Configuring Time Capsule

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Configuring Time Capsule
This document contains the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Before you begin...
  • Steps for Configuring Time Capsule

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  • Airspace Guideline (
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Overview: Configuring Time Capsule
Apple's Time Capsule is a WiFi base station with an internal hard drive. Typically,
Time Capsule is used as an automatic network backup for Macintosh computers. It
can also be used as a wireless-accessible network disk for file sharing between Mac
and Windows computers. Most are likely to enable the device as a wireless access
point in a home environment; however, user-installed wireless access points are
not permitted in campus buildings, as per the Carnegie Mellon Airspace Guideline
( , since this would interfere
with the existing campus wireless network. Fortunately, Time Capsule can be
configured to use the campus wired network.
Last Updated: 10/6/10


Before you begin...
 1. Request to have your data outlet activated. See Connecting to the Wired Network
    ( for details.
 2. Locate the Ethernet ID (MAC address) on the back of your Time Capsule. You will
    need this ID in the next step.

 3. Manually register your Time Capsule through NetReg
    ( . See the Network Registration
    ( document
    for help registering your Time Capsule.
 4. Connect the Ethernet cable directly into the data outlet. If your room requires a
    Pass-through (
    , connect your Ethernet cable to the Time Capsule; on the other end connect the
    Ethernet cable to the Pass-through which plugs into the data outlet in the room.
 5. Connect a second Ethernet cable to the Time Capsule; on the other end connect
    the Ethernet cable to your computer.

Configure Time Capsule
Last Updated: 11/8/10


Steps for Configuring Time Capsule
IMPORTANT: These instructions are intended for an unconfigured Time
Capsule with default settings. If the Time Capsule was previously configured,
the Airport Utility screens will look different. To return to the default settings,
use the factory reset option with a pen or pencil. Doing so, will not remove
your backup data. For details, visit Apple's Resetting a Time Capsule FAQ
( .
The following steps outline how to configure Time Capsule for the wired Carnegie
Mellon network and password protect it. Please make sure to follow the before you
begin steps first.

 1. Open Airport Utility (Applications > Utilities).
 2. Select Time Capsule and click Continue.

 3. On the next screen, complete the following and click Continue:
      • Time Capsule Name: Enter a name for your time capsule.
      • Time Capsule Password: Enter a strong password. For security purposes,
        please use a password that is NOT your Andrew password.
      • Use a different password to secure disks: Check this box if you would
        like someone else to have access to your Time Capsule disk. They will not
        have access to the configuration settings. If you select this box, you will be
        prompted to add a separate secure password for outside users. Again, chose
        a high quality password that is NOT your Andrew password.

 4. Select I want Time Capsule to join my current network and then click Continue.
 5. Select I want to disable the wireless network on this Time Capsule and
    connect it to my computer or network using Ethernet and then click Continue.
 6. Decide to backup your Mac now or later and then click Continue.
 7. Verify the Time Capsule settings and then click Update.
    Note: Time Capsule may take several moments to reboot.

 8. Close Airport Utility. Your Time Capsule is now configured.

IMPORTANT: Any attempts to use Time Capsule without first configuring it will result in
creating a rogue access point, which could be removed from the network.
Last Updated: 10/5/10


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