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					                 University of Wisconsin
                        Eau Claire
                Nursing Alumni Newsletter
                                                                                       College of Nursing
Greetings from the Interim Dean                                                        and Health Sciences

                      Greetings Nursing   time of great economic challenges.        put the fall 2009 date on your calendar.
                      Alumni and             We are pleased that we are now         The walk has become a wonderful tradi-
                      Friends of the      able to offer increased opportunities     tion in which we can enjoy reconnecting
                      Nursing Program.    for persons interested in a career in     and learning about all the things UW-
                      The 2008-2009       nursing. As you might remember we         EC nursing alumni are doing. We con-
                      academic year is    piloted an accelerated BSN program        tinue to work on recruiting new faculty
                      certainly a very    for persons with an undergraduate         and of course a dean for the college. Any
                      exciting time at    degree who now wish to become             suggestions in these ventures or assis-
UW-EC and for the College of Nursing      nurses. With much hard work by            tance in encouraging nurse faculty to
and Health Sciences. We completed         many, and spearheaded by Dr. Cheryl       seek employment with us would cer-
the 2007-08 year saying good-bye to       Brandt, we are in the process of ad-      tainly be welcome.
colleagues who have been pivotal in       mitting students to this program to           Finally, there have been a few
creating the nursing programs we          start in June 2009. In addition we        changes to the nursing building with a
have today. They are missed, though       have expanded our enrollment at our       new classroom, and continued expansion
we know that they are experiencing        Marshfield site (located at Saint Jo-     of the skills and simulation learning
new phases of their lives and careers,    seph‘s Hospital) for the traditional      experiences, thanks in part to many of
and wish them all the very best.          undergraduate program. The BSN            your donations. Spring semester finds us
   Chancellor Levin-Stankevich has        completion/CND program (now called        planning for the Annual Awards Ban-
led the campus through a strategic        BSN@ home) has also seen substan-         quet, a time to thank scholarship donors
planning process with the culmination     tial growth. Our traditional BSN and      and recognize so many of our deserving
being the ―Transforming Our Future‖       graduate programs are all fully en-       students. We sincerely appreciate all of
Centennial Plan which sets a bold         rolled and regretfully continue to have   the past and continuing support from
vision for us to become the premier       more applicants than we can serve.        our alumni and now more than ever the
undergraduate learning community in       Additionally, we continue to plan for a   students need assistance to continue
the Upper Midwest, noted for rigor-       Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)          their education and become the nurses
ous, integrated, globally infused, un-    program and are hopeful to be able to     that are needed for the future of this
dergraduate liberal education, and        finalize this program at a Board of       country. We are always happy to have
distinctive, select graduate programs.    Regent‘s meeting later this spring.       alumni stop in for a visit or e-mail us at
For that to happen, we must assess        The faculty and staff continue to work
where we are now so that we can focus     very hard to provide innovative and           Special thanks are extended to Dr.
our efforts for the future. We are im-    creative teaching/learning experiences    Debra Jansen for the creation of this
plementing a Program to Evaluate          and scholarship opportunities for the     newsletter. We welcome your sugges-
and Enhance Quality (PEEQ) that           exceptional students in the nursing       tions for items for future publications
should allow UWEC to be well poised       programs.                                 and hope to see or hear from you soon.
to approach the future educational           To those of you who joined us for
needs of the region and state, which      the Nurses‘ Walk on Homecoming            Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher, PhD, RN, FAAN
are never more needed than at this        morning, thank you! We hope you will      Interim Dean and Professor

Upcoming Events—Mark Your Calendars
   The 24th Annual UWEC/Sigma Theta Tau Research Day, Linking Practice and Research: A Kaleidoscope of Nurs-
   ing Scholarship; April 24, 2009. Induction and reception to follow.
   Nursing Alumni Homecoming Walk, October 17, 2009.
   Please contact the Alumni Office for nominations for outstanding alumnus or to update your information
   (;; 715-836-3266).
   Please continue to contact the Alumni Office (see above) and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (715-836-
   5287; if you have an upcoming reunion or news to share.
   For information or questions related to this newsletter, please contact Dr. Debra Jansen (

                                                                                              April 2009
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire                                                                                    Page 2

