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SCHOOL                                Academic Bulletin
Vol. 20, No. 5                                           PUBLISHED BY IRVINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                               May, 2007

   Inside This                                                  Beware:
   Issue:                                                 Scholarship Scams
   • College Admission                                   Every year, several hundred thousand
     Game Plan......................2                    students and parents are defrauded by
                                                         scholarship scams. The victims of these
                                                         scams lose more than $100 million
   • SAT & ACT                                           annually. Scam operations often imitate
     Test Dates ......................2                  legitimate government agencies, grant-
                                                         giving foundations, education lenders
   • Internships for                                     and scholarship matching services, using
     High School                                         official-sounding names containing
                                                         words like “National,” “Federal,”             educational loans deduct the fees from
     Students .........................3                                                               the disbursement check. They never
                                                         “Foundation,” or “Administration.”
                                                                                                       require an up-front fee when you submit
   • College Fairs...................4                   In general, be wary of scholarships with      the application. If the loan is not issued
                                                         an application fee, scholarship matching      by a bank or other recognized lender, it is
                                                         services who guarantee success,               probably a scam. Show the offer to your
   • Writing the                                                                                       local bank manager to get their advice.
                                                         advance-fee loan scams and sales pitches
     Scholarship Essay...........5
                                                         disguised as financial aid “seminars.”
                                                                                                       The Scholarship Prize. This scam tells
   • Hidden College                                      If you have to pay money to get money,        you that you’ve won a college scholar-
     Costs...............................5               it’s probably a scam. Look for these          ship worth thousands of dollars, but
                                                         tell-tale signs of scholarship scams...       requires that you pay a “disbursement”
                                                                                                       or “redemption” fee or the taxes before
   • AP Student Info.............6                       Scholarships that Never Materialize.          they can release your prize. If someone
                                                         Many scams encourage you to send              says you’ve won a prize and you don’t
   • Borrowing for College ....7                         them money up front, but provide little       remember entering the contest or sub-
                                                         or nothing in exchange. Usually victims       mitting an application, be suspicious.
                                                         write off the expense, thinking that they
   • Summer Opportunities..8                             simply didn’t win the scholarship.            The Guaranteed Scholarship Search
                                                                                                       Service. Beware of scholarship matching
   • Nine College Myths.......9                          Scholarships for Profit. This scam looks      services that guarantee you’ll win a
                                                         just like a real scholarship program, but     scholarship or they’ll refund your
                                                         requires an application fee. The typical      money. They may simply pocket your
   • JC Info..........................10                 scam receives 5,000 to 10,000 applica-        money and disappear, or if they do send
                                                         tions and charges fees of $5 to $35.          you a report of matching scholarships,
                                                         These scams can afford to pay out a           you’ll find it extremely difficult to
                                                         $1,000 scholarship or two and still           qualify for a refund.
                                                         pocket a hefty profit, if they happen to
   Future editions of the Academic Bulletin will         award any scholarships at all. Your odds      Investment Required for Federal Loans.
        be available on the IUSD website.
   (Previous editions are also available online.)        of winning a scholarship from such            Insurance companies and brokerage   scams are less than your chances of           firms sometimes offer free financial aid
                                                         striking it rich in the lottery.              seminars that are actually sales pitches
                                                                                                       for insurance, annuity and investment
                                                         The Advance-Fee Loan. This scam offers        products. When a sales pitch implies that
                        Irvine Unified School District   you an unusually low-interest educa-          purchasing such a product is a prerequi-
                        5050 Barranca Parkway
                        Irvine, CA 92604
                                                         tional loan, with the requirement that        site to receiving federal student aid, it
            District    (949) 936-5000                   you pay a fee before you receive the          violates federal regulations and state
                                                         loan. When you pay the money, the             insurance laws.
                                                         promised loan never materializes. Real                             (Continued on next page)
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Free Seminar. You may receive a letter
                                                            COLLEGE ADMISSION
advertising a free financial aid seminar or
“interviews” for financial assistance.
                                                          Game Plan
Sometimes the seminars do provide some
useful information, but often they are
cleverly disguised sales pitches for financial
aid consulting services (e.g., maximize your        !   Get ready and then register for the May and/or June SAT Reasoning and
eligibility for financial aid), investment              Subject Tests. Log on to and visit the SAT
products, scholarship matching services and             Preparation Center to take a free full-length official practice test and get a
overpriced student loans.                               score and skills report.
                                                    !   Start visiting local colleges: large, small, public, and private (spring
According to the “Federal Trade                         break is a great time!)
Commission’s Scholarship Scams,” if you or          !   Prepare for the AP Exams. Do well and receive credit or placement at
your child hears these lines from a scholar-            most colleges.
ship service, you may be getting duped:             !   Plan your senior year schedule with your counselor. Challenge yourself
                                                        with honors and AP classes.
#    “The scholarship is guaranteed or              !   Plan summer activities early. Enrich yourself by volunteering, getting an
     your money back.” No one can guaran-               interesting job or internship, or sign up for special summer learning
     tee that they’ll get your child a grant or a       programs.
     scholarship. Refund guarantees often
     have conditions or strings attached. Get
     refund policies in writing—before you or       Seniors
     your child pays.                               !   The Letters are Rolling In! You should get acceptance letters and
#    “You can’t get this information any-               financial aid offers by mid-April.
     where else.” There are many free lists of      !   Compare financial aid awards from different colleges. Talk to financial
     scholarships available. You and your               aid officers if you have questions.
     child should start researching scholar-        !   MAY 1ST. . . FINAL DECISION TIME! You must tell every college
     ships at the high school or library before         of your acceptance or rejection of offers of admission or financial aid by
     you decide to pay someone to do the                May 1st. Send a deposit to the college you choose.
     work for you.                                  !   Wait listed? If you will enroll if accepted, tell the admissions director
#    “I just need your credit card or bank              your intent and ask how to strengthen your application.
     account number to hold this scholar-
     ship.” You or your child shouldn’t give
     out credit card or bank account number
     on the phone without getting information
     in writing first. It may be the set-up for
     an unauthorized withdrawal from your                             LAST CHANCE
#    “We’ll do all the work.” Don’t be                              THIS SCHOOL YEAR!!
     fooled. There’s no way around it. Your
     child must apply for scholarships or                                         To register for the
     grants himself.                                          SAT Reasoning & SAT Subject Tests
#    “The scholarship will cost money.”                                log on to
     Don’t pay anyone who claims to be
     “holding” a scholarship or grant for your
     child. Free money shouldn’t cost a thing.
                                                                     Test Date             Due                    Late
                                                                     June 2                Apr. 27                May 9
#    “You’ve been selected by a national
     foundation” to receive a scholarship or
     “You’re a finalist” in a contest you
     never entered. Before you or your child
     sends money to apply for a scholarship,                                      To register for the
     check it out. Make sure the foundation or
     program is legitimate.
                                                                         log on to
Every year, students and parents are
defrauded by scholarship scams. If you’re                            Test Date             Due                    Late
not sure about a scholarship source bring the                        June 9                May 4                  May 5-18
information to your counselor and he/she can
help decipher the information.
Academic Bulletin • May 2007                                                                                                                  3

