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					Share a Rama 2011
One World, Many Stories ideas – Karen Hankala, Satilla Regional Library

These ideas are culled from the web, from Library Journal’s online seminar Libraries are Essential:
Connecting to Youth in Your Community, from DIY Programming and Book Displays by Amanda Moss
Struckmeyer, and from me!

I like to have a bunch of all-ages random activities--not always related to the theme--to burn energy
during programs…
      Feather races: blow and walk with feathers. Music in the background helps!
      Musical countries: cut out paper country shapes and laminate. Use those instead of chairs and
         stand instead of sit. You need space and music for this one!
      Play Around the World with indoor basketball! I hang a hula hoop and have kids throw a beach
         ball through the hoop.
      Pass the Box: Wrap up gift several times with paper. Play like musical chairs with music
         stopping and person unwrapping ONE layer of paper. The player who unwraps the last layer
         keeps the gift!
      Make a life size board game with a travel/country theme and then play the game: Need paper
         plates spaces, large paper die. To make die:
      Around the world bingo—with or without prizes. There are tons of online bingo generators:

Around the World Programming
Japan program:
    Peanut or almond Butter and Jelly sushi, of course!
    Make your own manga (pre-make the boards to draw on) or Comic Strip
    Japanese hanging fish
    Kimmel, Eric A. “Dohaku’s Head.” Sword of the Samurai: Adventure Stories from Japan.
       Harcourt, 1999.

Mexico Program
   Mexico craft: piñata with foam cups
          o Place candy and toys in large foam cut and tape another foam cup to the end. Decorate
             with tissue paper, streamers, etc.
   Storytelling: tons out there…here’s one site that lists some:

China Program
    Chinese lanterns—plenty of these easy crafts online
    Dragon puppets on a stick: I use the template for the head and tail from Print them out and then glue to a length of folded
       accordion-like paper. Add straws or sticks….voila! puppet.
    Books: Round is a Mooncake by Rosanne Thong
    Storytelling: I like to tell Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong, though it’s also a book

Korea Program
    Craft and activity: hacky sacks are popular in Korea. From:

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