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					                                                                         Ro/Ro-Container Technical Rescue

                                                                                          Ro/Ro-Container Technical Rescue
                                                                                          acc. to DIN 14505

                                                                                          The Ro/Ro-Container Technical Rescue contains
                                                                                          all necessary equipment for realising nearly all
                                                                                          technical rescues (also of a larger extent).

                                                                                          The here described body version shows the equip-
                                                                                          ment compartments which are laterally closed by
                                                                                          top- and bottom walls. After opening the walls it is
                                                                                          possible to remove the equipment easily by mobile
                                                                                          and simultaneously portable trolleys. For more
                                                                                          details concerning the equipment see the following
                                                                                          pages. The rear equipment compartment‘s access is
                                                                                          guaranteed by a flap which reaches over the whole
                                                                                          width and height.

                                                                                          The picture on the left shows another type of
                                                                                          construction. Due to a different loading it carries a
                                                                                          smaller number of trolleys and therefore the front
                                                                                          equipment compartment is closed by a shutter that
                                                                                          reaches to the equipment compartment floor.
Product information - Ro/Ro-Container Technical Rescue - 20050927 - GB

                                                                                          Instead of a top wall a lockable shutter had been
                                                                                          used for closing the rear equipment compartment.

    Left hand side open

    The complete interior fittings and also the mobile         Equipment compartment G 12 contains a portable
    trolleys are made of the Gimaex-Schmitz alu-profiles       cutting torch plus accessories (spare oxygen
    which enable changes if necessary and mainly they          and acetylene bottles). The trolley stored below
    are saving weight as a flexible modular system. The        contains a pre-installed Powermax plasma cutter
    storage will serially be made in oil- and chemical-        with compressed air bottles for the pressure supply.
    resistant plastic cases which are a Gimaex-Schmitz         Other important accessories like visors, protective
    standard that is established for years now and which       blankets, and cable drums are also stored here.
2   will also be demanded by DIN-sheets. Those cases
    can easily be cleaned after the operation.
    Equipment which will be needed at almost all
    operations and which is simultaneously easy to
    transport (e.g. shut-off material, light tools, extingu-
    isher, portable searchlights) and equipment which
    cannot be stored on trolleys due to its dimensions
    (e.g. tripods) will be stored in durable storages
    before loading.
    Mobile and simultaneously portable trolleys are
    provided as mobile-parcelled-storages. The trolleys
    are equipped with 2 guide- and fixed castor rolls
                                                               Trolley: Plasma cutting device
    (solid rubber tires, Ø 200 mm), each. This enables
    to move the trolley also on rought ground. If this         The upper level of the next compartment contains
    should be impossible due to bad road conditions,           3 stainless steel buckets and 2 stainless steel
    the stored equipment can also be removed and               troughs in plastic cases, and an aluminium tripod
    carried as usual. Those trolleys will be equipped          to fix safety lines for a manhole entry. A trolley
    with devices that are especially heavy like e.g.: cable    with hydraulical lifting equipment is stored on the
    drums, hydr. reels and rescue devices, multi-purpose       container floor. Two reels and one hand pump for
    traction string with accessories, lifting equipment        the hydraulic lifting set (20 tons) are stored on the
    and welding devices. This parcelled concept enables        ground level. The connection hoses are stored in a
    the fire fighter to use his power for rescue tasks         suitable plastic case. The accessories for the above
    instead of transport works.                                mentioned tripod are also stored here. It is stored
                                                               on the top level in the equipment compartment G8.
Trolley: hydr. reels                                      Trolley: lifting cushions and accessories

The hand pump for the hydraulical rescue equip-           The here described sliding wall is situated in the
ment is stored in the level below.                        front equipment compartment (G 2).
The next level below contains a sillboard attach-
ment and two support blocks. Another trolley with
a complete Weber rescue kit is stored on the floor
of the equipment compartment. This consists of
an hydraulic aggregate with fast attack reel and
attached bracket for spreader SP 50 and shear S 180.
Furthermore a set of rescue cylinders RZ 1-RZ 3 is
stored in here. All other accessories like e.g. chain
set, spare blade etc. will also be stored here. The
equipment compartment G 6 contains an empty
space on the top level for storing loading acc. to
local requirements. Below you can find a level with 3
tool boxes with different content.

                                                          It acts for the clear storage of a foil roll on an
                                                          unwinder and various working equipment (axe, belt
                                                          knife, hammer, splitting wedges, saws, bolt cutters,
                                                          nail pullers, manhole hooks, manhole cover lifters
                                                          and crowbars). The pneumatical light mast with
                                                          electrically turn- and tiltable headlight-mounting
                                                          bridge with two 1500 W headlights is mounted at
                                                          the right hand side of the body‘s front wall. The
                                                          control panel is mounted weather-protected inside
                                                          the container. It is also available as crank-handle
                                                          mast or mounted on an extractable slide in the
                                                          equipment compartment.
Trolley: Rescue saw

Extinguishers and stirrup pumps are stored in
brackets on the floor. The fix installed generator
can be seen behind. The equipment compartment
in front (G 4) is loaded with foil rolls and a drawer
for broaching tools (pick-axe, spade, shovel and
broom). A trolley with a set of Vetter lifting cushions
LH 50 S is stored on the floor. The bottles for the
air supply (10 bottles 4l, 200 bar) are stored directly
below. More necessary accessories like filling hoses,
double-control elements, pressure reducer etc. are
stored in 3 plastic cases on the floor of the trolley.
2 lifting cushions V 24 and V 54, each are stored
beside the trolley.                                       Detailes view - pneumatical light mast with crane
    Open rear

