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									Student National Pharmaceutical

   "Liberating through Leadership. Empowering through
  Education. Achieving through Activism. Distinguished by
     History At-A-Glance
SNPhA was founded in 1972 on the campus
of Florida A&M University. Students from
Florida A&M University united with students
from Howard University, Texas Southern
University, and Xavier University to form a
student organization that would promote
service to minority populations within their
communities. Since 1972, SNPhA has grown
from 4 schools to 70 pharmacy schools to
  “Serving the Underserved”
SNPhA is an educational service association of
pharmacy students who are concerned about
pharmacy and healthcare related issues, and the
poor minority representation in pharmacy and
other health-related professions.

Purpose: plan, organize, coordinate and execute
programs geared toward the improvement for the
health, educational, and social environment of
the community
• To offer student members the opportunity to
  develop leadership and professional skills

• To educate students about and promote active
  participation in national health care issues

• To develop the role of the minority health
  professional as a vital member of the health
  care team

• To develop within communities a positive
  image of minority health professionals

• To educate communities on better health
  practices and to increase their
  awareness and understanding of

Locate your chapter

Currently 70
SNPhA chapters

          Local Chapters

name of

National Pharmaceutical Association
 The National Pharmaceutical Association
 (NPhA) is dedicated to representing the
 views and ideas of minority pharmacists on
 critical issues affecting health care and
 pharmacy; as well as advancing the
 standards of pharmaceutical care among all

       Membership Benefits
• Community service involvement
• Long-lasting network creation, and advancement
  in to NPhA organization
• Up to $50,000 in scholarship opportunities
• Hotel and car rental discounts
• Leadership and organizational development
• Career opportunities/guidance
• Regional and National Conventions
• The " Signatura" National Newsletter

          National Leadership
President                 Recording Secretary
  Leshawn Smith              Deborah Jackson
  University of Houston      Virginia Commonwealth
President-Elect              University
  Pejman Ahamdi           Financial Secretary
  California Northstate      Jenny Luo
  College of Pharmacy        University of Tennessee
Vice-President            Historian
  George Okpamen             Emmanuel Akinwole
  Texas Southern             University of So. California
       Regional Facilitators
Region 1                Region 3
Gayle Tuckett           Shirley Yu
Virginia Commonwealth   University of Illinois at
University                Chicago
                        Region 4
Region 2                Melvin Roberts, Jr
Jennifer Harris         Texas Southern University
University of North     Region 5
  Carolina              Ruth Awosika
                        University of So.
                        Project Chairs
Bridging the Gap                     Power to End Stroke
Louchard Lamothe                     Crystal Spencer
Auburn University - Mobile           Hampton University

Legislative Chair/Membership         Chronic Kidney Disease
Benefits                             Cynthia Perez
Alysha Robinson                      University of Houston
Hampton University
                                     Operation Immunization
Remember the Ribbon/ Operation       Dazhi Liu
Immunization                         University of Iowa
Onyebuchi Amaechi
University of the Incarnate Word
            National Office
Executive Director         Associate Director
Carmita Coleman            Ashish Patel
            Executive Assistant
              Elaine Anderson
                PO Box 1203
           Paintsville, KY 41240
              (609) 789 – 2940
National Initiatives

            Project Diabetes
SNPhA is in strong support of Diabetes as one of our clinical
initiatives. Diabetes currently effects 23.6 million adults and
children in the United States. Roughly 25% of these patients are
unaware of their condition. In addition to these staggering
statistics Medicare has shown that at least 1 out of every 4
adults (~ 57 million people) are living with pre-diabetes. SNPhA
has accepted the challenge to educate patients on disease state
management, lifestyle modifications, medication therapy, and
monitoring related to Diabetes.
  Remember the Ribbon
 National HIV/AIDS Initiative aimed at
   towards promoting awareness,
education, and prevention of HIV/AIDS
      within minority populations.
    Operation Immunization
     This program is an immunization
 awareness campaign designed to increase
       the public’s knowledge about
immunizations, while increasing the number
   of adults who receive immunizations.
 Chapters will be awarded points based on
  outreach events promoting awareness.
      Power to End Stroke
SNPhA has partnered with the American
Stroke Association (ASA) on the Power to
End Stroke/Smoking Cessation initiative.
Chapters will be awarded points based on
 outreach events promoting awareness.
This is a dual initiative focusing voting registration
   among underrepresented minorities and on
immigration issues affecting the nation. Chapters
  will be awarded points for any events such as
voting registration drives and citizenship drives or
          information distribution events.
     Upcoming Conferences
February 3-5, 2012
 Region 1 & 2 Conference
 Charlotte, NC (Hosted by Wingate University)
March 23-25, 2012
 Region 3, 4 & 5 Conference
 Cincinnati, OH (Hosted by University of
July 20-23, 2012
 National Conference
 Las Vegas, Nevada

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