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									                              Student Government Association

                             Minutes of General Board Meeting of
                                      October 10, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 5:10 by Puja Shah, President.

Puja Shah, Erik Ginthwain, Kara Bohde, Michael Kearney, Monica Mohan, Sucheta Desai, Christopher
Hayes, Nicole Chan, Eric Kronlund, Amisha Patel, Martha Perry, Frankie Reiman, Caitlin Sammis, Emily
Santos, Jonathan Shih, Ryan Aucoin, Alicia Buksar, Brendan Gerrity, Lucas Lanzi, McGovern Reynolds,
Jonathan Rockett, Michael Vatti


Robert D. Galliers, University Distinguished Professor

Amanda Navarroli, Manager of Sustainability
Roy Mogan, Customer Service/Work Order Control Specialist
Tony Alessandro, Trades Manager
Joe Hayes, Custodial Operations Manager
Jessa Marshal, Energy Systems Engineer
Chris Kneale, Grounds Manager
Wayne Lamoureux, Night Operations Manager
Bernie Farrell, Assistant Director of Facilities Management


Special Guest – Robert D. Galliers, University Distinguished Professor
       He has had this role as ambassador for Bentley for approximately four months.
       His goal is to raise Bentley‟s academic status as a business university.
             o To do this, he has given presentations at many different institutions around the world and
                  written numerous articles.
       Bentley was the first U.S. business school to be elected as a member of the European Doctoral
        Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA).
             o Bentley has had the doctoral program for four years.
       He was appointed to the EQUIS awarding body.
             o He is the first person from America to be on the body.
             o He serves as the EQUIS peer review team chair.
       He wrote an article in the Financial Times called “Ignore Technology at Your Peril” and has had a
        series of articles in Global Focus.
       He has worked as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and the University of
        New South Wales in Australia.
                              Student Government Association
       He has given the keynote address at major international conferences in Brisbane, Australia, and
        Oxford‟s Oriel College.
       While serving as Bentley‟s University Distinguished Professor, he has traveled to Chicago, New
        Zealand, France, Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom.
            o He has plans to visit Belgium and Australia in the future.
       Warwick business school in the UK, world class practices in management education conference

Sustainability & Facilities Discussion – Facilities Management and Amanda Navarroli, Manager of
       Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of
        future generations to meet their own needs.
             o It is possible to be sustainable through environmental, social, and economic performance.
       President Larson‟s Climate Commitment was signed in 2007 at the request of Bentley students.
             o The climate commitment is an agreement by U.S. colleges and universities to reduce their
                  carbon footprints and work towards climate neutrality.
       Some carbon footprints by Bentley include driving Facilities vans, heating/cooling rooms,
        electricity, and commuting.
       60% of Bentley‟s carbon footprint is made up of electricity use
       How do we reduce Bentley‟s carbon footprint?
             o Sustainability Task Force
                        This group is made up of students, faculty, and staff.
                        They discuss how each individual part of Bentley can reduce their carbon
             o We are looking at ways to reduce the electricity use at Bentley.
             o Technology
                        We plan to build EE upgrades.
                        We‟d like to install high efficiency computers, washers/dryers, printers, and
             o Behavior
                        We‟d like to promote education, awareness, and involvement on the Bentley
                                 Our goal is not to force this on students, but to keep them aware and for
                                    them to want to get involved.
       Completed EE Upgrades
             o A solar wall was installed in August/Sept 2009 on the Dana Center.
                        The wall was placed on the south side facing the parking lot.
                        The predicted annual savings after installing this wall is $16,605/116,000 KW.
                        The solar wall will provides the Dana Center with free pre-heated warm air.
             o A white roof or “cool roof” was installed on Jennison Hall.
                        This new roof will reflect more of the sun‟s rays which will trap less heat,
                           ultimately saving on air conditioning used to cool the building (especially over
                           the summer).
             o The lighting was updated to high-efficiency fixtures in Morison and Jennison.
                             Student Government Association
            o   Occupancy sensors were fixed in classroom halls so the lights in classrooms do not turn
                on when people are simply walking down the hallways and not entering the rooms.
            o Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers were installed in many bathrooms around campus.
                       These new hand dryers are very hygienic.
                                They are the first hand dryer to meet NSF Protocol P335.
                                They remove 99.9% of bacteria from air.
                                The dryers will dry hands in 12 seconds.
                       The annual operating carbon footprint is one-third that of paper towels.
       One main goal is to work more directly with students.
            o SGA Sustainability Group
                       The group meets with Amanda every Friday.
                       It serves as a think tank on how to talk to students about sustainability.
                       They also help with some sustainability initiatives.
            o Green Society
                       This group helps more with the education component of sustainability.
                       They are working to start Recycle Mania again this year.
                       They are also helping with the monthly sustainability newsletter.
                                We are hoping to get it sent out by the end of every month.
            o Resident Hall Association – Green Ambassadors
                       Hoping to start a Green Ambassador program in all the residential halls.
                       A representative from each hall will work directly with Amanda to help with the
                          sustainability initiative.
            o Student volunteers
       Sustainability Goals 2010
            o Increase communication about sustainability and student involvement in the process.
            o Complete the Climate Action Plan and introduce it to the community.
            o Increase recycling by adding new exterior/interior receptacles and plastic bag and
                electronics recycling.
            o Develop a Green Ambassador program to train students as peer-educators on
            o Students can stay informed about sustainability by reading the monthly sustainability
                newsletter, going to the sustainability website, becoming a Green Ambassador, or joining
                the Green Society.
                       We are hoping to update the website regularly with important information.

