services
provided are usually incomplete, otherwise wear a futures brokerage fees are expensive, typically provide
service and better facilities .

In addition to these basic principles, there are several other criteria that must be seen to be addressed in
assessing whether or not a futures brokerage firm include:
1. Legality: This is the main factor to be addressed in choosing a brokerage firm. Futures brokerage firms that
either were not seen from the large and luxurious offices of the company. But viewed from the licensing of
brokers involved in such activities published by Bappebti, and also as a member of the BBJ and the KBI. With
the legality of customer funds are protected by the agency. So, if something goes wrong a disadvantage,
investors can complain the matter to the relevant institutions.

2. Domicile: Your brokerage firm is clear, and is listed in BAPPEBTI. When can we get information that
addresses these companies do not move around a lot.

3. Transparent: The brokerage company that is both trustworthy and honest in undertaking the investor,
especially with regard to placement, management and use of customer funds in a separate account (segregated
accounts). It was rather difficult to detect at an early stage, we need time and experience related to the
brokerage firm to determine the level of this transparency.

4. Complaints: In a large futures brokerage firm usually equipped complaint division. This division serves all
issues related to the customer. In case of errors concerning the management of the funds we can ask directly
to the division.

* Specify Margin
The amount of initial margin in forex trading is 1% of contract value, ie USD 1,000 to USD 100,000 contract
value and contract value of USD 100 to USD 10,000. If dirupiahkan live multiplying the prevailing exchange
rate. Each futures brokerage companies have their own discretion in determining the exchange rate of rupiah.

There is a decisive exchange rate (exchange rate) rupiah currency as a means to keep transaction (fixed rate)
and some that follow the market rate (floating rate). For example, if a company uses a fixed exchange rate
means we will get the same exchange rate of rupiah us when we deposit the initial capital to the time of melt.
The key, if the initial margins and exchange rate determined in accordance with our ability to start investing.
In principle, the more the value of the investment (the higher the initial margin) the higher the level of risk to
be faced. For that we must be smart to choose the futures brokerage firm that we will use to facilitate our

* Select Agreement
To use the futures brokerage firms typically begins with an agreement or treaty which is also called the
agreement. In responding to the agreement that we should read and understand exactly what the rights and our
obligations as a customer. What risks we will face in the future? If there is not yet understood should be asked
in advance to the competent authorities. So we really understand, so that no misunderstandings later on. If we
had signed the agreement means that we considered to have understood the article by article of the agreement.

* Ensure Segregated Account
Segregated accounts are a separate account, where the storage / care of customer funds, futures brokerage
firm. The existence and development of these accounts be audited and monitored by a clearing agency. In
addition to the oversight and monitoring institutions, KBI also serves as a guarantor institution customer
funds. This means that our funds will be guaranteed if, for example, futures brokerage firms in which we
deposit the funds went bankrupt.

* Ensure Injection and Withdrawal

Injection is the addition of funds by customers due to margin available is not sufficient to conduct the
transaction. Moderate withdrawal is a withdrawal of funds by its customers on their accounts.

* Request a User ID and Password
User ID is the identity of customers whose function is to enter into the transaction platform. User ID is usually
shaped behalf of customers who were given specific codes. Password is a kind of secret key or a PIN provided
to customers. Its function is similar to the existing pin at an ATM card that is for opening access to the
platform. This is highly confidential password that consists of multiple-digit numbers or letters, or can be a
combination of both. Both of these facilities should be owned by investors Forex Online Trading. Without
these two things, the investors will not be able to invest in Online Forex Trading. And both are provided by
the futures brokerage firm. To note two things in this facility is the certainty that the password is really only
known to investors.

Planning stages of your Investment Once you Invested Funds:
 1. Do not be too much of Lot Dealing with Capital Minim: If you invest the funds of USD 5,000 would mean
you only have 5 lots. Your fund traded at least 20% -30% of the funds we invest, while the rest as prisoners if
the price moves outside of our predictions.

 2. Note the direction of price movements and news: Do not fight the trend and follow the news about
economic data and other news that will be released as it can be a reference in the market movement.

3. If unsure, use the "Order System".

4. Discipline to limit profits and losses by putting limits and stop loss.

5. Do not be "Greedy".

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