EW Specs by xiangpeng


   DESIGNATION                                  DESCRIPTION                    APPLICATIONS                                        REMARKS

 BAE SYSTEMS, Avionics, Stanmore, Middlesex, England, UK
 ARIEL                  Towed radar decoy                                  Nimrod, Tornado             Operational.
 HERMES                 Modular radar-homing and warning receiver (RHWR)   Tornado                     On ADV and IDS versions built after 1986.
 Sky Guardian 200       Radar warning receiver                             Jaguar                      Retrofitted to some RAF Jaguars.
 Sky Shadow             Jamming/deception pod                              Tornado IDS                 —
 Zeus                   Internal ECM system                                Harrier GR.5                —
 BAE SYSTEMS, Avionics, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
 AWARE                  Radar warning receiver                             Gazelle, Lynx               British army helicopters.
 DASS                   Integrated ESM/ECM system                          Eurofighter                 —
 HIDAS                  Integrated self-protection for helicopters         WAH-64D                     British army helicopters.
 BAE SYSTEMS, BAE Systems Advanced Systems, Braintree, MA, Greenlawn, NY, and Lansdale, PA, all USA
 AN/ALQ-99(V)           Tactical jammer/transmitter                        EA-6B                       —
 AN/APR-44(V)           Lightweight radar warning receiver                 —                           For fighters and helicopters.
 BAE SYSTEMS, BAE Systems Integrated Defense Solutions, Austin, TX, USA
 AN/ALE-39              Countermeasures dispenser                          Fighters, helicopters       Former USN standard system. Out of production; replaced by ALE-47.
 AN/ALE-45              Countermeasures dispenser                          F-15                        USAF, Japan, Saudi Arabia.
 AN/ALE-47              Countermeasures dispenser                          Fighters, helicopters,      Standard USA/USAF/USN system.
 AN/ALE-47 TACDS        Countermeasures dispenser                          Fighters, helicopters,      Int’l standard for new aircraft and retrofit of ALE-39/-40/-45
                                                                            transports                  dispenser systems.
 AN/ALE-58              BOL countermeasures dispenser                      F-15                        Integrates with LAU-128B/A missile rail launcher.
 TACDS M-130            Threat adaptive countermeasures dispenser          Fighters, helicopters       Replacement for earlier M-130s.
 BAE SYSTEMS, Information and Electronic Warfare Systems, Nashua, NH, USA
 AN/AAR-47              Missile warning receiver                           Helos, transport aircraft   Operational.
 AN/AAR-57(V)           Missile warning system                             AV-8B, F-15E, F-16          In production. Also for F/A-18.
 AN/ALE-52              Countermeasures flare dispenser                    F-22                        In production.
 AN/ALQ-126B            Internal RF DECM                                   F/A-18A/B, C/D              Operational.
 AN/ALQ-137             Internal RF DECM                                   F-111F                      Operational.
 AN/ALQ-144 family      Omni-directional IRCM                              Helicopters                 4,500 systems delivered worldwide.
 AN/ALQ-156 family      Pulse-Doppler MAWS                                 C-130, helicopters          Operational.
 AN/ALQ-157             IR countermeasures system                          C-130, heavy lift helos     —
 AN/ALQ-164             Podded RF DECM                                     AV-8B                       Operational.
 AN/ALQ-178(V)1/3/5     Integrated radar warning & ECM suite               F-16                        Internal integrated passive/active suite.
 AN/ALQ-196             Internal RF DECM                                   MC-130E                     Operational.
 AN/ALQ-202             Autonomous jammer                                  F-16                        Stand-alone or use with existing RWRs.
 AN/ALQ-205             Omni-directional IRCM                              Helicopters                 Phase-locked.
 AN/ALQ-212(V) ATIRCM   Directable IRCM and missile warning                Helos, transports           In development.
 AN/ALQ-214 IDECM       Integrated defensive electronic countermeasures    B-1B, F-15, F-16, F/A-18    Federated ECM system and decoy. In low rate production.
 AN/ALR-56A             Radar warning receiver                             F-15A/B                     Detects and identifies RF threats. Part of tactical EW suite.
 AN/ALR-56C/-56C(V)1    Radar warning receiver                             F-15C/D/E/K/S               Detects and identifies RF threats. Part of tactical EW suite.
 AN/ALR-56M             Radar warning receiver                             B-1B, C-130H/J, F-16        USAF std. & FMS advanced RWR. RISC-based processor.
 AN/ALR-94              Integrated internal ESM system                     F-22                        In production.
