Division of Academic Affairs by yantingting


									Annual Report, 2005-2006

Department/Division:     Academic Affairs

Part I-SP, Summary Report on Status of Strategic Planning Goals/Objectives

                                      Status of Goal                                                                             Assessment
                              a                                                                b                                             c
   Strategic Goal/Objective              Not         In                             Comments                                     Information
                                  Met    met     progress                                                                       (if applicable)

Faculty Recruitment,
Development, and

Position hiring plans to           X                           CAS reallocated one line in the arts to social science      Tracking Enrollment
maximize faculty resources in                                   based on FTE patterns. Proposing director of critical       growth by position
line with planning and to                                       languages in combination with grant funding.                and location. Where
support additional new                                          Investigating move of CS position to Math to reflect        positions have been
positions in key growth areas.                                  FTE patterns.                                               implemented.
                                                             COPS has completed hires and is finalizing screening          Program growth has
                                                                for positions to resource programmatic growth in the        been documented.
                                                                MSA, hospitality, health education, and legal studies.      Goal to be modified to
                                                             Library redesigned Electronic Resources position to           track enrollment
                                                                Library Digital and Learning Technologies in line with      growth plan
                                                                increased digital access and delivery of information.       developed by deans.
Conduct a review of all faculty             X       X        Incomplete with transition in CUTLA directors. Will           Goal to be continued
development programs, and                                       carry forward to 2006-2007 goals.                           under new director.
assess needs for programs                                    Some current activities:
that meet the varied needs of                                    Faculty Development Series in COPS attended by
faculty and adjunct faculty.                                         faculty from all colleges. Specific attention was
                                                                     made to integrate Emerald Coast faculty.
                                                                 The Colleges have launched all-campus chair
Design a recruitment plan to                        X       Focused on research and planning strategies that should         Goal continued.
increase the diversity of the                               result in:
faculty.                                                     Assessment of where we are in terms of minority
                                                                faculty hires and retention (i.e. promotion/tenure);
                                                             Identification of approach to increasing faculty diversity;
                                                             Administrative enforcement/reward(s)/sanctions);

                                            Design for retention support; and d) Evaluation of
Initiate a joint Academic            X   Task Force work is in progress with completion anticipated      Goal to be focused on
Affairs-Faculty Senate task              in 2006-2007. Review of recommendations will follow.            review of
force on tenure and promotion,                                                                           recommendations
and begin review of the                                                                                  and development of
recommendations of that body                                                                             revised criteria and
for implementation                                                                                       guidelines for campus

Undergraduate Enrollment
and Student Support

Increase enrollment at           X          Increase (extended and online): 17.8% over prior year       Data analysis
extended campuses by 15%.                   Several strategies to increase enrollment and retention     indicates that an
                                             at extended campuses and through distance delivery.         enrollment shift
                                              More direct student contact.                              appears to be
                                              Increased recruiting visits.                              occurring from on site
                                              Exploring new formats and uses of technology for          enrollment to distance
                                                 course delivery.                                        enrollment. Large
                                              Improved coordination and marketing with military         increases in distance
                                                 sites.                                                  delivery and some
                                              Expanded events and improved student support              decreases on
                                                 services                                                campus-based
                                              Working on financial aid consortia to improve ease        enrollment being
                                                 of movement between community colleges and              reviewed.
Continue to develop              X          Monthly enrollment update meetings in November with         Collaboration will be
collaborative working                        Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, and Associate         monitored.
relationships between student                Deans (expanding to additional areas).                      Continuing goal not
affairs and                                 Director of Admissions has presented an overview of         necessary.
academic affairs in such areas               the Admissions Office, recruiting strategies, etc. to the
as pre-admission and pre-                    Housing staff.
enrollment activities,                      Dean of Students met with the recruiting staff to
orientation and retention                    present information on leadership programs at UWF.
activities, and learning                    Provided financial aid training to orientation leaders.
opportunities.                              Second year of Argo A.D.V.I.S.E. training including
                                             participation from Student Affairs staff.
                                            Constant communication between Director of
                                             Admissions and Director of Orientation.

                                               Director of Admissions and Director of Financial Aid
                                                serve on Orientation Steering Committee.
                                             Joint Admissions and Student Affairs workshop is
                                                being planned for June.
                                             Joint leaderships of the Quality Enhancement Plan.
Revise student recruitment              X   Selected Strategies                                             Recruitment plan to
plan with particular attention to                New family of recruiting brochures.                       be updated in
meeting the needs of                             Increased recruiting in the Panhandle and                 response to first
underserved and                                      Alabama.                                               generation funding,
underrepresented groups and                      Financial Aid workshops at area high schools and          recommendations of
to developing plans to meet                          churches.                                              marketing consultant,
the varied                                       Implementing a high-achieving, underrepresented           and enrollment plan
needs of FWB, Pensacola, and                         scholars initiative for entering freshmen.             developed by deans.
online education.                                More telecounseling with applicants, especially
                                                     after admitted.
                                                 eCRUIT and EYOP from GoalQuest are being fully
                                                 Purchasing more names from ACT and College
Implement Undergraduate             X       First round of funding allocated to projects in spring          Tracking of outcomes
Research program.                           semester.                                                       to be initiated.

