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Innovate Learning Center’s Newsletter for Students and Families
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                                Spring 2011: Issue 4

   College Results Are in Early!             ledge/reasoning skills, it’s never too
                                             early to begin informally preparing
Innovate is pleased to announce that         for them.
Kristyn Jones and Connor McKhann
may already know where they’ll be            2011-2012        Register for
attending college after finishing high
school at Orange Lutheran. Both              Grades 8         See Enrichment
students have been accepted early            and under        Schedule
decision to prestigious universities
including SMU (Southern Methodist            Freshman         PSAT/Monarch
University), in Texas, (Jones) and                            Brainteasers
Duke University, in North Carolina,
(McKhann). Both Jones and                    Sophomore SAT/SAT Plus
McKhann underwent a comprehen-
sive ACT training class at Innovate,         Junior           SAT/SAT Plus
in addition to essay workshops
(taught by Mrs. Strickland) and col-         Senior           SAT/SAT Plus/ACT
lege counseling (administered by
Miss Kathy). Congratulations, Kris-          Due to the advanced subject areas
tyn and Connor! Your new universi-           covered by the ACT, it is not recom-
ties will be lucky to have you too.          mended that students enroll in the
                                             ACT program until they have com-
Test Prep: When Should I Begin?              pleted at least 75% of their high
             ○○●○○                           school’s curriculum.
If you wait until the night, or even the
week, before to study for your col-                          ACT v. SAT
                                                       Which test is right for me?
lege entrance test, then you might be
overlooking an opportunity to pre-           ACT                      SAT
pare yourself for, well, the rigors of       3 hours 25 minutes       3 hours 45 minutes
college. Studying for these tests can        Essay Optional           Essay Mandatory
help you, not only with the rigorous         Math (-Pre-Calc./Trig.) Math (-Alg. II)
college admissions process, but also         Science                  No Science
                                             Critical Reading         Critical Reading
with the skills that are expected of
                                             English (Grammar)        Writing (Grammar)
college students. Since the SAT and          *         **             *         **
the ACT are both designed to test a          *Accepted by All Major Colleges/Universities
broad range of students’ know-               **ACT or SAT is required for consideration to
                                             the UC system and for most private colleges.

             ○○●○○                                      Teacher Spotlight
                                                What makes Innovate different from
Please join Innovate in welcoming               other learning centers is our com-
Mr. Campanelli to our staff. Mr.                mitment to personalized education.
Campanelli currently teaches at Troy            Innovate students know that they are
High School, which, in addition to its          their teachers’ number one priority,
national blue ribbon status, is also a          while Innovate curriculum is de-
technology magnet school. Mr.                   signed to address each student’s
Campanelli earned his masters of                particular strengths and weak-
mathematics and teaching credential             nesses. We believe in a hands-on
at CSUF and currently teaches foun-             approach to learning that includes
dations of algebra through pre-                 risk-taking and discovery. Learning
calculus at Innovate. Colleagues                is not a passive state or an accumu-
describe Mr. C as “creative” and                lation of the knowledge gained from
“animated” about math!                          completing worksheets. Learning is
        High Quality Enrichment                 supposed to be fun, challenging, and
        Education for all Levels…               ultimately, self-rewarding!

                                                          SAT Vocabulary
           TWINKLE Program
            25 minutes sessions                 lithe – (lythe) adj. bending easily and
            Weekdays 2:30-3:00                  gracefully
Classes are designed to supplement pre-
school instruction with individual attention.   “The gymnast was so lithe that she
                                                dismounted without a sound.”
        One-on-one FUN Sessions
                                                Ostentatious - (ahs ten TAY shus)
        Print Awareness
                                                adj. flaunting wealth, pretentious,
        Phonics & Reading                      showing off
        Fine Motor Skills
        Number Awareness                       “Jane’s mother told her the gown
                                                was too ostentatious for her to wear
             STAR Program                       to the party.”
            50 minute sessions
            Weekdays 3:00-6:00
                                                 Trouble Getting an Appointment
Classes are designed to promote confidence       with a High School Counselor?
and skills (Levels K-5) with an emphasis on
Language Arts, Math, or both.                   High school counselors can
                                                represent up to 500 students, so
        Language Acquisition                   sometimes it may be difficult to get a
        Math and Logic                         timely appointment, whether it be to
        Creativity & Spatial                   discuss financial aid, to ask ques-
        Science and Technology                 tions about which schools are “a
        Writing & Grammar                      good fit,” or to learn more about the
                                                application process, including the
                                                personal statement. Innovate is
                                                pleased to offer one hour appoint-
                                                ments with Miss Kathy. Miss Kathy is
        What Makes Us Different                 a credentialed counselor with a Mas-
                                                ter’s Degree in Educational Counsel-
ing. She is also passionate about
helping students!                                             About Us