Questions/Comments for Sustainability and Facilities
    Are there going to be replacement air conditioner units in Forest?
            o The Forest units are quite advanced for this campus.
            o A lot of students don‟t know how to use their HVAC units.
                    We are going to create videos of every type of HVAC unit that illustrates how to
                        use it for the best efficiency.
                              For example, on some HVAcs, where to turn the dial and how to set it.
                    We are hoping to work on this during the spring semester.
                    We also want to create a flow diagram that says how your unit operates and
                        place it in each room.
    Are these sustainable efforts going to reduce the costs of living on campus?
                          Student Government Association
        o     Amanda is not in charge of the cost of tuition.
        o     Any dollar that is saved on any initiative is not going into any faculty/staff‟s pocket.
        o     Any money that is saved is being taken away from electricity and energy and being
              placed in other areas that will benefit students.
   What types of initiatives do you have for first-year students?
         o Amanda talked to all freshman students during first-week at the safety session.
         o She is looking for new ideas to target this group.
                    It might be good to institute something with First-Year Seminar. For example,
                        have a plenary session just about sustainability.
   Some campuses have a function on their website so students can click and see how much
    electricity each building is using. Is it possible to have this at Bentley?
         o We‟re working on it and hoping this is something we can add in the future.
   Are there any plans to change the AC in Collins so that it‟s more student-friendly?
         o We have changed the system in the last week so that the air conditioning temperature is
              more flexible then it was.
         o The issues with all of the HVACs are being worked on every day.
                    We are planning on adding more indoor sensors in many of the dorms.
   What is Bentley‟s goal for paybacks? How long will it take to payback the cost of the
    sustainability additions?
         o The payback on the hand dryers is 3 years and the payback on the solar wall is 5 years.
   How long of a life does the solar wall has?
         o Solar panels have very long lives, but the wall is different than the panels.
         o There is an aggressive cleaning process that needs to be maintained in order to keep it
              efficient, but it does have a very long life.
   We have a Day of Service Project Group, would Facilities be interested in student volunteers to
    help with campus beautification?
         o On a planned basis, that would definitely be something we would be interested in.
   Why do we replace the sod every year, because it is very expensive?
         o It comes down to commencement. It is evaluated each year.
         o Because commencement is moved down to south campus, there won‟t be as much
              replacement this year.
   Could you use different techniques that wouldn‟t damage as much of the soil in the snow removal
    process so there isn‟t as much to replace at the end of the season?
         o We use salt on a lot of the hills for safety reasons. On flat ground, we don‟t use it as
         o We try to adjust our process from storm to storm to make it more efficient and most
              beneficial to the campus.
         o We wait to treat with salt until we have to.
   A lot of students think that their HVAC isn‟t working, is there a way to have a hotline to show
    students that their system is working?
         o Call the Work Control Center at line #2208 and we can answer any questions.
                    Can you communicate the existence of this line more so that students know?
                              Yes, we can.
   A lot of people tripped and slid and fell between the Smith stairs and the Student Center last
    winter, is there a way to prevent that this year?
         o We have 6 people just dedicated to sidewalks that work on these areas.
                              Student Government Association
       There was a lot of cleaning going on in Boylston last year, but in Collins this is not the case this
            o We do have a custodian assigned there that works Monday to Friday. The stairs should be
                swept and mopped every year.
            o We will make sure to address this and that it will be looked at.


