SPIN Winter 2011 Newsletter by xumiaomaio


									            Calendar of Events
3/1    Deadline for pet photo contest
3/12 Scavenger hunt
                                                                   Wish List
                                                                   Help needed at SPIN’s NEW Transition Home,
3/12 Spaghetti dinner and raffle                                   just off Rt. 9 at the Wellesley/Natick town line.
To order tickets tiwat@aol.com or at the door.
                                                                   • Construction, repairs, yard          • Canned cat
April                                                                work and other needs for our           food
Pie orders – see form on back page of newsletter.                    new SPIN home.
                                                                                                          • Dry cat food
                                                                   • Need for direct care at SPIN’s
May                                                                  Transistion Home.
                                                                                                          • Scrubber sponges
5/15 Mitzvah Day 10am-12pm                                                                                • Kitty toys (Download ideas and
                                                                   • Sign up for one shift a week
5/21 Wellesley Wonderful Weekend Dog Show 10am-12pm                                                        directions from our WEB site.)
                                                                     either morning, afternoon or
5/22 Watch for the SPIN float in the Wellesley parade                evening by emailing tiwat@           • Revolution (for parasite control)
                                                                     aol.com or 781-235-1218              • Gift Cards to grocery stores,
June                                                                                                        pet stores, Hardware and
                                                                   • Face cloths
6/6 Saturday 10am-2pm yard sale at SPIN Transition House,                                                   Home improvement stores
    5 Overbrook Terrace, Natick                                    • Bleach
                                                                                                          • Gift Cards to Restaurants,
                                                                   • Paper towels
Summer.dates.to.be.announced:                                                                               goods and services or new
Stop and Shop grilling                                             • Hand & Bath Towels                     merchandise (to help support
July Jubilation Wellesley-info table                               • Kitty Litter-clay not clumping        our fund raising events)
Beach/Pool Party                                                                                          • Fleece fabric for making
                                                                   • Hill’s ID and AD prescription
September                                                            diet                                   pet beds
9/10 Natick days

November                                                           Drop.off.locations.are:
Boxwood trees                                                      Kitty City Adoption Center at Pet World on Rte. 9 Natick
For more details visit www.straypetsinneed.info                    Wellesley Animal Control, 485 Washington St., Wellesley
                                                                   SPIN Transition Home – donation box 5 Overbrook Terrace, Natick

Donate Your Car or Boat
Fast 24 hour response to pickup donated vehicles.
Your car or boat donation qualifies for a tax deduction. Running   Honor Pets and People with a
or not, no emission check required. Cars, trucks, vans, RVs and    Special Commemorative Brick
boats.                                                                                                       con
                                                                                                    SPIN is constructing a walkway
www.straypetsinneed.info for link, 888-574-1227 or                                                  of red bricks with incised lettering
http://www.carsforpets.com                                                                          up to the front stairs of our new
                                                                                                    Transition Home. Believe it or not
                                                                                                    spring will be here soon and the
                                                                                                    front walkway will be completed.
                           Feline Relief                                                            There is still time to order an
                             James S. Jackson, assistant vice                                       engraved brick for the walkway.
                             president and branch manager          Honor or remember a person or pet with this special gift.
                             of Wellesley Bank presents a
                             $1,000 check to Lyn Woodhead,             • Three lines of 20 Letters each
                             center, president and Sue Webb,           • Spaces and punctuation count as a letter
executive director, of SPIN Wellesley Bank chose SPIN as a
                                                                       • Cost is $150 .00 per brick
local charity to support. “Wilson,” a SPIN adoptee cat, looks
on approvingly. Several employees of Wellesley Bank have           You may choose up to three lines of 20 letters each. Spaces
adopted pets form SPIN’s Kitty City adoption center at Pet         and Punctuation count as a letter. Mail request to SPIN, PO
World, Natick.                                                     Box 812143, Wellesley, MA 02482 or call 508-653-1887.

