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									Glen B. Tabacon                                                                   March 4, 2008

       Effects of Computer to us people

                     We know that the computers are very useful to us. It gives an
      importance to us. Many people are using the computer. The computer as having a
      computer is a sign that our economy is modern. It is the most valuable thing in this
      world, because you can do anything what you want to do that are in the computer.
      It’s not hard to use a computer, because even the children know how to use a
      computer. Some of us are just using the computer just for games, such as that are in
      the High Schools and even in elementary. But for you’re foundation, you can do
      what you want, not only games, but many things like you can search in the internet,
      you can chat with your friends, you can make your own websites and you can make
      an e-mail. And also you can make a friendster to get closer to your friends and you
      can invite people in other places. The computers are very importance it gives us
      knowledge and when you are searching in the computer you will know the things
      that are impossible in your mind. You will gain another more knowledge just
      because of the computer.

                     But we don’t know, were just using computer to easy. But when you
      are always using the computer every day, every hour there is a disadvantage
      because of the computer. One of the dis advantages or effect of the computer is
      cancer, especially in the eye. Because of the radiation the blue light of the computer
      can affect the eye, you will not see clearly, that’s one of the effects of the computer to
      our body. Not only eyes are affected and also affairs, such as in school affairs, we
      are destructed of the computer because of the seduction of it. Some of the students
      such as High School are very addict in computer especially to computer games.
Because of the computer some of us are not doing well in every time that they work
on the computer. We don’t know that our body and every part are affected but not
only has that affected that ill know. I discover now and it is the RSI or “Repetitive
Strain Injury.” It is the result of repeated physical movements which can damage
tendons, nervous, muscles and other soft body tissues. There is no limitation on the
occupations which this syndrome is related to. It can be anybody forms musicians,
to computer Techs, to factory workers.

              When it comes to computers those injuries seem to be causing
epidemic directly related to the increase in computer use. Especially affecting the
hands, arms, and shoulders. One of the main culprits of repetitive. Strain Injuries is
the use of a mouse or trackballs. If there is an initial injury. Dragging the mouse
slowly actually increasing this damage. There is also a problem with the thousand of
destruction which work the same muscles in the same way over and over again
causing the injuries. The typing technique and body position is extremely important.
Incorrect positioning leads to unnecessary stress on the tendons and nervous in the
hand, wrist, arms, and even the shoulders and neck. Lack of adequate rest and
breaks and using of excessive force almost guarantee trouble. And that’s the effect
of abused using of computer. But it will always to be the very important machine in
the whole world.
Julie –ann C. Limpot                                                 March 4, 2008

      Effects of the Computer in our

               The bad effect of some computer applications on health is quite a surprise.
It could be that people who have all that support feel more reassured than they should or
are more have all that support feel more information and come across the vast quantities
of bad health information that appear on the Internet. Or maybe its just difficult to write a
good interactive health application.

               Long hour spending long hours at your computer can put your health at
serious risk. Most people does not even consider that possibility, but it does, working at a
desk is extremely hard on your body, and to share this with you so maybe you can avoid
some of the most common health risk. One of the most common one is: Chronic Fatigue.

              Feeling tire is common, and depression is a conditional that everyone goes
through from time to time. However, the chronic fatigue syndrome is not similar to the
simple emotional ups and downs that we experience sometimes.

               Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be precipitated by an illness. It may be a
cold, or a stomach upset, or may even begin after major stress. The symptoms of chronic
fatigue syndrome are head-ache, muscle pain, inability to concentrate, tenderness in the
lymph nodes, and fatigue that will not go away or may recur over the next several

              Computers do not harm your eyes, but often cause temporary problems.
The reason is that when you look in the distance, your eyes are relatively relaxed. But
when doing near work, such ass reading your computer screen, muscles in your eyes have
to work harder to keep clean near focus.

               Prolonged computer use can lead on: eye strain and head-aches from
eyestrain: muscle tension pain in the neck, shoulder and upper back from bad seated
posture; hand and wrist injuries including carpel tunnel syndrome from misalignment of
the hands and arms while using the keyboard, mouse, joy stick or tablet; lower back
injuries from prolonged sitting with bad posture. Some web site or game content, when
shown on the computer screen, has been shown to causes seizures, even in people who
don’t have epilepsy; weight gain due to lack of exercise; sleep irregularities – to hyper to
sleep, missed sleep because you didn’t notice what time it was and failure to attend to
personal hygiene.
              Eyes can get tired when we must look at bright objects or reed for long
period of time, so it is important to pay attention to your eyes and let them rest

               Eyes strain can make your vision worse, or make eye problems in
focusing, or you see double. Your vision may get blurred or only let you see things move
in spurts. You may temporarily have problems perceiving colors.

                Addiction can lead to psychological stress and all of the other health
problems mentioned earlier in this web essay since the addiction means they are using
computers for extended periods of time. Video games also use different navigation
equipment much of the time and this can be problematic constant mouse movement and
incessant clicking and key pressing. Overall, these games can cause the palyer to be tense
because the game is particularly difficult, and this could lead to an injury. Because of all
these factors, perhaps it is even more important these computer activities can have, and
some ways to prevent them.

                If we are stationary too long we develop problems, and overall we should
be moving around quite a bit. Computers may be contributing to a less active lifestyle by
“displacing activity in sports and other physical activity. We must remember that to be
healthy people we need a variety of things such as food, water, and shelter, but I think
physical activity is another of these imperative things in our life, so imperative that we
take it for granted.

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