Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum by yaofenji


									    Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
                             Preparing for CAPT

         Call Home --- But Not While You’re Driving

We have all seen them: drivers moving along highways or city streets with a cell
phone clutched to their ear. For the last four sessions, Connecticut’s General
Assembly has rejected a bill that would make it against the law to use a cell phone
while driving. The author of the bill plans to present the bill again in the next
session. New York state has already adopted such a law and there is a national
movement for other states to enact such laws. Polls show that citizens favor such
laws --- but not many people seem willing to voluntarily stop talking as they drive.

Assignment Summary: This assignment asks you to read three articles about the
   use of cell phones while driving and develop your own point of view about that
   issue. You will then write a five-paragraph Letter to the Editor of the local
   newspaper to state your point of view on the issue. Use information from each
   of the essays to support your arguments.

Purpose: This is persuasive writing. The main intent is for you to take a stand on
   an issue and explain your position in logical fashion, using examples and details
   to support the points you make.

Writer’s Role: You will be writing as yourself.

Audience: Readers of the newspaper. You want the readers to see the issue from
  your viewpoint.
Form: This should be a Type III essay of five paragraphs. Put the correct
   heading with your name and FCAs on the paper and remember to skip lines.

Your first paragraph will be an introduction in which you state your position and
   give three reasons for your stand.

In the second paragraph, explain your first reason, using material from one of
   the articles.

The third paragraph explains your second reason with supporting details from the
  second article.

The fourth paragraph explains your third reason with information from the third
  article to support your argument.

In the fifth paragraph, restate your position and summarize the reasons why
   you feel that way, using different language than you did in the first paragraph.

Before you hand it in, read your essay aloud to yourself. Listen to the sound of
   the words. Revise what doesn’t sound right, showing the revisions on your


       Take a clear stand on the issue
       Give at least 2 supporting details for each of your reasons.
       The essay is clearly written and arguments are presented in
         logical sequence.
       Sentence mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling) are correct.

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