www.straypetsinneed.info                                                                        The Wanderer Winter 2011                        3
                     October 1, 2010 – January 31, 2011 SPIN Donation Report
 Over.$1000                     Over.$100                    Immediate.Care.continued     In.Kind                       Immediate.Care.continued       Immediate.Care.continued
Shelter.Fund                   Shelter.Restoration.Fund      Joan Grzybowski              Mary Lou Bonfiglio – food     Judith P. Elliott              Mai Robart
                                                                                          for auction
Terry and Brian Sinskie –      Sally Collier, in memory      Judith B. Gunner                                           Marie Fasolino                 Nancy Rourke
Healthy Cat Room: Nellie       of Daisy                                                   First Parish in Framingham
                                                             Grace Hambuchen,             – cat toys by children of     Daniel and Barbara Fawcett     Laurie Sandler
and Lucy’s Room                                              Emma and Tess Goldenthal     religious education           Peter and Janet Feil           Joyce Santagate
Terry and Brian Sinskie        Mortgage.Reduction.Fund       Carol Hamilton and
Sick/Quarantine Room,                                                                     Nancy Lee and Vincent and     Doris Fina                     John and Rhoda Schwarz
                               Sally Collier, in memory      Peter Johnson                Haylee Pergola – stamps,
in loving memory of Izzy
and Kirby                      of Daisy                      Ryoko Hartman                notecards, and cat food       Susan and William Furbish      Barbara Searle
                               Gary.Fund                     Lisa Huttner                                               Kristine Gallatin              Jonathan Shapiro, for
Immediate.Care.Fund                                                                                                                                    Bonita and Isabella
                               Anonymous                     Jennifer Jefferson            $1.–.$99                     Kelly Garvin
Rohit Bhargava                                                                                                                                         Kathryn Shaw
                               Adeline Apodemi               Judith A. Johnson, in        Shelter.Fund                  Goodness Gracious, LLC
Nancy Leblang                                                memory of Taco; in memory                                                                 Jing Shi
                               Mary Lou Bonfiglio                                         Angie Jordan                  Philip Grady
                                                             of son, Rob and mother,                                                                   Patricia Shotwell
Joseph and Florence Ritorto                                  Louise                                                     Claudia Greene
                               Alina Bracciale
Nina Walsh                                                                                Gary.Fund                                                    Alan and Sheryl Sidman,
                               First Parish in Framingham    Kasper Pilibosian                                          Eric and Sigita Gsell          in memory of Samantha
Wellesley Bank                                               Charitable Trust             Maya Bissonette               Joan Gumbleton
                               Gregory and Lidia Kostyniuk                                                                                             Lee Smith, in honor of
                                                             Laurie and Henry Kay         CPM Whole Health              Sally Gupta                    Constance Boquist
                               Jaymie Martin, in memory
 Over.$500                     of Nike
                                                             Collette and John Kellogg    Nancy Herbert                 Fred Hammond, Jr. and          Mary and Charles Smith
Shelter.Fund                                                 Linda Kettle                 James and Virginia            Grace Hammond                  Elizabeth Studley Nathans,
                               George and Eleanor Miele                                   McCarron
                                                             Lori Lass, in memory of                                    Michael Harrington, in honor   in memory of Moses and
Ann Hile, thank you for your                                                                                                                           Magoo, and in honor of
help with Bhumi                Christine and Larry Norman    Christine Pimbert            Leslie Rosen                  of Colin Braun
                                                                                                                                                       Tyler and Oscar WildeCat
                                                             Nina King Lavin                                            Mary Ellen Hayes
                                                                                          Immediate.Care.Fund                                          Suzanne Stumpf
Gary.Fund                      Immediate.Care.Fund                                                                      Margaret Hellenbeck
                                                             Cheryl Litster               Ruth Andress
                               James and Virginia Aisner                                                                                               Barbara Sturgis
Linda Montesano                                              Lober Family                                               Beth Houston and Karl
                                                                                          Charles and Dena Arkin        Gerds, in memory of Otto       Christopher and
                               Molly Ambrose, in memory
                               of Miss Kori                  Linda Lockwood,              Lois E. Ball                                                 Laura Suraci
Immediate.Care.Fund                                          in memory of Rhodes                                        Suzanne Huskins
                               Mary Ames                     Lockwood, Frank Uttaro,      Marcos and Ines Bergamo,                                     Linda Swerling
Mr. and Mrs. Lalor Burdick                                                                                              Jonathan Jenkins
                                                             Simon, and Snickers          in honor of Jane Martin’s                                    Hue Tang-Adams
Kimberlee Dow & James          Donald R. Bailey, in                                       birthday                      Laurence Krenis
Marcotte                       memory of Cornelius           Katie Mack                                                                                Anne Terhune
                                                                                          Virginia Berthelson           Donna Lee Lavine and