Improve and/or develop                  X      Agreement on the general framework for AF/GS.               Assessment results
governance procedures for                      Developed assessment strategies providing                   reported in
Academic Foundations/                           comprehensive coverage of the ALC domains.                  Department annual
General Studies focused on                     Dialogue initiated with Chair of Academic Council and       reports.
program quality, accountability,                Senate President, with anticipated review of General
coherence, and visibility.                      Studies Committee membership and charter.

Use technology continuously to      X          Academic Technology Center Online Campus:                   Goal met for this
develop and improve                              Creating an electronic student support center for         year, but it is one that
processes and methods of                            fully online students using our new CRM tool.           is on-going, since
delivering enrollment and                        "eMinder" for students who need a reminder when           new technology
academic support services.                          it is time to register for classes, complete TA or VA   applications change
                                                    paperwork, register for graduation, etc.                in cost and
                                                 Conducting a trial of a Student Support Tool for          availability.
                                                    Online Learners called READI to assess student
                                                    strengths and weaknesses before taking online
                                                    courses at UWF.
                                               Library:

                                                6 new electronic database resources: MathSci
                                                 Net; Grove Music Online; Grove Art Online;
                                                 Cabell’s Business Directory; Cabell’s Psychology
                                                 Directory; Classical Music Library.
                                              Online Historic New York Times (full-text 1851-
                                              49 new public pc workstations to replace and add
                                                 to public workstation capacity.
                                              new Cold Fusion server for greater information
                                                 system speed and efficiency.
                                              digitized unique photographic research collections
                                                 (e.g., Bell Collection of glass plate negatives of
                                            COPS piloting use of Breeze software for multi-site
                                             enriched instruction, and iPod university collaboration
                                             through iPod instruction and delivery of recorded
                                             lectures through iTunes.
                                            Added technology system and connectivity to main
                                             theatre to support selective use for large classes.

Graduate Enrollment and
Student Support

Implement an Office of           X       Located in Building 53.
Graduate Studies to oversee
coordination of graduate

Develop a recruitment plan for       X      Conducting a market analysis of graduate programs.        Needs to be
graduate education.                         Identifying tuition remission strategies to improve       developed in concert
                                             recruitment.                                              with the strategies
                                            Identifying strong graduate programs with national and    outlined by deans
                                             regional potential.                                       enrollment plan.
                                            Improved resources made available for web advertising
                                             of programs and brochure development.

Review graduate stipends and     X       Standardized competitive funding for current assistantships   Tracking of
past funding and develop a               and added new assistantships which are being allocated        enrollments and
model for setting stipends               for use next year. Implemented research assistantships.       allocations of

for assistantships and                                                                                assistantships with
allocating funds to colleges                                                                          enrollment is
and/or programs.                                                                                      essential.

Improve and/or develop               X      Exploring appropriate advisory committee structure for
effective governance                         graduate education.
processes for graduate                      Revising Thesis and Dissertation Guide.
education focused on program                  Implementing procedure for submitting electronic
quality, accountability,                         theses and dissertations.
coherence, and visibility.                    Working with deans and department chairs to
                                                 improve graduate admission and retention
                                              Dialogue initiated with Chair of Academic Council
                                                 and Senate President, with anticipated review of
                                                 Graduate Committee membership and charter.

Use technology continuously to   X              New format guidelines for submission of Electronic   Goal met for this
develop and improve                              Theses and Dissertations (ETDs).                     year, but it is one that
processes and methods of                      Academic Technology Center:                            is on-going, since
delivering enrollment and                   Testing a web-based inquiry tool as part of the Online   new technology
academic support services.                   Student's Support Center. Beginning with the MSA         applications change
                                             during Summer 2006.                                      in cost and

    Research and Grants

Establish baseline data          X   X      2004-2005 Baseline established:                          Revise goal to
(without FIHMC projects) and                    Applications: 178 for $29.7 million                   increase both grants
increase the number of grant                    Awards: 118 for $10.7 million                         and applications by
applications by 15% and the                 2005-2006 Target                                         10% in 2006-2007.
total of grants and contracts                   Applications: 205
awards by 10%.                                  Awards: $11.7 million
                                            2005-2006 Year to date (May 31, 2006):
                                                Applications: 197 for $26.9 million (10.7%)
                                                Awards: 138 for $12.3 million (15%)

Implement approved               X       Implementation begun; will need to make sure all             Track impact of
recommendations of                       departments are aware of the opportunities.                  recommendations on
Sponsored Research Advisory                                                                           increased research

Committee                                                                                                     and grant activity.
(SRAC) report on research

Complete the revision of and         X       Task force in development by Executive Vice President
implement new intellectual                   and Specials Issues Committee Chair of the Senate.
property policy for elearning.

