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Season 6, Episode 5 “Leap of Faith”

EXT. Woods We pick up where we left off with Jack and co. after the breakout. Jack is leading Kate, who is in her prison suit still, along with Sayid, Sawyer, and Hurley through the jungle. The group is running. Hurley lags behind. HURLEY: “Stop!” Jack slows and comes to a halt. JACK: “What’s wrong?” HURLEY: “We’ve been runnin’ for ten minutes straight. I’m getting tired. Can we take a break?” Jack pauses for a moment. JACK: “Yeah. Two minutes.” SAWYER: “Doc, we need to get Kate out of that jumpsuit.” JACK: “Do we have any clothes for her to wear?” SAWYER: “I got an undershirt, Doc. I’ll give her my shirt, but we ain’t got any pants.” KATE: “It’s fine. Just as long as I’m out of this thing.”

Kate removes her jumpsuit and Sawyer removes his shirt. He gives her “the look” as he hands her the shirt. She is about to put it on when we hear barking dogs. We can see the cops in the woods running after them. JACK (Quietly): “Hurley, Sayid and Sawyer, run left. I’ll take Kate forward. Distract them. Make them follow you.” The groups split up. We follow Jack and Kate. Kate has nothing on but a black bra and black underwear. We see that the group of cops has turned to follow the other group. Jack and Kate get to a small plaza. JACK: “You need to get clothes on.” KATE: “Jack, it isn’t the most important thing. This is Jefferson plaza, your house isn’t far, is it?” JACK: “No, it’s about a block.” KATE: “Let’s go.” The two run off into the distance. Scene Switch EXT. Forest

Hurley is seriously lagging behind Sawyer and Sayid. The cops have almost caught him. He yells. HURLEY: “Wait up!” Someone tackles him from behind and puts a gun to his head. COP: “We’ve got one.” Gunshot. Hurley thinks he’s been shot, but in reality, the cop has been shot in the arm. We notice that it’s Sawyer with the gun. He shoots the other cop and helps Hurley up. SAWYER: “Come on, Hugo.” They run off into the woods. LOST TITLE SCREEN

Scene Two

INT. Empty Apartment Plain shot of the door of an empty apartment. The door opens. Jack brings an almost bare naked Kate into his apartment.

KATE: “Do you have anything for me to wear?” JACK: “I think I have some of Sarah’s old stuff. Hold on, let me check.” Kate sits down on the couch. Jack’s cell starts ringing on the table next to her. JACK: “You can get that if you want.” Kate picks it up. KATE: “Hello?” SAWYER: “Freckles.” KATE: “James, where are you? Are you okay?” SAWYER: “Checked into a motel over on the west side. We’re all fine. Hurley’s a little banged up. Where are you?” KATE: “I’m at Jack’s.” SAWYER: “You gotta get dressed and get the hell outta there. The cops’ll be there any time.” KATE: “What motel are you staying at? I’ll get some clothes and then come to you.” SAWYER: “The Super 8 Motel. Room 42.” KATE: “We’ll be there in ten minutes. Goodbye James.” She hangs up.

Scene Switch INT. Dirty Motel Room Sawyer sits next to Sayid on a bed and Hurley is in the bathroom of the standard motel room. HURLEY: “So, dudes, are we going back?” SAWYER(Sighing): “Yeah, tubby, I guess we are.” SAYID: “I just don’t understand why Jack would want to return after he worked so hard to get us back here. We spend three days here and now Jack is ready to go back?” SAWYER: “Yeah, and I think I’m with him.” SAYID: “You can’t be serious.” SAWYER: “Everyone’s dyin’ anyways. Boone, Shannon, all of them. Next thing we know Ana Lucia and Libby are gonna get shot. Eko probably dies of… Hell, I don’t know, smoke inhalation. Anyways, my point is, why be here when we just have to watch everyone die again?” HURLEY: “Dude, do you just wanna see Juliet again? Is this why you’re siding with him?” SAWYER: “It is 2004, isn’t it? That means we could re-do everything when

we get back. Maybe save everyone who died. Well, apart from the ones who already died.” HURLEY: “Dude, you confuse me.” Someone opens the door. It’s Jack and Kate, who is now dressed. JACK: “What Sawyer means is he thinks if we go back, we re-do everything. But that isn’t true. See, Boone and Shannon already died. They’re not going to be saved. Only the ones with memories can go back.” HURLEY: “But, it’s 2004 still. And if we don’t go on 815, things will be different, dude. We might not even crash. Ever think of that?” JACK: “Remember how we got back the last time? We’ll do it again. And who knows what happens when we get back? What we do know is that we don’t have to watch our friends die over again.” SAYID: “I do believe he is right. We saw much bloodshed and we mustn’t live with it again. I would have been killed if Jack hadn’t brought us back here and done this for us. So now, we owe him.” Everyone is nodding in agreement. KATE: “How do we get the others back?”