Kara Bohde, VP of Internal Affairs:
    Most of the SGA Constitution has been revised and will be finished by Friday. Please make sure
       to review the revision before the next General Board Meeting so that we can discuss and vote on
       the revisions.
    We will be holding the Potluck Dinner during the Senate meeting this Sunday.

Michael Kearney, VP of Academic Affairs:
    Jacki Carlson from Assumption College emailed Puja asking for feedback about course
        registration at Bentley and Puja redirected her email to me. I told Jacki about:
             o How registration currently works here
             o Our project group related to registration
             o The improvements we are trying to make to the current system
             o I also informed Jacki about Bentley‟s designations for Dean‟s List (3.5+ GPA) and
                  President‟s List (3.7+ GPA), which she had asked about, and I encouraged her to reach
                  out to me if she had any other questions or concerns now or in the future.
    I emailed Professors Robertson and Waguespack about getting involved with assessing IT 101.
        I‟ve included Professor Waguespack‟s response followed by Professor Robertson‟s.
             o We really appreciate your offer. We surveyed the students‟ experience of the first five
                  weeks concerning the course‟s structure and performance. Thus far the survey confirms
                  much of our observation. Our preliminary feedback coincides to some extent with your
                  characterization; that is the workshops have been generally very well received. The
                  lectures don‟t seem to provide the students with the same level of satisfaction.

                 We‟ve traced some of the dissatisfaction to technical difficulties with wireless network
                 connectivity in Lindsay auditorium. Bentley‟s networking services have identified
                 intermittent problems and are working to resolve the facility issues. The mismatch
                 between Lindsay auditorium‟s capacity and the lecture class size has also contributed to
                 an atmosphere more reminiscent of a movie theater rather than a scholarly venue. Wilder
                 auditorium‟s “better fit” has permitted faculty to better “connect” than in Lindsay
                 although there‟s room for improvement. We hope to reserve Wilder for the Spring
                 lectures. Despite our extensive planning the faculty are still experimenting with a
                 communication style in the lectures that fits the environment and the students‟ attention
                 capacity. Students in my own workshop section shared that they have “...never been in a
                 class setting this large before with a laptop to „play with‟ and students around who can‟t
                 seem to pay attention. It‟s a challenge to stay focused and we don‟t know how to act.”

                 The student surveys do indicate some success in the lecture sessions. Students were asked
                           Student Government Association
             about their interest in the lecture topics prior to the lecture and that interest after attending
             each of the first five lectures. In every case the classes reported an increased interest level
             in the topic (i.e. an increase from 62% up to 85% for Spreadsheets, 48% to 83% for Web
             2.0, 34% to 64% for What is IT? and 60% to 83% for Networking). Even the most
             challenging topic Computing Leverage resulted in a class interest increase from 22% up
             to 53% which is remarkable considering its extensive technical content. Due to the
             general education nature of the IT101 course, cultivating interest in information
             technology topics is the prime objective. We plan on sampling the students‟ reaction to
             the 7 lectures that follow. We‟re also exploring the use of focus groups to get less
             structured input.

