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					       Weeklly Diigest of OPORA RUSSIA on 04..10-11..10 (2010)
       Week y D gest of OPORA RUSSIA on 04 10-11 10 (2010)

                               1._Events of the week

       Luzhkov claimed that he was not offered any posts after the retirement
       Mr. Yury Luzhkov, who was retired on September 28 from the post of the Mayor of
Moscow by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, said that he was not offered
any posts.
       Mr. Y. Luzhkov, governing in Moscow for more than 18 years, was retired by the
President Mr. Vladimir Putin due to loss of trust in him.
       Ex-mayor of Moscow denied the information that his was offered to become the head of
«Olimpstroy» or the chairman of the Federation Council, - it was written in New York Times
       «Nothing was offered. The main reason is that they consider me as a stranger», - said Mr.
Y. Luzhkov, answering to the question about new posts.
       According to Mr. Y. Luzhkov, his retirement is a truly political issue but not property.
«This is all about elections in 2011 and 2012», - said Mr. Y. Luzhkov.
.      In addition to that, the ex-mayor of Moscow is not going to challenge his dismissal in the
law court.

        The tax burden on business will increase by 2,3% in 2011
        The tax burden on Russian business will increase by 2,3% in 2011 and 3,6% in 2013
compared with the current year, - said the Finance Minister Mr. Alexey Kudrin during the
Federation Council on October 6, 2010 (Wednesday).
        The official website of upper chamber of the Russian parliament informs that Mr. Alexey
Kudrin presented his report during the parliament hearings of the Council of Federation
committee on budget devoted to «Socio-economic forecast on development of the Russian
Federation until 2013 and project’s parameters of the Federal budget in 2011 and on planned
period of 2012 and 2013 as well».
        "Taxes on business will grow by 2.3 percent in 2011 on the 2010 level and by an
additional 3.6 percent by 2013 burden," – said Mr. A. Kudrin at a session of the upper chamber
of the Russian parliament.
        Mr. A. Kudrin said the tax burden will largely rise due to the government-approved
increase in social security payments to 34% from the current 26% and due to the growth in
excise duties on gasoline, tobacco and alcohol. Increase of the severance tax on oil and gas will
also influence the current situation, added the Finance Minister.
        Earlier the prime-minister Mr. Vladimir Putin mentioned that increase of Tax burden will
be mitigated by number of measures, including decrease of transport tax and introduction of
preferential rates of insurance premiums for mass media and small innovative enterprises.
According to the prime-minister of the Russian Federation, government authorities will improve
the tax system, offering preferences to innovative business and companies, which implement
energy-efficient technologies.
        Information Portal of OPORA RUSSIA:

            8-2 Novaya Ploshchad street, Moscow, Russia 109012 phone (495) 660-21-11 ext. 222
                The Press-Office of OPORA RUSSIA www.
                               2. OPORA in news

        "The day of small and medium business" will be organized in Vladivostok
        Business-forum «The day of small and medium business» will be organized in the central
hall of Vladivostok’s administration building on October 5, 2010.
        This forum will be attended officials of local and regional authorities, non-profit
partnership «Primorsky krai Guarantee fund», OPORA RUSSIA, Promsvyazbank and
representatives of entrepreneurship and political communities, informed RIA «Vostok-Media».
        Participation in the following business-forum will allow entrepreneurs to acquire new
knowledge, find out about current federal and regional programs of small business’s support, get
information on financial tools, experience exchange and grow professionally in business sphere.

        "Nizhnovenergo" opens map of own capacities
        The Branch «Nizhnovenergo» JSC «IDGC of Center and Volga region» plans to present
officially a complete map of own capacities on October 6, 2010. The company tends to open
complete and detail information about transformers’ download in a convenient graphic format,
informs IA REGNUM.
        Prepared data-information should lead to establishment of transparent relationship
between investors and power engineers, and to optimize plan process and business development
on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod region.
        Deputies          of         Legislative         Assembly          of         Nizhny
Novgorod and the State Duma of Nizhny Novgorod, FAS officials, directors and members of
Nizhny Novgorod association of industrialists and entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce, union
of entrepreneurs «Delovaya Rossiya» and OPORA RUSSIA are invited to attend the event.
        IA REGNUM:

                               3. OPORA RUSSIA news

        The leading international experts will discuss commercialization and protection of
intellectual property on October 6-7, 2010
        The experts of European Economic Commission UNO, the all-Russian non-governmental
organization of small and medium business «OPORA RUSSIA» and USA Agency on patents
and trademarks will discuss the policy and programs on support of efficient use of intellectual
property rights in the innovation sphere and strengthening their protection on October 6-7 in
Moscow. Special attention will be paid to the international aspect in elaboration of these issues.
        Particular event will unite the leading politicians, experts and practitioners from the
national agencies on intellectual property, government ministries, research organizations,
innovative companies, trade associations, law firms and international organizations as well.
        The Committee on innovative entrepreneurship and intellectual property:

            8-2 Novaya Ploshchad street, Moscow, Russia 109012 phone (495) 660-21-11 ext. 222
                The Press-Office of OPORA RUSSIA www.
       SME problems in financial and insurance markets’ infrastructure
       The round-table on «SME problems in financial and insurance markets
infrastructure» will be held in Moscow business club «Sobranie» (3-6 Karetny ryad St.) on
October 14, 2010. The session begins at noon.
       The Commission of OPORA RUSSIA on insurance issues, the National Insurance Guild
and the National Association of Insurance Representatives.
       The session will be attended by representatives of professional community: independent
insurance agencies, companies – financial consultants, the all-Russian Insurance Association.

       The position of the federal government authorities will be presented as well: the Ministry
of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for Economic Development, the Federal
antimonopoly service, the Federal service for insurance supervision and Rospotrebnadzor.
       Among the topics discussed during the round-table are entrepreneurship problems in the
provision of intermediary services to financial institutes. Special attention will be paid to
customer retail financial services’ protection and the role of professional mediators in issues of
customer rights’ protection.
       Essential role for representatives of profile market plays discussion on improving the
process of reform legislation and prospects in self-government financial and insurance
       OPORA RUSSIA’s Information Portal:

        Experts and government officials will discuss funding issues and measures of small
and medium business’ support in the Republic of Bashkortostan on October 27, 2010
        «Small business. Funding and government support» conference will be held in Ufa, the
Republic of Bashkortostan on October 27, 2010. Event is organized under support of media-
holding «OPORA-CREDIT» and the all-Russian non-governmental organization of small and
medium business «OPORA RUSSIA». Main goal is to get familiar Chelyabinsk SME
representatives with current mechanisms of state support and other different tools of SME
        Following participants are invited to the conference: the President of the Republic of
Bashkortostan Mr. Rustem Khamitov, deputy Chairman of the Governmental commission on
SME development and the president of OPORA RUSSIA Mr. Sergey Borisov, deputy Prime-
minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan Mr. Yury Pustovgarov, the Chairmen of the state
committee on entrepreneurship and tourism Mr. Aidar Khalilov, the vice-president of OPORA
RUSSIA and Chairman of the board of Directors of «ANKOR BANK» Mr. Alexander
Brechalov, the chairman of the regional Department of OPORA RUSSIA Mr. Denis Musin, the
deputy board Chairman of JSC«The Russian bank for development» Mrs. Olga Teploukhova, the
Chairman of the board of directors at Delta Private Equity Mrs. Patritsia Kloerti, the investment
Director of Aurora Russian Limited Mr. Andrey Gurin, the board Chairman of non-profit
partnership «the National association of business-angels» Mr. Alexander Kashirin and others.
        The agenda of the day includes the plenary session «Program of SME support» and
discussion platform, devoted to the topic «Ways to attract money into business», with
participation of banks, leasing companies, factoring companies, microfinance centers, venture
funds and investment companies.
According to the general director of media-holding «OPORA-Credit» Mr. Andrey Kuznetsov,
«conference’s benefit is evident- every event is totally free for entrepreneurs». «WE develop
            8-2 Novaya Ploshchad street, Moscow, Russia 109012 phone (495) 660-21-11 ext. 222
                The Press-Office of OPORA RUSSIA www.
unique communication platform, providing an opportunity to all start-up and successful
businessmen to expand their social circle not only on regional but federal levels as well», - said
the general director of «OPORA-Credit».
         A solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the «Business Success -2010» contest on
the initiative of media-holding «OPORA-Credit» will be held during the Forum.
         For more detail information, please contact us by phone: +7 (495) 783 58 14, fax: +7
(495) 783 58 16,
         OPORA RUSSIA’s Information Portal:

        IT BREAKTHROUGH project is implementing in Russia
        New IT BREAKTHROUGH project has been launched in Russia and implemented
jointly by VPP «Edinaya Rossiya», the state corporation «Rostechnologii» and Softline
Company under the support of OPORA RUSSIA.