Investigate additional           X              Faculty who have completed QEP Projects encouraged           Goal to be continued
strategies to enhance and                        to use as the basis for further scholarly work.              with emphasis on
promote faculty                                 ATC hosting a Summer Institute to promote faculty            promotion of
research/scholarship/ creative                   research in the use of innovative technologies for           opportunities for
activity.                                        delivering online learning. Approach is from an R&D          junior faculty and
                                                 perspective that will lead to additional opportunities for   recognition of senior
                                                 UWF funding in the future through a variety of federal       faculty.
                                                Undergraduate research program can engage students
                                                 in faculty research.
                                                Sponsored Programs and Research:
                                                  Working with new faculty to help them establish
                                                      research agenda.
                                                  Offering grant writing workshops throughout the
                                                  Providing incentives to faculty to encourage them
                                                      to write grants.
                                                  Implemented new faculty awards for outstanding
                                                      scholarship and grant productivity.
                                                  Initiated annual research celebration.

Revise university conflict of            X   Policy revision is in process. Faculty/administrative
interest policy to comply with               committee is reviewing federal guidelines and exemplary
federal requirements and to                  policies at other universities.
provide a process to remediate
potential conflicts.


Initiate a joint academic and    X           Task force has been initiated and should come forward            Goal should be
student affairs task force to                with recommendations in 2006-2007. Preliminary                   revised to focus on
address approaches to                        recommendations on honor code and Academic                       implementation of

promoting understanding and               Misconduct Policy and Procedures have been completed.         recommendations
values of ethics and integrity                                                                          coming from the task
and begin to implement                                                                                  force.

Continue the planning and         X          Academic Leadership Fellowship program initiated with     Evaluate program
implementation of academic                    first five fellows selected for 2006-2007.                outcomes to
leadership programming.                      COPS, CAS and COB Deans have led the                      determine future
                                              development of all-chairs retreats/meetings.              plans.


Revise academic program           X          Completed and submitted to the Chancellor’s office.
review calendar to reflect a
seven-year cycle.

Complete program reviews for      X          In progress and on schedule for completion by the end     Update with new goal
Computer/Information Science,                 of the 2005-2006 academic year (AY).                      for reviews in 2006-
Psychology,                                   Computer/Information Science and History program          2007.
Anthropology/Social Sciences,                 reviews have been rescheduled for 2006-2007 AY
Political Science/ Government,                completion and this is reflected in the revised 7-year
International Relations, Art,                 cycle Academic Program Review Calendar.
Music, and History, as well as
for the Archaeology Institute,
Linkage, and Florida-Japan

Fully implement one first cycle   X          Data collection is underway in nearly all undergraduate   New goal to make
of Academic Learning                          programs. Exceptions are where the program itself is      sure all plans are
Compacts in undergraduate                     in need of repair (e.g., interdisciplinary                being implemented
majors and begin phase in of                  humanities/social science).                               and action is taken on
General Studies and Graduate                 Grad Academic Learning Plans were due March 15            results.
Program Assessment.                           with assessment plans to following.
                                             Gen Ed/Academic Foundations scheduled for data
                                              collection in the fall.
Develop learning outcomes             X      Each college has developed graduate outcomes for its
and assessment plans using                    programs and the programs are working on
the learning compact model                    assessment planning.

for all graduate programs.

Develop an approach to data                          X           A standard data set for program review has been             Continue.
collection and management as                                      requested of Institutional Research.
part of a transition to a more                                   A deans’ council workshop on data needs in Academic
comprehensive system.                                             Affairs will be held during the summer with participation
                                                                  from Institutional Research.
Conduct a benchmarking study                         X           Process developed with anticipated completion by fall,      Goal to consider and
of Enrollment Services.                                           2006.                                                       implement
                                                                                                                              from review.
Implement a management             X                             Management review completed with report in final            Goal to consider and
review of Research and                                            stages.                                                     implement
Sponsored Programs.                                                                                                           recommendations
                                                                                                                              from review.
Take all necessary steps to                          X           UWF notified of reaffirmation of accreditation on
achieve continued                                                 December 2005. UWF team, led by Barbara Lyman,
accreditation from SACS.                                          is preparing a required follow-up Monitoring Report due
                                                                  to SACS September 6, 2006.
  From unit’s 2005-2006 strategic plan. Add lines as necessary.
  For example, planned modification of goal/objective.
  Data/information used to determine goal/objective status.
Annual Report, 2005-2006

Department/Division:   ___Academic Affairs_______

Part II-A, Major Unit Accomplishments and Changes in Programs and Services

    I. Promote learning and living environments that encourage the development of individual potential
       in students, faculty, and staff.