Internships for High School Students                                                               Volunteer .... or
Internships are one of the most important ways students
gain experience and start to make contacts within their                                           Get an Internship
field. College students hold most of the available
internships but more opportunities are now available                                            Volunteer activities are important for
for high school students looking to get valuable work                                           your personal and professional develop-
experience.                                                                                     ment—and it also looks good on your
                                                                                                college application. While volunteering
Why intern in high school?                                                                      places a greater demand on your time, it
The idea of pursuing an internship probably doesn’t                                             provides many benefits, including:
cross most high school students’ minds, which is an
excellent reason to pursue one. Work experience at a                                                 Helps you explore career options
respected company or organization, especially if it’s related
to a field one might pursue in college, will only strengthen one’s                                   Cultivates responsibility
college applications. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd.
                                                                                                     Provides a “real world,” “adult”
Secondly, an internship will allow an individual to explore potential careers and                    environment in which to learn
courses of study for college. One might confirm that newspaper journalism is the
career of one’s dreams, or find out that software programming isn’t exactly how one                  Benefits the community
had imagined it. One may also discover other fields and positions that hadn’t                        Improves discipline and people
considered before.                                                                                   skills
Finally, an internship can help a person understand how a professional organization                  Provides task/goal-oriented activities
operates. Within that organization one gains access to valuable contacts who may
lead one to other opportunities as you progress through school.                                      Enriches your life
Where to find an internship?                                                                    PARENTS: Your involvement is very
Some organizations like Microsoft, the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian                 important if your children are consider-
have formal internship programs designed for high school students. Typically, these             ing volunteering. They will need your
programs are limited to students in the region. One should research companies in                help to organize their time and to stay on
industry of interest and check their Web sites for opportunities.                               track.
Internships are not just available with large corporations in urban areas either. Often local   SOURCE:
newspapers, museums and other businesses will offer internship opportunities. Start
asking around at local business associations to see what is available in the community.
Don’t give up if these companies don’t formally list an internship program for high school students. Try to identify a human resources
representative or department manager one can
send an email or letter to. Ask parents, friends’
parents, relatives and anyone else who might be       INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS:
willing to help if they’re aware of any opportu-
nities. Contact professional organizations in         Microsoft
one’s area of interest.                     
How to apply
Companies with formal internship programs                 Museum of Modern Art
generally have specific procedures outlined on  
his/her Web sites. If one is trying to create one’s
own opportunity, one should craft a one-page              Smithsonian
resume that outlines his/her skills, education and
interests along with a cover letter that explains
his/her interest in their organization.                   Rockefeller University
Internship programs
Below are links to some internship programs               Berkeley Center for Science and Engineering Education
designed specifically for high school students. 
Each one has different qualifications and
parameters, so be sure to read the information            National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
carefully. If she/he doesn’t see a program that’s
right in the list, one should access the Internet,
your local library and personal connections to            Johns Hopkins University: Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
uncover other opportunities.                    
SOURCE: Stephen Borkowski for fastweb
Academic Bulletin • May 2007                                                                                                      4

