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					                                     Table of Organization
                        for the Promise Neighborhoods Planning Process


                                           Writing & Staffing
                                            to the Initiative

                  Educational    Health, Family &        Data & Evaluation   Governance &   Funding, Existing
                   Solutions       Community                                 Management     & New Resources

                                   Physical &
Early Childhood                 Behavioral Health         Segmentation        Structures    Public & Private
                                 Family Supports         Secure New Data
                                    & Jobs
  K-12 Schools                                           Data Management     Contracts &
                                                               & Use         Monitoring
                                Organizing & Safety
  High School,
College & Career
                                             Work Plan
                           for the Promise Neighborhoods Planning Process

Tasks--Outline of Issues to Address                                                                               Participants         Time

Educational Solutions--Tom Lasley
Early Childhood Group--the role of parenting education, home visiting services, preschool and quality             Early Childhood      September
childcare--Ready Children, Ready Families. What future investments should be made? How should services            Group --Chair--      through
be coordinated? How many children are not served and priorities for scale up? How do we improve transition        Robyn Lightcap       January
to kindergarten--Ready Schools?                                                                                   Members--Family
                                                                                                                  Reps. Diane
                                                                                                                  Brogan-Adams, Tish
                                                                                                                  Wilson, Deb Perkins,

K-12 Group--the role of tutoring, afterschool and summer programs, improved instruction, lower class sizes,       K-12 --Chair--Jane   September
academic case management, improved attendance, truancy prevention and improved discipline--Positive               Rafal? Co-Chair      through
School Climate. What is the relationship to the plan for Race to the Top in Dayton? How would we evaluate         ?                    January
and compensate staff for success? How might data be better used? What is the role of technology--online           Members--Families
educational intervention, etc. in reinforcing learning? What role for arts, physical education, STEM, service     Julie McGlaun,
learning, etc? How do we reduce transition problems at middle school? What role for special education?            Principals
How should test prep occur for OAA? How do we wraparound our non target schools, Catholic Schools and
charter schools in target neighborhoods? How many students are not well served and what are the priorities
for scale up?

Germane to Only 7th-12th Should incentives be used--could students be paid for some work activities in
exchange for additional studying/tutoring? How might youth development, service learning and internships as
well as youth employment be used? How should test prep occur for OGT, ACT, SAT, etc? What role for
students taking college level courses? How do we accomplish college visits, and make college enrollment a
goal for all students, etc? Where will that 6th, 7th and 8th grade student population be served in our Promise
Neighborhood target schools…in K-8 Schools, some in high schools, a hybrid approach? What changes are
planned for traditional high schools? What is the relationship between this effort and specialized high school
like Stivers, Ponitz and DECA? What is the role of traditional extra curricular activities, sports, band, etc.?

Transition to College How should test prep occur for OGT, ACT, SAT, etc? What role for students taking            Chair- Michael       September
college level courses? How do we accomplish college visits, and make college enrollment a goal for all            Carter               through
Tasks--Outline of Issues to Address                                                                               Participants          Time

students, etc? What role should there be in curriculum alignment between high schools and colleges? What          Members --Linnae      January
role should be played in assisting families or students with financial aid, scholarships, etc.? Other ideas?      Clinton

College-Career What is the best way to increase enrollment in college? How do we provide help during the
college years to reduce dropping out--tutoring, case management, advocacy? How to address living expenses
while in college? Should a Dayton Promise program be part of this initiative? What help do students need in
connecting to careers? Role of traditional college versus career certificates? Other ideas? How can we gather
more data and how might data be better used?

Health, Family and Community Supports
Medical and Dental Care How do we increase access to medical care? This includes prenatal care, well              Chair--Jan            September
baby checks and immunizations, well care for school aged child, health care to address illnesses, dental          Members. Deb          through
services, etc.? Should we have some medical services delivered in the schools? How to increase information        Perkins, Diane        January
and help with securing health insurance? What about needs of populations not eligible for public health           Brogan-Adams,
insurance or the under insured? What is the relationship with the federally qualified health centers and          ADAMHS Board
existing public health and school health services? How do we address chronic illnesses like asthma? How do        Rep?, Public Health
we increase wellness, e.g. exercise, better nutrition? How do we address problems in the home environment         Rep.
lead paint or lead in the water, exposure to tobacco, bedbugs, lice, etc.?

Behavioral Health How do we increase access to behavioral health care--for students, for parents and other
family members? What role is there for alcohol/drug prevention and services? What services do we place in
school? What role is there for Alcohol, Drug, Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board
providers and system? How do we meet the needs of students with a variety of special needs? How do we
address drug/alcohol problems in the broader community in our target neighborhoods?

Family Supports What role should be played by services directed at parents/other family members, e.g. case
management, employment services, Ohio Benefit Bank application services, etc.? How do we engage families
in school issues? What role for parent advisory groups, PTO, PTA, etc.? How do we provide parent education
for families with school age and even college age children? How do we reach out to families? HCZ pays
incentives to families for children studying in 6th through 12th grade…should we?

