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                                                                        March 18, 2006, Beijing
Dear Sir/Madam:

In May 2004, with great support from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China
(SACHC), Chinese Society of Museums (CSM), Chinese Association of Museums of Natural
Sciences (CAMNS) and Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage successfully
co-organized for the first time “ the Museums and Relevant Products and Technologies
Exposition2004 ” (CME2004). Now the three organizations are planning the next one (CME
2006) that will be held from 17 th to 19th of September, 2006 at China Agricultural Museum
(National Agricultural Exhibition Center), Beijing, China.

It is great pleasure for us to invite you and your institution to participate in this important
event in the field of museums and museum professionals.

Following the same tradition constituted in CME2004, CME2006 will be composed of four
core parts: an exhibition of the most important projects (national and international) in
Chinese museum field in the last decade, demonstrations of 100 representative Chinese
museums, 2006 Beijing international forum of museum directors, and a trade fair of
museum-related products and technologies. During CME2006, some other related workshops
and seminars will also take place in Beijing.

As you may realized that CME has had enjoyed a great reputation for its high quality, and
becoming one of the most impressive events for benefiting museums development and
related enterprises marketing exploration world wide and in China in particular. In this
connection, we do believe that CME2006      will again provide you with unique opportunities
for your further progress both academically and professionally.

Please find Application Form attached to this letter. For further information, you could
contact us. ( Tel: 86-10-65931374 65096628 Email: ) or visit Web Site ( ).

Thank you very much in advance for your kind consideration and look forward to your
invaluable cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

CME2006 Organization Committee

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