                                                                                          At the Fair
                                                                                          All those booths filled with material can
                                                                                          be overwhelming. It can be confusing to
                                                                                          visit booth after booth and remember
                                                                                          who said what. Feel free to take notes.
                                                                                          Representatives are willing to invest
                                                                                          more time in someone who appears to
                                                                                          be taking the fair seriously. Ask repre-
                                                                                          sentatives for their business cards and
                                                                                          phone numbers. This will give you a
                                                                                          contact at the school should you have

                   FAIR ADVANTAGE                                                         further questions. Visit the booths of the
                                                                                          schools on your list first, but don’t feel
                                                                                          you must stick strictly to the colleges
                                                                                          you chose beforehand. There might be a
            YOU WON’T FIND RIDES OR YUMMY TREATS AT                                       school you overlooked that meets your
            THESE FAIRS, BUT COLLEGE FAIRS CAN HELP YOU                                   requirements. Along with a bag of
                                                                                          pamphlets and catalogs, you should
            THROUGH THE MAZE OF COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY,                                      leave the fair with answers to your pre-
                                                                                          determined questions. Leave the fair
            TECHNICAL AND LIBERAL-ARTS SCHOOLS FROM                                       confident that you have done something
            WHICH YOU’LL HAVE TO CHOOSE.                                                  positive to help your college decision.
                                                                                          But your work is not done yet. Compare
                                                                                          the information to find the school that
                                                                                          best meets your needs. Write what you
                                                                                          liked or disliked about each school to
                                                                                          help you sort through the large amounts
College fairs are one of the best            Go prepared                                  of material you’ve received. Use every
sources of information if you’re looking     Your research should begin before the        opportunity you have to visit a fair, and
to continue your education beyond high       fair. If you don’t do your homework,         get exposure to as many different
school. There you’ll find the informa-       you’ll find yourself meandering from         colleges as you can. Taking advantage
tion that, if used properly, can help you    booth to booth picking up more               of college fairs now will help you sort
make the all-important decision of what      pamphlets than you’ll ever read.             through your choices!
to do next. But when there are other         Fletcher recommends that you make a
resources, such as the Internet and tons     list of schools about which you’d like to    SOURCE:
of viewbooks sent in the mail, why           learn more. Think about the size, loca-
should you attend a college fair?            tion, cost and housing opportunities you
Though text-based resources are valu-        expect from a college. This list will give
able, they lack the one-to-one contact       your search direction, allowing you to
with school representatives that fairs       make the most of your time at the fair.
provide. College representatives can         Once you have a general idea of the
give you specific information about          booths you want to visit, write down
their college’s programs and campus          questions for the school representatives
that you might not find in a brochure.       concerning admission requirements,
College fairs offer the opportunity to get   costs, majors and help for those who are
your questions answered, narrow your         still undecided. Fletcher suggests also
choices and make a difficult decision a      considering the school’s campus, job
little easier. Before you go, read this.     opportunities, extracurricular activities
                                             and career-counseling services. College
Finding a fair                               fair representatives are there to answer
There are numerous fairs offered in the      your questions. “Representatives,
spring and fall. “In the spring of their     depending on the size of the fair, are
junior year of high school, students start   able to give a significant amount of time
to take part in local and regional fairs,”   to people who have specific questions,”
says Tom Fletcher, a university admis-       Fletcher says. Fletcher also says it’s
sions officer. “Between your junior and      important to keep a personal profile of
senior years, you can visit those            your class rank, grade point average,
colleges. Then in the fall, seniors can      SAT scores and special talents on hand
touch base with those schools again.”        to give representatives an idea of your
The Orange County College Fair was           educational background. Once you have
held Sunday, April 22nd at the               your list of schools, questions and per-
Anaheim Convention Center.                   sonal information, you’re ready to go.
5                                                                                                              May 2007 • Academic Bulletin

