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                                     WELCOME PACK

Mission Statement: Sandowners’ Out of School Club is committed to working in
partnership with parents and carers to provide safe, stimulating and enjoyable
childcare for children who attend Perton Schools. We aim to help parents to balance
work commitments and family life by providing flexible, convenient, affordable and high
quality before and after school care during school term time.

Who to Contact: The club is run by Sarah Cox who is an Ofsted Registered Private
Provider and also a part-time Teaching Assistant for Support & Delivery of Learning at
the school.

The Club is registered with OFSTED: Registration number – EY398172 as a Child Care
facility providing sessional supervised activities for up to 20 children for a period of 4
hours per day.

A copy of our policies and procedures is available on the school web-site and at the club
for you to read or refer to.


Our only source of funding is the fees from parents. The fees have to cover staffing
costs, rent for the room, food, equipment, insurance, etc.


The Club is held in Perton Sandown First School in the Rainbow Room which is a large,
colourful, child-friendly room, well equipped with resources and visible from the
Reception area. It easily accessed at the Infant Entrance (Please ring bell) and has
smooth transition for children at the start or end of the school day. It has use of a
well equipped kitchen, cloakroom area and toilet cubicles. Outside, the children have
supervised use the school playground, field, tyre-park, gardens and picnic area using a
variety of outdoor play equipment.
                                 Policies & Procedures

Procedure for Joining: A registration pack is sent to all new families. The forms must
be completed and returned to the manager. (Post may be forwarded via the School
Office) before childcare can commence.

Bookings may be made by completing a booking form and returning this along with
payment. Emergency bookings may be made by telephone to the Manager. Priority will
be given to members, siblings and those who make a regular commitment to the club.

Cancellations: Parents should notify the club if a child is absent on any day booked.

Fees and Payment: Our fees are £3.75 per hour which is cheaper than most
childminders and includes breakfast and snacks. 10% Discount for siblings. Payment is
due weekly. Charges for late collection: £1 for every additional 15min.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. If payment is made in cash at the club,
please ensure that your payment has been recorded on a payment sheet and signed by
both yourself and the Manager. The club cannot take responsibility for lost payments.

Club Opening times

The club is open Monday to Friday during school term times, except for INSET days at
Perton Sandown First School when the club is closed.

The breakfast club opens at 7.30 am and goes through until school starts. The
afternoon club runs from 3.15 pm after school until 6.00 pm. However, you can choose
to book a shorter session after school.


Your child is welcome to join the latter part of a session if they have attended clubs
/after school activities at either school site. However, you must arrange for them to be
sent / dropped off at the school and the Play Leader should be told what time to
expect them to arrive.

Staff: We are fortunate to have a highly experienced, capable and committed staff
team at the club. Parents will be invited to rate our staff as to whether they are
friendly, approachable and helpful in periodic parent’s surveys.
Who can attend?

The club is open to children aged 3 - 14 years old that attend Perton Schools, their
siblings and children of staff working at the club.

Places are allocated in line with our admissions policy. If there is a greater demand for
places than those available, a waiting list will be operated. We have up to 20 places for
breakfast each day and 20 places after school.

Admissions policy: Our admission policy gives priority for places in the following order:

1.   Staff members’ children
2.   Current full-time attendees
3.   Siblings of those already attending the club wanting full-time places
4.   New full time places
5.    Current regular part-time places
6.   Occasional bookings

Partnership with Parents: The club recognises that working in partnership with
parents is of major value and important to enabling it to provide a happy, caring and
stable environment for children. We aim to form good relationships so that appropriate
information regarding children that is developmental, social and health related, can be


We hope that you will be happy with the service that we provide. However, should you
wish to make a complaint, a copy of our complaints policy is displayed on the club notice
board. The policy follows a simple 3 stage process.

In the first instance at the Informal Stage 1, we encourage you to discuss your
complaint with the Play Leader who should be able to respond to your concerns.

If you are still not happy – Formal Stage 2, then we would like you to put your complaint
in writing to the Club Manager.

As a last resort you can submit your complaint – Formal Stage 3 to OFSTED who will
investigate it as the regulator for childcare provision.
What happens at the Club:

Structure of a typical session - approx timings.


7.30 am onwards      Arrive and register.

