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					                   Summer 2010                                               Volume 7, Issue 4

    College Spotlight        Reflections...
          Page 6                       from the Director’s Desk
                                                                                                     Jerry Sullivan

       Information           Are you a dreamer? Do you try to see into the future and make a guess about
                             where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing 10 or 15 years from now? Do you
       Page 7                sometimes think your dreams are out of reach? That’s too much school, the work’s
                             too hard, it’ll take too long, it’s too expensive, or too risky. I know you’ve heard
                             before –“If you don’t shoot for what you really want you’ll never hit your mark.”
                             Every day I see people who have given up their dream who are wasting their
                             talents working at jobs that aren’t challenging or satisfying. Consequently, they are
Class of                     unhappy in their job and earning less money than they could be.

  2010                       When people are asked why they give up on their dreams they almost always say
                             they didn’t think they could make it or they didn’t see a better option available.
       Page 4
                             Sometimes that’s because of events they couldn’t control or poor decisions they
                             made that got them in a situation where their choices were truly limited. That
                             could be anything from living in an area where schooling was of poor quality,
                             to legal issues, to family stresses, to poor study habits, to their choice of friends.
ETS Contact Information      Unfortunately, when students reach that point they often decide to give up on their
        Page 7               dreams and settle for something less.

                             That leads me to the real question I want to raise in this article. Whose
                             responsibility is it to be sure you get a good education and are well prepared to go
                             to school after high school? Obviously, a three year-old doesn’t have much control
   Scrapbook                 over who his friends are or how hard he studies, but as you move from being a
                             three year-old to being a 16 year-old, the responsibility for your decisions and for
        Page 2               who you become are more and more yours. I know several students who at 14,
                             15 or 16 decided it was up to them to do their school work – not Mom or Dad. It
                             was their choice who they had as friends and the choice affected their chance of
                             success. It was up to them to learn all they could and ask for help if they needed
Job Shadow Program           it. They figured out the power to reach their dreams was within them and no one
       Page 3                else could do it for them or take it away from them unless they allowed it. With
                             that in mind, give the rest of this school year the very best you can. You might be
                             surprised what you can accomplish. Finish strong.

Upcoming MAC Events
                             Take care, Jerry
         Page 7

                        February 12, 2010
                        Jefferson College
                          Campus Tour

               March 13, 2010
            8 Grade Field Trip

    Challenger Learning Center – St Louis

                             Job Shadow Program
  ETS is excited to announce a new service being offered to our students. Our program has developed a one-day
  job shadowing experience designed for our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade ETS students. The goal of the Job Shad-
  owing Program is to give our students an opportunity to experience different careers “up-close”. By participat-
  ing, students have an opportunity to learn facts about an occupation that can assist them in determining a career
  or college major.

  You may be asking yourself what job shadowing is. Job Shadowing is an opportunity for you to connect or
  “shadow” with a business professional (job shadowing mentor) who has specific knowledge about an occupa-
  tion or career in which you are interested. You observe responsibilities and tasks associated with the mentor’s
  career and have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education
  required for the job. While the purpose of job shadowing is to gather career related information and expand your
  networking contacts, it also allows you to build interviewing skills, become aware of trends in the field and see
  workforce technologies in action.

  Our goal at ETS is to provide this opportunity on a yearly basis, so if you aren’t in grades 10th, 11th, or 12th
  this year, stay tuned, it will be your turn before you know it…

                          Check out the New ETS 1 web site.