                                           ulty, Dr. Rosemary Jadack, as she re-      tor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.
                                           ceived the University‘s Excellence in      Dr. Jadack certainly deserves the
                                           Service Award at the August 2008 open-     award!
                                           ing session of our academic year. A
                                           member of our faculty since 1999, Dr.      Past recipients of University Excellence
                                           Jadack has devoted herself to advocat-     Awards have included Marilyn Burgess
                                           ing for and helping traumatized women      (Excellence in Service, 1992); Marcia
                                           and children. She was the coordinator of   Bollinger (Non-teaching Academic Staff
                                           the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner          Excellence in Performance, 1993); Joan
                                           program in Eau Claire and was instru-      Stehle Werner (Excellence in Scholar-
                                           mental in establishing the University‘s    ship, 1994); Karen Witt (Excellence in
                                           Center for Awareness of Sexual Assault,    Teaching, 1994, Excellence in Service,
                                           and the Chippewa Valley Child Advo-        1996); CeCelia Zorn (Excellence in
                                           cacy Center (which opened in our build-    Teaching, 1996); Sandra Dirks
                                           ing in 2007). Dr. Jadack currently is      (Excellence in Service, 1998); Patricia
                                           serving as Secretary on the Executive      Burbach (Classified Staff Excellence in
If you have been around the College this   Board of the Wisconsin Coalition           Performance, 2004); and Susan Moch
past semester, you may have noticed        Against Sexual Assault and she is coor-    (Excellence in Scholarship, 1998, Excel-
some extra beaming smiles. We are          dinating our graduate program, as we       lence in Service, 2004).
quite proud of one of our nursing fac-     plan the curriculum for a potential Doc-

Highlights from the 2008 Nursing Alumni Walk
We had another successful homecoming walk, on Saturday October 4th, with representatives from the classes of 1969, 1970,
1976, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2005, and 2006. Participants enjoyed a brisk walk
through campus and Putnam Park Trail. Thanks and appreciation are extended to all those who came and to the many un-
dergraduate students who helped set up for the walk and made the day run smoothly. The numerous individuals and or-
ganizations who donated door prizes also deserve recognition, including Ms. Catherine Berry, Community Health Partner-
ship, Eau Claire Student Nurses Association, Lee‘s Uniform Center, Luther Midelfort Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital,
Saint Joseph‘s Hospital-Chippewa Falls, University Dining Services, UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association, UW-Eau Claire
College of Nursing and Health Sciences, UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education, UW-Eau Claire Foundation, and Dean
Emeritus Elaine Wendt. Mark your calendars for the next homecoming walk on Saturday October 17, 2009. See you there!

       Walkers taking in the view along the Putnam Park Trail, overlooking the Chippewa River (photo by R. Jadack).
Page 3                                                                                                          University of Wisconsin

PEEQing your Interest and Establishing our Priorities

The UW-Eau Claire “Transforming Our Future” Centennial             economic climate and the already limited resources of the
Plan, the University’s strategic plan, puts forth our vision of    University, UW-Eau Claire is using the PEEQ evaluation proc-
becoming the premier undergraduate and selected gradu-             ess to set campus priorities and make difficult but purposeful
ate programs learning community in the Upper Midwest. To           choices regarding what programs we will continue and which
accomplish this vision, faculty and staff across campus are        ones will be let go. We are hoping to emerge from this proc-
engaged in a Program to Evaluate and Enhance Quality               ess as a stronger university, ready for the future, with our
(PEEQ). The PEEQ process is part of the Centennial Plan’s          Excellence intact! For more information regarding the Centen-
charge to “conduct a comprehensive program and services            nial Plan and the PEEQ process, please see the following web
review to strengthen liberal education and concentrate re-         site:
sources on our priorities”. Because of the current state-wide

Growing our Marshfield Site
We are pleased to now be admitting students every semes-          clinical group. Of course, any increase in enrollment involves
ter to our traditional undergraduate nursing program at our       both space and technology issues for the Marshfield and Eau
Marshfield Site. Prior to 2008, 24 undergraduate students         Claire sites. Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield (the location of
were admitted only once a year at the Marshfield Site, for        our Marshfield Site) is generously providing a third distance edu-
the spring semester; these students would complete the            cation room there; and plans are under way to convert Rooms
sophomore sequence of nursing courses in that spring              119/119A to a third distance education room in Eau Claire. Of-
semester and then move on to the junior and senior level          fering courses at our Marshfield Site every semester has many
courses. By means of funding received through a decision          advantages, including making it easier to accommodate stu-
item narrative (DIN) from the State of Wisconsin, we are          dents whose course sequencing plans become disrupted due to
now admitting 16 students for the fall semesters and 16           health, family, or academic reasons. In the past, students at the
students for the spring semesters, for a total of 32 stu-         Marshfield Site would need to wait a whole semester before
dents per year. This is essentially equivalent to increasing      being able to repeat a course; now they know that all courses
our Marshfield Site enrollment by 8 students, the size of a       are offered every semester, as they are at the Eau Claire cam-