   Writing the
Scholarship Essay                            Hidden College Costs
                                             You’ve calculated tuition costs, figured in room, board and books. You’ve even
                       The      personal     checked out scholarships and grants, filled out the FAFSA and budgeted for day-to-
                       essay. It’s the       day expenses like groceries and laundry money. You’ve covered all your financial
                       hardest part of       bases.
                       your scholarship
                                             Yet even with careful planning, you may encounter college costs that take you by
                       application. But
                                             surprise. These costs crop up in the form of “miscellaneous fees” charged by your
                       it’s also the part
                                             school for services or as penalties. Some colleges and universities provide lists of
of the application where the ‘real you’
                                             these fees on their Web sites. More often students learn of these fees only after they
can shine through. Make a hit with these
                                             have incurred them.
tips from scholarship providers:
                                             Here are some fees to be aware of:
     Think before you write. Brainstorm      Application and admission: These fees don’t just apply when you enter school as a
     to generate some good ideas and         college freshman. You may find them added to your tuition statement or sent as a
     then create an outline to help you      separate bill if you take a leave of absence or even if you transfer to another “school”
     get going.                              (e.g. from School of Speech to Journalism School) within your college or university.
     Be original. The judges may be          Course materials / laboratory use: You might assume that these fees would be built
     asked to review hundreds of essays.     into tuition, but frequently materials-intensive classes (ranging from art to engineer-
     It’s your job to make your essay        ing) will saddle you with additional required costs.
     stand out from the rest. So be
     creative in your answers.               Card replacement: Hang onto your student ID and meal
     Show, don’t tell. Use stories,          card to avoid paying replacement fees (usually $15-$20).
     examples and anecdotes to individ-      Late tuition payment: Penalties for late payment are stiff,
     ualize your essay and demonstrate       generally ranging from $50 to $100.
     the point you want to make. By          Service fees for cancellation, adding / dropping classes and
     using specifics, you’ll avoid           late or changing registration: A little preparation can
     vagueness and generalities and          mean significant savings in change of registration fees. If
     make a stronger impression.             you like to “shop around” for classes, do so the semester
     Develop a theme. Don’t simply list      before you plan to register.
     all your achievements. Decide on a
                                             Official documents: Just because you’ve completed coursework, don’t think you’ll get
     theme you want to convey that
                                             those records for free! Transcripts, diplomas and “good student” auto insurance
     sums up the impression you want to
                                             certification all come at a price.
     make. Write about experiences that
     develop that theme.                     Missed student health appointments: Many schools charge for missed appointments
     Know your audience. Personal essays     with health services. It pays to call ahead.
     are not “one size fits all.” Write a    Degree candidacy / degree processing / thesis and dissertation filing: These fees gener-
     new essay for each application—         ally apply to graduate students, although special undergraduate programs may charge
     one that fits the interests and         them as well.
     requirements of that scholarship        Returned checks: Don’t bounce checks to your school! Not only will your bank
     organization. You’re asking to be       charge you, the school may also charge you as much as $60.
     selected as the representative for
     that group. The essay is your           Dorm damage: Just like a landlord, your school reserves the right to bill you for wear
     chance to show how you are the          and tear to its housing facilities for anything ranging from broken fixtures to
     ideal representative.                   adhesive tape left on the walls.
     Submit an essay that is neat and        How can you get advance warning of these hidden costs? Some fees are automatic —
     readable. Make sure your essay is       practically every school will charge you for late tuition payments, card replacements
     neatly typed, and that there is a lot   and returned checks. Your best bet for dealing with these sorts of fees is to call the
     of white space on the page. Double-     appropriate office in advance and explain your special case (e.g. if you need a
     space the essay, and provide            replacement card because your wallet was stolen). Many offices will make
     adequate margins (1” to 1-1/2”) on      allowances for extenuating circumstances.
     all sides.                              To find out more about course material fees, try calling the department offering the
     Make sure your essay is well written.   courses. You will probably still have to pay the added fees, but you’ll at least get
     Proofread carefully, check spelling     some advance warning so you can adjust your budget accordingly. You might also be
     and grammar and share your essay        able to get some of the necessary materials at a discount or secondhand.
     with friends or teachers. Another
                                             For general service and official document fees, call either your registrar’s office or
     pair of eyes can catch errors you
                                             your bursar’s office to request a complete list of fees.
     might miss.
                                             SOURCE: Kathleen Carmichael, Ph.D. for Fastweb
SOURCE: Kay Peterson, Ph.D. for Fastweb
Academic Bulletin • May 2007                                                                                                                   6