             One particular advantage of the lecture model this semester is our ability to provide a
             video recording backup of the lectures. Several students missed lectures due to illness.
             The recordings available online allow them to “make up” the class. Making up a
             workshop is generally not feasible.

             All in all the IT101 faculty has been accumulating a list of issues where changes can
             improve the learning experience. Some changes are already in place for the balance of
             this semester. Our goal is to determine what the greatest potential for this format may be
             and to deliver that potential in the Spring. The Spring delivery of IT101 will be the test of
             whether this format has sufficient quality to meet the high standards CIS sets for all of its

             Your offer of help is most welcome. We‟ll try to identify how your help might best be
             used. But, don‟t wait on us! If you have some ideas let us know and we‟ll see if we can
             integrate them to the benefit of all the IT101 students.

             Thanks for your interest and dedication to the well-being of the Bentley freshmen and
             keep up the good work.

        o    Thanks for your feedback offer of help. We have already conducted a survey which most
             students have participated in. The rest will take the survey before semester‟s end. The
             IT101 team will meet and evaluate the results and prepare a report that we can give to the
             Student Government Association and the Faculty Senate during spring semester. When
             we have a report available, we would like to schedule some time with your organization.
                   I‟ve forwarded this request to Puja and hopefully we‟ll be seeing the CIS
                      department present to the General Board sometime next semester.
        o    If any SGA members have suggestions as to how we should proceed with helping to
             evaluate and improve IT 101, please pass on the information to me and I‟ll relay it to the
             CIS department.

   I emailed Professor Sorensen to ask what faculty titles indicate, what work/research is required to
    achieve them, and how these titles correspond to salaries and raises. I‟ll pass along his response
    when I receive it.
                               Student Government Association
In response to this week‟s senate reports:

        It has been brought up again that he ACELAB is hard to find and that the current sign is difficult
         to see.
              o I emailed Professor Reed to ask about the possibility of posting a sign in Jenison that
                  would indicate where the ACELAB was located. Professor Reed has already ordered a
                  sign and it will be in soon.
        Howard Putnam‟s lecture was well attended and many students couldn‟t fit in the main room and
         had to watch via a video connection from a satellite site in Koumantzelis.
              o I emailed the Center for Business Ethics and they were unaware of a problem with
                  seating. If students are passionate about having the actual lecture in Koumantzelis – as
                  opposed to just using the auditorium as a satellite facility – I suggest gathering feedback
                  from your fellow students and emailing the Center for Business Ethics with your
        The Library has features, such as lockers, that are convenient but that students are not aware of.
         Here‟s Phil Knutel‟s response:
              o Yes, on the library‟s main page, there is a link under Library Services to Student Lockers:
                         Clicking that link launches a popup with this text: Lockers are available for
                             daily use on the lower level of the library. Locker keys may be checked out at
                             the Library Services Desk. For more information contact Library Services at
                         I can ask Lisa Curtin, who oversees the library emails to students and the LCD
                             display info, to include this info in both to try to ensure students are aware of
                             them. (BTW, they‟re located along the wall where the Writing Center is, near
                             the stacks.)
        In response to a limited number of AC476 and AC440 course sections being offered for the spring,
         I‟ve emailed the Chair of the Accountancy Department and hope to be getting back to you soon.
        Some class instructors are listed as TBD on the course offerings webpage.
              o I‟ve emailed Erl Sorensen to ask why this occurs.
              o I don‟t know for sure – and I‟ll know for sure when I hear from Professor Sorensen – but
                  it‟s possible that Bentley is considering hiring adjuncts to teach the classes, has yet to
                  extend offers of employment to them, and therefore does not know who will be teaching
                  the courses. Also, listing a professor is probably be contingent upon departments
                  finalizing who will be teaching what courses and it‟s possible that the process takes some
                  time. I‟ll be including Professor Sorensen‟s response when it comes in.
        One senator asked if it would be possible to post Library movies online to make it easier to watch
         them for class. I included this in my email to Phil Knutel and here‟s his response:
              o In terms of offering streaming videos of our collection, that‟s something that‟s been an
                  elusive goal of mine for years. Ami Regnier, our Special Projects Librarian, continues to
                  look for options and has even contacted Netflix to see if they offer an
                  educational/institutional license (they don‟t). The copyright issues are the biggest hurdle,
                  as you can imagine. There is one company, Swank Motion Pictures, that I‟ve been in
                  touch with for over a year, as they do offer copyrighted movies available for college
                  campuses. Unfortunately, their prices are outrageous (they were $500/title/semester vs.
                  $15 for a DVD we own forever; they are now $250/title/semester) and the studios with
                              Student Government Association
                 which they have agreements are major ones but the titles they carry aren‟t that extensive.
                 They are currently working with a library consortium to which we belong, WALDO, to
                 pilot a perhaps more affordable option…we‟re on the list of pilot universities. We‟ll see
                 where that goes, but everyone knows the future of videos will be online streaming, so it‟s
                 only a matter of time until someone comes up with a business model that‟s practical for
                 higher ed. Obviously, I can‟t justify paying $250 for one semester‟s access to a movie
                 just so students don‟t have to walk to the library to watch it. With 6,500 movies in our
                 ever-growing collection, it would be crazy to essentially rent them at this rate every
                 There are also video streaming servers we‟ve looked at (such as VBrick) that allow you
                 to load your movies and stream them on campus and, for out-of-copyright older movies,
                 off campus. But they‟re also fairly costly and only seem like a stopgap measure until
                 online streaming is available for universities. We know this approach would no doubt
                 frustrate off-campus students (read: almost all our grad students) who couldn‟t watch
                 copyrighted movies from a campus server. Other campuses that do this report exactly