       The link to official website of the project -

        «The idea to launch particular project has been a goal of last several years. Russian
scientific schools and developments in IT technologies have always been the leaders in the
whole world. IT BREAKTHROUGH – a long-term project until 2020 with involvement of 11
million people», - was stated in the official letter to the project.
        Main goal of IT BREAKTHROUGH project is to raise a modernization waive in the
Russian information technology sphere.
        Our target is to reveal and support those who stands for IT-technologies, create
convenient conditions for their work and creativity on the territory of the Russian Federation.
        «Present political structure is a unique tool for Russian’s modernization. It has developed
course for innovations as a long-term mission of our country. Special attention is paid to
education: new innovative universities are founded. IT role is great in that simply because
economy modernization and technological development is impossible without specialists,
optimal mechanisms for implementation of innovative products and without computer literacy of
        First stage in project's implementation was a group of contests divided in three
categories: «IT-interest» for schoolchild, «IT-idea» for students and aspirants and «IT-
realization» for senior specialists.
        In order to join the IT BREAKTHROUGH project, please, register on our website
www.tvoystа and send us email from your personal page with description of the project.
The deadline for submission of application forms is September 20, 2010. Winners of the project
will be awarded and rendered an investment support.
        First stage of IT BREAKTHROUGH project will be over at the end of September, 2010.
        New stage of IT BREAKTHROUGH project is planned for the beginning October,

       The II Far East youth business-forum outlined the priorities for the work in
attraction of young generation in the entrepreneurship field of activity
       The II Far East youth business-forum was held in Khabarovsk krai on September 28-29,
2010. More than 300 deputies attended the forum.
       Main goal of business-forum was discussion of working areas in the federal district on
creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and innovative development of youth
potential. Among the main tasks of particular event: development of platform for establishment

            8-2 Novaya Ploshchad street, Moscow, Russia 109012 phone (495) 660-21-11 ext. 222
                The Press-Office of OPORA RUSSIA www.
of constructive dialog between young entrepreneurs, businessmen of the older generation,
organizations of SME support, scientists and power authorities.
        Welcoming delegation of the Forum, the governor of Khabarovsk krai Mr. Vyacheslav
Shport read the telegram with the Prime-minister’s Mr. Vladimir Putin message.
        The II Far East youth business-forum was attended by the chairman of Khabarovsk
regional Department of OPORA RUSSIA Mr. Sergey Mazunin. He informed about the key
activities of SME organization on the federal level and in the region. Among the present
priorities of OPORA RUSSIA is activity on establishing conditions for innovative and
investment SME development, specifically mentioned Mr. S. Mazunin.
        The program of the Forum was diverse in format and theme. Participants of the
conference had a chance to present their innovative and investment projects. In addition to that,
series of round-tables, study seminars and theme discussion were organized as well.
        Following the results of the Forum, a resolution was adopted. The central task of a
resolution is striving to create the conditions for youth entrepreneurship development and
implementation of innovative ideas and projects in Far East region. Final document of the event
includes number of recommendations and is addressed to all participants of profile sphere,
including both federal and municipal levels: deputies of the State Duma, The Russian

Government, boards and administrations, local self-government bodies of the Far East Federal
district and youth, starting their own business.

        Khabarovsk Regional Department of OPORA RUSSIA:

                               4. Regional news

        Novosibirsk fund of support for small business has helped entrepreneurs to get
loans amounting to 1,9 billion rubles since the beginning of a year
        SME of Novosibirsk region attracted loans at the total of 1,87 billion rubles during 9
months of 2010, informs the press-office of regional government.
        Novosibirsk fund of support for small business granted about 400 bails amounting to
1,178 billion rubles from the beginning of a year.
        In the spring, 2009, when the fund was established, a decision to grant 634 bails
amounting to 1,9 billion rubles was made. According to the fund’s information, total sum of
loans issued by banks under the fund’s bail is amounting to 3,06 billion rubles.

        An issue on small business’s tax exemption deserves a peer review – the deputy of
the State Duma
        The State Duma of the Russian Federation will consider reducing the tax burden on small
enterprises, founded in institutes, informs the deputy of the State Duma Mr. Vladimir Pligin
during the press-conference of «Interfax-Siberia» agency in Tomsk.
        "Number of proposals was made, concerning changes in legislation of small enterprises’
activity in institutes. These proposals will be furnished in writing, added by the Tomsk Duma in
the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and will react to that in certain way», - he mentioned.
        Mr. V. Pligin reminded that 500 enterprises have been already established in Russian
institutes; 49 of these enterprises are established in Tomsk institutes.
            8-2 Novaya Ploshchad street, Moscow, Russia 109012 phone (495) 660-21-11 ext. 222
                The Press-Office of OPORA RUSSIA www.
       The deputy of the State Duma does not exclude an opportunity of total small business’s
tax exemption.
       «These are tough mechanisms; it will be essentially important to estimate tax losses,
which appear in case if we really exempt all types of taxes (…). In my opinion, it deserves a peer
review», - concluded Mr. V. Pligin.

            8-2 Novaya Ploshchad street, Moscow, Russia 109012 phone (495) 660-21-11 ext. 222
                The Press-Office of OPORA RUSSIA www.

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