                              Nursing students at our Marshfield Site (photo by R. Lieske)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire                                                                                           Page 4

Once again, we are gearing up our accel-    the first class of 8 students graduating in   the process of admitting up to 18 stu-
erated Bachelor of Science (BSN) pro-       May 2007. Funding for that early offering     dents, to start in June 2009. To be ad-
gram. This is a “fast track” way for stu-   was received through a federal educa-         mitted to the accelerated program, stu-
dents with baccalaureate degrees in         tion grant, obtained with the help of U.S.    dents must have completed all of the
areas other than nursing to receive a       Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.). By means of           science and statistics requirements re-
BSN in a shortened length of time. The      funding received through a decision item      quired of our traditional undergraduate
accelerated curriculum consists of 58       narrative (DIN) from the State of Wiscon-     students. The program is intensive due
nursing credits that are completed over a   sin, we are now able to continue offering     to the compressed time period and does
12 month period (this compares with the     the accelerated BSN program. Students         not enable students to engage in outside
60 nursing credits that are completed       in the accelerated program are expected       employment. Donors may wish to con-
over a three year period for our tradi-     to pay higher tuition fees, as a means of     sider designating funds for scholarships
tional program). We initially offered the   recovering some of the costs associated       for these students.
accelerated program in 2006-2007, with      with this program. We are currently in

Great Gains for our Collaborative Nursing
Program/BSN Completion Program

                                                         gram (still referred to locally as the Collaborative Nursing Program) is a
                                                         statewide program that enables nurses with an associate degree or di-
                                                         ploma in nursing to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN).
                                                         As the BSN@Home State Director, Ms. Smith works with the five UW-
                                                         System campuses that are part of the collaborative, including Eau Claire,
                                                         Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and Oshkosh. Each of the campuses
                                                         provides online courses needed for meeting the requirements of the
                                                         BSN. However, UW-Eau Claire recently started offering one of these nurs-
                                                         ing courses in a face-to-face format on campus and at the Marshfield
                                                         Site every semester via live two-way interactive video.

                                                         Agreements with the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) and with
                                                         the Western Technical College are also making it easier for students to
                                                         obtain their baccalaureate degrees. For instance, the Chippewa Valley
                                                         Nursing Alliance allows 24 undergraduate students (who were not admit-
                                                         ted to the UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences due to
                                                         lack of space) to be admitted in CVTC’s associate degree nursing pro-
                                                         gram, and continue to take general education classes at UW-Eau Claire.
                                                         After students complete their associate degree, they can enroll in the
                                                         Collaborative Nursing Program and earn a BSN from UW-Eau Claire.

                                                         The face to face courses offered at UW-Eau Claire and the alliances with
We had yet another reason to celebrate this past year.   the technical colleges are greatly increasing the popularity of the Collabo-
Ms. Lorraine Smith was named the BSN@Home State          rative Nursing Program. In the past, less than ten students graduated per
Director. Ms. Smith had been serving as our full time    year from the program at UW-Eau Claire; whereas, Ms. Smith noted that
Student Services Coordinator at UW-Eau Claire; how-      about 20 students graduated in the 2007 - 2008 academic year, and 30
ever, as of July 1, 2008, she has been working half      students are expected to graduate during this academic year, with nearly
time in the State Director role, and half time as the    50 students admitted last year. Ms. Smith certainly has her work cut out
Student Services Coordinator. The BSN@Home Pro-          for her! We wish her the best.
Page 5                                                                                                University of Wisconsin

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Changes are always occurring in nurs-        esthesiologists, nurse midwives, and       Wisconsin-Oshkosh also is planning a
ing, most recently in the area of ad-        nurse administrators. This change is to    DNP program. We will collaborate with
vanced practice. In 2004, the American       occur by 2015. Thus, we are in the proc-   them in offering some of our courses.
Association of Colleges of Nursing           ess of planning a Doctor of Nursing        This is an exciting time for us—we will
(AACN) developed a position statement        Practice (DNP) program. Our proposal       keep you posted regarding the potential
and approved in 2006 that the Doctor of      for a DNP program was approved at          DNP program.
Nursing Practice (DNP) be the gradu-         the university level, and we are await-
ate degree for advanced practice nurses      ing final approval by the University of
(APNs), including clinical nurse spe-        Wisconsin Board of Regents, hopefully
cialists, nurse practitioners, nurse an-     later this spring. The University of

