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					Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                       Leeds school MIS provider framework

Section 1: Strategic services

Ref.    Item                  Requirement
1.01    Leeds’ strategy for
        ICT in education      The Services Provider shall contribute to the review of the Authority’s Strategy for ICT in education, its updating and to the
                              monitoring and evaluation cycle associated with the strategy.

1.02    Every Child
        Matters (ECM)         In delivering the ICT Services the [Services Provider] shall (a) take into account the Authority's requirement for integrated
                              services to be developed; (b) take into account the development of schools into multi-service sites; and (c) support the delivery
                              of the five outcomes in each School.

1.03    Environmental and
        social                In providing the Service, the [Services Provider] must take account of legislation and best practice with regard to environmental
        considerations        issues when considering ICT use. Specifically the [Services Provider] must:
                              01. Put in place reporting systems to monitor its compliance with environmental issues, and inform the Authority of any issues
                                  arising from this monitoring;
                              02. Ensure that all equipment included within the School Specification is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements
                                  (such as WEEE) and with best industry practice at the appropriate time;
                              03. Ensure that all packaging for new equipment is dealt with in an environmentally sensitive manner and with due regard to
                              04. That all recommendations for the use of (and the subsequent procurement of) ICT hardware take into account
                                  environmental and social considerations (such as the method and materials of construction, the power consumed and the
                                  disposal requirements);
                              05. Ensure that all ICT equipment in the School is installed in such a way as to maximise its lifespan; and
                              06. Propose other ways in which legacy hardware might be used or make wider recommendations about maximising the
                                  lifespan of hardware and minimising the environmental impact of the Schools and their use of ICT.

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Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                      Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                 Requirement
1.04    Strategic planning
                             The [Services Provider] shall work with the Schools and the Authority in developing ICT strategic vision at all levels.

                             The [Services Provider] shall provide the Schools with support to assist them in developing strategies that deliver a 21st
                             century, flexible learning experience to students and the wider community. The [Services Provider] shall work with all levels of
                             staff in Schools (e.g. Senior Management Teams, support staff, curriculum leads and classroom practitioners). Specifically the
                             [Services Provider] shall:
                             01. Work with Schools to develop more effective use of data in management, leadership and decision making processes;
                             02. Support Schools in reducing staff workload through the use of ICT;
                             03. Support Schools in developing strategies which use ICT to enable more effective learning; and
                             04. Enable Schools to utilise resources more effectively and link to community resources.

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Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                      Leeds school MIS provider framework

Section 2: School-specific services

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.01    School
        specification       The Authority's vision is of schools staffed by confident, trained practitioners using facilities equipped with dependable, exciting
                            technology with access to appropriate software to raise attainment and encourage positive and independent attitudes to
                            learning. The [Services Provider] will work in partnership with the Schools to ensure the installed infrastructure supports their
                            local strategic aims. The [Services Provider] should consider innovative ways of linking learning with ICT so that learners and
                            other users have access whenever and wherever they need it.

                            The [Services Provider] will produce a School Specification for the technology to be installed in each School and ensure that
                            the design interoperates with the LAN and building infrastructure. These designs shall be the result of consultation with
                            Schools and the Authority and must as a minimum (unless agreed otherwise):
                            01. Utilise software not older than the latest release minus one (unless agreed otherwise and incorporated into the School
                            02. Reflect the individual needs of specialist Schools to deliver their curriculum requirements;
                            03. Involve the use of hardware which is capable of supporting the selected software platform and which provides a suitable
                                level of future-proofing and value for money (and which makes use of Authority frameworks or other contracts wherever
                                possible unless these demonstrably do not provide best value);
                            04. Interface to Authority or other corporate networks and systems necessary to maintain any such connectivity previously
                                available or planned;
                            05. Support the provision of a single physical network for curriculum and administration functions per School, separated by a
                                suitable logical network security;
                            06. Be scalable and amendable to meet the needs of Children’s Services data management as these are defined within the
                                Authority and enable the implementation of data sharing protocols;
                            07. Consider the use of non-School based servers, outside of the firewalls, that mirror those in Schools;
                            08. Provide clear details of how LCC ICTS and other access and services will be incorporated into the design of network
                            09. Ensure that remote support can be provided to relevant devices connected to the network;
                            10. Provide a backup facility so that backups can be taken at agreed intervals and critical times (reference 2.09);
                            11. Ensure that administration software servers are correctly specified, installed, configured and supported;
                            12. Provide facilities for user account management to enable nominated teachers and other staff to enter, maintain and delete
                                user access accounts and related access permissions and to ensure systems access is compatible with the Authority’s
                                specifications for identity management.
                            13. Be updated at least annually; and
                            14. Demonstrate clear consideration of:
                                          a. The most cost effective solutions when purchasing or recommending end-user licenses; and
                                          b. Using or developing a hosting service for the delivery of software both new and legacy to minimise license
                                              costs and promote a best value solution to procurement.

