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					The Commercial Revolution
-   As the Three Field System, iron plow and windmill/water
    mills start to help the population of Europe expand, news
    goods are needed to support the growing Manors.

-   Invasions and warfare decline, allowing for safer travel.

-   In response, new trade routes form all over Europe. Trade
    itself is conducted at trade fairs. These were semi-
    permanent bazaar-like settlements where large numbers of
    merchants gathered to buy and sell with local populations
    and each other.

-   Slowly, such fairs actually develop into the first true
    medieval cities. Winter weather forces some merchants to
    remain permanently. The presence of the trade route
    discourages them from leaving. Artisans flock to met the
    needs of these merchants and before long, cities are born
    at these trade locations.

-   Usually, the local lord would issue a charter, to the
    merchants seeking to set up a city/town.

-   Middle Eastern business practices are adopted by
    European merchants.

-   The presence of money begins to breakdown the medieval
    society’s social fabric. Serfs begin to pay rent, making them
    tenant farmers.

-   Guilds begin to control businesses by regulating entire
    industries/trade in a town.

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