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									             Graduate Student Guide 2007 Spring

1. INS and Student ID
• INS (Inha Innovative Information System) is a web-based computing
  system where Inha University students can have access to various
  academic procedures and information including Course Registration, e-
  Campus, Academic records, e-mail and etc. This system is presented
  only in Korean at the moment.
• Students will be issued a Student ID number which can be used widely for
  various purposes, such as log-in for university website, INS system and
  Automatic Document Machine. You will be provided your e-mail address
  as follows;
     - Student *
         * Student IDs normally contain eight-digit numbers. Students will be given the
  student ID no. early February. You can check your ID no. at the Graduate School
  Homepage in February
• Your default Password will be set in the beginning as follows;
     - Male students: 5000000 **               - Female students: 6000000 **
       ** one “5” + six “0” for male students/ one “6” + six “0” for female. Students
  will be given student ID number during February.
• In order to change your password, please go to the INS site
  (     and     log   in    with   your   ID   and    default
  PW(Password), and go through the following directions,
  1) Select No. ① option (Environment Setting)
 3) In the next page, please select No.② (Change Personal Information),


 4) Please enter your current default PW, new PW and new PW again for

  reconfirmation in order in the boxes of No. ③, and click No. ④ (Save)

  for saving the new PW. Please be sure to set your new PW to be less

  than 12 numbers.

2. Registration
• Graduate students will be waived the whole tuition and admission fee, but
  you are supposed to pay a "Student Health Association" fee (11,000 won per
• Graduate students should go through the payment process at the Finance
  Team on the first floor of Main Building.
• First of all, please visit the INS site ( and enter the ID
  password. And then, Click ‘INS(학사행정)’, ‘등록’, and 등록금고지서인쇄
  subsequently. You can print out the tuition bill during Feb 26 ~ March 2.
• Please take the bill and 11,000 won, the health fee to the Finance Team
  during Feb 26~ March 2. The staff of the Finance Team will stamp and give
  you the receipt, if you submit the bill during the registration period.

3. Course Registration
• In order to sign up for classes, graduate students should first consult the
  academic advisor, and choose which courses are they are taking. You can
  sign up for classes during Feb 5~9.
• You can change the courses during the add/drop period
  * Course Add/Drop Period : March 12~13

 • Please go to the INS site ( and enter the ID and
 • And then, Click ‘INS(학사행정)’, ‘(대학원)수업’, and 수강신청 subsequently.
   You can select the courses which you want to take.

4. Entering Personal Information
• Graduate Students are requested to enter their personal information on INS
  system so that they can get various information from Inha University.
 • Please go to the INS site ( and enter the ID and
 • And then, Click ‘학적’ and ‘신상/주소 입력’.

5. Smart Card (Student ID) and Banking
• As a student of Inha University, you will be issued a Smart Card which can be
 used for on-campus facilities like library, school buses, student cafeteria and
 off-campus public transportation such as city buses and subways etc.

• To apply for this card you need to present one photo(3×4 ㎝), a photocopy of

 your Certificate of Alien Registration (please refer to the Visa Information
 section) along with the application form. You can make the application at the
 Graduate School. It will take two to three weeks to obtain your Smart Card
 after application.
• The Smart Card is designed in accordance with the international standard for
 the International Student Card, and you are asked to write down your English
 name as shown in your passport. You can use the Card abroad with additional
 fee of 9,000 won for a certain period.
• The Smart Card is issued and administered by the Hana Bank, and they will
 open you an account when you apply for the Card.
• In order to be issued your bank book, you are supposed to bring your Smart
 Card to the branch of the Hana Bank which is located on the second floor of
 the Student Union Building.    Banks are open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on
 weekdays, and closed on Saturday in Korea.     Please follow the sign;

• You can also use the automatic teller machine (ATM) with your Smart Card if
 you have corresponding deposit in your account.
6. Records and Transcripts
• Official Transcripts will be available when each semester ends and the
  grading procedures are completed, normally mid July for Spring Semester
  and mid January for Fall Semester.
• You can be issued any academic documents (certificates) at the Automatic
  Document Machines, which are installed in the lobby of the Academic
  Operations and Records Team ( #1-102, 1F, Main Building). Each copy of
  English documents costs 1,000 Korean Won.
• Academic documents        include Official Transcripts and Certificate of

7. Housing
• Inha University has two residential halls, Dormitory 1 & Dormitory 2. Main
  features of the dormitories are as follows;
        Features                Dormitory 1                 Dormitory 2

