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									                  Hastings Public Schools
Pencil and             Staff Development
Bookmark     Monday, September 28th 2009
    a website that allows users to reflect,
    share opinions, and discuss various topics in
    the form of an online journal while readers
    may comment on posts. Entries typically
    appear in reverse chronological order.
What’s that
The sweet sounds of Soungle….

The simplest way to search and find royalty-free sounds ! Quick download time!

Spice up your power points, sound effects for Readers Theatre groups, story
time, classroom management/wake up calls, musical endeavors…
    a website that allows users to reflect, share
    opinions, and discuss various topics in the form
    of an online journal while readers may
    comment on posts. Entries typically appear in
    reverse chronological order.
    An audio program in a compressed digital
    format, delivered via an RSS feed over the
    Internet to a subscriber and designed for
    playback on computers or portable digital
    audio players, such as the iPod.
   Wordle is a toy for generating “word
   clouds” from text that you provide.
                                                       How Wordle Works:
                                                       *Wordle draws each word at a size
                                                       proportional to its frequency in your
                                                       *The clouds give greater prominence
                                                       to words that appear more frequently
Spice It Up:                                           in your text.
•Vocabulary: words/terms and their synonyms *The clouds you create with Wordle
•Writing: student names or subject titles and          are yours to use however you like.
adjectives to describe them                            *You can print clouds out, or save
•Writing: choose objects and write adjectives them to the Wordle gallery to share
to describe them (ex: winter--ice, ski, flakes, brrrr) with the world.
•Theme: use it to communicate important             Works best:
messages about topics                               Use single words (not phrases-they’ll split)
                                                 Wordle Site Allows Users to:
                                                 *Manipulate word layout and orientation
                                                 on the page (horizontal, vertical, random)
                                                 *Edit font, color palette, layout
                                                 Wordle Site Does Not Allow Users to:
                                                 Edit text once Wordle is created
   It is tagging a website and saving it for later.
    Instead of saving them to your web browser,
    you are saving them to the web. And,
    because your bookmarks are online, you can
    easily share them with friends
Signing into Google
Click on
Click on “New”
Then select “Document” from the
pull down menu
Type Into Document as you would any
         Microsoft Document
Click on Save, although it typically does an autosave nearly every 3 seconds.

Once the doc is saved, click on “Share”
Select “Invite People” from pull down menu
Type in email addresses of everyone that you want to have access to the document

          Type in a message as to what you would like them to do with
          the doc
                                                   Press “Send”
   The interaction between a group of people
    who share a common interest.
The “Higher Version”   The “Regular Version
                           Joey’s Locker game page/extension
The “Simplified Version”               activities
    a way of organizing and finding
    information on the internet in a web
    2.0 world.
Melanie’s Information Resources in One Spot!
Thousands of Customizable Themes
       Your iGoogle Page
      Millions (Okay, Maybe an Exaggeration)
Cool Gadgets That You Can Add to Your iGoogle Page
    a micro-blogging tool. It asks “what are
    you doing?” It’s similar to a chat room, with
    200 or less character updates. (think the
    status update tool for Facebook)
    The second generation of the World Wide
    Web, especially the movement away from
    static webpages to dynamic and shareable
    content and social networking
 Share What You
 Use With Others
Social Bookmarking ~
Creating groups to pool
resources for specific
Connect with
colleagues and friends
through common
Discover quality
resources on any
subject or get
Share your favorite
sites easily online
    A widget is a small piece of transportable
    code, for example a calculator or a countdown
    to a movie's release. Widgets can be placed on
    websites like a social networking profile, a
    custom home page or a blog.
   The word 'gadget' is often used to refer to a
    widget that is designed for a specific
    website, like iGoogle gadgets.
 Children’s Books
Babel Fish Translation

                         Crossword Puzzles
    a collaborative form of publishing (you can
    make your own for personal, educational,
    or professional use with PB Wiki, Wet Paint,
    or Social Text)
   Find teaching materials

   Share slides with students or PLC

   Access slides remotely from any computer

   Save favorite slideshows in “My Slidespace”

  Activities, &
Skype is a software
application that allows you to
make video phone calls over
the internet.
    What do I need to get

- Free download from

    - Web cam

- External microphone if your computer
doesn’t have one built in
    In Internet culture, a lurker is a person
    who reads discussions on a message board,
    newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other
    interactive system, but rarely or never
    participates actively.
The classroom “YouTube”!

Create a customized rubric for any project or
   assignment with a click of your mouse!
                                      1. Type in what you are looking for
2. Choose which source

   3. Click on the picture you want             Read about your subject
4. When you have the picture you
want, right click to save it
Check out the smorgasbord of ideas at the Busy
Teacher’s Café!
It’s Time for our Technology Toolkit for PLCs

 Kindergarten, Elementary and Early Childhood, Community Ed.,
 etc.: Auditorium with Glenda Peak and Cindy Kost

 Middle School: Lecture Room with Jan Hertel and Rhonda Keller

 HHS: Math to A206 with Cindy Oppold
 HHS: Science to C221 with Robyn Keyport
 HHS: Special Services and ALC to Lab D331 with Dennis Carlson-
 Rioux . . . or he may have them come to his classroom A102
 HHS: Admin., Counseling, Language Arts and Social Studies to
 Media Center Lab D334 with Melanie Haugen
 HHS: All Other Departments to Lab D335 with Tim Hasty
 Bambenek (Electives(+) : Art, Business, FACS, Global Languages,
 Horticulture, Human Performance, Ind. Tech., Music, etc.)

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