JACK: “We only have three to go. I was thinking that someone could go get John either against his will or with it. Someone needs to do some serious convincing with Sun and Jin.” SAWYER: “Doc, you know me. I’ll make sure Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon come with us.” Jack nods. SAYID: “We best go now. I’ll assist Jack in getting John and Sawyer, you should go with someone else.” KATE: “I’ll go with him.” Jack gives a look of contempt and he and Sayid leave the motel room.

Scene Three

INT. Hotel Room It’s a beautiful room with red and gold carpet and a very nice king sized bed. Sun and Jin lie together in the bed, staring into each other’s eyes. SUN: “Jin, I don’t care if it’s on the island or off, I am just so happy that we can be together.”

JIN (Smiling): “And I bet it has to be a little weird that I speak English now, right?” Three knocks on the door. Jin gets up. JIN: “I’ll get it, Sun.” Jin opens the door, and his eyebrows raise. JIN: “Sawyer? Kate?” Scene Switch EXT. Parking Lot. Helen Norwood sits in a lawn chair in an empty parking lot next to John, who is in his chair. HELEN: “John, I’m so sorry.” LOCKE: “For what?” HELEN: “Saying no. I didn’t think… I didn’t think you’d get over your father. But you did. And I was wrong. And—” A familiar voice speaks. SAYID: “Hello, John.” LOCKE: “What are you doing here?” JACK: “Come with us, John.”

Locke gives Helen a nod and rolls off toward them with a look of anger on his face. Scene Switch. Sun, Sawyer, Kate and Jin stand in the hotel room. SUN: “You want us to go back?” Sawyer nods. JIN: “We just almost lost our lives trying to get back here and now we’re supposed to go back?” Sawyer tosses him a newspaper article. The headline reads:

Shootout in the Police Station Causes a Death Shannon Rutherford is shot down in the same week as her brother’s leg was crushed by a construction girder.

JIN: “So… So they die anyways?” SAWYER: “Yep. It’s a little thing called course correction. Now tell me, you don’t wanna have to live with seeing everyone die again, do you? You wanna see Mike get blown up because of a gas leak?” He gives a look to Sun, who is already looking convinced.

Scene Switch EXT. Sidewalk Locke sits next to Jack and Sayid. LOCKE: “I’ll be a dead body if we go back.” JACK: “You don’t know that, John.” LOCKE: “I have a strong, strong feeling.” JACK: “John, you were always convincing me to believe. To believe in destiny, in faith. So John, why don’t you take a leap of faith? Why don’t you practice what you preach?” Locke purses his lips. SAYID: “John, what do you say?” LOCKE: “I guess I do owe you, Jack. You say I should practice what I preach, then alright. I’ll take a leap of faith.” JACK: “I knew you’d be easy to convince, but not that easy.” Locke smiles. LOCKE: “I should say goodbye to Helen.” Jack nods. Scene Switch

INT. Lamp Post Eloise Hawking sits in her chair in the Lamp Post. She strokes a cat, which is sitting in her lap. It is a small white cat, and it purrs as she strokes it. The phone rings. She picks it up. ELOISE: “St. Thomas Church, how may I help you today?” JACK’S VOICE: “It’s Jack Shepherd.” ELOISE: “Jack. There’s quite a story about your little stunt breaking your friend from prison. I suppose you’re calling to me for help.” JACK: “No.” ELOISE: “Then why could you possibly be calling?” JACK: “We’ve got them.” ELOISE: “Got who?” JACK: “Everyone. We’re ready to go back.” Eloise looks shocked. ELOISE: “I didn’t expect you so quickly.” JACK: “I work fast.” ELOISE: “Well, Jack, you should get over here. Your plane leaves in one hour and we’ve got work to do.”

Ominous Giacchino note plays, and so the episode ends.


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