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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 20:32

When you run a small or medium business, you normally do not have your own legal
department and sometimes you don't even have a lawyer to take care of preparing contracts
and legal documents. In some cases, it is worth finding a professional and paying the going rate
to make sure that you get the best advice and that the paperwork is done properly. But in cases
where you just can't afford to pay a lawyer or where you don't think it's worth it, your next best
option is to purchase a legal form or template and to customize it.

There are many companies on the Internet that specialize in selling legal forms, letters and
templates to individuals and small businesses. Many of these companies are run by lawyers or
other legal professionals and they provide a wide array of documents, allowing you to find the
optimal draft to use as a starting point for what you need to produce. These companies usually
run websites that allow you to find the right template, pay with a credit card and download it
immediately. It is a fast solution when you need to get going right away with a document.

We have two favorite providers in this category:

   1. : this company offers a very complete set of legal documents,
including specializations by state and has some of the best prices in this category. One of the
segments that they serve is attorneys, which testifies to the quality of the templates they
   2. Legal Zoom : although this company has a slightly different model, it is a direct alternative
to other legal forms providers. Legal Zoom has its own team of lawyers and an excellent online
application that will ask you a set of questions related to your specific need (based on the type
of document you select) and it will produce a customized version of the document based on
your answers. Additionally, Legal Zoom attorneys will review your answers and the resulting
documents and make appropriate adjustments if required. This is a more advanced version of
the simple legal form provider model where you get some services along with the product (ie.
the forms).


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