           A. The University of West Florida accreditation was reaffirmed through 2015 by the
              Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools at its
              December, 2005 meeting.

           B. Students in the College of Business performed at the 80th percentile nationally on the
              ETS Major Field Test in Business in Fall 2005 and the 79th percentile nationally in Spring

    II. Attract and inspire a diverse and talented student body committed to uncompromising academic

           A. Graduation rates and retention rates of students of color are comparable to those of
              majority students, and graduation rates of African American students are higher than
              most comparable institutions.

           B. A new competitive undergraduate research program was implemented.

   III. Provide solutions to address educational, cultural, economic, and environmental concerns

           A. The Combs campus, joint with the Okaloosa School District, was leased and renovations
              begun, with programs now being offered at this site.

           B. The College of Professional Studies successfully launched the new MSA and developed
              new tracks in leadership and procurement and successfully launched the Sports
              Management programs.

           C. The Florida Public Archaeology Network completed its first full year of operations, and
              the Archaeology Institute was funded with a $1.2 million recurring allocation from the

           D. The campuses east of Santa Rosa county were renamed UWF-Emerald Coast, and
              UWF-Emerald Coast and Outreach, the top legislative budget request priority, received a
              $2.2 non-recurring allocation from the legislature.

           E. Significant growth in online courses and programs and federal support for mobile
              distance learning (earmark) demonstrate the high quality and effectiveness of the
              Academic Technology Center.

           F. The recommendations of the Sponsored Research Advisory Committee to enhance the
              support for funded research were implemented. Funded research at UWF grew from
              $10.7 million to $12.3 million (with FIHMC funding not included), an increase in 15%.

IV. Manage growth and development responsibly through focus on continuous quality improvement
    of programs and processes

        A. The University of West Florida took state-wide leadership in implementing Academic
           Learning Compacts and the first round of data collection for undergraduate programs has
           been completed.

Annual Report, 2005-2006

Department/Division:    _Academic Affairs        __________

Part II-B, Distinguished Individual (Faculty, Staff, and Student) Accomplishments

    A.    Faculty

          Distinguished Teaching Award
              Arts and Sciences
               Athena du Pré, Associate Professor, Communication Arts
               Hedi Salanki-Rubardt, Associate Professor, Music (At-Large)

               Scott Keller, Associate Professor, Marketing & Economics
               Allen J. Frank, Instructor, Accounting & Finance (Hall of Fame)

              Professional Studies
               Laura Tissington, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
               Xu Di, Professor, Graduate Education (Hall of Fame)

          Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Advising Award
             Arts and Sciences
              Sikha Bagui, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
              Mickie Zoulek, Advisor and Instructor, University Advising Center

              Professional Studies
               Valeria Steen-Ashanti, Advisor and Instructor, College of Professional Studies

          Librarianship Incentive Program
               Caroline Thompson, Librarian, University Libraries

          Sabbatical Leave, 2005-2006
             Arts and Sciences
              Raid Amin, Mathematics and Statistics, Fall 2005
              Rosemary Hays-Thomas, Psychology, 2005-2006 Academic Year
              Terry Prewitt, Anthropology, Spring 2006
              Edward Rodgers, Computer Science, Spring 2006
              Marylou Ruud, History, Spring 2006

               Gayle Baugh, Management, Spring 2006
               William Carper, Management/MIS, Fall 2005
               Joseph Donelan, Accounting and Finance, Spring 2006
               Greg Martin, Marketing and Economics, 2005-06 Academic Year

            Professional Studies
              Petra Schuler, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, Fall 2005

         Professional Development Leave, 2005-06
             Arts and Sciences
               Laura White, Computer Science, 2006-07 Academic Year

         Teaching Incentive Program
            Arts and Sciences
              Nicholas Power, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies

        Douglas Scott, Lecturer, Communication Arts
        Susan Walch, Associate Professor, Psychology

    Professional Studies
      Kimberly Tatum, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

University Scholarly and Creative Activities
      Frank Andrasik, Professor, Psychology
      Steven Kass, Associate Professor, Psychology

Distinguished Research Awards
       Philip Darby, Associate Professor, Biology
       Richard Snyder, Associate Professor, CEDB

Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee Faculty Grants (SCAC)
      Dr. John Alvis, Department of Government, Leadership and Reform: Herbert Croly and
         the Progressive Critique of the American Political Tradition
      Dr. Frank Andrasik, Psychology Department, Development of Behavioral Treatments for
         Blacks who are Hypertensive
      Dr. Wayne Bennett, Biology Department, Influence of Human Activity on Distribution
         and Feeding Behavior of Asian Water Monitor (Varanus salvator) populations on Hoga
         Island, Sulewesi Indonesia
      Dr. Barry Bitters, Environmental Studies, Developing Enhanced Vegetation Displays in
         Virtual Environments
      Dr. Hui-Min Chung, Biology Department, Understanding the Role of Nicastrin Proteinin
         Neural Cell Health
      Dr. Matthew J. Claven, History Department, Toussaint Louverture and th Haitian
         Revolution: Symbolism and Subversion in the American Civil War
      Dr. Ludmila Cosio-Lima, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, Women, Heart, Body,
         and Soul
      Dr. Jocelyn Jones Evans, Department of Government, Congress Under Attack:
         Examining the Impact of Terrorism on the U.S. Congress
      Dr. Chris Houser, Environmental Studies, Relative Velocity of Seagrass in Combined
         Current-Wave Flows
      Dr. Christina Nguyen Hung, Art Department, The Sunshine Girls
      Dr. Wade H. Jeffrey, Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation,
         Interactions Between Nutrient Availability and the Response to Ultraviolet Radiation in
         Marine Bacterioplankton
      Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, Mathematics and Statistics, Completing Partial Latin Squares
      Dr. Samuel R. Mathews, Psychology Department, Differences Among Middle and Late
         Adolescents and Young Adults in the Domains, Structure, and Emotional Reactions to
         Everyday Problems
      Dr. Glenda Mayo, Division of Engineering and Computer Technology, Application of
         Statewide Florida Building Code Training Utilizing a Virtual Construction Video Library:
         Delivery through iPod, Video, Webcast, and On-line Modules
      Dr. Chandra S. Prayaga, Physics Department, 3-Day Workshop on Lasers and
         Holography for High School Students
      Dr. Karen Rasmussen, Division of Engineering and Computer Technology, Trip to Visit
         Research Facility for Collaboration
      Dr. Robert J. Rotunda, Psychology Department, Compulsive Buying: A Study in
         Personality, Co-Morbidity, Classification and Etiology
      Dr. Phillip E. Ryals, Biology Department, Production of Novel Phosphoinositides in
      Dr. Petra Schuler, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, Immune Response to Acute
         Exercise in Type-2 Diabetics

    Dr. Matthew Schwartz, Environmental Studies Department, Estuarine Sampling for
     Groundwater Discharge Assessment and Field Survey
    Dr. Diane Scott, Division of Social Work, Evaluation of a Mentor Model for Effects on
     Retention of Child Welfare Workers
    Dr. Bassam R. Shaer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concurrent Pseudo-
     Exhaustive Testing of VLSI Circuits
    Dr. John R. Todorovich, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, The Development of a
     Cross-Cultural Instrument to Assess North American and Finnish Pupils' Trichotomous
     Achievement Goal Orientations
    Dr. John Waldron, Environmental Studies, Interactions Between Vegetation Dynamics
     and Dune Re-development on Barrier Islands
    Dr. June Wei, Management/MIS, Development of an Information Security Assessment
     Model for E-Healthcare
    Ms. Julie Ann Stuart Williams, Management/Mis, Exploration of Patient Non-attendance
     for Physical Therapy
    Dr. Peggy A. Winter, Biology Department, Virus Infection in Local Brown Seaweeds and
     Seaweed Identification

University Summer Research Awards
  Dr. Raid Amin, Mathematics & Statistics Department
     Evaluation of Multivariate Variability Control Charts
  Dr. William S. Belko, History Department
     West Florida’s Logging Heritage Study and Route
  Dr. Hui-Min Chung, Biology Department
     Understanding the Role of Nicastrin Protein in Neural Cell Health
  Dr. John W. Coffey, Computer Science Department
     Fostering Interest in Computer Science in High Schools: A Community Outreach
  Dr. Dennis Edwards, Computer Science Department
     Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis to Facilitate Feature Location
  Dr. Jacalyn M. Huband, Computer Science Department
     Establishment of a Cluster Analysis Lab for Data Mining
  Dr. Mohamed A. Khabou, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
     A System for Indexing and Retrieving Historical Documents
  Dr. Joe Eugene Lepo, Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation
     Host Range of the Helicobacter pylori, a Human-Pathogenic Bacterium that Causes
     Gastric and Peptic-Ulcers
  Dr. Gary Reglin, Division of Graduate Education
     Case Study Investigation of School Involvement of Parents at Low-Performing Urban
     Elementary Schools
  Dr. Robert J. Rotunda, Psychology Department
     Development and Evaluation of a Disaster Psychology Training Program for Graduate
     Students in the Helping Professions
  Dr. Petra B. Schuler, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science
     Exercise and Antibody Production in Older Diabetics
  Dr. Matthew Charles Schwartz, Environmental Studies
     Identifying Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in Escambia Bay
  Dr. Sharon Simmons, Computer Science Department
     Security Enhancement for Distributed Agent Software
  Dr. June Wei, Department of Management/MIS
     Development of a Framework for Security Assessment in Global Information
     Technology Outsourcing
  Dr. Julie Ann Stuart Williams, Management/MIS
     Operations Management Methodologies for End-of-Life Electronics Composed of both
     Nonrenewable and Biodegradeable Materials

