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									                        Tamilnadu Festivals-Experience the Diverse Culture

Tamil Nadu is dotted with colorful festivals which truly reflect the culture of the place. The state boasts of
rich traditions of olden times that can be seen during the festivity. Some of the festivals of Tamil Nadu are of
religious significance while other festivals present the glimpses of its culture. In this state, several Temple
festivals are also celebrated which are loved by visitors.

Some important festivals of Tamil Nadu are:

It is one of the important festivals for the people of Tamil Nadu. The festival is also referred as 'Tamilar
Thirunal' which means the Prosperity Day of the Tamils. It falls on the middle of January. Pongal festival is
celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. It is a celebration of fresh harvest. The festival continues till
three days but the enjoyment lasts long in people's mind. The three festive days are called as Bhogi Pongal,
Surya Pongal and Mattu Pongal. A traditional sweet dish 'Pongal' is especially prepared with boiling rice,
jaggery and milk on this occasion.

As the name suggests Natyanjali is a dance festival which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the cosmic dancer. It
starts on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri and lasts till next five days. Prominent dancers perform
outstanding dance in front of Natraja Temple and pay their tribute to Lord Natraja.

This exciting festival is celebrated in February in Chidambaram. The festival holds great significance in
cultural as well as religious aspects.

Navarathiri is a religious festival. It is dedicated to revered Goddess Durga. Starting from the first day of
bright fortnight of Ashwin (a month of Hindu calendar), the festival continues till next nine days. During
these days people worship nine different forms of Goddess Durga with great devotion. They also visit temples
and offer prayers to seek the blessings of Goddess. The temples overflow with people during the festivity of
this religious occasion.

Tea & Tourism
It is a popular festival of Tamil Nadu which lasts for three days. This stunning festival is celebrated in the
months of January and February with great enthusiasm in beautiful land of Ooty. During this festival, a
variety of tea is made available at one place. People can taste and buy the flavor they like. Another appealing
feature of this festival is the entertaining cultural programmes. During this wonderful occasion, you can also
savor the scrumptious delicacies of South India.

The atmosphere during this time is mesmerizing and is loved by tourists.
Festivals in Tamilnadu are famous across the world for their great pomp and show. Chithirai Festival, Cape
Festival and Kavadi Festival are several other important festivals here. Its other attraction includes Temples
of Tamilnadu, visited by many tourists.

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