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					TENDER NO: I.HMA/SCT/11-12/


                         (ESTABLISHED BY GOVT. OF INDIA)

                              TENDER DOCUMENT FOR


                         GUJARAT GANDH1NAGAR-382 421

                   NATURE OF WORK: Providing skilled security personnel

1. To Whom Issued

2. Address

3. Contact no


1. Tender Fee Rs.

2. Receipt No:

3. Tender Issued on :

  Store Keeper:
      The Principal,
      Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition,
      Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Highway,
      Bhaijipura Patia. P.O. Adalaj,
      Branch P.O. K-udasan,
      Gandhinagar - 382 421
      Sub: Offer for providing skilled security
       Ref: Your Tender no.
      In response to your tender advertisement dated         submitting my offer in above referred
      tender documents dully filled up in all respect along with the attested copy of following
      documents as requested.
1. Registration certificate with appropriate labour authority
2. Income Tax permanent Account number
3. ^ Provident fund registration certificate
4.     ESI registration certificate
5. Service Tax registration certificate
6.     Profession tax registration certificate
7. Registration/License required under any statutory central or state law for providing such
services Also enclosing herewith a Demand draft No.____________ dated
__________________Rs.5000/-__Drawn on ______________________________bank in favor of
the Principal, Institute of hotel management, Ahmedabad payable at Ahmedabad toward payment
of Earnest money deposit.

I/we further affirmed that I/we have carefully gone through all the terms and conditions of above
tender document as well as lender notice dated..............and understood the same. Therefore I/we
agree to abide by them and in confirmation I/we have signed each and every page of the tender
Thanking you,

Yours trulv,

 Signature of Authorized person
 Full Name:                                                                  Seal
 Contact No.
 Total Nos. pages:
                                            TENDERER'S PROFILE

   1. Name and style of business organization:

   2. Full address of registered office:

   3. Whether proprietary/firm/company
   A copy of partnership deed in case of Firm/ A copy of memorandum and Article of Association in case of
   company is enclosed as annexure-I

   4. A. Name of proprietor :
      B. Name of partners : List enclosed as Annexure-II
      C. Name of directors : List enclosed as Annexure-II
  5. Name of authorized person/partner/s/director/s:
      A copy of letter of authorization or resolution is enclosed as Annexure-III
6. Contact No. of authorized person :
         A. Office :
         B. Residence :
         C. Mobile :
7. years of experience in the field :
8. Existing contracts on hand :
     A list of organizations is enclosed as Annexure-IV
  9. Details of branches (If any)
     A list of branches with their addresses and contact nos. enclosed is enclosed as Annexure-V
  10. Government offices where such services are provided.
     A list of such offices with their addresses and contact Nos. is enclosed as Annexure-VI

    11. Other reputed organization where such services are provided.

      A list of such organizations with their addresses and contact Nos. is enclosed as Annexure-VII

    12. Reference letters of the existing customers Enclosed

       as Annexure-VIII (1 to 11)

    13. Name of person to be contacted in case of urgency.

       Contact No.

I/we affirmed that above information and documents are true and correct. However in case any

information/document found to be false, this tender shall be liable for rejection without any dispute.


Signature often
(Name of signatory)

                                             Tender Invitation

Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar High way, Nr. Bhaijipura patia, Sub.P.O. Kudasan, Dist. Gandhinagar,
Gandhinagar-382 421 invites sealed bids super scribed as ''Bid for providing skilled security
personnel" from approved agencies for providing skilled security personnel for its above
addressed campus.
General Terms and Conditions:
1.1 The interested agency, before submitting tender, shall visit the campus of IHM-A at Gandhinagar and
apprise himself in all respect for their scope of work.
1.2 For any clarification about campus and to assess scope of work, the tenderer shall contact to the Office
superintendent of IHM-A.
] .3 The estimated requirements of skilled security personnel is shown in Annexure-I to this
Tender documents.
1.4 The requirement shown in Annexure-I is estimated, however the IHM-A can increase or decrease
the same and the tenderer is bound to meet the requirement immediately in case of necessity.
1.5 The contract initially will be for the period of one year. However, the same can be extended for further
period as decided by IHM-A at mutually agreed terms and conditions.
1.6 The level and type of security personnel is subject to change at discretion of IHM-A during operation of
contract period.
1.7 The language of the bid should be cleared and specific. No word/s or language of bilateral meaning be
1.8 The tenderer/bider is restricted to contact in person or through his representative to any person/s or
employee/s after submission offender in relation to his tender.
1.9 In case of tenderer is exempted from paying tender fee and/or EMD and /or Security deposit Shall have
to produced the certificate to this effect at the time of receipt of tender document or along with submission
of tender document as the case may be.