AP Student Information... Day of Exam

     Picture ID (school ID/Driver's              To leave campus after testing, you
     License) !!!!                               must have a note with the exact
     Your social security number. If             time, date and signature of parent.
     you provide the number, it is used          NO EXCEPTIONS (NO telephone
                                                 calls allowed).                                  GUESSING ON THE EXAMS
     for identification and appears on
     your AP Grade Reports. If you have          The morning tests begin at 7:00                  Scores on the multiple-choice sections
     taken an exam and did not give              a.m.; the afternoon tests at 11:30               of the AP Exams are based on the num-
     your SS#, do not do so on any               a.m.                                             ber of questions answered correctly
     future exams.                               Scores, with an explanation are sent             minus a fraction of the number of ques-
     Small snack for a very short break!         to your home in July.                            tions answered incorrectly. No points
     Several sharpened #2 pencils (with          Scores can range from 1-5; some                  are awarded or deducted for unanswered
     erasers) and sharpener for all              colleges accept 3, most accept 4 &               questions. For questions with five
     multiple-choice answer sheets.              5.                                               answer choices, one-fourth of a point is
     Black or dark blue ballpoint pens           Advanced Placement or college                    subtracted for every wrong answer. For
     for free response questions in most         credit is given for accepted scores.             questions with four answer choices, one-
     exams.                                      To receive credit for IB or AP                   third of a point is deducted for every
     A watch (in case your exam room             exams, students are responsible for              wrong answer. Thus, random guessing
     does not have a clock you can see           having test-score transcripts sent to            is unlikely to raise or lower your grade.
     easily). You are responsible for            the campus which they are                        However, if you have some knowledge
     pacing yourself during the exam.            enrolling.                                       of the question, and can eliminate one or
                                                                                                  more answer choices, informed guessing
     Calculators for the Calculus AB,            Any student can take the exam.
                                                                                                  from among the remaining choices is
     Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics B,          No refunds are given.                            usually to your advantage.
     Physics C, and Statistics examina-
     tions. See the exam descriptions
     beginning on page 4 of booklet for
     restrictions on the types of calcula-                          2007 Exam Schedule
     tors you may use on these exams.
     Calculators may not be shared with      Date             Morning 8 a.m.                Afternoon 12 noon
     other students. Unless permission
                                             Mon., May 7      Gov’t & Politics: US          Gov’t & Politics: Comparative
     is expressly given on a particular                                                     French Language
     exam, calculator use is not allowed.
     A ruler or straight edge for the        Tues., May 8     Computer Science A & AB       Statistics
     Physics exams only.                                      Spanish Language

                                             Wed., May 9      Calculus AB                   Chinese Language & Culture
WHAT NOT TO BRING WITH YOU:                                   Calculus BC

     Watches that beep or have an            Thurs., May 10   Eng. Literature               Japanese Language & Culture
     alarm, portable listening or record-                     German Language               French Literature
     ing devices - even with headphones      Fri., May 11     U.S. History                  European History
     - photographic equipment, beepers                                                      Studio Art (portfolios due)
     or cellular phones. Students who                                                      Week 2
     bring these into the testing room       Date             Morning 8 a.m.                Afternoon 12 noon               Afternoon 2 p.m.
     will be dismissed from test per
     Collegeboard instructions.              Mon., May 14     Biology                       Physics B                       Physics
                                                              Music Theory                  Physics C: Mechanics            C: Electricity &
     Books, dictionaries, notes, scratch
                                             Tues., May 15    Environmental Science         Psychology
     paper, compasses, highlighters,                          Chemistry
     rulers, straightedges and calculators
     (except as previously noted).           Wed., May 16     Italian Language & Culture    Art History
                                                              English Language
     Typewriting equipment, computers
     (except as noted under specific sub-    Thurs., May 17   Macroeconomics                Microeconomics
     jects).                                                  World History
     Clothing (t-shirts, for example)        Fri., May 18     Human Geography               Latin Literature
     with subject related information.                        Spanish Literature            Latin: Vergil
7                                                                                                               May 2007 • Academic Bulletin

