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									                         A series of Unfortunant Events
                               The Ersatz Elevator

By: Lemony Snicket

Genre: Fiction.

Pages: 259


       When I read this book I was hooked from the very beginning because
of Lemony Snickets writing style. He writes different than other authors
because it seems like he himself is talking to me. An example would be “The
book that you are holding in your two hands right now-assuming that you
are in fact holding this book and that you only have two hands-is one of the
two books in the world that will show you the difference between the word
nervous and “anxious.” Also the plot is easy to follow because it is
concentrated mainly on the orphans and doesn’t keep switching to other
things. The story does build up to a climax as Count Olaf is reavealed. The
ending is very interesting because the orphans reveal Olaf but he escapes
which tells you that there is or will be another book.


       The characters are very believable in this book because they have no
magic powers but the power of the mind. Violet has an inventors mind
which helps her think of inventions to save them in parts of the book. Klaus
is a researcher which also helps with the stuff in the book. Sunny is a bit
different. She has hard teeth that helped her clime a long wall that helped
with the story very much. The characters definently have real personalities
because they all act different. Sunny likes to bite stuff all the time. Klaus
likes to look stuff up and Violet likes to think and make new stuff. Count
Olaf just wants money though. Well the quagmire twins were still taken
away at the end so I feel bad for them but as long as Klaus.Sunny, and
Violet keep trying to find them I don’t feel bad for them. In the end the
good ones usually win. The relationship between characters is not too
realistic because they are so nice to eachother. Usually brother and sister
would fight a LOT.

      The language is appropriate for the audience it has so cursing or
anything and it matches with the book. When the author puts a hard word in
the book he explains it completely referring to the dictionary and more. It is
very descriptive and strangely interesting. The words put many pictures in
my mind like the one page that was pure darkness and on the next page he
explained that page fully. The pint size is normally large and the style is

                           AUTHOR’S PURPOSE

       The purpose of the story is to entertain the audience. It tells the story
of the Baudelaire children which are made up characters. The plot seems
very real though. The author is not really trying to send the reader a
message but simply to put large pictures into your mind. The author is very
creative and has his own way of explaining things. He says it in a very
mysterious but humerous way. The story does not leave me with issues to

                           PERSONAL OPINION

        I would rather buy a different book with my money than The Ersatz
Elevator. It would be a good book to keep for children to read. It is actually
a bit simple for people my age but explains a lot of unknown words so I
would recommend it. The book hasn’t changed me.

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