                                             Tender document:

1.1 The tender document shall be available at IHM-A, Gandhinagar from 16.06.2011 to 27.06.2011.

Between...10.30 A.M. to 03.30 P.M.on request in writing and on payment of Tender fee Rs.100 (Rupees...

Hundred.) in cash. The IHM-A observes weekly holiday on every Saturday and Sunday.

1.2 The tender document dully filled up in all respect along with attested copy of all requested document and

documents of tender's profile should reach to IHM-A on or before 28.06.2011 up to 2.00 P.M.

1.3 The tender document must be supported with demand draft, for payment of Earnest money deposit. If,

tender submitted without payment of Earnest money deposit will not be considered as valid tender.

1.4 Telegraphic tender, tender submitted through E-mail or Fax shall not be considered as valid lender.

1.5 Tender received after prescribed time for its submission but before opening offender shall be considered

as 'Late tender' as well tender received after tenders are opened shall be considered as 'Delayed tender' and

shall not be considered as valid tender.

1.6 IHM-A shall not be responsible for any postal delay if tender submitted through post.

1.7 Tender submitted to unauthorized person or employee of IHM-A shall not be considered as valid tender.

1.8 'fender submitted without requisite documents shall also not be considered as valid tender.

1.9 The bid to be submitted in original tender document supplied by IHM-A which is not exchangeable/


1.10 No correction or addition or deletion is permissible after tender is submitted. Neither the Payment of'

    EMD nor submission of any document relevant to tender shall be accepted at later stage.

1.11 Preferably the tender to be filled with computer typing or in neat and clean hand writing and each and

    every corrections/overwriting should be initialed.

1.12 Tenders will be open on 3.00 PM .in the conference room of Institute of Hotel

management. Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar highway, Nr. Bhaijipura Patia, Kudasan. Gandhinagar-382 421 by the

committee constituted for the purpose.

1.13 Tenderer or his authorized representative shall remain present at the time of opening of

     tender. Authorized representative shall be allowed on production of letter of authority.

1.14 Tender/bid shall be valid for the period of three months from the date of its submission.

Earnest Money Deposit

1.1 The bid/tender invariably supported by payment of Earnest money deposit for Rs.5000/-

(Rupees Five Thousand Only..) by Demand draft of any nationalized bank bearing

No___________ dated_________. drawn in favour of the Principal, Institute of Hotel

Management payable at Ahmedabad

1.2 The EMD shall be retained by IHM-A till the procedure of finalization and approval of

tender is completed and shall not bear any interest thereon.

1.3 In case, if tenderer withdraw or cancelled or express his inability to comply with his bid

after tender is submitted but before the tenders are finalized for approval, the amount of EMD

shall be forfeited and shall transfer in favor of IHM-A.

1.4 In case the tenderer himself or through his representative find guilty of contacting any

person/s or employee/s in relation to his tender after tender is submitted, the amount of EMD

shall be forfeited and shall be transfer in favor of IHM-A. Also render the tender liable for


1.5 In case of successful tenderer, the amount of EMD shall be transferred toward part

payment of security deposit on his written request.

1.6 In case of unsuccessful tenderer who respectfully followed all the applicable terms and

condition of tender shall be refunded the EMD within one month of finalization and