                                          Borrowing for College:
                              How Much is Too Much?
                          Too much of         Johnson, a financial advisor at the       rather than a cheaper alternative?”
                          a good thing        Millstone Evans Group of Raymond          said Johnson.
                          can be bad, as      James & Associates, a brokerage           Students must take into account new
                          Shakespeare         firm in Boulder, Colorado.                laws and policies that make debts
                          demonstrated,       If there is ever a time for discipline    nearly impossible to write off.
                          and the axiom       and independence, this is it, experts     Student loans are no longer easily
                          is true of stu-     say. That’s because lenders are in the    swept away under today’s tougher
    dent borrowing for college. Students      business of urging students to            bankruptcy laws. The Bankruptcy
    may believe it is difficult enough        borrow as much as possible, and           Abuse Prevention and Consumer
    worrying about the big exam next          won’t warn of the financial               Protection Act of 2005 extended
    week or whom to take to the spring        consequences.                             non-dischargeable debt to student
    dance. Yet students must stretch                                                    loans from private lenders, so they
    themselves and imagine a much             Also, beware of a list of preferred
                                                                                        cannot be automatically written off.
    greater consequence, years into the       lenders from college financial aid
                                                                                        Instead, people seeking bankruptcy
    future, when they consider how            offices. By shopping around for
                                                                                        protection must prove that they can-
    much money to borrow to pay for a         lenders, students and their families
                                                                                        not repay a student loan and still
    higher education.                         may find better deals on their own.
                                                                                        maintain a minimally adequate
    After all, the average price of a         After students come up with a             standard of living.
    private college has hit $88,872, and a    number for the amount they expect
                                                                                        Furthermore, interest rates are going
    public college, $23,344, according to     to borrow, they should make sure the
                                                                                        up on student loans, so students will
    the College Board’s “Trends in            loan amount, plus other expected
                                                                                        pay more in the future to get rid of
    College Pricing 2006” report. The         debts such as rent and car payments,
                                                                                        the debt. In June 2006, the interest
    implications are enormous.                do not exceed 33 percent of their
                                                                                        rate on Stafford loans increased from
                                              expected future income, Johnson
    The first step is to try to avoid bor-                                              5.3 to 7.14 percent on existing loans
                                              said. Free online calculators are
    rowing in the first place, experts say.                                             and to 6.8 percent on new loans. The
                                              available to help put together a
    “Students should thoroughly explore                                                 jump translated into $2,000 in
                                              budget and estimate future costs. If
    scholarships, grants and community                                                  additional interest payments for the
                                              college-loan and other debts
    service awards before they begin                                                    typical undergraduate borrower who
                                              consume more than a third of future
    borrowing for college,” said                                                        graduated with $17,500 in debt.
                                              income, look for alternatives. For
    Marianne Ragins, author of Winning
                                              example, your budget might look           The idea that using credit cards to
    Scholarships for College and pub-
                                              like this:                                pay for college will be easier is a
    lisher of,
                                                                                        delusion with terrible consequences,
    based in Centreville, Virginia.           (Budget based on roughly $30,000
                                                                                        said Robert M. Manning, author of
                                              net yearly salary.)
    The next step is to set up a budget                                                 Credit Card Nation and director of
    based on the salary you’ll likely             Rent                    $550          the Center for Consumer Financial
    make after you graduate from                  Debt                    $130          Services at the Rochester Institute of
    college, Ragins said. Students can            Phone                    $45          Technology’s College of Business.
    check average starting salaries in            Utilities               $100          Credit cards carry even higher fees
    their field at Web sites such as              Cable/Internet           $20          than traditional student loans, and the U.S. Department            Food                    $100          leaving the unsuspecting to fall into a
    of Labor’s Occupational Outlook               Car/Insurance           $205          situation where it would take their
    Handbook.                                     Personal                $240          entire lifetimes to pay off a credit-
                                                  Medical                 $100          card debt, Manning said. Students
    Most importantly, students must
                                                  Savings                 $110          who want to attend graduate school
    view each dollar they borrow for
                                                  TOTAL                $1,600           or another professional school after
    college as a dollar that they will be
                                                        (take home after taxes)         college must include those debts in
    unable to spend to buy such essen-
    tials as a car, a house, or to start a                                              any calculation of their future
    family, and a dollar that they cannot     “It’s going to be each student’s          standard of living, Manning said.
    put into a retirement-savings             decision – is it absolutely worth it to   “It forces people to say, ‘If I’m going
    account. “It’s important for families     me to go to the University of             to graduate with $50,000 of student-
    to work that through, to write down       Chicago rather than to a public           loan debt, how am I going to make it
    numbers and understand what you           college, or must I go to Juilliard or     on a $40,000 salary?’” he said.
    are signing up for,” said Rita            another outstanding ‘name’ college        SOURCE: Sandra Guy for fastweb
Academic Bulletin • May 2007                                                                                                  8

                               Summer Opportunities...
Summer break is a great time for you to    may have suggestions you can use to          students have kept busy doing some-
pursue interests and gain experience       continue your search. Consider pursuing      thing constructive with their summer
through paid or volunteer jobs, intern-    a paid or unpaid internship.                 vacations, but that doesn’t necessarily
ships, and other activities. And don’t                                                  mean you have to have a traditional job.
forget, college admission officers see     3. Think About Creating Your Own Job         Maybe you’re really into acting or dance
meaningful summer activities as a          During your job search you’re likely to      or sports and you want to devote your
demonstration of commitment and            come across a potential employer that        full-time energy to formally developing
responsibility.                            just can’t afford to hire you. If you’re     those skills. Not only are there special
                                           really interested in working there, offer    programs out there, but most colleges
            Tap Your Network               your services for free. The job skills you   will allow high school students to take
                                           gain may be worth their weight in            an actual college class.
One of the best ways to find opportuni-    gold—just as you pay college professors
ties is simply by asking people you        to teach, work experience can be equally     7. Think About Volunteering
know, a.k.a. networking. Start with your   valuable. Treat unpaid jobs and intern-      Spending a summer pitching in at a
parents, friends, teachers, counselors,    ships as you would a paid position. Be       local charity is a great way to learn
and relatives. If you’ve already got       on time, pay attention, and work hard.       about life and yourself. And it can help
something in mind, tell them. They may     In return you’ll get great skills, a         you develop leadership skills that will
have suggestions you haven’t thought       glowing recommendation, and maybe            last a lifetime.
of, and may know people you can            even an offer of a paid position down        SOURCE:
contact for more information.              the road.