      Opening year                 2000                         2006

        Capacity               1,010 students              1,150 students

    Distance from the       3 minutes by walk           10 minutes by walk
        school         1F   :    Housing   Services 1F : Housing Services Office
                       Office                               Snack      Corner,     PC
                            Snack Corner            Lab,              Laundry Room,
                       B1 : Dining Hall, PC Lab,    Gym
                            Laundry Room, Gym B1 : Dining Hall
                         * Each room is equipped with a telephone and Internet
                                                      • Quadruple: 817,200 won
                                                           • Double A: 1,178,000
                                                    won             (shared bathroom
                       • Quadruple: 770,800 Won                 & shower)
                                                      • Double B: 1,332,200 won
                                                            (private bathroom &
                       * Additional fees are required for summer/ winter break
※There maybe a change in the dormitory fee due to the inflation.

• You are supposed to complete and submit two forms, "Resident Record
 Form" and "Resident Pledge" to the Housing Services Team with two photos
 and a copy of passport as soon as you move in. You will be issued a Resident
 ID, which you are required to hold any time inside the dorm. To sign up for
 the dormitory, please contact your department office, until Dec 31, 2006.
• The dormitory fees shown above include a meal plan, which includes
 breakfasts and dinners from Monday through Saturday (except for national
 holidays). All lunches and Sunday/ holiday meals are not covered with the
 dormitory fee, and you can buy tickets for those meals at the Snack Corner.
 Each meal costs from 1,700 to 2,000 won. You will be required to present
 your Resident ID at the dining hall, which is open all year round on the
 following schedule:

     Breakfast         07:30 ~ 09:00

       Lunch           11:30 ~ 13:30

       Dinner          17:30 ~ 19:30
• The dormitory is open from 5:00 am through 24:00, which means that you
  cannot enter the dorm after midnight. There will be a roll call in each room
  at 24:00 every day. If you are absent from the roll call, you will be given a
  violation point. A certain amount of violation points may result in a
  mandatory move-out.
• If you are going to stay out overnight, please remember to report to the
  Housing Services office in advance or you can make the online application on
  the dormitory homepage (
8. Health Care
• For minor health problems, you can visit the infirmary located on the second
floor of the Student Union Building. There you can see a nurse during the office
hours and get basic medicine.
• Foreign students are recommended to take an international health insurance
policy on their own for medical costs (minor/ significant) occurred in Korea.
• In addition to the health insurance, students can become a member and
beneficiary of the Inha University Student Health Association with the payment
of 11,000 won each semester. There are two ways to be benefited under this
health program.
1) When you intend to go to the designated hospital, Inha University Hospital,
 go to the Student Health Association office (located inside of the One-stop
 Service Center on the third floor of the Student Union Building) and apply for
 a Certificate of Association Membership. The medical costs will be partly
 covered at the accounting counter of the hospital if you show this certificate
 to the cashier.
2) If you encounter an emergency, get hospital treatments first, keep all the
 receipts from the hospital and submit them to the association office along with
 doctor's notes/ prescription. After the Health Committee screens the receipts
 and documents, they will reimburse the applicable medical expenses through
 your bank account.
< Coverage Details >

                                                  Maximum of Reimbursement(per
 Inha         University        Coverage

                              In-      Out-
                                                    In-patient      Out-patient
 Other             Clinics, patient   patient
                              80%       80%         1,000,000 won

                              70%       70%         1,000,000 won

9. Visa Information

Student Visa
Every foreign student seeking study in Korea should hold a student visa (D-2),
which can be applied for and obtained in the nearest Korean Embassy or
Consulate in your country. When applying visa, students are required to submit
“Certificate of Admission” which will be officially issued by Inha University.
Please consult your local Korean Embassy regarding other supporting
documents for your visa application.

Alien Registration
Within 90 days of your arrival in Korea, you must go to the Immigration Office
to register and get a Certificate of Alien Registration regardless of the type of
your visa unless your total period of stay in Korea is less than 90 days. To do
this, you need to submit the following documents:
 - Application (obtainable at the Immigration Office)
 - Two color photos (3cm x 4cm)
 - A copy of passport (bring the original passport)
 - Certificate of Enrollment
 (obtainable from the Automatic Document Machine after March 1/ September
 - Application fee : 10,000 won
 - Business Registration Number of Inha University (131-82-00372)
After you receive the alien registration card from the Immigration office, you
are to submit the copies of passport and Alien Registration Card to the Graduate
School as soon as possible.

