Senior Project: 100 Sample School Administration Driving Questions  by NLCP


									                                 North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS
 Senior Project: 100 Sample School Administration-based Driving Questions

Good Driving Questions

   are provocative;
   are open-ended, not close-ended;
   lead to argumentative claims/essays/presentations;
   are challenging; and
   are more specific than they are vague.

Educational Admin. Driving Questions:

1. What are the ingredients of a successful school?
2. Is detention an effective solution to discipline problems?
3. What makes a great teacher?
4. How can low-achieving schools best improve?
5. In what ways to school uniforms affect student performance?
6. Do school uniforms erode student self-expression?
7. Should public schools require parents to pay tuition?
8. Are school vouchers a good idea?
9. Would school vouchers help school become more competitive?
10. Should schools with a religious curriculum be eligible for public funding?
11. What does a mandatory ―moment of silence‖ in schools accomplish?
12. Should students be ―tracked‖ into honors or remedial classes?
13. How do students learn best—in homogenous or heterogeneous ability groups?
14. Should failing schools be shut down?
15. Why do students drop out of school?
16. How does teen parenthood affect a student’s academic career?
17. Should Facebook and other social media be used for instructional purposes?
18. Should teachers ―friend‖ students on Facebook?
19. Should students be disciplined for inappropriate online comments?
20. How can schools best utilize technology?
21. What causes students to fail?
22. Are student athletes more successful than non-athletes?
23. Should principals have more power to fire teachers?
24. What makes a school great?
25. How can a school’s architecture influence learning?
26. What is the best physical design for a 21st century school?
27. Do Smartboards really help students learn better?
28. Is technology necessary to educate today’s children?
29. Is homeschooling a good idea?
30. What should schools do to address gang violence?
31. Are metal detectors in schools a good idea?
32. Is online learning effective?
33. How can a school make students want to attend?
34. Are ACT scores a good predictor of college success?
35. Are ACT scores a good predictor of life success?
36. Are standardized tests important?
37. How should a principal be evaluated?
38. Do schools have enough money to do their jobs?
39. Should teachers be paid more?
40. Should students be paid for good grades?
41. What is the role of charter schools in today’s educational environment?
42. Should we have a national curriculum in America?
43. Should students be bussed into other neighborhoods to make our schools more racially
44. How long should a school day be?
45. Is year-long schooling a good approach?
46. Is teacher tenure a blessing or a curse?
47. Do strong teacher unions help students?
48. Should teachers be allowed to go on strike?
49. Is it wrong to hire non-union teachers?
50. Do teachers need to be certified to be effective?
51. Is school supposed to be fun?
52. Are most schools hostile to LGBTQ students?
53. Should schools be single sex ( e.g., all boys like Urban Prep, or all girls like Young Women’s
54. Should there be high schools just for freshmen and sophomores, and others just for juniors
    and seniors?
55. Where does a student’s right for freedom of expression stop?
56. Does the race of a teacher matter?
57. Should schools provide access to birth control and when should it start?
58. Should schools have an on campus health clinic?
59. What is the purpose of college?
60. What does it mean to be educated?
61. Should school funding be tied into property taxes?
62. What should schools do for students who are homeless or are bouncing from place to place?
63. What is the purpose of giving grades – do grades get in the way of student learning?
64. What level of hell houses senior project?
65. If a senior project fell in the forest, would anyone hear?
66. Is character or intelligence more important for academic success?
67. What will schools of the future look like?
68. How can a school’s physical space affect learning?
69. Should police officers be stationed in schools?
70. Who makes a better school administrator: former teachers or former businesspeople?
71. Is recess a waste of time?
72. Should students ever be promoted to a next grade even if they have failed?
73. Is online education effective?
74. Should teachers and their students text one another?
75. Which academic discipline is the most important to study?
76. Can large amounts of money fix failing schools?
77. How can bullying be stopped?
78. Is it ethical to kill animals for scientific study like dissection?
79. Does using calculators or dictionaries keep students from thinking for themselves?
80. Should all students speak standard academic English throughout the school day?
81. Should ―ebonics‖ be recognized as a language?
82. Is there anything wrong with having pop machines in schools?
83. Who is more responsible for student achievement: student, teacher, parent or administrator?
84. Should schools be financed primarily through property taxes?
85. Should prayer be allowed in public schools?
86. Is the trend towards year-long schooling good for our country’s children?
87. What country has the best education system in the world?
88. Should English Language Learners be separated from their English-speaking peers in special
89. Does bilingual education work?
90. Does bilingual education slow down the English-learning process?
91. How much homework should students have?
92. When should a student be expelled?
93. Is good handwriting important for students?
94. Is Google making us stupid?
95. How can schools serve special needs students without making them feel stigmatized?
96. Are one-to-one paraprofessionals worth the large expense?
97. Should home economic skills still be taught in high school?
98. Should students have unhealthy lunch options at school?
99. Do metal detectors in schools increase safety?
100.      Do small class sizes really contribute to better learning?

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