Yahoo_ and Efficient Frontier drive growth in Search for Travelzoo

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					                                                                                                          Yahoo! Advertising Products
Yahoo! and Efficient Frontier
drive growth in Search
for Travelzoo

An Optimisation Case Study                            Solution
Travelzoo is a leading global publisher               The established, strong relationship between
gathering over 2,000 companies worldwide              Efficient Frontier and Yahoo! was the
who list their travel, entertainment and local        foundation block for scaling the Travelzoo
deals on the website. Travelzoo is a key client       campaign.
for their agency Efficient Frontier as well as
                                                      Efficient Frontier were strong in their desire to
premier digital media owner, Yahoo! who
                                                      better understand the Yahoo! Search Platform,
partner in running a high performance Paid
                                                      and welcomed Yahoo! in to train and develop
Search strategy on Yahoo! Search.
                                                      their expertise specific to Yahoo! Search
The pattern and scale of growth in key metrics        Marketing. It was this knowledge base and
utilised to quantify campaign performance             understanding that provided the platform to
are strong indicators of the benefits of the          build upon.
Efficient Frontier - Yahoo! partnership. By
                                                      The Yahoo! primary strategy was to structure
working in collaboration, Yahoo! was able
                                                      the account in line with Yahoo! Best Practice:
to deliver customers highly targeted ads,
generating relevant traffic which drove superior      High Volume Restructuring, campaign by
conversions and sales for Travelzoo.                  campaign
                                                      This measure isolated variables and provided
Challenge                                             transparency into the effectiveness of keywords
                                                      and ad combinations
The challenge was to take performance to
a new level by increasing click share in the
Travel space, driving ROI for Travelzoo whilst
maintaining their target CPA.

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                                                                                                        Yahoo! Advertising Products
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Expand Optimise Ad Display across the account         to the effectiveness of the Yahoo! - Efficient
Optimise CTRs by ensuring the most efficient          Frontier partnership which enabled Yahoo! to
ads in each ad group were displayed while the         serve users highly relevant ads, driving better
underperforming ones were paused                      Click-Outs for Travelzoo. Yahoo! was able to
                                                      provide relevant ads to the right consumers in
Writing new ads to rotate into the mix
                                                      high volume, leading to a gradual increase in
Always ensuring new ads were being tested and
                                                      Trazelzoo’s spend with the digital media owner.
ad groups were being refreshed, filtering out
                                                      This fact is demonstrated by the growth in
under-performing creative
                                                      spend in parallel with the expansion in Click
Optimising Display URLs for specificity               Outs.
A simple ad copy tactic that can give an ad
                                                      Travelzoo spend increased Year on Year,
boost in terms of relevancy and thus CTR.
                                                      focusing on core campaigns. During the run
Once an efficient structure was in place, Yahoo!      of the campaign, spend expanded by 1,001%,
and Efficient Frontier developed a strategy           with a strong positive impact on conversions
for growth. Expansion plans kept in line with         (Click Outs) and revenue. Furthermore, the
competitor activity and keyword gaps versus           CPO rate which measures campaign efficiency
Travelzoo’s Google account:                           remained flat highlighting that Yahoo! and
                                                      Efficient Frontier successfully increased the
• Expanding number of keywords targeted
                                                      Click Out volume and spend whilst maintaining
• 3rd Party Campaign Build Outs
                                                      the client’s target CPO.
• Optimising ad copy along the way
(continuous process to build QI Score)
Results                                               Productive collaboration in the management
                                                      and optimisation of the campaign proved to
The outcomes of this collaboration were highly
                                                      be the core requirement for the expansion of
                                                      Travelzoo’s Yahoo! Search Marketing activity in
Click Outs, the metric used to determine users        an efficient manner. It enabled the advertiser
finding a deal on Travelzoo and clicking to the       to make the most of the high quality traffic
Travel Agent to convert grew by 947% in two           offered by Yahoo! Search, taking market share
years. This strong performance is attributed          from competitors on Yahoo!

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