Leave of Absence
By the national law, foreign students are not allowed to take a leave of absence
from the school. If you do not attend classes two consecutive times without any
reasons, your absence will be immediately reported to the designated
immigration officer.

Re-Entry Permit
If you want to leave and return to Korea during the period of study, it is
important to apply for a re-entry permit. The following documents are required:
 - Application form(obtainable at the Immigration Office)
 - Passport
 - Certificate of Alien Registration
 - Application fee 30,000 won (single re-entry) / 50,000 won (multiple re-
 entry permit)
Application is possible at the local Immigration Office (single & multiple) or
Incheon International Airport (single re-entry permit only).
Work Permit
Foreign students (D2-holders) will be allowed to work part-time in Korea on
the following conditions:
       - Recommended by a college professor
       - Have completed at least six months of study in regular college
     program and            still enroll in a Korean college
       - Working time allowed: within 20 hours per week in session
     (during                   semesters), and unlimited out-of-session (during

 Incheon Immigration Office
- Address : 1-17 Hang-dong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon
- Tel : 032-889-9903~5,7 FAX : 032-889-9920
- Directions: Take bus No. 3 at the bus stop across the Dormitory 1, and get
  off at the Jungbu Police Station. If you go further 100m in the bus direction,
  you will find the Incheon Immigration Office.
- Website :
10. Services and Offices

         Office                      Services             Telephone      Location

                                                                              # 1-317
                                 Administration and         860-
 Graduate School Office                                                        Main
                             other relative services       8382~9
                                                                              # 1-138
 International Relations      General information           860-
          Team                   Immigration (Visa)        7031∼3
                                    Smart Card                            3rd floor
    Student One-Stop                                        860-
                                   Student Health                         Student
     Service Center                                        7077~8
                                    Association                               Union

                                                                          # 1-140
     Finance Team                    Payment              860-7126
                                                                       Main Building

                                  Academic Affairs
Academic Operations and                                                   # 1-102
                                    Records and           860-7044
     Records Team                                                      Main Building
                            Payment of Dormitory
 Housing Services Team                                    860-8319      Dormitory

        Infirmary                                                        2nd floor
                             Minor health services        860-8311
     (Health Center)                                                  Student Union

   ※ Please check the notice board at our English website for more updated
       information         for            international            students             at
     (Select “International Students” and “News & Info.)
                  Check List for Registration Procedures

    Items                    Required documents                       Place

                  ① Tuition Bill
                                                                  Finance Team
   Payment        ② Student Health Association Fee

                       ( 11,000 )

                   ①    Application Form

                  ②     Certificate of Enrollment
                   ③    Passport                                   Immigration
                   ④    2 Photos (color, 3 cm x 4cm)                 Office
                   ⑤    Fee (₩10,000)
                   ⑥    Business Registration Number
                       of Inha University (131-82-00372)

                   ① Application Form
Application for    ② 1 Photo (3cm x 4cm)                            Graduate
 Smart Card        ③    Copy      of   Certificate   of   Alien      School

                  ① Dormitory Resident Record
  Dormitory       ② Pledge                                          Housing
  Check-in        ③ 2 Photos                                      Services Team
                  ④ Dormitory Fee

※ After obtaining the Certificate of Alien Registration, please submit a
   photocopy of certificate, a copy of passport (information page) to
   the Graduate School.
11. How to be Contacted

You can receive phone calls in your dormitory room from outside, using the
following numbers;

<Dormitory 1>
• Domestic (032) 866-6117- (room number)
• International 82-32-866-6117- (room number)

    ※ Please press the room number after you hear the operator’s voice.

Mailing Address
When someone sends a mail or packet to you, the mail should be addressed;

(Student's name)
(Department's name)
Inha University
#253 Yonghyun-dong, Nam-gu,
Incheon 402-751, Korea

②Dormitory 1
(Student's name)
(Room No.) Inha University Dormitory 1
# 400-1 Hakik-dong, Nam-gu
Incheon 402-751, Korea

③Dormitory 2
(Student's name)
(Room No.) Inha University Dormitory 2
# 336-3 Hakik-dong, Nam-gu
Incheon 402-751, Korea
1. University Main Building                                  13. Center for Continuing Education
     (Administration Offices, College of Human               14.   Woong-Bi      Jae     (University

     Ecology,      Graduate    School,        Auditorium,    Dormitory 1)