 AN/APR-39A(V)1/3       Radar signal detection set                         C-130, US Army helos        Also on other helos.
 DASS-2000              Defensive aids suite                               Astor, C-130H/J, MRA.4      Integrated, multispectral threat warning and countermeasures.
 EW-1017                Airborne electronic surveillance system            Nimrod MR2                  Also on UK AWACS (E-3D). Operational.
 CMC ELECTRONICS, Ville St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
 CMA-2082F              EW display and control unit                        Tornado                     4 x 4-in. AMLCD VGA integrated control and display unit
                                                                                                        with onboard processing.
 AN/ALQ-99              Internal or podded RF DECM                         EA-6B                       Carried in five external pods on EA-6B.
 AN/ALQ-161A            Internal RF DECM                                   B-1B                        Upgrade planned.
 ELISRA GROUP, Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd., Bene-berak, Israel
 AES-210/E              Airborne ESM/Elint system                          AH-1, C-130, CH-53          Fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
 ASPS                   Airborne EW suite                                  F-15, F-16                  Fighter aircraft.
 LWS-20(V)              Laser warning system                               AH-1, AH-64, UH-60          For helicopters.
 MPA                    Maritime patrol aircraft integrated EW suite       C-130, CH-53, HH-65A        Fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
   DESIGNATION                                     DESCRIPTION                               APPLICATIONS                                       REMARKS

 ELISRA GROUP, Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd., Bene-berak, Israel
 PAWS                    Passive airborne warning system                                 F-16                         Fighter aircraft and helicopters.
 SPJ-20                  Self-protection jammer                                          AH-1, AH-64, UH-60           Fighter aircraft and helicopters.
 SPS-20(V)               Radar warning system                                            AH-1, AH-64, UH-60           For helicopters.
 SPS-45(V)               Radar warning system                                            AH-1, AH-64, UH-60           For helicopters.
 SPS-65(V)               Integrated, airborne self-protection system                     AH-1, AH-64, UH-60           For helicopters.
 SPS-1000V-5             Radar warning system                                            A-4, F-4, F-5, F-16          For fighter aircraft.
 INDRA SISTEMAS, Madrid, Spain
 ALR-300/310             Radar threat warner                                             CH-47, Mirage F-1            —
 AMES                    Radar signal detection system                                   C-212, C-295, P-3            —
 ARIES System            Signal radar detection and jamming system, airborne             C-212                        —
 C3/Taran                Airborne countermeasure system                                  Falcon 20                    —
 DASS                    Defensive aids system suite                                     Eurofighter                  —
 SIGMA                   Airborne intelligence system                                    707, C-212                   Detects, analyzes, identifies radar & communications signals,
                                                                                                                       visual & infrared images.
 SOCCAM                  Communications detection system                                 C-212, F-27                  —
 ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES LTD., Elta Electronics Industries Ltd., Ashdod, Israel
 EL/I-3001               New generation signals intelligence system                      G550                         —
 EL/K-7036               Signals intelligence/direction finder system                    —                            Wide-band, 20-3000 MHz.
 EL/K-7044               Multi-mission signals intelligence/jamming system               Light aircraft               Surveillance missions.
 EL/K-7071               UAV communication intelligence/direction finder payload         UAVs                         —
 EL/K-8212               ECM lightweight self-protection pod                             F-15, F-16                   —
 EL/L-8222               ECM pod                                                         F-15, F-16, MiG-21, MiG-29   Available in internal installation.
 EL/L-8233               Internal, integrated self-defense system                        F-5, F-15, F-16              —
 EL/L-8240               Self-defense ECM system                                         F-16, Jaguar                 Also for MiG-21.
 EL/L-8247/8             Radar warning and jamming system                                F-16, UH-60                  For helicopters, lightweight fighters.
 EL/L-8260               Multi-disciplinary integral self-protection system              —                            For helicopters and fighters.
 EL/L-8300               Signals intelligence system                                     707                          Channelized receiving system.
 EL/L-8300MPA            ESM/ELINT system                                                Nimrod MPR4, P-3             For maritime patrol aircraft.
 EL/L-8312               Airborne ELINT system                                           707, C-130                   —
 EL/L-8361               Radar warning receiver                                          F-5, Jaguar                  —
 EL/L-8385               ESM/ELINT pod for UAVs                                          UAVs                         —
 EL/M-2160               Missile approach warning system                                 C-130, UH-60                 Radar-based.
 ITT INDUSTRIES, Avionics Div., Clifton, NJ, USA
 AN/ALQ-136              Radar jammer                                                    AH-1, AH-64                  Operational.