Here are some suggestions to help you      4. Think About Creating Your Own
start your brainstorming:                     Business
                                           Being your own boss definitely has its
1. Think Big                               rewards. Be warned though, it can be
The world’s a big place; see if you can    hard work, too! But don’t let that scare
come up with an idea to match. Start       you off if you really want to try going it
thinking about what you would really       on your own. There are lots of potential
like to do. For example, do you enjoy      small businesses you could try to create.
                                           For example, if you know a foreign
the outdoors and hiking? Look into
becoming a counselor-in-training at a      language, people may pay you to teach                   is the time.
summer camp or getting a job at a          them how to speak it. Or, if you’re good
national park—almost all of them hire      with plants, you could spend the
summer help. Of course, you’ll have to     summer as a landscaper. Start calling
get permission to range too far from       people now and see if you can line up a                  Needs are
home, but don’t limit yourself. See how    few clients.
crazy an idea you can come up with. Let                                                              great...
someone else say, “no.”                    5. Think About Getting More Involved
                                           Consider exploring the interests you
                                           pursue during the school year more in-
                                                                                                      but your
2. Think About Careers
                                           depth. If you have a job that really
If you already have an idea about a
career you’d like to pursue, summer        interests you, consider asking not just                possibilities
break is your chance to test the real      for more hours but more responsibility,
thing against your expectations. You       to expand your experience and knowl-                   are greater.
may be anything from an aspiring           edge. Sticking with one organization or
attorney to a would-be bookstore owner.    job gives you depth and breadth—and
Start by calling up businesses and         shows you’ve made a real commitment.
organizations that are related to your
interests, and find out if they need any   6. Think About Not Getting a Job
help. Even if they’re not hiring, they     Colleges, of course, like to see that
9                                                                                                         May 2007 • Academic Bulletin

                                 NINE C OLLEGE M YTHS. . .
                  (And Why They’re Just Not True)
You know how it’s said that college is      Lisa Jacobson, founder and CEO of                Myth: Homesickness is for
one big party? It’s a myth. Or how          Inspirica. “It is just too narrow a view.”                babies
you’ve been told that your roommate         What you have to find is the college that
will be a total creep, you’ll need to       is right for you. “The right school is the   Truth: “That’s ridiculous,” say Kent
maintain a 4.0 GPA, and that crashing       place where you feel comfortable and         and Kyle Healy, students at Saddleback
parties and getting drunk are the norm?     confident enough to explore your             College and Goldenwest College,
Myth, myth, myth.                           interests,” says Maben. “College is a        respectively, and authors of the book
                                            time to learn what engages and excites       Cool Stuff They Should Teach in School.
There are so many widely circulated         you academically. What better place to
myths about college that it’s typical for   have that experience than at the school      “There’s nothing wrong with missing
students to reach college and find out      that feels the best to you?”                 Mom’s cooking or working on the car
that it’s absolutely nothing like what                                                   with your dad.” In fact, they say that a
they expected!                               Myth: You need to decide your               lot of their friends have said that being
                                             major before you begin college              away from home for the first time really
To make sure that there aren’t any                                                       helped them appreciate how good they
unwelcome surprises, we’ve decided to       Truth: Um, no. With approximately 70         had it for the first 18 years.
debunk some of the common myths for         percent of college students changing
you. How many of these have you             their majors before graduating, we say       Instead of fighting homesickness, try to
bought into?                                it’s no big deal if you haven’t decided      overcome it by interacting with your
                                            on one before you head to college. It is     new friends, calling home once in a
Myth: Without a good SAT score,             wise to have a general direction of          while, getting involved in other activi-
  no college will accept you                where you’re headed, but you probably        ties and talking to your RA when you
                                            won’t need to declare a major until the      need help.
Truth: No amount of good SAT scores         end of your sophomore year. So why pin
are going to cover up for the fact that     down the specifics until you’ve actually     “Look at it this way—now you’ve got
you slacked off in high school. That        attended a few classes and found what        the best of both worlds,” say the Healys.
doesn’t mean that your SAT or ACT           really interests you?                        “You’ve got the independence and the
scores don’t count. But it does mean                                                     support of your family. You also have
that your test scores will be used in       “I think students should focus on one        the opportunity to go home, share your
combination with your curriculum,           day at a time,” says Jacobson. “You may      new set of experiences with good old
grades and rank—not as the only factor.     find that, once you’re there, a particular   Mom and Dad (and little brothers or sis-
According to Patricia Maben, director of    course given in your junior year or a        ters if you’ve got ‘em), and then get the
enrollment management at Hartwick           professor you meet at some point just        heck out of there before they drive you
College, some schools will emphasize        pushes you in a completely different         nuts again!”
SAT/ACT scores as heavily as they do        direction.”
your GPA and rank. Others use them as                                                         Myth: You will hate your
a general guidepost to gauge your            Myth: Your college friendships                         roommate
potential to succeed in college. And               will last a lifetime
others don’t use test scores at all.                                                     Truth: Not necessarily. You never
                                            Truth: Some do, some don’t. But if           know, you might end up being the best
“The most important component of your       you’re headed to college thinking that       of friends. “In general, there are more
high school academic record is the          you’ll either make no friends or that        great friendships made than anything
strength of the coursework (Did you         everyone will be your friend, listen up.     else,” says Maben. “The bottom line is
take the required classes, and did you      That’s not going to happen. Friendships      that students need to be prepared to get
challenge yourself when appropriate?)       will happen. But there’s no guarantee on     along with their roommate; be open to
and the grades you receive,” Maben          how great they’ll be or how long they’ll     different perspectives, cultures and per-
says.                                       last. That said, you’re going to be more     sonalities. People with open minds and a
                                            popular if you take the time to say “hi”     good dose of patience are likely to have
Myth: You need to search for the            to someone you don’t know or pass on a       the best college roommate experiences.”
        perfect college                     smile to a random stranger than if you
                                            stay standoffish and stick to a corner of    And while we’re on the topic, ever been
Truth: The fact is, there is no such        the room. If you’re looking for like-        told you should live alone rather than
thing as the “perfect” college. “That’s     minded people to hang out with, seek         with a roommate? Wrong, wrong,
like saying there is only one person in     out an activity or club and get involved.    wrong.
this world who is the right mate,” says
Academic Bulletin • May 2007                                                                                                   10

