; Teeth gingiva
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Teeth gingiva


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Mr. Royer
              Your Teeth
 Your mouth and teeth are a large part of
  your appearance.
         Functions of Teeth
 -allow you to speak-make certain sounds
 -allow us to chew our food
 -give our mouth structure
           Parts of a Tooth
 A. Crown – the top of a tooth. The chewing
 B. Neck – between the crown and the root
 C. Root – under the gum line. Holds the
  tooth in place.
   Four types of tissue of a tooth
 1. Enamel- the hard outer layer. Covers
  the crown.
 2. Dentin- bonelike material under the
  enamel. Covers and protects the pulp.
 3. Pulp- soft sensitive inner part of tooth.
  Contains nerves and blood vessels.
 4. Cementum- thin bone like material
  between root and jaw bone. Holds the
  tooth in place.
     Types of Teeth (32 total)
 1. Incisors-(8) the eight center teeth (4 top/
  4 bottom) they cut and tear our food.
 2. Canines-(4) The pointed teeth beside
  the incisors. They grip and tear our food.
 3. Premolars-(8) the smaller teeth between
  canines and molars.
 4. Molars-(12) The largest teeth in back
  for grinding our food. (mastication)
Types of Teeth
   Tooth Decay-how does a tooth
 1. Plaque-a sticky film of food and bacteria
  forms on teeth from the food we eat. If not
  removed it turns into tarter.
 2. Tartar and Sugar we eat creates acid
  that eats away at the enamel of a tooth and
  creates a cavity.
 3. Untreated the decay continues into the
  pulp of the tooth and can cause a
 4 A toothache- occurs when the pulp or
  nerve is exposed to the air.
 5. Tooth loss-can occur if the cavity is not
Prevention of dental cares (cavities)
           Oral Hygiene
   A. Brushing your teeth- removes plaque
    and sugar.
    – Brush after each meal and before bedtime
    B. Floss your teeth daily- it gets where a
       toothbrush can’t reach
    C. Cut down on sweets or brush after eating
    D. See your dentist every 6 months
 Problems of the teeth and mouth
 -Gingivitis- an infection of the gum
  tissue (gingiva)
     -gums are red and swollen, bleed when
  - Malocclusion- teeth are out of alignment,
  may require a specialist (Orthodontist)
 -Halitosis- bad breath. Caused by poor
  oral hygiene, gingivitis or tooth decay

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