Enhancing Nursing Education through WI-TECNE
Nursing faculty and students have            campuses is responsible for providing      For the 2007-2008 academic year, we
been benefiting from faculty develop-        technology-related faculty development     offered a series of brownbag videocon-
ment opportunities made possible             opportunities for nursing instructors      ferences, online discussions and re-
through the Wisconsin Technology En-         from the participating campuses and        sources, and a workshop to help nurs-
hanced Collaborative Nursing Educa-          neighboring technical colleges (see the    ing faculty from across the state create
tion (WI-TECNE) project. WI-TECNE            website for more information: http://      mannequin-based simulations. Already
is a five-year grant project that involves                   in Year 3 of the grant, nursing faculty
strengthening technology-enhanced            Year 1 (2006-2007): Telehealth & Infor-    currently are exploring the educational
teaching approaches among nursing                matics = UW-Madison.                   uses of Second Life, an internet-based
faculty from the five University of Wis-     Year 2 (2007-2008): Mannequin-Based        three-dimensional virtual world in
consin System (Eau Claire, Green Bay,            Simulations = UW-Eau Claire.           which students and faculty can interact
Madison, Milwaukee, and Oshkosh)             Year 3 (2008-2009): Virtual Simula-        via avatars. In addition to the faculty
and partnering Wisconsin Technical               tions = UW-Oshkosh.                    development opportunities afforded by
College System nursing programs.             Year 4 (2009-2010): Problem Based          the WI-TECNE project, we received
Patricia Flatley Brennan, PhD, RN,               Case Learning = UW-Milwaukee.          funds to upgrade some of our simula-
FAAN, at UW-Madison, is the principle        Year 5 (2010-2011): E-Learning = UW-       tion equipment in our Eau Claire and
investigator. For each of the five years         Green Bay.                             Marshfield skills laboratories.
of the project, one of the university

          Catherine Berry with junior students in the Eau Claire skills laboratory (photo by R. Lieske)
 Page 6                                                                                                 University of Wisconsin

 Quick Wins and Transcultural Connections
 Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich            panic), as a means of enhancing diver-      clude studying abroad in Costa Rica
 recently established a Quick Wins            sity in our undergraduate curriculum.       during the summer and in Harlaxton,
 Fund to target university resources to       Ms. Rita Sperstad received funding to       England during the senior year; taking
 initiatives that address the goals of our    expand the Texas Hispanic immersion         part in pediatric clinicals at Minneapo-
 Centennial Plan, UW-Eau Claire‘s stra-       clinical experience. She currently takes    lis Children‘s Hospital; and participat-
 tegic plan. Two of the goals are to          nursing students to Holy Family Birth       ing in immersion clinicals in Anchor-
 ―promote connected learning‖ and to          Center in Weslaco, Texas, near the          age, Alaska and at Rosebud Reserva-
 ―accelerate global learning‖. Nursing        border of Mexico, for a culturally di-      tion in South Dakota. University differ-
 received two awards, to be imple-            verse perinatal clinical experience. In     ential tuition funds were received to
 mented by June 2009, to fund multicul-       spring 2009, an additional faculty          help finance the South Dakota, Alaska,
 tural immersion experiences for our          member will accompany Ms. Sperstad          and Minnesota experiences. Funding
 students. Dr. Sheila Smith, in collabo-      so they can explore possible future cul-    also is being sought for clinical experi-
 ration with a team of faculty from the       tural immersion experiences.                ences at Camp Chi, an overnight camp
 Department of Nursing, received fund-                                                    on Lake Blass near Wisconsin Dells,
 ing for release time for faculty to build    Global and cultural immersion experi-       affiliated with the Jewish Community
 relationships with regional ethnic com-      ences are not new to nursing. A sam-        Centers of Chicago.
 munities (e.g., Ho Chunk, Lac Courte         pling of some of our international and
 Oreilles, Somali, Hmong, and His-            national transcultural connections in-