            Dr. Hongmei Zhang, Mathematics and Statistics Department
             Sampling Design in Biological Area and Phylogenetic Analysis in Genetics

   Center for University Teaching, Learning, & Assessment (CUTLA) Faculty Fellows
         Kathrine Johnson, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
         Francis S. Bridges, Professor, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science

      To Associate Professor
        Kristina Behan            Biology
        William Haraway           Graduate Education
        Christopher Pomory        Biology
        William Tankersley        Graduate Education

       To Professor
         Athena du Pré            Communication Arts
         Wade Jeffrey             Biology
         Pamela Northrup          Engineering & Computer Technology

       To Assistant Librarian
         Kristy Padron            University Libraries

            Kristina Behan        Biology
            William Haraway       Graduate Education
            Christopher Pomory    Biology

B. Staff
   Marian Viccars Award
          Shelly Blake, Executive Assistant, Provost Office

   University Professional Excellence Awards
         Joyce Boyce, Division of Life and Health Sciences
         Theresa Byrd, Research and Sponsored Programs
         Gabriela Grosse, Department of History
         Tamela Ramos, Haas/Whitman Center
         Tanya Streeter, Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation
         Brian Whitney, Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost
         Lawrence Williams, Research and Sponsored Programs

C. Students (see college and division awards)

Annual Report, 2005-2006

Department/Division:    ___Academic Affairs__________

Part III-A, Strategic Planning Goals/Objectives for 2006-2007 DRAFT 1 (8-29-06)

List strategic plan goals/objectives for 2006-2007 and planned method of assessment (if applicable).
                                         a                                                      b
              Strategic Goal/Objective                                  Method of Assessment

The Regional Mission
   Participate fully in the Strategic Planning process    Completion of planning process (Colleges and
    with the goal of setting academic directions for       Divisions in Academic Affairs)
    the varied campuses of the University of West
    Florida including the main campus.
   Continue to support the outreach mission to            Assessment of growth in military enrollment and
    provide programs to the military through varied        expansion of services (Outreach, Emerald Coast,
    means including online education.                      ATC)
   Continue the expansion of services to the              Analysis of effectiveness in providing support and
    Emerald Coast campuses and provide support             recognition, including necessary resources.
    for the distinctive contributions to the regional      (Academic Affairs, Emerald Coast)
    mission at the EC campuses.
   Plan and deliver appropriate credit and non-credit     Growth in use of downtown facilities for credit and
    programming to the downtown sites in                   non-credit programs (Colleges, Continuing
    Pensacola.                                             Education)

Faculty Recruitment, Development, and

   Conduct a review of all faculty development            Completion of review and needs assessment.
    programs, and assess needs for programs that           (CUTLA and ATC)
    meet the varied needs of faculty and adjunct

   Design and pilot a recruitment plan to increase        Completion of plan and first round of
    the diversity of the faculty.                          implementation, with assessment. (Diversity)

   Conduct review of the recommendations of the           Completion of task. (Academic Affairs, Deans’
    Tenure and Promotion Task Force and develop            Council)
    revised criteria and procedures based on the

   Implement a joint CUTLA-ATC series of faculty          Completion of series with assessment of
    development workshops focused on use of                effectiveness. (CUTLA and ATC)
    technology and varied pedagogies in variable
    formats of instruction

   Implement an extended series of orientation            Completion of series with assessment of
    sessions for new faculty                               effectiveness. (CUTLA and ATC)

Undergraduate Enrollment and Student Support

   Increase enrollment at extended campuses and          Analysis of data. (Emerald Coast, ATC,
    online by 20%.                                        Continuing Education)

   Implement deans enrollment plan for 2006-2007         Tracking results. Analysis of Data (Colleges,
    to meet or exceed targets of 1% growth in upper       Enrollment Services)
    division FTES.

   Update student recruitment plan with particular       Submission of completed plan and
    attention on enrollment plan and first-generation     implementation during 2006-2007 (Enrollment
    and underserved students and online education         Services, Admissions)

   Collaborate with Senate Academic Council and          Completion of procedures with faculty governance
    General Studies Committee in updating charter         approval. (CAS)
    and membership.                                       Successful match.

