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									                           IELA - CUSTOMS - INFO
Country:                   France
Our members:
- Clamageran-Foirexpo, (Paris)
- Expo Services International, (Le Thillay)
Members providing information of the Country:
- see above -

1.1 Temporary Import
Applicable:                yes
Validity of period:        Exhibition products: 1 month
Extensions possible:       NO                Duration of each period:     1 Month
                                                Number of extensions:     2 more on request

1.2 Temporary Import Bond
Bond provided by the on-site forwarder:         YES
Bank guarantee provided by:                     not requested
Cash deposit provided by:                       n/a
Others:                                         n/a
Temporary import bond calculation:              0,30 % ad valorem
Duty and VAT deposit:                           n/a

1.3 ATA Carnet
Accepted:                                       yes
Restrictions if any:                            n/a
Letter of Power in favour of the clearing       yes
agent required:

1.4 Customs Clearance Time (standard dry cargo)
Sea cargo LCL:             2 Working days
Sea cargo FCL:             2 Working days
Air cargo:                 2 Working days

1.5 Duties and Taxes
Clearing facilities for:                        Duties / VAT / CIT:
Samples / Giveaways                             For exhibition only : exemption
                                                possible (samples to be provided to
                                                customs and goods must enter under
                                                temporary entry with cancellation to
                                                permanent entry at the end of the
Brochures / Leaflets                            Same as above

VAT / GST                                       Normal rate : 19,60 % on CIF Value ,
                                                5,5 % for foodstuff in general
Other local taxes                               Beverages and tobacco : accise taxes other
                                                items submitted to parafiscal taxes : watches,
                                                clothing, furniture - veterinary or phytosanitary
                                                taxes applicable also.
1.6 Documentation required
Language:            FRENCH - ENGLISH can be accepted
Currency:            EUR / USD (others accepted but submitted
                     to customs exchange rate )
Dimensions:          Centimeters
Documents to be sent Yes : Invoice - Packing List - AWB / B/L or CMR
in advance by fax:
Bank guarantee:      n/a

1.7 Prohibited Exhibits
Absolutely prohibited: Drugs - Arms & Ammunitions (suject to import license)
Restricted exhibits:   FoodStuff - Wild flora & Faun (Washington convention)

2.1 Consignation
Consignee                     ON-SITE Agent ( for MAWB , Bill of Lading , CMR
                              The commercial invoice / packing list must be addressed to the
                              exhibitor, show name, hall and booth number)
Notify                        the Exhibitor, show name, hall and booth number ( for MAWB, Bill of
                              Lading, CMR )
                              On-SITE Agent ( for commercial invoice / packing list )

2.2 Deadlines for Documents
Number of days prior to       Sea cargo:            4 working days
goods' arrival POD            Air cargo:            2 working days

2.3 Deadlines for Shipments
Number of days from arrival   Sea cargo LCL:        10 working days
airport/seaport; prior        Sea cargo FCL:        6 working days
opening date of show
                              Air cargo:            4 working days

3.1 Main Exhibition Sites and On-Site Facilities
Name of Exhibition Site:                            Customs office:          Permanent handling:
Palais des Congres de Paris                         no                       yes
Porte de Versailles ( Paris Expo )                  yes                      yes
Villepinte                                          yes                      yes
( Parc des Expositions – Paris NORD
CNIT- La DEFENSE                                    no                       no
Parc des expositions LE BOURGET                     -                        -
CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE -– PARIS                        -                        -
PALAIS DES ESTIVALS . Cannes                        -
Nice Acropolis . Nice                               -                        -
LYON EUREXPO                                        -                        -
Etc.                                                -                        -
3.2 Normal Business Hours
Monday - Friday                              Saturday              Sunday
8.30 / 12.00 - 14.00 / 18.00                 extra                 extra

3.3 Main Holidays

3.4 Payment Facilities
Currency:               EURO                 Terms of payment:     30 days (invoice

4.1 Fumigation
Required yet (not fully applicable yet)

4.2 Certificates
Veterinary or Phytosanitary + Health Certificates (Foodstuff) + Certificate of compliance to EC Standards for : elec

4.3 Censorship

For Some Give Away such as T-Shirts or textile Products, Import can be restricted or prohibited due to country of o

All information contained herein are subject to change.
The association does not take responsibility for any changes, errors and
omissions arising from this publication. Please contact the respective IELA
members for reconfirmation or clarification as applicable.

date : December 2006

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