 AN/ALQ-136(V)2          Radar jammer with high power remote transmitter                 MH-47E, MH-60K               Operational.
 AN/ALQ-165 ASPJ         Airborne self-protection jammer (ASPJ)                          F-14D, F-16, F/A-18C/D       Operational for Finland, S. Korea, Switzerland, USN.
 AN/ALQ-172(V)1, (V)2    Self-protection system                                          AC-130U, B-52, MC-130E/H     Operational.
 AN/ALQ-172(V)3          Self-protection system (extended frequency coverage)            AC-130H                      Operational.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)1          Radar warning, situation awareness, jamming system              AH-64D                       Development and test completed.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)2          Radar warning and jamming, EW suite controller                  CV-22                        In low rate initial production.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)3          Radar, laser and chemical warning, situation awareness system   RAH-66                       Completing manufacturing development.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)4          Digital radar warning and advanced jamming system               F-16                         For Chile and Oman.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)5          Radar, laser and missile warning, ESM, chaff/flare system       NH-90                        For Norway.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)6          Radar warning, situation awareness, jamming system              MH-47                        For US Army special operations.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)7          Radar warning, situation awareness, jamming system              MH-60                        For US Army special operations.
 AN/ALQ-211(V)8          ESM, ELINT, targeting system                                    UAVs                         —
 AN/ALQ-214 IDECM RFCM   On-board technique generator with fiber optic towed decoy       B-1B, F/A-18E/F              In low rate initial production.
 LOCKHEED MARTIN, Missiles and Fire Control-Orlando, Orlando, FL, USA
 AN/AAR-56               Missile launch detector                                         F-22                         In production.
 NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP., Electronic Systems, Rolling Meadows, IL, Baltimore, MD, both USA
 AN/AAR-54               Missile launch detector                                         B-2, C-130, S-70             In production for US and 4 international customers.
 AN/ALQ-131              Automatic self-protection jamming pod                           A-10, C-130, F-16            Operational w/USAF and 11 international customers.
 AN/ALQ-135              Internal countermeasures set                                    F-15                         —
 AN/ALQ-155              Low band jammer                                                 B-52                         —
 AN/ALQ-162              CW and pulse-Doppler jammer                                     AH-64, F-16, F/A-18          In production. Operational.
  DESIGNATION                                   DESCRIPTION                               APPLICATIONS                                        REMARKS

NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP., Electronic Systems, Rolling Meadows, IL, Baltimore, MD, both USA
AN/ALQ-165               Airborne self-protection jammer (ASPJ)                        F-14, F-16, F/A-18             Operational w/USMC/USN; Finland, Korea, Switzerland.
AN/ALQ-218               Electronic support measures (ESM)                             EA-6B                          Fine DF, IDM, location, warning. In production. Also for EA-18G.
AN/ALR-46(V)             Radar warning receiver                                        B-52, F-5E/F                   Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, F-5E/F retrofit.
AN/ALR-66B(V)3, C(V)3    Electronic support measures (ESM)                             P-3, SH-2                      Operational.
AN/ALR-67(V)2            Radar warning receiver                                        AV-8B, F-14D, F/A-18           Operational.
AN/ALR-68(V)3            Radar warning receiver                                        C-160, F/RF-4                  Operational.
AN/ALR-69                Radar warning receiver                                        A-10, B-52, C-130, F-16        Pre-Block 50 F-16s.
AN/ALR-73(V)1            Electronic support measures (ESM)                             E-2C                           Passive DF, location. Operational.
AN/ALR-91                Radar warning receiver                                        F-5                            Operational. Replaces AN/ALR-46(V).
AN/ALR-93(V)1            Radar warning receiver                                        CN-235, F-16                   Operational.
AN/APR-39A(V)2           Radar warning receiver                                        C-130, KC-130, MV-22           Also on international helos.
AN/APR-39A(V)3/4         Radar warning receiver                                        C-130, F-5A                    Also on US Air Force, US Army and international helos.
APR-39B (V)2             Radar warning receiver/electronic warfare management system   CH-47, S-70                    —
ASPIS                    Advanced self-protection integrated EW suite                  F-16                           Operational on F-16C/D Block 30, 50.
ERWE 2                   Radar warning receiver                                        Tornado (MRCA)                 Upgrade for German air force. Operational.
LR-100                   Radar warning receiver/electronic support measures            S-70, SH-2, UAVs               Operational.
MIRTS                    Modular IR jammer                                             —                              For use on helicopters, transports.