Deborah Kurtis                 Sarah Barnes                  Kathleen Scott Mahoney                                     Dena Lavine                    The Cat’s Hospital
                                                                                          Connie W. Boquist, in honor
Thomas McLaughlin              Mary Lou Bonfiglio, in        Helen McCarthy               of Lee Smith, Brie and Lucy   Donna Leclerc                  Mary Thompson
                               memory of Bunny
Lyn Woodhead                                                 Kim and Dean McCausland      Lucia Bortolussi              Mary Lefkowitz                 Susan Tracy
                               Richard and Cynthia
                               Bostwick                      Dan Nguyen and               William and Sharon Bruns      Mark Lester, in honor of       B.S. and H.S. Turner
 Over.$250                                                   Panagoula Zografou                                         Colin Braun                    Justine and Joseph
                               John, Harriet, Julia and                                   Jean Bunting
                               Elizabeth Carey               Christine and Larry Norman                                 Lily L. Lin                    Weisman
Immediate.Care.Fund                                                                       Marshall and Valentina
                               Keith Costa                   Anna Oskarsdottir            Cannell                       Kristin Kittle Lynch and       Ann Wessel
Adeline Apodemi,
for Precious Lady                                                                                                       Matthew Lynch                  Mercy Wheeler
                               Richard Current – Elder Cat   Danielle Palko, in memory    Susan Carty, in memory
Sally and Richard Charpie      Care Fund                     of Watson                    of Bootsie                    Marie MacDougall, in           Melissa Wilton
                                                                                                                        memory of Harley and
Noah Goldstein                 Richard and Brenda            John and Janet Pattillo      Rita Chaves                   Bryce                          Tracey Young
Linda Grignolo                                               Nancy Lee and Vincent        Edward Chazen and             Nancy Maguire, in honor
                               Arthur and Elaine Decouto     and Haylee Pergola           Barbara Gross                 of Mary Lou Bonfiglio          In.Kind
Kathy, John, and Lara
Halamka                        Jane Donahue, in memory       Proactive Bookkeeping, Inc   Melissa Clemence              Jan Martin, in honor of        Jackie Boucher – cat food
                               of Hanne, Ciara, Jessie,                                                                 Lyn Woodhead                   and medication in memory
Charles Kaplan                 Wissey, Puff, Sister,         Gregory Reynolds             Abi Cooper, in honor of
                                                                                          Caroline Joyce’s birthday                                    of Otis Boucher
                               Diegau, Guinness              Lou Richardson                                             John and Jeanne Mason
John and Ruth LeBlanc                                                                                                                                  Jarvis Appliance – electrical
                               Ann Dorfman &                                              The Corliss Family, in        Dorothy McGrath
Richard Lee                                                  Jeanne Ridolfi               honor of Pete Carney’s                                       cord for dryer
                               Jonathan Waldron                                                                         Helen McQueeney
Peter Parker and                                             Edgar Roca and Helen         50th birthday                                                Ortiz Family – pet items
Susan Clare                    Kathryn Doyle                 Roca-Garcia                                                Rosemary Mehl and
                                                                                          Barry Daniels                                                Robin Siner – medications
                               Gail Ekwurtzel, in honor of   Richard Satterfield                                        Gary Balady                    in memory of Jazz
Dominique Pattin, in honor                                                                Kenneth and Catherine
of Tasha                       Shanon Elizabeth Fadel                                                                   Daniel Moshief and
                               and JoAnne Coghill            Christine Sheen              Desmond, in memory                                           Raffaella Torchia – Sandisk
                                                                                          of Max                        Linda Maslin                   4GB flash drive
Reit Management and                                          Maida L. Stofman
Research LLC                   Philip Fine and Beverly                                                                  Virginia Murray
                               Holley                                                     Trisha Desmond
                                                             Roberta Taylor, in memory
Raffaella Torchia                                            of Arlene Danforth           Patrick Diaz and              Elizabeth Near
                               Lenore Fogel, in honor
Ralph and Audrey Wagner        of Perry                                                   Ms.Elizabeth Weaver           Carol and Edward Neuman
                                                             David and Carleen Vantine
Thomas and Andrea Ward         Stephen and Sarah Foss                                     Jeanne Dickie                 Phuong Ngoc Nguyen
                                                             Matthew Weiss,
                               in honor of Nancy Foss,       in honor of Ellie, Peter     Mary Louise Donovan
In.Kind                        Skip and Sue Foss, and                                                                   Genevieve Ogden
                                                             and Alex Ackerman            Karen Drake
                               Frank and Charlene Foss                                                                  Ann Patterson
Nina Walsh – litter, food,                                   Wellesley Health
paper towels                   Margaret Geller, in memory                                 Michael and Suzanne           Alice Peisch
                                                             Department                   Eizenberg
                               of Stanley
                                                             Taras and Jacki Zommers                                    Jan Reiss
                                                                                          Kenneth Ekwurtzel

4.                  The Wanderer Winter 2011                                                                                                       www.straypetsinneed.info

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