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									                                       Culpeper County Public Schools
                                       Alternative Education Program

                    General Information
The alternative education program is housed in the Annex (the building between Culpeper High
and Culpeper Middle) and serves students who are referred to the program due to discipline
issues or specific issues identified by the school guidance director. This non-traditional setting is
designed to give these students the opportunity to refocus on school success and fosters an
atmosphere that encourages respect of the teacher and learner.

There are two (2) methods by which a student may be assigned to attend the Alternative
Education Program. One is a Discipline Hearing with the Discipline Hearing Officer placing the
student in alternative education. The other method is a request by the Guidance Director of
his/her home school.

DHO Information
1) If a student is being referred to alternative education through the Discipline Hearing Officer,
the Discipline Packet should be presented as the referral form along with the write up by the
presenting administrator. When available, the DHO write up should be forwarded to the
Coordinator of Alternative School. Students from the DHO will not be registered unless the
DHO packet is presented at the time of the registration.

Guidance Information
2) Referrals may be made by the Guidance Director of the home school. The following
information will be required from the Guidance Directors for students to be considered for
enrollment in alternative education. Prior to acceptance into the program, a letter will be
presented from the Coordinator of Alternative Education to the Director of Instruction requesting
approval of the change of educational placement. The Director of Instruction will make the final
decision as to whether a student will be admitted to the regular alternative education program
or the Pre-GED/GED program.

Contact Information
If you would like additional information about the alternative education program, contact
Barbara Brown at 825-2719 or The Pre-GED/GED program is a
component of the alternative education program. To learn more about the pre-GED/GED
program, please click here.

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