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Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement

2.02    User software
                            The [Services Provider] shall:
                            01. Install all software included in the School Specification;
                            02. Maintain and update all software included in the School Specification (where possible using the LCC ICTS distribution
                                engine for global software updates rather than direct connection to the internet); and
                            03. Make use wherever possible of Authority frameworks and other contracts for software license purchases or demonstrate
                                clear best value in proposing alternatives.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                         31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                   Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.03    School
        administration      The [Services Provider] shall:
        software            01. Ensure that each School has a complete and reliable management information system (MIS) which will deliver to
                                prevailing Becta standards and which can provide all information which would reasonably be required by the Authority and
                                central Government to be provided by use of an MIS. This must include timetable management, electronic registration,
                                one-time recording of assessment information and so on; and
                            02. Ensure that the systems installed can function without impairing the wider School network. This covers issues relating to
                                interfaces, equipment, and equipment maintenance;
                            03. Be capable of supporting a range of MIS solutions in use in the Schools it supports (e.g. Capita SIMS, Serco Facility) as
                                Schools make business decisions on management applications with the support of the Authority and the [Services
                                Provider]. This capability shall be demonstrated through having or demonstrating clearly progress towards gaining official
                                accreditation from the relevant software suppliers for the support services provided by the [Services Provider] in Leeds. If
                                a service provider is not capable of supporting a range of MISs, then it should make clear which proprietary solutions (or
                                parts thereof) it can support;
                            04. Support the MIS software in use in the Schools with which the [Services Provider] contracts;
                            05. Support the full range of MIS applications used in Schools (covering admissions, achievement, attendance, finance,
                                timetabling etc.) not limited to the main School MISs;
                            06. Take into account current Government and Authority developments and support arrangements for data transfer between
                                Schools, central systems and so on, plus the level of support already provided to complete the SEF, PLASC (School
                                Census) etc.;
                            07. Establish procedures to ensure that support provided by the Authority to schools (on data transfer and analysis) is
                                seamlessly integrated into its support package to Schools; and
                            08. Ensure that all support and advice (both technical and procedural) from the Authority to schools is facilitated and
                                supported in all proposals for services and technical solutions.

                            Education Leeds currently proposes to continue managing SIMS and other Authority-wide licences available to Leeds schools.

                            The implementation of MIS managed and maintained by the [Services Provider] in the Schools should address:
                            09. The development of electronic registration across the whole estate, including automated email/text messaging to parents;
                            10. New demands for data exchange etc. resulting from the development of Children’s Services across the Authority;
                            11. The development of the use of MIS data in supporting student learning;
                            12. Integration of data from the School MIS into the Learning Platform (insofar as the Learning Platform is capable of the same
                                and taking due account of other MIS requirements);
                            13. Remote access to data by authorised users;
                            14. How administration software and security systems could be linked;
                            15. Providing links to the Learning Platform and results services used by the Schools; and
                            16. The requirement for a focus both upon system user training and equally importantly developing Schools’ business practice
                                – the effective use of MIS information to inform the management processes of the School.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                             31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                      Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.04    MIS interfaces
                            01. The [Services Provider] shall work to support third party interfaces with MISs in schools, including (but not limited to):
                                Adjunct systems – to enable for example a cashless School, electronic registration and control entry and egress
                                   throughout the School;
                                School security systems – which could include video entry systems and closed-circuit television; and
                                Other technologies as specified by the [Services Provider], the Authority or Schools.

