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					2        The Warrior                                                                                        News                       October 1, 2010
 “Call me Mr. Face
  book, I can make
 your grades drop!”
                                                 IN THE NEWS                                  What’s Going On!
        Jon Lampkin                              American Hiker Released in Iran                                                                Islamic Center Causes Controversy
                                                       Around July of last year, Sarah Shourd,                                                             Park51, the proposed Islamic community
                                                 Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal were taking an                                                    center which includes a Mosque, is planned to be built
    It’s 1 A.M. on a Friday morn-                expedition along the Iran-Iraq border. They were                                               about three blocks from Ground Zero in New York
ing. You look up from your                       picked up by Iranian border guards, charged with                                               city, the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The proposal
Mankiw book and see your lovely                  espionage, and imprisoned. But, on September                                                   has caused great controversy throughout America,
computer just teasing you to take                14, Shourd was released and allowed to return                                                  the nation divided over the issue. President Barack
a breather. I mean hey, who is five              home. Iran had previously requested a $500,000                                                 Obama has announced his support of the project,
minutes going to hurt? But before                bail, but Shourd’s family has maintained that they                                             as has New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. The
you know it, your hands are al-                  rejected the request. The terms of the release are                                             projects supporters claim that the project represents

                                                                                                                                 Google Image
ready flying across the keyboard,                now unknown, but she has not been charged with                                                 freedom and religious tolerance, while those who
bringing you to the website that is              a crime. Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer are still held                                            oppose claim that the project is disrespectful and
liable for thousands of unfinished               in custody in Iran, awaiting further charges.                                                  offensive to the victims of the attacks.
essays, bombed tests, and even
the occasional completely un-           Gas Pipeline Explodes                                                                                   Capitalism in Cuba
touched project:                   On the evening of September 9, tragedy                                                                   In mid September, Cuban president Raul
    As you log in, you mention to       struck the small suburb of San Francisco, San                                                           Castro decided to make a drastic change in the
yourself, “Okay, I gotta get back       Bruno. A natural gas main exploded, destroying                                                          Cuban economy. Cuba, an officially socialist state
to that Mankiw book. Well, I’ll         37 homes, killing a confirmed seven, and injuring                                                       since 1961, has experienced significant economic
                                        over 50. The explosion left a giant crater, and                                                         downfall since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end
check it out, but only for another
                                        witnesses reported a “100 foot” fireball erupting                                                       of Soviet aid in 1991. Now, Raul Castro has decided
minute or two.” Now, you are in
                                        from ruptured pipe. PG&E, the Bay Area’s                                                                to lay off 500,000 workers, telling them to find jobs
a world of hurt. You check your                                                                                                                 in the growing private sector. Many Cubans are now
notifciations, maybe even take a        prominent energy supplier, reported a break in
                                        the pipe caused the explosion. Several residents                                                        worried about potentially loosing their right to a job,
peak at that new video that was                                                                                                                 a fundamental right in the socialist state. But, many

                                                                                                                                 Google Image
                                        reported smelling natural gas in the days before
just posted to your page, flip                                                                                                                  Cubans are optimistic that the new economy will bring
                                        the explosion. PG&E is facing allegations of poor
through all the photos just posted      maintenance.                                                                                            new prosperity. Raul Castro plans to eventually lay off
from Sadies, and of course read                                                                                                                 1,000,000 workers.

                                                 a peak inside
the new messages in your inbox.

                                                                                                                    Fast Food Nation
   So flash forward about 45 min-
utes, and you realize it’s almost
2 A.M. now, and you are finally

                                                 THE MIND OF
logging off. Poor Mankiw; he
isn’t getting any kind of attention
tonight. So it’s off to bed for now,