                     Free play activities – puzzles, games, table football, etc

8.00 – 8.15 am       Breakfast served (see sample menu).

                    Y5 Put on coats and reflective jackets.

8.30                 Tidy up.

8.45                YR-Y4 go to class bases.

                     N walked to Nursery Entrance.

After school:

3.15 pm              YR-Y4 sent to Rainbow Room and registered

                     Y5 Walk from PMS using School Crossing Patrol.

3.25 pm             All children are offered a drink & a biscuit on arrival.

3.30 pm             Indoor and supervised outdoor free play

4.00 pm              Snack time. This is a social time when the children sit down
                     together for a snack. We also celebrate birthdays!

4.20 pm              Free play continues.

5.30 pm              Tidy up.

6.00 pm              Latest collection time.
Activities: We offer a varied programme of activities including:

       Art & Craft table
       Costume and Role play area
       Construction activities - lego, etc
       Indoor and outdoor physical play - football, swing ball, rounders, cricket, hoops,
        skipping ropes, etc
       Building dens
       Quiet area – Book Corner
       Cooking / Gardening
       Themed activities

Organised activities will be on offer but the emphasis is on child-centred and self-
directed play.

We have a good range of play equipment from books, games and puzzles, to Play

Inclusion: At Sandowners’ Out of School Club we aim to provide an inclusive
environment understanding that as individuals, children may require some form of
support. We recognise that for some this may be specific and sometimes require the
help of other outside professionals.

Sample menus

We aim to provide a variety of healthy food from all the main food groups including
fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the afternoon we provide a snack to keep the children going until they get home, but
it is not a full meal.


       Various cereals e.g. Weetabix, muesli, rice crispies, porridge (We never have
        chocolate coated cereals but do have frosties as an occasional treat)
       Toast / pancakes / fruit loaf
       Fresh fruit
       Yoghurt
       Milk / water / apple juice

After school A selection from the following items:

       Toast (white & wholemeal) / crumpets / pitta bread / crackers
       Fruit / malt loaf
       Scones
       Flapjack / cake / biscuits
      Popcorn
      Fresh fruit – e.g. apples, pears, satsumas, bananas
      Fresh vegetables – e.g. carrots, cucumber, tomatoes
      Dried fruit – e.g. raisins, sultanas, apricots
      Cheese
      Water / squash

Food Hygiene Policy:

Our aim is to ensure that all aspects of food and drink in Sandowners’ Club promotes
the health and wellbeing of children at the club. Staff have training in Basic Food
Hygiene to ensure that all food preparation follows school food guidelines.

      Children have access to free drinking water
      Children have a room that is attractive and sociable to eat in
      Healthy Eating is promoted to support the 5-a-day campaign
      Healthy Breakfast and tea-time snacks are available daily
      Menus are displayed for children and parents.

Medication can only be administered with written authority from the parent/carer.
Medication must be handed to the Manager on arrival and must be in its original
container, labeled with the child's name, dosage and times required. Medicines will be
locked away apart from any medication stored in the fridge. Once medication is
administered parents will sign to see how much was given and by whom. At least one
member of staff is qualified in Pediatric First Aid. A list of contagious illnesses is kept
on file.

Please note: The Registration Form contains authorisation giving staff permission to
act “in loco parentis”. If you cannot be contacted in time, the Play Leader will invoke
that authority to take action to gain appropriate medical treatment for your child.


Illness: If your child is ill whilst at the club, we will ensure that you are contacted
immediately. Children need to be free from sickness and diarrhea for 24 hours before
returning to the club. Collection of children from the club will only be allowed by a
named person/s on the registration form.

No Smoking Statement: SOSC complies with the schools No Smoking policy, which
operates throughout the school’s community. Smoking is not permitted in the building,
outside play areas or school grounds.

Child Collection: Children are delivered and collected at The Infant Entrance.
Please ring bell. Only the Club Staff are instructed to open doors to parents/carers.
Please notify staff in advance if anyone different is collecting your child, even if they
are a relative. For Health & Safety reasons, parents /carers are required to sign their
child/ren in and out of the club. The club operates a signature sample form, which can
be used to check the authenticity of the person collecting, in case of uncertainty.