                 So we‟re hoping SWANK‟s partnership with our WALDO consortium will result in an
                 affordable Netflix-like experience in the not too distant future, and that they will expand
                 their studio partnerships to include many more titles.

                 Let me know if you have any more questions or want me to come discuss these options
                 with SGA. On an related note, I see these $1 rental RedBoxes everywhere, and am
                 cc‟ing our Director of Purchasing, Julie Britt, to see if perhaps she might contact them to
                 see whether they do campus installations. I know there‟s one in Shaw‟s on Lexington

Monica Mohan, VP of Diversity Affairs:
    This past week we had a Student Diversity Council (SDC) meeting on Wednesday (11/4) which
          was very productive in talking about diversity issues here on our campus as well as major
          initiatives we are currently working on.
          o Each of the respective organizations brought back their feedback regarding the surveys
               we created to gather information for the Faculty Diversity Training Workshop on
               February 3rd that we can present at a faculty meeting beforehand to draw attention to this
               issue in hopes of more attendance at the workshop in February.
                       Some of the feedback we gathered were that the questions were asking the right
                         thing; however, there was some issue with scale and the redundancy of them.
                       We will be fixing these issues on the survey before we reach out to the greater
                         population of the Bentley campus and plan on working closely with SGA to
                         place a diversity-related question on the SETs, a posting potentially on our new
                         SGA website, as well as tack on a diversity in the classroom question in one of
                         our senate gripe sessions.
                          Student Government Association
                     We will be finalizing the survey at our next meeting so we can get it out there in
                       time to take back to a faculty meeting before the workshop.
                     Faculty Diversity Training workshop will be held on February 3rd, 2010
        o In regards to our second major initiative: Day of Service, SGA brought up a few concerns
             and feedback the Day of Service project group received from the presentation at the last
             SGA general body meeting.
                     We are working on getting involvement from faculty like Maria DiLorenzo and
                       Joan Atlas, who have been involved with days of service before at Bentley.
                     We are looking at and researching the way other universities plan the logistics of
                       a day of service and how they gain student involvement.
                     Logistics-wise, we are asking and answering the simple questions to understand
                       how a day of service will work at Bentley to do this we are working together
                       with the Culture Fest committee to help market and PR for their Day of Service
                       this Friday the 13th called Community Service Day: Cans for a Cause. Both the
                       SGA Day of Service project group and SDC will be collaborating and helping to
                       use this as a working base model for our own day of service.
   Aside from talking about the major initiatives that the SDC is working on, we had a great
        discussion on three major issues that were brought to new business at our meeting.
        o Halloween weekend there was a diversity issue that was brought up related to an e-mail
             sent out to the entire undergraduate student body:
                        “Please remember as you prepare your costume that you must be able to be
                       identified in accordance with your ID to enter the event. Because some
                       costumes may attempt to imitate popular persons in our contemporary world, we
                       want to remind students that „blackface‟ or the darkening of one‟s skin is
                       considered an antiquated form of racial prejudice associated with a painful time
                       in our history and inconsistent with the Bentley Beliefs. Students appearing in
                       „blackface‟ as part of their costume will not be permitted in the event. “
                   A senate member on SGA expressed students discontent in his senate report:
                       “Several students expressed that they were disgruntled about the e-mail sent out