                                                           NINOS MALEK
but you say a little prayer just
before bed. A prayer we all have
recited, that sounds a little some-
thing like this: “Dear God, I know        Dr. Ninos Malek
he probably won’t... but delay              Economics Teacher
                                                                            A person has to drive to McDon-      It’s Your Life                                      to Choose” television series that a
Malek’s test til Tuesday. Maybe                                             ald’s, order a Big Mac, and eat it             Look, I am a “health                      voluntary exchange will not take
even Thursday. But that’s a little             By now everyone knows on his own.                                 nut” myself. I do not eat fast                      place unless both parties believe
greedy. So Tuesday it is, right?” that the fast-food chains are being                 The lack of personal       food (maybe once in a while),                       they will benefit. Every time you
Oh Facebook.                         sued because they allegedly con- responsibility has even my high            and I do not smoke cigarettes. I                    buy cigarettes or unhealthy food,
                                     tribute to obesity. On a Fox tele- school students blaming their            make a choice to eat that Subway                    and every time you do not buy
   2010-2011                         vision program, Samuel Hirsch, poor diets on the school cafete-
                                     the attorney who filed lawsuits ria. Granted, our cafeteria sells
                                                                                                                 sandwich with no cheese and no
                                                                                                                 mayonnaise, rather than that juicy
                                                                                                                                                                     food that’s good for you, you
                                                                                                                                                                     are weighing your own costs and
         Warrior Staff               against McDonald’s, Burger burritos and pizza, but they also                hamburger or large fries. I make                    benefits. I give credit to those who
           Jon Lampkin               King, Wendy’s, and KFC on be- sell salads and other healthy food.           the choice to go to the gym and lift                keep quiet about personal health
           Editor-in-Chief           half of his client who blames And if that weren’t good enough,              weights and run. Get the picture?                   risks. It’s the whiners and people
        Hannah Lozinski              them for his poor health, admitted I would tell them to wake up ear-        It’s called personal responsibility.                who cannot accept responsibility
        Assistant News Editor        that the restaurants are not com- lier and make their own healthy           Those notorious restaurants exist                   that are irritating. As F. A. Hayek
         Zayn Kirkendoll             pletely to blame. But he added lunches. But that would involve a            because consumers want them to                      wrote in The Constitution of Lib-
              A&E Editor             that their failure to post warnings cost - waking up earlier. So I tell     exist. While I may think smokers                    erty: “Liberty and responsibility
          Shanti Reddy               about nutrition content and their them to stop complaining and that         and people who live on fast food                    are inseparable.”
        Assistant A&E Editor         sophisticated marketing strategies they need to understand a simple         (like many of my friends) are un-
          Tarah Duarte               make them partly culpable.             economic concept - actions are       wise, it’s their lives. They have to
           Features Editor                     The ridiculous claim what count.                                  weigh their own costs and ben-
          Taylor Tanton              that corporations are responsible                Obviously the benefit of   efits. No company is forcing them
     Assistant Features Editor       for people’s health problems is eating their “bad” lunches out-             to do anything.
          Arazue Zadeh               nothing new. Remember the law- weighs the cost of waking up                           Unfortunately, I believe
             Sports Editor           suits against the tobacco compa- earlier or taking the time to make         that laws will be changed to “pro-
          Darelle Jones              nies? If you smoke let me ask you their lunches the night before.           tect” people from these evil com-
            Graphic Artist           this: did an employee from one Eating unhealthy lunches is their            panies.
            Joyce Chen               of the tobacco companies put a choice.                                                No more Jolt Cola or
             Photo Editor            gun to your head and make you                    Will ice cream compa-      Mountain Dew for you high
           Parul Jandir              smoke a cigarette? I didn’t think nies be next? What about candy            school students unless you are 18.
          Buisness Manager           so. People who are dying because companies? And, God forbid,                And cigars and cigarettes? I think
       Warrior Staff Writers         of smoking-related illnesses have Starbucks! Caffeine may be bad            we will see a new Prohibition on                      Dr. Ninos Malek recently received his
   Romie Asplund, Matt Faircloth     nobody to blame but themselves. for us, right? And all that whipped         tobacco. The public-health move-                     PhD in Economics from George Mason.
Jordan Hochmuth, Angel Hollstrom And it’s the same for people who cream and caramel syrup in those               ment will have a role in this so-                   Have an issue or problem you think
    Jamie Keener, Sarah Koenig       eat poorly. I have never seen sugary Frappuccinos can’t be too              cialist plot.                                        Malek should discuss next issue?
    Lianna LaBerge, Jordan Lief      Ronald McDonald with an M-16 good for us.                                             Milton Friedman made                                 Email him at
   Dillon Mena, Brenda Muldoon       forcing people to buy Big Macs.                                             the simple statement in his “Free            
      Taylor Pratt, Nick Usher
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