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									Co – Marketing:

      Nike/Apple iPod
 Nicole Gibbons
 Michael Laport
   Will Adams
What is it? Co-Marketing

• “Customized, joint
  effort by a
  manufacturer and a
  retailer to establish a
  mutually satisfying
  balance between price
  and image in a local
  promotion of the
  manufacturer’s brand.”
The example

 • Tutorial on Co-Marketing: Microsoft Small
   Business Education Module

 • Example Case: Nike and iPod present shoe that
   gives feedback.
Co-Marketing Introduction

 • There are benefits in co-operating with businesses
   that complement your own. These are businesses
   with no conflict of interest (not direct competitors)
   and a very similar customer base.
    – By identifying these complementary businesses you
      can start building a strategic base of businesses and
      business people to help support your own growth
 • “We share the same customers types of customers
   with Apple,” said Trevor Edwards, Nike’s vice
   president of global brand management. “We know that
   these two brands work well together.”
Distribution of Marketing efforts
 • Both businesses agree to share or
   coordinate (in specific with goals of
   campaign) burden of creating and
   distributing marketing materials.

 • Marketing materials could be distributed
   by e-mail campaigns, through newsletters,
   by profiling the co-marketing company on
   your Web site, or even by having the
   partner company make sales visits with
Nike & iPod
• The iPod connector kit will be available
  in both Nike and Apple stores.
  – Nike will sell iPod Nano’s, but Apple will not
    sell shoes.
• Apple will host a Nike Sport Music section
  on iTunes that will feature playlists by well-
  known athletes like Lance Armstrong.
Joint promotions in the media
• This involves getting two or more businesses
  together to advertise in the media (radio,
  newspaper, local TV, magazines and others).
• Apple has specific
site dedicated to
advertising and
buyer support.
• Commercials
• Print ads =>
Joint invitations
 • Inviting targeted potential customers to
   your website can be much more effective
   than traditional advertising. (buzz)

 • You can multiply your opportunities by
   finding a business you could approach that
   has a customer-base that would also suit
   your business. (Apple/Nike)
Nike & iPod
 • Created website for users of the
   shoe and iPod to enhance their product
   – Joint experience between the shoe and the music
   – Created Brand Community for which runners could be
     invited to.

 • Sept. 20, Nike Press Release
   – Over 1 million miles have been logged by Nike+
     runners in just 10 weeks since Nike and Apple
     launched the product.
   – Almost 8000 users log in a day.
 •   Microsoft Small Business Education Modules.
 • Nike and iPod present shoe that gives feedback
 • Runners Log Over 1 Million Miles With Nike+iPod

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