                       regarding Halloween. Specifically that is says that no blackface or “darkening
                       of the skin” is allowed at Bentley. One student said well then it must be okay to
                       wear “whiteface” if you have dark skin (as it does not say this isn‟t allowed). I
                       understand that racial issues are a touchy subject but I thought this was
                       important to include in my report.”
                             SDC believes by saying “no face paint or masks, you must be able to be
                                 identified in accordance with your ID” would better help the statement
                                 seem more general and still help the issue at hand.
             o Another issue was brought to discussion to talk about the FYS classes and the Tim
                  Wise Lecturer.
                           Student Government Association
                                 Students expressed extreme discontent after the Tim Wise Lecture.
                                  Students were taking bits and pieces of the lecture and turning it into a
                                  political lecture, which was not the intention. A Facebook group was
                                  created and e-mails from students went out to President Gloria Larson,
                                  Tim Wise himself, and other respected faculty.
                              SDC agree that there should be a disclaimer or warning before lectures
                                  of difficult topics and that there should also be an almost immediate
                                  debrief session afterwards.
                              We also talked about a Diversity theme in FYS since there was a theme
                                  of diversity throughout FYS this year, although it may have been less
                                  evident than in last year‟s FYS class. We understand that Diversity is
                                  an important and sometimes difficult issue and we were wondering if it
                                  would be easier to have a diversity seminar or training session during
                                  first week and work it out of FYS classes?
             o The last issue that got brought up at SDC was a Vanguard article that was written in
                  their last issue.
                              There was a controversial article written in the Vanguard about
                                  National coming out month
                              No one was consulted before the article was written and it discusses
                                  very touchy topics. PRIDE was contacted by writers on the Vanguard
                                  team who were also upset about the article, but didn‟t want to approach
                                  their editors themselves.
                              SDC feels that the Vanguard should define the lines between
                                  controversial and offensive articles before they publish them.
                              PRIDE is formatting a letter to be sent to the Vanguard and Dean
                              SDC will follow-up when appropriate.
                              In regards to the other two major issues brought up we will be
                                  discussing all three at out next meeting this Wednesday (11/11) and
                                  talk about the best way for SDC to combat them.
   There was no BCC meeting this last week; however, this week is currently Culture Fest and there
    are plenty of cultural and diverse events everyday of the week.
         o SGA is actively involved in Food Fest, flyers are posted around campus and SGA will be
             volunteering and serving desserts the event takes place Wednesday (11/11) at 5:00 pm in
             the EDR
                   Our next BCC meeting to discuss Red for Africa will be this Friday (11/13) at
   The SGA Day of Service Project Group, in collaboration with the SDC, will be also helping out
    together during Culture Fest on Friday 11/13 in addition with Sustainability and the Culture Fest
                               Student Government Association
         Committee to help put on their own day of service called Community Service Day: Cans for a
             o SGA and SDC will be helping Market and PR for this event to use as a working base
                model for our own Day of Service, it will provide us with logistics help on how to plan
                something that may start small and over time grow into what our ideal goal for a Day of
                Service at Bentley can potentially be.