Late Collection of children: Unless notified, late collection will result in the club taking
care of the child for half an hour after closure whilst continuing to contact all numbers
given. If unsuccessful, the club is obliged to contact First Response 0800 1313126 or
01785 354030 (after hours) then the police who will take responsibility of the
child/ren and continue to try to contact parents until successful. The club is unable to
care for a child who has not been collected within half an hour, due to legal
requirements. Please note - the club is not insured for childcare purposes after
advertised closing hours. The club reserves the right to withdraw the service if
consistent late collection occurs.

Club Rules: We build on the school’s Golden Rules and develop them with input and
ideas from the children. Always listen to the Play Leaders. We are here to help and
also keep you safe. On the playground when the whistle blows you must stop and listen.

We Do - Respect each other, show kindness and help each other, listen, share, be
honest, have a good time & look out for each other, inside and outside the club. Show
respect for all equipment. It is not easy to replace things

We Don't - Climb on equipment, damage equipment, shout, swear or bully, fight with
each other, go into areas that are "out of bounds", go outside the Rainbow Room
without asking an adult.

Fire Alarm: The alarm will sound (continuous bell) to evacuate the building when there
is a fire drill or an emergency. Children all stop what they are doing and calmly follow
the Play Leader to the nearest Exit door on to the Infant Playground. If this is
obstructed alternative signed routes are:

   a) Through hall to Base 2 Exit or

   b) Across the Hall to the car Park and follow the path clockwise around the front
       of school.

   The Assembly point is on the playground.

If children do break the rules, staff use a 3 step approach to behaviour management.

Step 1:        Children are given a verbal warning.

Step 2:        Children are moved to a time out area and excluded from play.
Step 3:       If the behaviour continues Parents will be informed.

The Club reserves the right to withdraw the service if a child's behaviour is
consistently unacceptable. (See Positive Behaviour Policy)

The club encourages parents to view their opinions and suggestions. On-going evaluation
ensures effective development of the service & evaluation forms / questionnaires are
sent out periodically.

The club also reserves the right to withdraw the service if parents do not follow
cancellation procedures or if payments are consistently late.

Lost Children Policy:

   o   Make sure all remaining children are counted, safe and calm within the setting
   o   Manager alerts school to check CCTV footage of corridors and grounds
   o   Summon assistance from school to search building indoors / outdoors
   o   Contact parents to see if child has been collected or returned home
   o   Contact Police
   o   Record incident in child’s file

Bad weather policies: Sandown out of School club will take its lead predominantly from
school activities ie closures and weather warnings/ forecasts. Therefore, if the school
is closed, Sandown out of school club will also be closed. This is the procedure the Club
will follow on a daily basis to assess the situation when deciding the best course of

1. Switch on local radio stations to check which schools are open: Beacon FM 97.2

2. Check out website clicking on “school closures” section

Your child will need to bring: School items eg School bag, Coat, Reading bag, Water
bottle to Reception Cloakroom so that they do not return to class once dismissed (H&S

Valuables: Children should not bring any valuable items or equipment, such as Mobile
Phones, Computer Games etc. to the club.

The club has detailed policies on:

   o   Admissions,
   o   Bullying,
   o   Child Protection,
   o   Complaints Procedures,
   o   Emergency Fire Procedures,
   o   Equal Opportunities,
   o   Health & Safety,
   o   Responding Positively to Children's Behaviour,

   All Policies and Procedures are kept on file at the club and are available on
   request to parents / carers. Policies are subject to regular review and are
   updated annually.

Included with your pack:

    Registration form

    Booking form – First School

    Booking form – Middle School

    Consent form – photos, press, play areas, food tasting

Contact Details:

Manager: Mrs Sarah Cox Tel 01902 742542

Club Mobile Tel No: 07840 405386

Address for correspondence: Sandowners’ Out ofSchool Club


Venue: Perton Sandown First School,

Sandown Drive, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7PS

School Tel: 01902 742 686


Please contact the staff on the mobile number above during club hours to make a
booking or advise of any change in arrangements (e.g. child’s absence from the club,
changes in collection arrangements, etc).

If you have a query about a booking or payment during the school holidays then please
contact Mrs. Cox on the number above.

Please return your completed forms to Sandowners’ Out of School Club, the School
Office or to the correspondence address above.

Date Agreed: July 2009 By S. Cox / Manager

Date Reviewed: July 2010 Payments amended. Next Review July 2011

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