Community Safety and Organizing How do we improve the safety and qualify of life in the community?
What is the role for safe routes to school? What role for law enforcement? What is the connection between
this effort and community development in the target neighborhoods? How do we get neighbors to play an
active role in planning and implementation? How do we address cultural issues and build understanding?
Many grantees are increasing the hiring of neighbors for specific jobs in the community--is this something that
Tasks--Outline of Issues to Address                                                                              Participants         Time

we will do? Should economic development be part of the mix?

Data and Evaluation
Segmentation Analysis How will data be collected that is in accordance with Promise Neighborhood                 Richard Stock, Bob   August
requirements, e.g. information about early childhood education, performance on academic measures, income,        Stoughton Co-        through
attendance, discipline, teenage pregnancy, juvenile crime, crime in general, housing, etc. and how do we         Chairs? Jane         January
identify the students with the highest needs? How many high need children/students have we identified? How       Dockery, Wright
do we get to information that might not be readily available in existing data sources, e.g. do children have a   State University
medical provider/home outside of ER, number of children immunized under age 2, number of children
participating in preschool/childcare, how many eat five fruits and vegetables a day, or get 60 minutes of
exercise daily? What role might TOTS play in this data collection? What other data do we need--social
capital information? How many children in our target areas are served by existing service providers? What
services do they already receive…what frequency? What is the cost? What is the success of these current
services? This will be part of determining scale up. Do we pay incentives for families that complete surveys?

Rapid Time and Longitudinal Data When we get to the implementation phase, there is a need to track data
on children and families from a variety of providers. How do we gather this data? How do we share--using
guidelines for confidentiality--HIPAA and education standards? How are we going to manage and use data?
How do we have rapid data that helps us make course corrections? How do we collect longitudinal data?
Should we pay for a system for data collection and management? If not, how do we manage this? What is the
cost? How do we disseminate results?

Management and Governance
Structure What is the structure proposed for implementation? How do we get significant participation in          Chair Members        February to
governance on governing board or advisory group by the neighborhood members? Who is the fiscal                                        March 2011
agent/applicant for grants? What is the relationship with Office of Family and Children First? How does this
fit into other initiatives.

Contracts/MOU What is the format/possible content for these contracts/MOUs? What is the theory of
change/action/vision embraced by each member? Who monitors compliance with MOUs? What is the
grievance procedure? How will individual agencies be made accountable for outcomes? How will individual
staff be made accountable for outcomes? How do we propose to reimburse for services delivered--unit based,
time based performance based, reimbursement only, some payment of upfront costs--some hybrid?
Tasks--Outline of Issues to Address                                                                                 Participants          Time

Funding Existing and New Resources
Public and Private Resources What are the existing public funds that might address these needs--public              Chair Not             February to
funding for schools, Title I, other grants, funding for afterschool, family supports, public health, federally      determined            April 2011
qualified health centers, ADAMHS Board funds, Medicaid, human services levy, TANF dollars, etc.? Who                Members Jenni
are the entities that control these funds and what are they willing to commit--can they ask existing providers to   Rohr, Tait
prioritize services to target areas? What are the private resources that might address these needs?                 Foundation, Peter
Foundations, corporations, individual fundraising? What is in place…what more is needed? Are foundations,           Wells, Levin Family
etc. willing to target monies and existing grantees to this project? What other funds must be raised and how do     Foundation, PNC
we secure these dollars? Are there other grants that we need to write? What information do we have about            Foundation,
the cost of scale up? What is the cost per student?                                                                 JPMorgan Chase?

Steering Committee and Staffing and Writing Personnel
Executive Committee Meets on a regular basis to review progress towards completing plan, looks at work of           Chair Jan Lepore-     August
various committees, suggests new directions, and synthesizes information. Responsible for final product.            Jentleson             through
Might look at bringing special consultants, as needed. Could arrange for someone from Harlem Children's             Members: Lori         May-June
Zone to come in to provide information/feedback. Involved in ensuring that work is completed and that               Ward, Roberta         2011
partners are involved. Builds political support for the plan. Agency membership includes Dayton Public              Weaver, Tom Kelly,
Schools, University of Dayton, Family and Children First, East End Community Services, Dayton Urban                 Tom Lasley, William
League, City of Dayton Commission, Business Research Group. Reaches out to partners in other community              Gillespie, Richard
areas, e.g. Salvation Army at Kiser, YMCA at Cleveland, Unified Health Solutions at Fairview.                       Stock, Nan Whaley,
                                                                                                                    Diane Brogan-
                                                                                                                    Adams, Robyn
                                                                                                                    Lightcap, Amy

Staffing Planning and Writing Facilitates the work of various committees. Provides resources to help chairs         Amy Jomantas,         June
and members. Keep process on track. Manages communication and web site for the effort. Helps prepare any            Robyn Lightcap,       through
grant applications during the process. Prepares final plan and grant application.                                   Diane Brogan-         May-June
                                                                                                                    Adams, Nina Carter?   2011

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