                                                                                Dual Enrollment
A sneeze travels               They have square watermelons
 out your mouth                 in Japan - they stack better.              For those of you planning to take dual enrollment
     at over                                                               classes next year, you need to take either the ACT
   100 m.p.h.                                                                     or the COMPASS exam this spring.
                     Antarctica is the only
                      continent without                                    Juniors and Seniors can take the ACT free with a
                      reptiles or snakes.                                  fee waiver from ETS. Deadline to sign up for the
                                                                                      June 12 ACT test is May 7.
                             Every time you lick a stamp, you're
    Peanuts are                 consuming 1/10 of a calorie.
                                                                            All students who will be taking dual enrollment
     one of the                                                            classes can take the COMPASS for free. See your
                                                    It's against the law
   ingredients in                                                           ETS Advisor for more information about signing
                                                    to have a pet dog in
     dynamite.                                                                     up for the ACT or COMPASS test.
                                                          Iceland.                                                    3
  T.J. Halbert - BHS           Megan Andrea - FHS          Connor Wangler - FRHS
  Paulina Keith - BHS          Whitney Gerber - FHS        Dalton LaRue - NCHS
  Jason Mayberry - BHS         Kassidy Kee - FHS           Desiree' Morris - NCHS
  Aria Murdock - BHS           Danyell O'Neal - FHS        Danielle Pyeatt - NCHS
  Jennifer Wilson - BHS        Elisha Smith - FHS          Kaylin Sipp - NCHS
  Kimberly Eckhoff - CHS       Heather Thompson FHS        Kristy St. Gemme - NCHS
  Breanna Elser - CHS          Chelsea Wiles - FHS         Rachel Carlyon - WCHS
  Daniel Hall - CHS            Emily Wisdom - FHS          Lacey Cassidy - WCHS
  Zachary Metcalf - CHS        Brittany Hutcheson - FRHS   Diane Davis - WCHS
  Jarred Stewart - CHS         Brittany Rouse - FRHS       Trever Morgan - WCHS
  Melinda Wood - CHS           Samantha Shepard - FRHS     Jacob Nicholson - WCHS
  Lauren Woodfin - CHS         Sandra Shoemaker - FRHS     Brittany Tongay - WCHS
  Jessica Allison - FHS        Cory Snyder - FRHS          Kolden Ward - WCHS
                               Chelsea Walka - FRHS        Janette Wells - WCHS

Fall 2010 Scholarships
ETS Staff is honored to be able to
help students reach their dreams and
potential by offering scholarships to          Congratulations to the 8 students who will
our students. The number of scholar-           receive a $500.00 scholarship to the college
ships offered changes from year to year               or university of their choice.
depending on our program budget.
This year, we are pleased to announce                   T.J. Halbert - BHS
that 8 scholarships were awarded.                     Emily Wisdom - FHS
We had 20 students apply and all of                Brittany Hutcheson - FRHS
them were deserving of the award. We                 Desiree’ Morris - NCHS
would like to thank all of you who did              Kristy St. Gemme - NCHS
                                                       Diane Davis - WCHS
                                                    Jacob Nicholson - WCHS
                                                      Kolden Ward - WCHS
Create Your Own Summer Job: 6 Ways to Make Money This Summer

Funds in the sun
Summer’s here, and opportunities for quick money abound. If you’re a recent graduate, a teacher or student off
for the summer, or anyone else looking for some quick cash, summer’s a great time to start a business. With a
little money, some hard work, and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, you can start turning a profit immediately. And all
of these ideas are things you can still walk away from in September if you want to. Here are six ways you can be
your own boss this summer:

                                                             2. Lawn and yard care
1. Go where it’s hot, and help people keep cool              People who care for their own yard the rest of the year
There are plenty of public places that don’t have            may not want to keep up with it in the summer, when
snack bars, and even the convenience store’s just not        it needs to be mowed every 1-2 weeks. And full-time
convenient enough. Bottled water, sports drinks, visors,     professional yard maintenance services want to set
cheap sunglasses, and battery-powered fans will sell         up regular contracts. Offer a low price and don’t try
anywhere there’s sun. Try parks, the beach, baseball         to push the ongoing contracts. Be opportunistic. Drive
practice field, or even a busy street corner near popular    through neighborhoods looking for yards that need
summer destinations. Things to watch out for: Check          mowing and leave a flyer. It’s hard work, but decent
into your local sales tax requirements. Also, permits        money if you control your costs. Things to watch out
may be required at beaches, parks, and other public          for: Equipment maintenance can eat up all your profits
areas.                                                       very quickly. Keep it well-oiled, clean, and sharp. Also,
                                                             don’t chintz on the equipment. The right equipment will
                                                             allow you to work twice as fast. The wrong equipment
                                                             will make some yards impossible.
3. House sitting and pet sitting
Summer is family vacation time, and someone has to
watch the pets and take the mail and newspaper in            4. Mobile car detailing
when everybody leaves for a week or two. If you can          People love convenience, and the idea of having your
target your marketing to families, that will be most         car cleaned while it’s already sitting there at their
effective.                                                   home or office sure beats the heck out of taking
Things to watch out for: Trust is everything in this         it someplace and having to wait on it. Luxury car
business. Be prepared to provide personal references.        owners may be reluctant to use machine washes,
Network with everyone you know to let them know              and especially owners of high-top vans and pick-up
you’re looking for this kind of work. Referrals will be      trucks may not even be able to. Things to watch
your best lead source.                                       out for: Know the Environmental Protection Agency
                                                             regulations on the chemicals you use and local water
                                                             usage rules.