    The top level in the first equipment compartment          The switch cabinet for the fix installed generator
    (G 1) will be kept free for loading acc. to the local     is situated in the next equipment compartment (G
    requirements. Control cone light, traffic cones           5). 2 solid rubber - power distributors are standing
    and portable searchlights in charging stations            below. The built-in generator itself can be found on
    will be stored on the lower levels. The batteries         the equipment compartment‘s floor. Line drums
    for the power supply are mounted on the floor. A          400 V and 230 V and the 20 l reserve canister are also
    drawer for storing 2 light balloons „Powermoon“           stored here. Cleaning rags, cotton waste and load
    is installed on the top level in the next equipment       loops are stored on the top level of the equipment
4   compartment (G 3). Those light balloons are a             compartment (G 7). The next level below contains
    special development for the anti-glare lighting of        painters and another 100 kN load loop. Binding
    operation sites. A tripod for the light balloon and a     ropes, nylon strings and various sealing material like
    plastic case with penlights and accessories for the       wooden wedges and corks are stored on level 3.
    control cone light is stored below. Cordon material
    like cordon band and foldable signals will be
    stored below this level. An all-side closed trolley for
    taking up 4 tarpaulins 10 x 10 m is standing on the
    equipment compartment‘s floor. The 2nd tripod for
    the light balloons is stored on the container‘s floor
    below the trolley.

    Trolley: Tarpaulins                                       Detailed view of generator and switch cabinet
The trolley on the floor is equipped with six 230 V-     A complete multi-purpose string Z 32 is stored in a
cable drums à 25 metres, 4 floodlights, 2 mounting       trolley below.
bridges, connecting cables and tension sets.             4 steel transport rolls are stored on the Ro/Ro-
                                                         Container‘s floor below the trolley.

Trolley: Electric material                               Trolley: Gripper

More polyester loops with various sizes and carrying
capacities are stored on two levels in the equipment
compartment (G 9). A trolley with Hit-Track motor
linkage incl. wire ropes is stored on the floor. Gully
covers are stored on both top levels of the equip-
ment compartment (G 11). The level below contains
carrying cases with wire ropes in various lengths
(2,5 m - 5 m - 10 m) with shackles.

                                                         Trolley: Gripper, open case

Trolley: Electrically winch

                                                         Trolley: Lifting cushions and accessories

Trolley: Electrically winch, case with ropes
                                                         Die Lagerung dieser Werkzeuge erfolgt selbstver-
                                                         ständlich zusammen mit dem jeweils notwendigen
                                                         Zubehör in Kästen. Abschließend sollte nicht
                                                         unerwähnt bleiben, daß die Farbgebung des
                                                         Behälters in RAL 3000-rot-Struktur erfolgt.

                                                         Das Innengerippe in RAL 7000-fehgrau,
                                                         Längsträger in schwarz (andere Farben wie
                                                         z.B. RAL 3024-tagesleuchtrot gibt es gegen
                                                         Mehrpreis). Hohlraumschutz aller geschlos-
                                                         senen Hohlprofile sowie Unterbodenschutz
                                                         sind serienmäßig. An den Ecken ist ein Satz
                                                         Abrollbehälter-Sicherheitskennzeichnung aus
                                                         retroreflektierenden Folien aufgeklebt, die den
                                                         Mindestvoraussetzungen für die im öffentlichen
                                                         Verkehrsraum abgestellte Container und
                                                         Wechselbehälter erfüllt.

Rear view

The rear will be closed by a flap which reaches over     An extractable work bench with fix attached vice
the whole width and height. When it is opened it         had additionally been mounted in the rear equip-
acts additionally as weather protection. Sufficiently    ment compartment. Not to be seen in the picture is                                       6
dimensioned gas springs facilitate the opening           the foldable support which offers a high stability for
and furthermore they avoid an accidental closing.        the bench, also at heavy works.
Transistor lamps with protections are arranged           A large number of hand tools like e.g. hammers
below the flap for a good lighting of the rear area.     and nails and pliers as well as tools like cramp irons
The rear flap will be locked by central espagnolettes    and hardwood wedges and ground planks plus
(like the lateral walls). This system has excellent      numerous available electronic tools like e.g. abrasive
proven itself . It is very robust and can be locked      cutting-off machines, power screwdrivers, cordless
safely. The sealing against rain will be made by all-    drilling machines, Tigerflex saw and Hilti-hammer
around rubber seals which enable a watertightness        drills in two different designs are additionally
that could hardly be reached with e.g. shutters.         stored here. Furthermore you can find the chainsaw
On the one hand the rear equipment compartment           Cutters-Edge and the Adamant-rescue saw.
acts for taking up bulky, long equipment like e.g.
telescopic ladder, lever, demolition hook, winch         Further standard equipment:
supports (0,6 m bis 3 m), deals, scantlings but on       Transistor fluorescent lamp as equipment
the other hand it could also be used for taking up       compartment lighting which offers more than the
personal equipment like e.g. cutting-protection          double light capacity compared to conventional
trousers, helmets, visors, goggles, ear protections or   interior lights. Open-door warning device through
gloves made of rubber or leather.                        contactless magnetic switch; two-chamber light
This personal equipment will be stored in plastic        (parking light and hazard warning lights) at the
cases. Of course we provided the scantlings with         front, three-chamber light (stoplight, tail light
rolls and special grips for a better removal.            and hazard warning light) at the rear, 12-pin plug,
                                                         for the electrically connection between hook-lift
                                                                                                                  Gimaex-Schmitz Fire and Rescue GmbH
                                                         truck and Ro/Ro-Container, at an approx. 2 m long
                                                                                                                  Essener Straße 8
                                                         cable which is wound up on a solid rubber roll that      57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany
                                                         is fix mounted at the left hand side of the Ro/Ro-       Tel. +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 0
                                                                                                                  Fax +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 99
                                                         Container‘s front.