Sucheta Desai, VP of Marketing and Communications:
SGA Column in the Vanguard
      This week‟s column features an article highlighting the ongoing issue surrounding the Wall Street
Fall Roundtable Dinner
      The final list of attendees will be confirmed by this Friday. So far we have a pretty good mix
        between faculty/staff/administration and student leaders and there are representatives for all of the
        project groups as well.
      When you are meeting with your project groups this week, please come up with a list of 6
        questions that you want to ask at the roundtable dinner and gain feedback on relating to your
        project group.
      The senate meeting on the 15th will be our general board potluck dinner and at this meeting I will
        explain how the roundtable dinner will run and I‟ll give you all an opportunity to finalize your list
        of questions with your project group.
      My project group will be meeting tonight (Tuesday) to finalize the menu and other logistics in
        preparation for next week and I will be talking with Sodexo later this week as well.

Christopher Hayes, VP of Student Affairs:
    A summary article regarding the changes to the Readership Program will be in the Vanguard this
        week. Hopefully this will help clarify why the changes occurred.
    Regarding parking tickets, the Card Office is only authorized to accept money for new ID cards.
        There are envelopes available at the cashier‟s office so that the ticket can be paid outside of the
        cashier‟s normal hours.
    Regarding room temperature in the library, this will be looked into and the parameters adjusted.
    The elevators in Collins are heavily used, but not that old. They should last for many more years
        with the proper maintenance. The elevator technician worked on both elevators this week.
    Food Service Advisory Board Minutes, October 28, 2009
            o Currito now has covers for its bowls, which they did not have earlier in the year.
            o Pork is going to be added to the Mongolian Grill, on a rotation. The beef at the
                 Mongolian Grill has been decided, it will not change anymore, and the new beef is
                 getting good feedback.
            o November 9-12th is Culture Fest, Season‟s will serve Indian food on the 10 th, and
                 possibly “Mex to the Max” on the 11th
            o Thanksgiving Feast will take place the Thursday before Thanksgiving.
            o The cooking classes may be reinstated, either in the pub or possibly at the Mongolian
                              Student Government Association
             o   There have been approximately 40 meals served in the Well Meals program, it is going
                 pretty well, nothing breaking, but not a huge turnout either. Many sick students go home.
             o   Silverware is continuing to be moved around, but will be settled in a final location.
             o   Opening Einstein‟s at 7:30am is being looked into, now that the library is open at
                 7:30am, instead of 8am. This will be considered for next semester and discussed more
             o   The broccoli and cheddar soup isn‟t at Einstein‟s as often anymore, because Einstein‟s
                 stopped producing it as frequently.
             o   Because of the fruit flies around the fruit and dessert at Seasons, they will try to get some
                 kind of cover for the desserts.
             o   In regards to dirty tables at Seasons, they will put out some bus buckets full of wet cloths
                 to wipe down your table.
             o   As for most small complains, the bottom line is that if you want something different
                 (omelets cooked longer, or a refill on yogurt) just ask an employee, they will help you.

Christopher Dukich, VP of Information Technology:
    No Report

Erik Ginthwain, EVP:
     Thank you to everyone for helping out with the Gripe Session and Food Fest.
     We will be doing brief reports next week‟s general Board meeting on any individual projects that
        senators have been working on all semester long.
             o I will be discussing this more at our next senate meeting.
     Sunday‟s senate meeting will be at 6pm in the GLC common room in Orchard North due to the
        SGA potluck dinner.
     Senate One-on-Ones have been finished and I will be bringing all of the feedback back to the e-
        board this week.
     Puja and I will be compiling a mid-year evaluation of SGA in order to review our progress thus

Puja Shah, President:
     No Report


    Alpha Phi will be having Alpha Traz on Thursday, hold them at the jail in the Back Bay, bail them
       out with 20 cans or $20. Puja will be one of the students in jail.

ADJOURN (6:53)

Respectfully Submitted,

Kara Bohde, Vice President for Internal Affairs

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