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									For buying property in the dispensary charges:

For buying property in Spain related to the actual payment, in addition to other expenses: taxes,
notary-expenses and expense of registration of title to the property to the land register.

These fees are calculated the price of a dwelling:
- 7%.'s Value added tax (IVA), new destinations. (or ITP Transfer tax forold locations)
- Notary-taxes (deed book and the book of the mortgage-agreement)

- expense of registration of title to the property (registration fees) to the land register (the
commercial paper and bank loans)

- 2% of the amount of the loan, the opening charge

- 1% of the amount of stamp duty (AJD), new destinations

- Life insurance

- Home Insurance
Insurance is not mandatory if the housing is purchased with cash, ie without a bank loan.

Amount of the fees depends on the amount of the loan and trading book of the purchase price.
Total costs are about 10 - 12% of a home purchase. On cash costs of approximately
8 to 9% of the purchase price,

Housing maintenance costs:

Home and life insurance, where such policies once a year - depends on the size of the apartment.

Companies hire housing corporations:
Apartment complex for maintenance of common facilities such costs at (garbage disposal services,
cleaning costs, replacement lamps, garden, swimming pool cleaning, lifts, etc.) are from 300 € per
year, depending on the type of housing. Some residential areas do not have the apartment
complex, but each resident to manage their own house maintenance costs.

Electricity bill, water bill, Gas,Telephone and internet etc.


1. Property tax (Impuesto Sobre el Patrimonio extraordinario) 0.2% of the property.
   Paid once a year (in december)

2. Property tax (Impuesto Sobre Inmuebles). Municipal tax 0.5 - 09,% of the taxable value of a
dwelling, which is paid annually in August-October.

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