5. Summer nanny / babysitter                                 6. Tutoring and teaching
For working parents of school-age kids, summer               Opportunities abound for the entrepreneurially-
presents a real challenge. Summer camp may take              minded person with knowledge to share. Some
care of a few weeks, a family trip another week or two,      kids need help catching up on one or two subjects,
but then what about the rest of the summer? Find two         homeschoolers usually school year ‘round, and many
or three families, or one with several kids, and take        parents put their kids in summer classes on a fun
care of the kids during the day. Things to watch out         topic like science, drama, or creative writing. You
for: Caring for multiple children not in the same family     can tutor individual kids, or put together a group
will generally require licensing and will require the        workshop or week-long class. Things to watch out
facilities to meet certain requirements. There’s a big       for: Generally, teaching short classes that are not for
step from watching 2-3 kids from 1-2 families in one         credit doesn’t require any kind of special licensing, but
of their homes to watching 4-5 kids in your own home.        check your local regulations to make sure that you
Some states have licensing requirements for nannies,         don’t end up falling under the day care regulations if
as well.                                                     you have multiple kids.

All of the above business ideas can be started on a minimal budget and bootstrapped by reinvesting some of your
profits. While they have a seasonal element to them, they also all offer the potential of growing into a full-time,
year-round business if you choose, but they’re all also things you can walk away from in the fall.

                                        Start your engines!
                                We recently looked into a unique school that some students may
                                want to consider. Normally we have two colleges we highlight
                                for students, but due to the space needed for this article, we
                                decided to list just one college. The reason we looked into this
                                school is because we had a young LADY that requested to go to
                                this school.
            “In 1976, NASCAR’s premier division took the lead in worldwide motorsports attendance for the first time with
             more than 1.4 million spectators making their way to events, according to figures from the Goodyear Tire and
             Rubber Company. That lead never has been relinquished.” (

         NASCAR is an acronym for National Association                         They also have Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
for Stock Car Auto Racing. When this young lady                       and Marine Mechanics Institute for those specific fields of
requested to go to school where the NASCAR mechanics                  training. Technicians from these two trainings have gone
are trained, we began looking into what schools existed               on to work with race teams in the motorcycle and marine
that NASCAR looks at. We found that NASCAR actually                   race teams.
endorses one school, which goes by four different names.
They have multiple locations throughout the United States                      UTI and its affiliates are accredited through the
for training in several different majors. Of the many                 Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of
locations, when it comes to training for NASCAR, their                Technology. They have many forms of financial assistance
Mooresville location is THE location to look at.                      including Federal Student Aid and scholarships. They
                                                                      have housing and many other benefits on their campuses.
        “UTI Mooresville and NASCAR Tech is located                   Tutoring is available. They have class schedules set up for
in Mooresville, North Carolina also known as Race City,               morning, afternoon and evenings so students can hold a job
USA. Just 30 miles north of Charlotte, Mooresville is home            during their schooling. One of their counselors explained
to more than 70 race teams. Right down the road you’ll                there are many scholarships offered from companies
find Lowe’s Motor Speedway, home of the NASCAR Sprint                 tied to NASCAR and students should not let the cost
Cup.” (                            scare them away. Each year in March,
                                                                                         the school offers testing to determine
         UTI (Universal Technical Institute) teamed                                      who receives some special scholarships.
up with NASCAR and put together a premier                                                Those scholarships range from $500 to
school to train technicians so they would be able to                                     $5000. Seniors are encouraged to take
specialize in training to work in NASCAR. That is                                        these tests before they graduate. Other
what the Mooresville location is all about. Whether                                      scholarships are also available. The cost for
wanting to train for NASCAR or any other area in the                  the schooling can range from $28,000 to $41,000 with the
field of motorized vehicles, UTI can get you there with               NASCAR specialties being in the higher cost range. They
the top training. When attending UTI and NASCAR                       have a special program for students called NASCAR Angels.
Technical Institute (NTI), you can train to be a highly               The Angels program allows the students to get together, with
specialized technician in FORD Accelerated Credential                 the assistance of the school and NASCAR, and rebuild some
Training, Nissan Automotive Technician Training,                      of the students’ personal vehicles. Training they provide
Toyota Professional Automotive Technician, Diesel and                 will be completed in one to one and one half years in most
Industrial Technology (CRRT), Daimler Truck, Cummins,                 of the certifications they offer.
Mini, Auto/NASCAR (with specific training to be part
of the pit crew or fabrication or other specialized areas)
technology, collision repair or Manufacturer Specific
Advanced Training (MSAT) for Audi, BMW, International                        They have a 97% job placement rate. Hundreds of
ITEP, Mercedes-Benz Elite and Elite CRT, Porsche PTAP,                UTI and NTI graduates are hired before they ever graduate.
Volkswagen Academy and Volvo Safe Programs.                           Some employers only hire graduates from UTI and NTI.

