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									           Applied Business Continuity       [ MACODRUM LIBRARY, CARLETON UNIVERSITY
                      Planning Course          21 APRIL TO 30 JUNE 2010 ]

An Exclusive Opportunity: Precision Security Consulting and the MacOdrum Library, Carleton University are pleased
to offer this Applied Course in Business Continuity Planning (BCP), including Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), to a
limited number of highly-motivated students and BCP practitioners who wish to hone their skills and increase their BCP
experience in a controlled, operational environment. Class size is limited to 13 students, which will ensure maximum
team interaction and learning opportunity. This course is designed to maximize the learning of the students based on a
practical setting.

           The BCP course students will experience both theoretical and applied learning in a highly-controlled operational
           They will be able to apply for course credit in Algonquin College’s Information System Security (ISS) and BCP
            post-graduate programs
           They will have the opportunity to challenge the examination1 to gain a professional certification in BCP from a
            reputable professional association (Disaster Recovery Institute [DRI]) based on the materials taught and practiced
           They will be able to include the completion of the BCP deliverable on their resumes, since they will be producing
            an actual, executable, “real world” BCP/DRP during the course
           Students will be invited to observe/participate in an actual Table Top Exercise (TTX) of the BCP that they have
            produced (to be scheduled in September 2010)

Your Instructors:
           Instructors are certified by the DRI in Business Continuity Planning
           Instructors are practicing security and BCP professionals
           Instructors have extensive experience in teaching government and private industry adult audiences in Information
            Security, BCP and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) at the community college and university levels, as well
            as in the provision of customized preparation courses for security-related professional certifications

Who Should Take this Course? This course is designed to assist in the professional development of:
           Personnel who are newly-appointed into BCP or DRP positions
           Emergency Management (EM) and Contingency Planning personnel
           Information Technology (IT) operations staff
           Information System (IS) Security personnel
           BCP, DRP and IS security consultants who wish to prepare to write the examination to become a Certified
            Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) under the auspices of the DRI

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. However, students are expected to arrive with a basic
knowledge of asset protection and security (AP&S) principles. Once registered, students will receive a preparation aide
memoire to ensure that they arrive on the course with the requisite AP&S knowledge.

    Hosted by the MacOdrum Library after the course.
        Applied Business Continuity      [ MACODRUM LIBRARY, CARLETON UNIVERSITY
                   Planning Course         21 APRIL TO 30 JUNE 2010 ]

Schedule: This schedule provides students with adequate time to:
             Assimilate the material for completion of the BCP and the supporting DRP
             Conduct the required group work
             Prepare to write the Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) from DRI examination should they so
              choose. The examination will be scheduled and hosted by MacOdrum Library at a time convenient to the
              majority of course participants

 Date         Class   Week         Day                              Topic                           Duration (hrs)
21 Apr         1        1      Wednesday        Course Introduction and Project Management                 3
28 Apr         2        2      Wednesday                      Mission Analysis                             3
05 May         3        3      Wednesday                       Risk Assessment                             3
08 May         4        3       Saturday                  Business Impact Analysis                         6
12 May         5        4      Wednesday                 Disaster Recovery Planning                        3
19 May         6        5      Wednesday                        BCP Strategies                             3
26 May         7        6      Wednesday                   Emergency Management                            3
29 May         8        6       Saturday                 BCP Program Maintenance                           6
 02 Jun        9        7      Wednesday                     Conduct of Exercises                          3
 16 Jun        10       8      Wednesday                 BCP and DRP Development                           3
 23 Jun        11       9      Wednesday             BCP and DRP Development contd.                        3
 26 Jun        12       9       Saturday             BCP and DRP Development contd.                        6
 30 Jun        13      10      Wednesday                        Presentations                              3
                                         Total Class Hours                                                48

Cost: This unprecedented training package represents a value of over $3,000 were it to be offered separately.
         Cost for this customized, applied course is $1,995 plus GST ($2,094.75)
         (Note that these costs do not include the cost of the DRI examination)

For more information or to register:
     John Coughlin at (613) 878-4374 or (primary)
     Wayne Boone at (613) 863-2993 or

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