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									Training Leaders for 21st Century
Biotechnology: Joint GWU-MSU
      Educational Program
• Department of Microbiology, Immunology
  and Tropical Medicine, The George
  Washington University

• Department of Molecular Biology,
  Lomonosov Moscow State University
        Strengths and Weaknesses of Biology
            Education at GWU and MSU
                GWU                                         MSU

Strengths          Weaknesses               Strengths          Weaknesses

Comprehensive       Insufficient emphasis   A 5-year program    Lack of sufficient
lecture courses:    on teaching students    with early          instruction on data
cell and molecular how to solve technical   specialization;      presentation,
biology; suborga- problems in               detailed and         manuscript and
nismal and          experimental work       elaborate lecture    grant preparation
organismal biology;                         and laboratory
ecology and                                 courses; focus on
evolution                                   basic principles of
                                            experimental approaches
                   Goals of the Program

• To provide students and faculty at MSU and GWU with an
  opportunity to visit the partner institution to improve language skills,
  learn about educational and research approaches, participate in
  seminars and research activities

• To develop a method to reduce identified deficiencies in
  biotechnology education and preparation of students as independent
  researchers in US and Russian universities

• To test this method on a limited number of GWU and MSU students
   participating in this Program
                Activities in 2009-2010

1. Three MSU undergraduate students visited GWU

2. Dr. Bukrinsky visited MSU: meeting students, describing
   the program and opportunities

3. Drs. Bukrinsky and Silver to participate in the Program
   Directors Meeting at in Moscow (June 2010).

4. Two GWU undergraduate students to visit MSU for 2 weeks
   this July: language course and biotechnology practicum

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