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					                                                     CITY OF SEASIDE
Councilor                                                                     Councilor
Ward 1                                                                        Ward 2

                                      JAY A.                                                                         TITA
                                      BARBER                                                                         MONTERO
                                      OCCUPATION: Retired                                                            OCCUPATION: Business &
                                      College President; Current                                                     Community Liaison, Tongue
                                      Seaside City Councilor                                                         Point Job Corps Center,
                                      BACKGROUND: President,                                                         OCCUPATIONAL
                                      Warner Pacific College;                                                        BACKGROUND: Owner/
                                      Director, Oregon Health                                                        Mgr, Montero Sisters
                                      Sciences University                                                            Fabrics, Seaside; 25 years
                                      Foundation; City Councilor,                                                    as Healthcare Administrator
                                      Mayor, Red Bluff, CA                                                           in Seattle
                               EDUCATIONAL                                                                     EDUCATIONAL
                               BACKGROUND: Warner                                                              BACKGROUND: Blanchet
                               Pacific College, BA, Educ/                                                      High, Seattle, 12, Diploma;
                               Psycho; University of San                                                       University of Washington,
Francisco, MA, Psychology; Anderson University, Doctor of                     Seattle, BA, Recreation Administration; University of
Laws, Honorary.                                                               Washington, Seattle, Masters, Library Science
PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Current City                                   PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: 5+ years on
Councilor, Seaside, OR; City Councilor, Mayor, Red Bluff, CA                  Seaside Promotions Committee

                                                                              I have been active in Seaside community affairs since I moved
Committed to the livability of Seaside through:                               here in 2002. I've been privileged to serve on the board of
•		Safety	and	Security                                                        the Seaside Downtown Development Association for 5 years
                                                                              and the Seaside Chamber board for 3 years - one of those
   –    Support of Law Enforcement                                            as President. I've been a member of and contributed to the
   –    Fire                                                                  Friends of the Seaside Library and the Seaside Museum &
                                                                              Historical Society. As a member of the Seaside Promotions
   –    Public Works                                                          Committee for 5+ years I worked to increase Seaside's main
                                                                              "industry" - tourism - while staying sensitive to the needs of
                                                                              the community.
•	 Neighborhood	Security	and	Livability
   –    Limitation and enforcement of Vacation Rentals                        No single person can make a difference without involving oth-
                                                                              ers or be supported without providing support to others.
   –    Dealing with derelict buildings, abandoned/non-
        running vehicles                                                      I promise what I know I can deliver: access, balance and
   –    Street Maintenance                                                    communication. I will be accessible; I will consider issues in a
                                                                              balanced fashion and I will provide thoughtful two-way com-
                                                                              munication to community members.
•	 Economic	Development
   –    Support Convention Center Expansion                                   Thank you for your support. I encourage your involvement.

   –    Business Development

•	 Youth	and	Senior	Citizens	Programs
   –    Parks & Recreation Development
   –    Cooperative work with Sunset Empire Parks &
        Recreation District

•	 Traffic	Issues
   –    Support of the Seaside Transportation Plan
   –    Gateway to the City Issues and Access

          (This information furnished by Jay A. Barber)                                    (This information furnished by Tita Montero)
The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.       The above information has not been verified for accuracy by the county.


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