Tutor Contract by nuhman10


									                             TUTOR CONTRACT for ACADEMIC YEAR__________

    I understand and agree to the following conditions of employment in The Tutor Program:

1. I will complete the required College Reading, Learning Association (CRLA) certification training, which is not
   limited to, but includes reading the Tutor Training Manual, and being an active and positive participant in all
   workshops and area meetings.

2. I will tutor small groups of students for two hours per week (per group), with no guarantee a group
     will be assigned.

3. I will make all reasonable effort to contact my tutees within seven days of the assignment date to ensure they are
   involved in tutoring as soon as possible or to allow coordinator to adjust schedules if necessary. I will notify the
   Tutor Program immediately if contact cannot be made.

4. I will hold a First Meeting in Dunn Hall with each tutee to explain their contract and submit the document to the
   office. I understand that tutoring sessions may only be held in classrooms on campus and these classrooms are
   reserved through the Tutor Program secretary. For confidentiality reasons, meetings shall not be held in dorm
   rooms, apartments, student union, or library.

5. I will notify my tutees and the Tutor Program office at least 24 hours in advance of our meetings if I am not able to
   attend a session or need to reschedule.

6. I will give The Tutor Program a one-week notice if unable to continue tutoring, in order for students to be

7. I will maintain a working relationship with my tutees at all times. Intimate and social contacts are understood to be
   outside a working relationship, i.e. dating and/or drinking with students are not permitted unless the tutorial
   relationship is terminated.

8. I will maintain the confidentiality of my tutees' personal, academic and financial status.

9. I will prepare for each and every tutoring session and will include visual aids and creative activities in accordance
   with tutor training requirements.

10. I am responsible for providing documentation of student progress using the First Meeting
    Questionnaire and the Tutoring Progress Report, and must submit these with my completed payroll form,
    to the Tutor Program each payroll period (according to the payroll schedule).

11. I will notify the Tutor Program within 24 hours when there is a change in my tutoring groups or my schedule.

12. I will report tutees' missed sessions as they occur, by emailing the Tutor Program FirstClass email, as well as
    documenting the missed sessions on my payroll report form. In addition, I will also email when a tutee no longer
    needs tutorial services and the reason why.

13. I am responsible for the care of texts and supplies loaned to me and will return them at the end of each semester.
    I understand that tutors may not loan texts to tutees because it violates the agreement between the Tutor
    Program and publishing companies.

14. My continued employment is based upon: adhering to this contract, applying the learn-how-to-learn philosophy
    and following Tutor Program policies. It is also contingent upon maintaining an accumulative G.P.A. of at least
    2.5 and the availability of funding.

    Tutor ______________________ Supervisor____________________________Date __________

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