   Enhance library online and materials collections      Review of funding and expenditures (Academic
    to meet needs of undergraduate programs.              Affairs, University Libraries)

   Collaborate with student affairs in developing and    Completion and initial implementation of plan.
    seeking support for a plan to increase retention of   (Academic Affairs, Student Affairs)
    FTICS to second year by 1% per year for three

   Continue implementation of QEP focused on             Assessment of progress (Academic Affairs)
    student learning and project management
   Support fund-raising initiatives for the first
    generation scholarship program.

Graduate Enrollment and Student Support

   Implement a recruitment plan for graduate             Completion of task and collection of comparative
    education.                                            data. (Graduate Studies, Colleges, Enrollment

   Implement out of state fee waivers for                Track effectiveness of waivers as recruitment tool
    assistantships.                                       and modify as necessary. (Graduate Studies,
                                                          Enrollment Services)

   Implement deans enrollment plan to meet or            Tracking results. Analysis of Data (Colleges,
    exceed targets of 4.5% in graduate FTES.              Graduate Studies, Enrollment Services)

   Collaborate with Senate Academic Council and          Completion of procedures with faculty governance
    Graduate Committee in updating charter and            approval. (Graduate Studies)

   Enhance library online and materials collections      Review of funding and expenditures (Academic
    to meet needs of graduate programs.                   Affairs, University Libraries)

   Clarify roles of graduate dean, college deans,        Report to Deans’ Council (Graduate Studies)
    and division/department chairs in graduate

Research and Grants

   Increase the number of grant applications by          Data analysis. (Research and Sponsored
    10% and the total of grants and contracts awards      Programs)
    by 10%.
   Implement plan for reduction of SRT subsidy           Completion of plan and annual assessment
                                                          (Research and Sponsored Programs)

   Implement strategies to provide enhanced              Assessment of results (Research and Sponsored
    support services in the grants process                programs)


   Complete program reviews for Honors, Clinical         Completion of annual review cycle for 2006-2007
    Laboratory Sciences, Computer Science,                (Academic Affairs)
    Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nursing,
    and History

   Fully implement second cycle of Academic              Data collection, analysis, and implementation of
    Learning Compacts in undergraduate majors with        changes based on assessment (Departments,
    documented changes resulting from assessment          CUTLA)

   Implement in first cycle of General Studies           Data collection and analysis. (Departments with
    Program Assessment.                                   GS courses, CUTLA)

   Complete assessment plan and implement first          Data collection and analysis. (Graduate programs,
    cycle of Graduate Programs assessment.                CUTLA)

   Implement data set for program review                 Completion of outcomes and plans.

   Work with Institutional Research and Information      Review of progress at year end. (Academic
    Technology to plan an approach to data                Affairs, Enrollment Services)
    collection and management as part of a transition
    to a more comprehensive system
   Complete the benchmarking study of Enrollment         Completion. (Academic Affairs, Enrollment
    Services.                                             Services)

   Conduct a benchmarking study of Continuing            Completion. (Academic Affairs, Outreach,
    Education.                                            Continuing Education)

   Implement a management review of Office of            Completion (dependent on availability of Audit and
    Diversity and International Education.                Management Consulting services)
   Complete monitoring report necessary to               Completion and submission (Academic Affairs)
    document progress as requested by SACS.

Annual Report, 2005-2006

Department/Division:     __Academic Affairs____

Part III-B, Strategic Planning Goals/Objectives for 2006-2010 (DRAFT 1, 8-30-2006)
                                      a                                                 b
           Strategic Goal/Objective                            Method of Assessment

Academic Planning and Program

   Develop and implement a plan for               Completion of plan; implementation of plan.
    academic program development at the            Ongoing assessment of implementation.
    Emerald Coast campus and service area
    that meets strategic regional needs and/or
    fosters economic development.

   Define and implement academic program          Completion of plan; implementation of plan.
    plan and mix (including graduate and           Ongoing assessment of implementation.
    undergraduate) to maximize the regional
    comprehensive mission at the Pensacola
    campus and community service area.

   Develop and implement a long-range plan        Completion of plan; implementation of plan.
    for online degree programming and              Ongoing assessment of implementation.
    development of infrastructure to support it.
   Plan and develop the entrepreneurial           Completion of plan; implementation of plan.
    opportunities of continuing professional       Ongoing assessment of implementation.

Faculty Recruitment, Development, and

   Design and implement faculty development       Completion of plan; implementation of plan.
    programs that meet the varied needs of         Ongoing assessment of implementation.
    faculty and adjunct faculty.

   Implement a recruitment plan to increase       Analysis of implementation results
    the diversity of the faculty.