     Faculty Cafeteria)                                      15. Flying Dragon Tower
2. Building #2 (College of Engineering)                      (University Symbol)
3. Building #3 (Research Centers)                            16. Gymnasium
4. Building #4 (Computing & Information                      17. Book-Worm Arbor
     Center)                                                 18. Gymnasium Seat
5. Building #5 East, West, South, North Wings                19. Vehicle Waiting Place
     (College   of   Natural   Science,       College   of   20. In-Kyung Pond
     Humanities)                                             21. Main Gate
6.      Building     #6   (College       of     Business     22. Old Gate
     Administration, College of Economics &                  23.     Inha     Hi-Tech       Center
     International Trade, Graduate School of                 (Graduate
     International Trade and Logistics)                       School of Information Technology
7. Student Center (One Stop Service Center,                   & Telecommunications)
     Post Office, Bank, Infirmary)                            24. Back Gate
8. Building #9 (College of Law, College of                    25. Arbor
     Social Sciences, APSL, Graduate School of                26. Wind Tunnel Laboratory
     Business    Administration, Graduate School        27. Outdoor Playground
     of Public Administration)                          28. Sports Field
9.    West      Building   (College   of   Education,   29. Baseball Ground
     Graduate School of Education)                      30. Jung-Seok Memorial Library
10. Student Club Hall                                   31. Inha Venture Center
11. Man-Kyung Jae (Study Boarding House)                32.University      Dormitory2,   Guest
12. R.O.T.C. Building                                   House,
                                                          Athlete Village
                            2007 Academic Calendar

                                                      Semester 1 (Spring)   2007

Course Registration Period      Monday, February 5~ Friday, February 9

Winter Commencement             Friday, February 23

Tuition Payment Period          Monday, February 26 ~ Friday, March 2

Dormitories open                Tuesday, February 27

Course Registration for Newcomers Monday, March 5

Independence Movement Day *     Tuesday, March 1

Classes begin                   Monday, March 5

Freshmen Convocation            Friday, March 2

Course Add/Drop Period          Monday, March 12 ~ Tuesday, March 13

End of Spring 1st Quarter       Friday, March 30

University Foundation Day       Tuesday, April 24 (no classes)

Course Withdrawal Period        Monday, April 30~ Tuesday May 1

Children's Day *                Saturday, May 5

End of Spring 3rd Quarter       Friday, May 25

Memorial Day *                  Wednesday, June 6

Final examinations              Monday, June 18 ~ Friday, June 22

Summer vacation begins          Monday, June 25
Constitution Day *                Tuesday, July 17

Independence Day *                Wednesday, August 15

Summer Commencement               Friday, August 24

  ※* : National holidays (no classes)
  ※ Dormitory schedule is subject to change.
  ※ There maybe a change for the student Academic Schedule. Please confirm the
schedule later       on at
     (address subject to be changed to   late

※ For More information on campus life, please visit the Inha

Graduate School Website at
             Notice for Korean Language Placement Test

International freshmen students are asked to take a 'Korean Language Course',
which is mandatory for graduation, in the first semester. The Graduate school
will administer a proficienc
y test to be taken by all qualifying students. On the basis of test results,
students will be assigned to a class appropriate for his/ her level.

The specifications about the test are as follows;
- Examinees : 1) 2007 Springl Freshmen
              2) Students registered since 2004 spring semester, but who have
not yet                   taken the course.
- Type of Exam : Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Reading
- Application Period : Feb 26 ~ March 2
- How to apply : 1) Individual Application at the Graduate School (Tel : 860-
                  2) E-mail :
- Test Date & Time : 10:00~11:30 on March 6
- Place : Small Auditorium, Main Building ( If there is a change, it will be
informed )
- Result Notification: September 1 on Graduate School Home page’s Bulletin
- Test results:
1) students who score over 80% will be exempted from Korean Language and
English      Language courses
2) students who score 40% - 79 % will be placed in the Intermediate course.
  * If the students receive a grade higher than B0 in the course at the end of
  semester, English Language course also will be exempted
3) students who score less than 40 % will be placed in the Beginner course.

Please remember that the students with less than 80% should register for the
course through the INS system during the course add/drop period.
(* Course Add/Drop Period : March 12~13)
KLPT (Korean Language Proficiency Test) Level 3 -Level 6 holders are exempt
from the Korean Language Placement Test and English Language Test. The
KLPT Level 3 -Level 6 holders are to submit the certificate (original and copied)
to the Graduate School between the period of April 3~7.

All KLPT certificates will undergo a formal verification process.         If any
certificates are proven to have been falsified or forged, exemption from the
language course will be nullified.

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