Nemesis [AN/AAQ-24(V)]   Directional IR countermeasures                                Fixed-wing aircraft, helos     In production for UK and US Air Force.
QRC84-02A                IR countermeasures system                                     C-130                          —
RAYTHEON CO., Space and Airborne Systems, El Segundo, CA, USA
AN/AAR-SX                IR missile warning system                                     F-16                         In production.
AN/ALE-50                RF towed decoy                                                B-1B, F-16, F/A-18E/F        In production.
AN/ALQ-184               Self-protection ECM pod                                       C-130, F-15, F-16            In production. Also on A-10, other aircraft. Upgrade ongoing.
AN/ALQ-187               Internal ECM system                                           F-4, F-16                    In production. Part of ASPIS integrated self-protection suite.
AN/ALR-67(V)3            Radar warning receiver                                        F/A-18E/F                    In production.
AN/ALR-69                Radar warning receiver                                        C-130, F-16                  Upgrade program ongoing.
AN/ASQ-81                Magnetic anomaly detector (MAD)                               LAMPS helos, P-3, S-3        Detects submarine’s magnetic field.
ASPIS                    Integrated EW suite                                           F-16                         In production.
COMET                    IR countermeasures pod                                        A-10, C-130                  In development.
GEN-X                    Expendable RF deception jammer                                USN tactical aircraft        Carried in AN/ALE-39 and AN/ALE-47.
ROCKWELL COLLINS, Government Systems, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
AN/USQ-146               C2SW system                                                   —                            Operates in 20 to 8400 MHz range.
USQ-113                  Communications countermeasures                                EA-6B                        Provides jamming and communications in the 30 to 500 MHz. range.
                                                                                                                      In development.
UST-109                  C2W system                                                    —                            Operates in 0.5 to 2000 MHz range. In development.
SDR-2800                 Sigint/Comint receiver/digitizer                              —                            20-2800 MHz digital receiver VME (60).
SAABTECH AB, Stockholm, Sweden
BOL                      Countermeasures dispenser                                     Eurofighter, F-14, F-15      Also on Gripen, Harrier, Tornado.
BOP                      Chaff and flare dispenser                                     Draken, Gripen, Viggen       —
BOW-21                   RWR system                                                    Tornado (German)             —
BOZ                      Chaff and flare dispenser                                     Jaguar, Tornado              Also on Super Etendard.
EWS39                    Integrated RWR system and jammers                             JAS 39                       —
ISPS                     Integrated self-protection system                             NH90                         —
AN/ALE-47                Airborne countermeasures dispensing system                    Fighters, helicopters,       Standard protection system for the US Air Force, Army & Navy.
                                                                                        transports, UAVs             Also for commercial transports.
ASTAC                    Elint/ESM electronic recon. system (external pod)             Mirage F1CR/2000-5           Internal version (LRU) is for SIGINT aircraft.
D3000 A                  ESM for maritime patrol aircraft (fixed or rotor wing)        Atlantique 2                 In production.
EWS-16                   Integrated self-protection system                             F-16                         In production.
ICMS                     Integrated self-protection system                             Mirage 2000-5                Mk. 1 & 2 versions in service, Mk. 3 in production.
IMEWS                    Integrated self-protection system                             Mirage 2000-9                In production with Elettronica SpA.
MWS-20                   Missile warning system                                        C-130, Cougar, Puma          For fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft. In production.
PAJ-FA                   Podded airborne jammer for fighters                           Jaguar, Mirage-5/F1          Also for Super Etendard. In production.
SPECTRA                  Integrated EW suite                                           Rafale                       In production with MBDA.
SPS-FA                   Self-protection system (fighters)                             F-5, Mirage F1               Also for Super Etendard. In production.
   DESIGNATION                              DESCRIPTION                       APPLICATIONS                                      REMARKS

 SPS-H               Self-protection system (helos)                         Cougar, Gazelle, Puma   Also for Panther. In production.
 SPS-TA              Self-protection system (transports)                    C-130, C-160            Also for business jets. In production.
 TDS-FA              Threat detection system (RWR-fighters)                 Fighters                In production.
 TDS-H               Threat detection system (RWR-helos)                    Cougar, Gazelle, Puma   In production.
 TDS-TA              Threat detection system (RWR-transports)               Transports              In production.
 TWE                 Radar and laser warning receiver                       NH-90, Tiger            In production.
 THALES SENSORS, Crawley, West Sussex, England, UK
 KESTREL             ESM/ELINT system                                       EH 101                  For helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

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