Undergraduate Enrollment and Student

   Triple enrollment at extended campuses.        Data analysis.

   Develop and implement, in collaboration        Completion of plan; data analysis of retention
    with student affairs and enrollment            and graduation rates.
    services, undergraduate student retention
    and graduation rate improvement program
    with targets for improvement.

   Implement revised student recruitment plan     Analysis of recruitment and enrollment data.
    (with particular attention to meeting the
    needs of underserved and
    underrepresented groups) to meet the
    varied needs of the Emerald Coast,
    Pensacola, and online education

   Implement assessment of Academic               Annual review and reporting of results and
    Foundations and review program needs           actions.
    and quality to make assessment based

Graduate Enrollment and Student Support

   Implement recruitment plan for graduate        Analysis of recruitment and enrollment data.
    education to meet the varied needs of
    FWB, Pensacola, and online education

   Implement assessment of graduate               Annual review and reporting of results and
    education and review progress of               actions.
    departments/divisions in analyzing program
    needs and quality to make assessment
    based improvements.

   Use the regular program review process         Annual review and reporting of actions and
    and other means to assess and improve          data analysis.
    components of graduate education at the
    program, college and university level,
    standardizing where appropriate for quality

Research and Grants

   Design and implement                           Completion of implementation.
    research/scholarship/creative activity and
    intellectual capital development

   Develop and implement assessment model         Completion of model with phased in
    for research initiatives, including, but not   implementation. Annual review of initiatives
    limited to funded faculty research grants,     and plan for following year.
    federal and state initiatives, research
    stimulation efforts.


   Assist the Foundation and Office of            Increase in funding related to academic affairs
    Development in fundraising for high            priorities; increased involvement of faculty and
    priorities in academic affairs                 academic affairs personnel.

   Continue high profile in state and region in   Publications, presentations, workshops, and
    development of learning compact based          requests for services at each level.
    assessment with the goal of national

   Continue high profile in crisis                Publications, presentations, workshops, and
    management/disaster recovery in higher         requests for services at each level.
    education with the goal of national


   Continue ongoing academic program              Completion of process annually.
    review process, with emphasis on
    identifying programs of excellence and
    those requiring attention.

   Implement benchmarking one academic            Completion annually.
    affairs division with peer group annually.

   Implement a management review of one           Completion annually.
    academic affairs unit or program annually.

Annual Report, 2005-2006

Department/Division:     ___Academic Affairs_________

Part III-C, New Degree Program Projections

                                                             b       New
                                            a   New Degree                      c   Implementation
         Program Title                Level                      Specialization               d
                                                Yes     No       Yes        No
College of Arts and Sciences
Art:                                  BFA               X         X                 Fall, 2008
Specialization in Graphic Design
Communication Arts:                                     X         X                 Fall, 2007
Grad Certificate for College
Speech Instructors
History:                               BA               X         X                 Fall, 2007
(Minor): Pre-Law
History:                               MA               X         X                 Fall, 2009
Lighthouse Preservation
Music:                                 MM       X                 X                 Fall, 2009
Music Performance
Physics:                               BS       X                 X                 Fall, 2007
Laser Technology
Psychology:                           PsyD/     X                            X      Distant
Doctoral Program                       PhD
College of Business
Specialization: Logistics             BSBA              X         X                 Fall, 2007
(Marketing)                         Marketing
Certificate: New                    Graduate            X         X                 Fall, 2006
Certificate: International            MBA               X         X                 Fall, 2007
Certificate: Business               Graduate            X         X                 Fall, 2007
College of Professional
Master of Science Administration
 Acquisitions                        MSA               X         X                 2007
 Biomedical/Pharmaceutical           MSA               X         X                 2007
 Human Resource                      MSA               X         X                 2007
 Leadership                          MSA               X         X                 2007
 Sport Administration                MSA               X         X                 2007
 Computer/Engineering                MSA               X         X                 2008
 Hospitality, Recreation, Resort     MSA               X         X                 2009
Doctor of Education

 Health Ed/Physical Ed               Ed.D                    X         X                 2008
 Criminal Justice                    Ed.D                    X         X                 2008
                                                                  b        New
          Program Title             Level
                                         a         New Degree                         c
                                                                       Specialization               d
                                                  Yes        No        Yes        No           Year
College of Professional
Studies (Continued)
Master of Social Work                 MSW          X                               X      2008
Engineering Technology                 MS          X                               X      2012
  For example, BA, BSBA, MEd.
  For degrees not currently offered as stand-alone programs; will require submission of requests to Faculty
Senate and Board of Trustees.
  For new specializations within an existing degree program; will require submission of request to Faculty
Senate but not to Board of Trustees.
  Program implementation years are projections and depend on program development and approval as
well as on sufficient resources.

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