 A Great Time to be in Washington, D.C.
 Our Interim Chair, Dr. Lois Taft, and       from Alaska, who said they couldn‘t see     Being in Washington, D.C. for the inau-
 her husband, Mike, were among the           Russia from their house. Two college        guration was about people – concerts,
 many throngs of people watching the         students were taking pictures with          receptions, parties, kind words on the
 Inauguration in Washington, D.C. She        their Obama action figure that had          metro, and street vendors selling
 described the memorable event:              traveled throughout the city. We saw        ―Everything Obama‖. We stayed with a
                                             their pictures to prove it. We met a        friend who lives in DC along with other
 Inauguration 2009                           Mexican Indian who is now practicing        guests from Connecticut and Nebraska.
 It was a moment of hope for my hus-         law in LA and his wife, a Jewish physi-     The population of the city swelled, and
 band and I along with 2 million others      cian practicing as an obstetrician at the   there was excitement in the air. I‘ll
 crowded onto the Mall in our nation‘s       LA county hospital. We met an elderly       never forget the cheers of the crowd
 capitol. It was a cold January morning,     African-American man who talked             when Obama was sworn in. I‘m grate-
 but we were like penguins, keeping          about the days of segregation and about     ful that I had the chance to be there
 each other warm. We made new friends        the young black youth who have all          with all the others who were celebrat-
 as we waited. We met 2 older women          doors open to them now.                     ing this moment in history.
                                                                                         Lois Taft

Lois and Mike Taft in front of the White House.                       Viewing the Inauguration
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire                                                                                       Page 7

Our New Emeriti Dean and Faculty – Keeping Busy and
Enjoying Life!
Our emeriti list grew a bit longer this                                                1994. Dr. Werner taught undergradu-
past summer, as our Dean and two of                                                    ate and graduate courses in many di-
our faculty members retired.                                                           verse areas, including nursing theory,
                                                                                       holistic nursing, and alternative/
                                                                                       complementary therapies. She also
                                                                                       collaborated with other departments in
                                                                                       offering University Honors courses. A
                                                                                       note for historians: Dr. Werner is a
                                                                                       member of the class of 1968, our first
                                                                                       graduating class.

                                           She earned her bachelor's degree from
                                           the University of North Dakota, her
                                           master's degree from UW-Madison, and
                                           her doctoral degree from the University
Dr. L. Elaine Wendt, professor and         of Minnesota. An advocate for families,
dean emerita of the College of Nursing     Dr. Schmitt provided clinical experi-
and Health Sciences, retired after 25      ences for undergraduate and graduate
years at UW-Eau Claire. She earned a       students through the UW-Eau Claire
bachelor's degree from South Dakota        Human Development Center, an inter-
University, a master's degree from New     disciplinary center which offers clinical
York University, and a doctoral degree     services for children and families in the
from the University of Maryland. She       Chippewa Valley area. Dr. Schmitt also
began teaching at UW-Eau Claire in         valued personal wellness and holistic       Dr. Werner began her retirement with
1969; but also worked for a time in        nursing, incorporating these ideals into    a two week trip to Australia with her
nursing in New York City and in Mary-      her teaching and practice. Besides en-      husband, Larry, and son, Andrew, to
land and taught briefly at UW-             joying getting to know many different       stay with their older son, Joe, and his
Milwaukee. She was Chair of the De-        students over time while at the Univer-     wife. Joe plays semi-professional bas-
partment of Family Health Nursing at       sity, she also served as a Parish nurse     ketball for the Kilsyth Cobras (Kilsyth
UW-Eau Claire before becoming In-          for nine of the years. She is a certified   is a suburb of Melbourne). Following
terim Associate Dean of the School of      practitioner and instructor for Healing     the trip, family caregiving has taken
Nursing in 2002, Associate Dean in         Touch and continues to teach healing        over, and continues to be her major
2003, and Dean of the College of Nurs-     touch and offer it through her practice.    activity. She has remained active on
ing and Health Sciences in 2004. Dr.                                                   the American Psychiatric Nurses' Asso-
Wendt is the original founder of the       Since the summer, Dr. Schmitt has           ciation task force on workplace vio-
Nursing Alumni Walk.                       been traveling (Canada, Seattle, San        lence, heading up the team pertaining
                                           Antonio, North Dakota, and Florida),        to colleges and universities. The task
Dr. Wendt is keeping more than busy,       visiting friends and relatives and at-      force presented the results of their
serving on numerous boards and com-        tending family reunions. She particu-       yearlong comprehensive project at the
mittees, including boards for the Wis-     larly enjoyed long walks on the Florida     national conference in Minneapolis in
consin Center for Nursing, the Wiscon-     beaches (while Wisconsin was facing         October, and are currently finishing up
sin Nurses Foundation, the Chippewa        subarctic temperatures). She appreci-       three position papers, to be widely dis-
Valley Red Cross, the Epilepsy Founda-     ates having the time to participate in      seminated. There may be another trip
tion, and Group Health Cooperative, in     more social activities, including attend-   to Australia in the future, as her
addition to the Child Advocacy Advi-       ing four Green Bay Packer games!            younger son, Andrew, has been re-
sory Committee and the Sacred Heart                                                    cruited to play Aussie Rules Football in
Community Advisory Council. She also       Dr. Joan Stehle Werner, professor           Western Australia at Mount Barker.
is ―totally into bridge‖ (her playing      emerita of nursing, taught nursing          Further future plans for Dr. Werner
partner is Dr. Marge Bottoms), is deliv-   students at UW-Eau Claire for 27            include traveling, delivering meals for
ering library books to housebound peo-     years. She earned her bachelor's degree     Mobile Meals, other volunteer activi-
ple, and is taking cooking classes. Once   from UW-Eau Claire, and her master's        ties, and ―writing all those articles that
the weather warms up, she can be           and doctoral degrees from Indiana Uni-      got put on the ‗back burner‘ during the
found out on the golf courses. As she      versity. An expert in psychiatric/mental    busy academic life‖.
said, ―it really is nice to be retired‖.   health nursing, Dr. Werner was known
                                           for her scholarly work and numerous         We are happy for our emeriti faculty
Dr. Nola Schmitt, professor emerita of     publications, particularly in the area of   and dean, but we certainly miss them!
nursing, taught nursing students at        stress. She received the University‘s       They really seem to be enjoying their
UW-Eau Claire for nearly 30 years.         Excellence in Scholarship Award in          new status.
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire                                                                                         Page 8