acceptance of tender.
                                       Security Deposit

1.1 On receipt of Acceptance letter, the successful tender shall pay the amount of security
deposit of 5% of value of the tender by Demand draft of any Nationalized Bank drawn in favor
of the Principal, Institute of Hotel Management, Payable at Ahmedabad within prescribed time
given in Acceptance letter.
1.2 In case of successful tenderer opted for transfer of EMD toward part payment of Security
deposit is required to pay difference between the amount Security deposit and EMD so
transferred in manner specified at above clause-1.1.
1.3 The security deposit will be retained by IHM-A during the entire period of contract and it
shall not bear any interest thereon.
1.4 In case the tender fails to provide services as per agreement to the satisfaction of IHM-A or
withdraw himself or express his inability or close his business, the amount of security deposit
shall be forfeited and shall transfer in favor of IHM-A.
1.5 In case of any loss or damage to IHM-A on account of tenderer or personnel deputed by
him shall be recovered form security deposit if the same is not made good or deducted from
service bill/s.
1 .6 In case of any obligation of what so ever nature under any law/s or otherwise on part of
contractor, if met by IHM-A shall be deducted from the security deposit if the contractor has
not made good or deducted from his service bills.
1.7 After successful performance of contractor during contract period, after deduction any
amount of any obligation under the contract, if any, shall be refunded within one month from
the date of completion of contract.
Rates to be quoted
1.1 The tenderer shall quote separate rate for different category of security personnel as shown
in Annexure-I of tender document.
1.2 Quoted rate should be inclusive of all rates, taxes as applicable under any central or state
law/s but exclusive of service tax. However the tender shall furnish the rate of service tax
presently applicable. In case of any change in rate of service tax during the contract period he
shall intimate the 1MM-A with authenticated proof for the same.
1.3 Quoted rate should be inclusive of all statutory obligations under any central or state law/s
including labour law/s those are applicable to your services/personnel, like PF contribution,
ES1 contribution. Minimum wages Act etc.
1.4 Quoted rate should be inclusive of Uniform charge, any equipment that is necessary for
skilled security personnel and transportation of personnel to the IHM-A campus at
1.5 Quoted rate should also be inclusive of lodging and boarding or refreshment: to personnel
and cost of safety measures, if any. IHM-A shall not be responsible for such arrangement.
1.6 Quoted rates once approved shall be valid for the period of contract.
Statutory Obligations
1.1 All the statutory obligation under any law/s, Act/s, service law/s, labour law/s. any
compensation law/s in respect of the personnel provided by the contractor shall be the sole
responsibility of the contractor. IHM-A shall not be responsible for the same.
1.2 The personnel provided under the contract shall not have any right in service matter with
IHM-A in any manner.
1.3 The contractor shall responsible for timely payment of provident fund contribution, ESI
contribution, any other service related obligations under any law/s. IHM-A shall be responsible
for the same. However IHM-A have right to call for such information if deem necessary.
1.4 The contractor shall timely disburse the remuneration to the personnel provided to IHM-A.
Your personnel shall not make any claim or demand from IHM-A.
1.5 Looking to the nature of duty. The contractor shall take the appropriate insurance for the
personnel provided.
1.6 IHM-A shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to personnel provided or for the
damages or loss to third party on account of act or omission on the part of personnel provided
or on the part of contractor.
1.7 In no case the contractor shall sub let or transfer to other agency the whole or in part of
contracted work.
1.8 The contractor shall reasonably safe guard the properties and premises of the IHM-A
campus at Gandhinagar.
                                        Service Quality
 1.1 During the period of contract, the contractor shall provide skilled and trained security
 personnel as per requirement of IHM-A.
 1.2 The skilled security personnel should be well disciplined as per standards of hospitality
 1.3 The personnel should be adequately educated so as to understand conversation in Gujarati,
 Hindi or English and can attend telephonic talk/inquiry and must able to maintain visitors'
 register and his duty related written reporting.
 1.4 The personnel shall have to attend the duty in proper, neat and clean well dressed uniform.
 1.5 The personnel deputed should be polite and should bear good moral character. The
 contractor shall maintain personal records and will be required to produced as and when called
 for by IHM-A.
 1.6 The contractor shall discuss and intimate to IHM-A prior to any change in personnel
 provided under the contract.
 1.7 The personnel provided should dynamic and young with age ranging between 25 years to
 45 years and should be free from any chronic dieses.
 1.8 The Security personnel on duty shall not leave his duty place unless and until reliever
 attend on duty.
 1.9 The skilled security personnel should not be allowed to work more than 08 hours of duty in
 a day.
                                     Payment of Service bill
1.1 The contractor shall submit monthly bill within five day of completion of every month
   which will be subject to verification by IHM-A authority. Service tax to be shown separately
   in the bill.
1.2 Any obligatory deduction under the contract shall be effected from the monthly bill, if any.
1.3 If applicable. Income tax will be deducted at source.
1.4 The payment of so approved bill will be made by account payee bank cheque of local
   branch Within 15 days of receipt of the bill.

                                     Absolute conditions

1.1 The Institute of hotel management reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without

assigning any reason/s thereof.

1.2 This tender will be subject to Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar jurisdiction only.

1.3 The successful contractor shall entered in lo agreement on requisite value of stamp paper at

his cost.

1.4 The tenderer is restricted from inserting any additional terms and conditions and the same

shall not be binding to the IHM-A.

1.5 In case the services of the contractor found unsatisfactory, the IHM-A shall terminate the

contract by one month notice.

1.6 In case contractor fails for timely provision of personnel, the IHM-A shall make alternative

arrangement at the cost of contractor.

Read and understood in good state of mind.

Signature of Tenderer                                              Seal/Stamp

Name of signatory:

Date :

Place : Gandhinagar
                                    ANNEXURE-I OF TENDER DOCUMENT
          S.NO. CATEGORY REQUIREMENT TIMINGS DAYS OF                        RATE Per        PERSON PER
                 OF            PER DAY                     REQUIREMENT      PERSON          DAY
                                                                            IN Rs.          IN WORDS

          1      Skilled guards 4               In 8 hours On all days

          2      Gunman        1                6   On all days

          3      Gunmen        1                8 hours    On requirement

Signature of Tenderer

Name of signatory:

Date:   Place: Gandhinagar

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