                                                    To contact them for more information, or to enroll, you can call:
                                            1-877-201-2597 or write to 220 Byers Creek Road, Mooresville, NC 28117-4378.
                                              You can also enroll online on their web page. Their web page is
                                                      The local representative for this school is Joseph Washburn.
                                                               His direct phone number is 636-352-8908.
                                                     Take It for
                                                       ACT DATES
                                                                                                  Be sure to enter the TRiO test
                Test Date                    Registration Deadline       (Late Fee Required)      code so that your test results
                June 12, 2010                May 7, 2010                 May 8-21, 2010             can be sent directly to us.
                September 11, 2010           August 6, 2010              August 7-20, 2010
                October 23, 2010             September 17, 2010          Sept. 18-Oct. 1, 2010                5411
                December 11, 2010            November 5, 2010            November 6-19, 2010

                                                    Ask your ETS advisor how.

   ETS will provide                             ETS will pay for                                  ETS will pay
        ACT fee                                  students to take                                 your college
      waivers to                                       the                                        application
     11th and 12th                                 COMPASS                                            fee.
    grade students.                             EXAM at Mineral
                                                  Area College.

                                               Ask your ETS advisor how.
                                                    Upcoming MAC Events
             All events are subject to change at any time. This includes: Dates, Times, and Events

                               17        The Odd Couple (Play)                         THE        7:30 pm
                               18        The Odd Couple (Play)                         THE        7:30 pm
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                                7        My Fair Lady (Play)                           THE        7:30 pm
                                8        My Fair Lady (Play)                           THE        7:30 pm
                                9        My Fair Lady (Play)                           THE        7:30 pm
                               10        My Fair Lady (Play)                           THE        7:30 pm

                               * FH - Field House          *BF - Baseball Field              *THE - Theater

               Check the MAC web page frequently for other events WWW.MINERALAREA.EDU
             ETS 1 Students can attend MAC events FREE by using the event ticket supplied by ETS

                                         ETS 1 Contact Information
     Gena Dunn                          Jim Frago                       Christa Tinsley                       Jerry Sullivan
  Academic Advisor                  Academic Advisor                   Academic Advisor
    573-518-2383                                                                                                 Director
                                     573-518-2384                        573-518-2382                          573-518-2156    
 Bismarck School District           Central School District          Farmington School District
North County School District                                        Fredericktown School District
West County School District

                        Please contact your advisor if you have any questions.                                                     7
 The Mineral Area College Talent Search program is a TRIO program funded with a five-year, $1,126,400 grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This represents 98 percent of the program cost. The remaining two percent
 is funded by Mineral Area College. Talent Search is one of five programs established by Congress to help low-income, first-generation students succeed in higher education. These programs are referred to as the TRIO programs.
 For more information on Talent Search or how to apply, contact the Talent Search office located at Mineral Area College, (573) 518-2380. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
 Mineral Area College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, religion, creed, or marital or parental status. For more information, call the Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and ADA
 Coordinator at (573) 431-4593 or U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights.

 If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and need this publication in an alternative format, notify us at (573) 431-4593. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs.

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