Nursing Needs
Nursing and healthcare practices are rapidly changing, particularly in the areas of medication administration and manage-
ment of client information via electronic health records. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is working to update its
teaching methodologies and skills laboratory equipment to be current with the realities of modern nursing practice. At the
same time, our College is growing, as we admit students into our undergraduate accelerated program for second degree stu-
dents and prepare for a Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Additional resources are needed to manage these areas of

Your gift to any of the following will help enhance student learning experiences and provide valuable faculty resources.

Multicultural Clinical Experiences: Support the university‘s strategic plan to expand experiential, multicultural, and
interdisciplinary learning by providing funds to enable nursing experiences with diverse populations in Alaska, at Indian
reservations in South Dakota, at a birthing clinic in Texas, and more locally in Wisconsin.
Accelerated BSN Program Scholarships: Establish an accelerated BSN program scholarship. These nontraditional stu-
dents engage in a rigorous year-long program that does not enable them to work during the course of their studies.
Nursing Faculty Doctoral Education Scholarships: Support our ability to ―grow our own‖ doctorally prepared faculty.
Funding is needed for clinical instructors to pursue DNP‘s and PhD‘s.
Medication Dispensing System: Support the purchase of small, educational versions of the computerized medication dis-
pensing systems used by hospitals.
Skills Laboratory Equipment: Provide replacements of skills laboratory equipment as materials become outdated or non-
functional. For instance, new IV and feeding tube pumps are needed, as well as temporal artery thermometers.
Electronic Health Record System: Purchase an electronic health record system, complete with simulated patients. Such a
system would enable students to practice charting patient cares and assessments, review patient histories and laboratory
reports, document medication administration, and engage in quality improvement activities.
Nursing Licensure Exam Support Fund: Contribute to this fund, which supports students with financial need who are at
high risk of not doing well with state board exams, many of whom are of diverse backgrounds.

To designate a gift, see or call 1-877-625-2473.

                                                                                                   NON-PROFIT ORG.
                   UW-EAU CLAIRE                                                                   PRESORTED STD.
                   COLLEGE OF NURSING &                                                            PERMIT NO. 219
                   HEALTH SCIENCES                                                                 EAU CLAIRE, WI
                   105 GARFIELD AVENUE
                   EAU CLAIRE, WI 54702-4004

                   Phone: 715-836-5287
                   E-mail: NURSING@UWEC.EDU

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