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					Accessories                                             Order information

Roeko’s    Retraction    Cord                           Comprecord
Packers facilitate placing the                          Size                                            REF
retraction cord.                                        x-fine                                          515 000
Their balanced notches hold                             fine                                            515 001
the cord in place.                                      medium                                          515 002
                                                        thick                                           515 003

                                                        Comprecap anatomic
Comprecap                                                                        Content                REF
•   exerts more pressure onto the retraction cord and   Set (1/3/5)              120 pcs.               531 299
    the gingival area                                   Single sizes
•   holds the retraction cord deep in the sulcus        1                        120 pcs.               531 201
•   stops bleeding by compression                       3                        120 pcs.               531 203
•   creates well defined gingival margins               5                         60 pcs.               531 205

                                                                                 Content                REF
                                                        Set (1/3/5)              150 pcs.               530 000
                                                        Single sizes
                                                        1                        120 pcs.               530 008
Comprecap anatomic                                      1                        600 pcs.               531 008
Anatomically formed                                     3                        120 pcs.               530 010
compression caps with
semicircled shaped spaces
                                                                                 600 pcs.
                                                                                  60 pcs.
                                                                                                        531 010
                                                                                                        530 014

                                                                                                                          6196 12.06 001 Printed on non chlorine bleached paper. We reserve the right for alterations.
on two opposite sides and                               5                        400 pcs.               531 014
can therefore be easily placed
on adjacent teeth.                                      Retraction Cord Packer                                                                                                                                           Air texturised retraction cord
Gingiva Liquid                                          smooth                                          520 000
An astringent, styptic solution of 10% aluminium        serrated                                        520 001
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Outstanding absorbency
chloride hexahydrate.
• for treatment of the gingiva before taking an         Gingiva Liquid
    impression and to impregnate retraction cords                                Content                REF
• without Epinephrine                                                              10 ml                524 000
• no cardiovascular problems

                                                        Coltène/Whaledent GmbH + Co. KG     Coltène/Whaledent AG
                                                        Raiffeisenstraße 30                 Feldwiesenstraße 20
                                                        89129 Langenau/Germany              9450 Altstätten/Switzerland
                                                        Tel. +49 (0)7345 805 0              Tel. +41 (0)71 757 53 00
                                                        Fax +49 (0)7345 805 201             Fax +41 (0)71 757 53 01
New technology                                           The process of air texturising                                   Application

Comprecord is an air texturised retraction cord which    An air textured yarn is produced by supplying one or more
consists of polyester and polyamide yarns. The new       synthetic, flat fibres (multifilaments) into a texturing jet.
technology of air texturising gives Comprecord           In this jet the single filaments are textured (blown together)
outstanding absorbency as well as a pliable structure.   by high air pressure which leads to a continuously textured
This allows Comprecord to adapt easily to the sulcus     and loopy yarn without open spaces.
without fraying or shedding fibres.
                                                         This method creates a stable loop structure in the cord,
The sizes can be easily differentiated due to the        giving it a greater total volume, which makes Comprecord         Original situation:              Press Comprecord carefully
various colour coding of the cords.                      highly absorbent.                                                closed sulcus                    into the sulcus by means of a
                                                                                                                                                           retraction cord packer
                                                         This process gives the synthetic fibers a dull and cotton-like
                                                         character which makes Comprecord particularly pliable.

Advantages of Comprecord:

•   pliable structure
•   outstanding absorbency                                                                                 Airstream
•   easy to place in the sulcus
•   does not fray and shed fibres                                                                                         Leave the non impregnated        Remove Comprecord.
•   colour coded for easy distinction of sizes                                                                            cord for at least 5 minutes in   The sulcus is now wide open
                                                                                                                          the sulcus                       and ready for taking the

                                                                                                    Flat yarn

                                                                                                    Air texturised yarn

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