   We’d like To Hear from You:                                  Address
     Parents & Guardians!
                                                  6509 E. Serrano Ave. Ste. A
                                                   Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
As a parent, you play the most signif-
icant role in your child’s future aca-
demic success, followed by teachers
and peers. We’d like to talk to you                 Mon-Thurs. 10AM – 6PM
about improving our programs.                          Sat. 9 AM - 3PM
What classes or schedules would
you like to see us offer that aren’t                         Contact Us:
currently available? Remember, it’s
our priority to provide the scheduling            Ph. (714) 998-7384
that your family needs, so don’t feel
intimidated if a particular class or
schedule isn’t available to meet your
needs. Come talk to us! We’re here
                                          Help to make classes even more
to help. 

                                                  Early Enrollment No Registration
                                                  Multiple Enrollment10%
                                                  Multiple Sibling 10%
                                                  Serrano Center 10%
                                         Discounts may be combined for a total sav-
                                         ings of up to 15%.


                                                        Have a great day!
We promise to return your call or                       The Strickland Family
email promptly with the information                     & Innovate Staff 
that you have requested. We look
forward to meeting you and answer-       ----------------------------------------------------------
ing any further questions that you
might have. We’re happy to provide
you with a referral from a family from
yours or a neighboring school.
                     Innovate Learning Center
                                      6509 E. Serrano Ave. Suite A
                                       Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
                        Call (714) 998-7384 or visit
                                     Summer Schedule
                         The early enrollment deadline is Saturday, March 26th.

                TEST PREP                                              MATH ENRICHMENT

                                                         Magic Numbers (Gr. 4+)            T, TH: 3:15-4:00
                     SAT PREP                            Puzzle Masters (Pre-Alg.)         T, TH: 2:15-3:00
        Critical Reading & Vocabulary                   Brainteasers (Alg./Geo.)          MW Only: 2:45-3:45
        Writing & Essay
        Mathematics                                                     LANGUAGE ARTS
        Diagnostic Test
        Full-length Practice Tests                                   BOOKWORM Program
        Essay Scoring and Comments                             Reading Comprehension (plot, character,
        Includes T-shirt & Study Materials                      inferencing, sequencing)
                                                                Vocabulary Enrichment
One Month AM: MTW 9:00-12:30                                    Essay writing
June 27th – July 27th (9 Classes + 5 Tests)*                    Grammar
                                                                Oral Presentation
Flexible Weekend: 4:00-7:30 + 12:00-3:30
July 2nd/Open Enrollment (4 Classes + 4
                                                         Caterpillar (Grades: 4-6) T, TH: 2:15-3:00
                                                         Chrysalis (Grades: 6-8) T, TH: 1:00-2:00
                                                         Butterfly (Grades: 8-9) T, TH: 1:00-2:00
SAT Plus: MW: 1:00-2:30PM
                                                         Monarch/SAT Plus (Grades: 9 and up) MW: 1-2:30
Includes additional weekly practice in critical
reading, vocabulary enrichment, essay writing,           *All Bookworm classes include two books, a binder with
and grammar. To be taken in addition to the AM           dividers and customized curriculum, plus a unique Innovate
SAT.                                                     t-shirt.

PSAT (Freshman Only): M: 1:00-2:30 & W:                               Summer 2011: Reading List
9:00-2:30                                                The Cricket in Times Square
                                                         The Homework Machine
*Holiday: July 4th
                                                         20,000 Leagues under the Sea
ACT Classes available beginning August 1st               Bridge to Terabithia
                                                         The Sea of Trolls
Innovate Learning Center is ranked 5 out of
                                                         Leonardo’s Shadow
5 by students, teachers, and parents for                 The Mismeasure of Man
“personalized attention.”                                The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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