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Sample Contract (DOC download)


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									Draft                                                                  Draft
                            General Ledger Project

        Bank Resource Consulting (BRC) submits the enclosed
        information to    in confidence. The information included in
        or with document, in its entirety, is considered both
        confidential and proprietary to BRC and may not be copied or
        disclosed to any third party without BRC’s prior written

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Draft                                                                           Draft
                              General Ledger Project

Executive Summary

             has expressed an interest for Bank Resource Consulting (BRC) to
conduct an analysis and respond with a resolution of the general ledger account
known as the “288 Account”. has also requested assistance in developing a
strategy / methodology that will enable the general ledger accounts of member
banks to “roll up” to a holding company general ledger.

A. Scope of Work

BCR proposes an initial Assessment Project to review the general ledger
structure of all member banks, the holding company, interfaces, uses and
dependencies upon the 288 general ledger account.

The scope will also include analysis of all mainframe and PC based systems
affecting or dependent upon information feeds and/or extracts from each member
bank’s general ledger systems, subsidiary systems, such as loan origination,
data warehouse, and others as well as related reporting requirements.

B. Project Objectives

The primary objectives to be achieved in this initial project are as follows:

   Review and document the current business environment for each member
    bank’s general ledger structure.

   Review and document the current business environment for the holding
    company’s general ledger structure.

   Review and document the purpose, use and impact of the 288 general ledger
    account on daily operations for each member bank and the holding company.
    This will include analyzing transaction flow from each business segment
    identified through the general ledger interface.

   Review and documentation will also involve the isolation of manual posting or
    “manual interfaces” to the 288 account and the effect on the overall general
    ledger for each member bank and the holding company.

   Review and document current data processing interfaces, schedules, and
    dependencies between reporting requirements and day- to-day operations.

   Review and document any subsidiary systems feeding into or expecting
    output from the general ledger system currently in place.

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Draft                                                                              Draft
                               General Ledger Project

   Identify significant changes and impact on current operations of implementing
    a consolidated general ledger and elimination of the 288 account.

   Provide recommendations and alternatives based on findings.

C. Roles and Responsibilities

For this assessment to be a success, it is vital that   and its member bank and
management associates designate representatives that will be involved in the
process from start to finish. must ensure that the personnel with the
appropriate functional responsibility will be made available to BRC.

        Bank Resource Consulting

BRC will work with     Management and assigned associates to comply with the
Project Objectives outlined in Section C above. BRC will document findings,
recommendations and provide bi-weekly reports to management as well as
produce a final report of findings and recommendations.

        1. Project Duration

The General Ledger Project will begin on the dated agreed to by BRC and .It is
anticipated the project start date will be xxxx. It is anticipated the project will have
duration of xxxx hours to xxxx with most of the onsite work being completed at
the XXXX location. Some work may be performed off-site. The project will not
exceed xxx hours without       prior written consent.

        2. Project Deliverables

BRC will provide a final written report describing the role and function on the 288
general ledger account, and a strategy for elimination of this account. The report
will also include the following:

       Written recommendations regarding the setup of the various general
        ledger interfaces.

       Written recommendations regarding the setup of the individual bank’s
        general ledgers.

       Written recommendations regarding the “roll up” of the member bank’s
        general ledger totals to the holding company’s general ledger.

       Written recommendations, if any, for system utilization, service levels,
        performance and quality control standards after implementation of the

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Draft                                                                           Draft
                              General Ledger Project

        3. Project Assumptions

Project Period. The project will begin on the date approved by Bank and BRC.
That date is anticipated to be XXXX, XX, 2001.

Project Location. It is anticipated that all work will be performed at the various
locations though analysis and report preparation may be completed offsite.

Access to Bank Personnel. To meet the schedule of the project and deliverables
requires access to and active participation of     associates assigned project
staff as agreed. BRC will identify and provide, as much advance notice of the
interview schedule as possible and       will ensure that the identified personnel
are available to BRC in accordance with the schedule. If the necessary
personnel are unavailable when requested, the project may be delayed, which
may affect the scheduled completion date and project deliverables.

        4. Work Schedule.

BRC will observe the schedule of the client sites as well as observe client

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Draft                                                                         Draft
                             General Ledger Project

D. Fees, Expenses, Payment Terms

Fees. The fees for this engagement will be $      per hour per consultant. It is
anticipated the project duration is between xx and xx hours, but in any event will
not exceed xxx hours without        written consent. These fees will be billed on a
weekly basis and payment is due within 10 (ten days) of the day of receipt of this

Expenses. will reimburse Bank Resource Consulting for all actual travel
expenses incurred in the performance of this Project and in accordance with
BRC standard travel, telephone and lodging expense policies. Expenses shall
include, but not be limited to, airfare, lodging, and rental car, parking fees,
telephone, mileage and meals. The expenses will be billed on a monthly basis
and     will reimburse BRC within (30) days after receipt of each invoice.

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Draft                                                                      Draft
                              General Ledger Project

                        Acceptance of terms and Conditions

If you agree to the scope of services, deliverables and fees set forth in this
Proposal please indicate your concurrence and authority to engage in a binding
agreement by signing your name below.

Submitted by: Jessy Zamorano Richards, Consultant



Agreed upon this ___ day of       , 2001

Name: _____________________________

Title: _______________________________

Name: _____________________________

Title: _______________________________

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