According to Harlan Cohen, author of         gram has its grade requirements.            “More important are the contributions
The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other            However, the challenging courses will       you’ll be bringing to your new employ-
Issues You Might Run Into in College,        put you a step ahead in a competitive       er,” says Branan. “Professionalism,
assuming that you don’t go to prison,        career market. A student should think in    competency to perform job skills, a
college is the only time in your life        terms of, ‘What will strengthen my          great attitude and even a sense of humor
when you get to live with a total            résumé?’”                                   have topped the ‘wish lists’ of employ-
stranger. To live with someone of a dif-                                                 ers when hiring.”
ferent culture, religion or lifestyle is        Myth: If you don’t get good
invaluable. Sharing a space with a             grades, no one’s ever going to            Branan says that it all boils down to one
roommate opens you up to making new                                                      important question: “Would I want to
friends, dealing with conflict, appreciat-
                                                        employ you                       work with this person on a daily basis?”
ing differences and learning about your-
                                             Truth: Sure, grades are important, but
self. Cohen says that even the nightmare
                                             don’t go believing that they’re the only    SOURCE: Mridu Khullar
roommate offers something of value—
                                             things that count. Real-world experi-
once the nightmare ends.
                                             ence, your personality and your aptitude
                                             for the job count much more than any
 Myth: Once you’re in college, it’s          number of A’s you earned in college.
too late to apply for scholarships
Truth: You can always apply for schol-
arships. In fact, some scholarships
aren’t even available to high school stu-
dents and are only available to you once
you’ve picked your major. “Seek out
your financial aid counselors,” advises                  JUNIOR COLLEGE INFO....
Maben. “They are there to help you at
all stages of your college experience—
from prospective students to seniors.” In                 Are you planning on attending a local
addition, she suggests searching Web
sites for scholarships for college                               junior college next year?
students.                                            Find more information and registration deadlines.
  Myth: It’s better to get good                                  Go online or call today!!
grades than to take challenging
             courses                                      Orange Coast College ............714.432.5072
Truth: “You need to take the courses                          
that provide the skills,” says Dr. Neal
Prochnow, an education consultant and                     Irvine Valley College..............949.451.5461
author of Get Out of College and Get                                   
On With Your Career.

As an example, he says that many stu-                     Santa Ana College ..................714.564.6015
dents avoid Speech 101. “This is the                                   
worst thing you can do. It should be
taken early on, and significant time                      Santiago Canyon College ......714.628.4901
(should) be spent to do well,” he says.
Prochnow says that taking courses that                              
teach you critical skills will help you
once you’re out of college and in the                     Saddleback College................949.582.4555
real world.
Jean Branan, director of career services
at The Art Institute of California-San
Diego, agrees. “Every academic pro-
Sun Trust Off to College Scholarship
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Award: varies
Eligibility: Students of hispanic heritage, U.S. citizen or legal resident, 3.0 GPA or higher, apply for FAFSA. Many various scholar-
ships available. Check out the website!!

A. Bannister Scholarship
Award: $1,200
Eligibility: Seniors planning on majoring in arts, business, pre-law or law. Essay of 500 words or less on why you think you are
deserving of the scholarship.
Deadline: June 15, 2007

Irvine Valley College Scholarship
Award: see website
Eligibility: Seniors with financial need planning to attend Irvine Valley College.
Deadline: When filing your application to attend

Leonardo Da Vinci Scholarship
Award: $1,500
Eligibility: Students between the ages of 16 and 25. 500 word essay that answers the following question: Of the countless accom-
plishments that Leonardo Da Vinci has made in the field of art, science, mathematics, etc., what do you believe is his most significant
Deadline: July 15, 2007

Apple Scholars Program
Award: $2,000
Eligibility: Seniors who will attend a 2-year or 4-year accredited college or university in the fall of 2007. Demonstrate innovative use
of technology in academics and how you use technology to solve problems creatively and learn more intuitively.
Deadline: May 15, 2007

Elder & Leemaur Publishers “Challenge the Experts”
Award: up to $10,000
Eligibility: Juniors and seniors and undergraduate students. You must submit an essay of 500 words or less addressing one of the
topics on the sponsor’s site.
Deadline: July 1, 2007

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