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									hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced naturally in the
human body. The basic function of this hormone is to reduce the fat in a
human body and consume it to cover the extra needs of energy, mostly
during the time of pregnancy in women. This hormone is produced in very
little amounts in every human body regardless of being male or
In the late 1950s Dr. ATW Simeons found out about hCG during his research
on weight control and weight loss. His research states that small amounts
of hCG given to an overweight individual can help a lot in loosing the
extra weight.<br>
Now instead of running after different unreliable hCG products, you have
a single solution to all your weight loss needs. The”Amazing hCG” an
ultimate product which helps you loose pounds and inches fortnightly.
Here are some of the numerous great advantages of our Amazing hCG Diet
Drops product:<br>
<br>• You will be able to see the needle on your weighing scale coming
down withing a week!
<br>• Changes your Metabolism in a way that your diet changes with your
weight loss needs!
<br>• No NEED of heavy exercise!
<br>• No need of any INFUSIONs or taking PILLS!
<br>• Get your Amazing hCG Diet Drops without any prescription
<br>• No unbareable tasting shakes or frozen meals!
We offer our products in different ways and special DISCOUNTS.
<br>• HCG Single- 1 Kit
<br>o Good for a Single Cycle(Starter Package)
<br>o $59.95
<br>• HCG 3 Pack - Buy 2 Kits, get 1 Additional Bottle FREE
<br>o Great Discount! Only $39.65 per 2oz. bottle kit. Great for
multiple rounds. (You save $61)<br>
<br>o $179.95
<br>• HCG 6 Pack - Buy 3 Kits, get 3 Additional Bottles FREE
<br>o Best Value! Only $29.95 per 2oz. bottle kit. Great for multiple
rounds or sharing with friends and loved ones. (You save $118)<br>
<br>o $299.95
<br>To give you a healthy start we provide our clients with the following
products for FREE!<br>
“HCG Quick Start Guide”
<br>• Gives you a quick start at a glance. ($15 Value. You get it for
<br>“The Ultimate Guide to the HCG Diet”
•     A 53 page ebook that makes your weight loss experience ejnoyable
and positive. ($29 Value. You get it for FREE)<br>
Unlimited help from our staff and other users who have succeeded with
<br>Amazing hCG Diet Drops<br>
<br>• (Priceless!)

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