                            02. The [Services Provider] shall work with the School and others as appropriate to evaluate, test, plan and implement any
                            other technology which may be proposed for inclusion in the School Specification from time to time by the [Services Provider],
                            Leeds City Council, Education Leeds, Schools or their advisers.

                            In addition the [Services Provider] will:
                            03. Manage the intervention as required of the third parties in resolution of calls raised by the schools in relation to the
                            04. Manage the interfaces between all agencies working with Schools on management information issues;
                            05. Manage the interface between all agencies and Schools as the single point of contact and escalation; and
                            06. Ensure that all systems referred to in the School Specification (including those systems not directly managed by the
                                [Services Provider]) interface appropriately in the manner described in the School Specification, through development work
                                if necessary.
                            07. The [Services Provider] shall work with the Authority to ensure that ICT deployed by LCC and Education Leeds within the
                                school environment is not interrupted or adversely affected by any ongoing support activity, without prior agreement of all
                            08. The [Services Provider] shall work with the Authority to ensure that software deployed to enable remote access by LCC
                                and Education Leeds to the school environment is not interrupted or adversely affected by any ongoing support activity,
                                without prior agreement of all parties.
                            09. The [Services Provider] accepts that LCC and Education Leeds personnel will periodically need to access the school
                                environment to ensure that procedures required to support the Authority’s ICT investment in schools are carried out.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                                   31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                  Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.05    Learning
        environment         The [Services Provider] shall maximise the use of the Learning Platform within the city by:
                            01. Encouraging and facilitating the sharing of existing School content and other content;
                            02. Promoting the sharing of good practice through online and ‘physical’ fora and all training sessions;
                            03. Promote and support the effective use of the Learning Platform’s administrative tools and work with the Authority to ensure
                                integration between the Learning Platform and Schools’ MIS. These should be aimed at the reduction of staff workload and
                                minimise the need for formal assessment;
                            04. Using the Learning Platform to disseminate materials and good practice related to the [Services Provider]’s own CPD
                                programme and follow-up support and discussion;
                            05. Promote and support the effective use of the monitoring and progress tracking of individuals or groups of students through
                                their learning pathway;
                            06. Developing the use and understanding of the performance information available to learners, teaching staff and others as
                            07. Developing with Schools their abilities to use the resources to inform their business practices; and
                            08. Complying with and participating in the development of the national authentication network (Shibboleth).

2.06    Feedback
        (assessment data)   The [Services Provider] shall develop and promote the use of the Learning Platform within each School so as to support use of
                            individual learning plans and the personalised learning strategy in the Authority. In particular, the [Services Provider] shall
                            recommend and monitor the developments of the Learning Platform with a view to the following:
                            01. Pupils, staff, parents and other authorised users are able to access achievement, performance data and attendance data
                                 at an appropriate level; and
                            02. All users (including parents and pupils) can access performance data in a format suited to their requirements.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                            31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                  Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.07    Service desk
                            The [Services Provider] shall operate a Service Desk which will have two functional areas:
                                Provide a first level technical support service for Schools for the Service; and
                                Provide service and system information to assist users to make the most effective use of systems to support the
                                   management of each School.

                            The [Services Provider] shall ensure the Service Desk will (for each School):
                            01. Provide first level support for all Service issues through a single Service Desk to access appropriate support staff;
                            02. Provide a channelling service when appropriate to second level service desks. Performance management for resolution of
                                issues will be measured from the allocation of responsibility for resolution;
                            03. Manage resolution of all incidents including those passed to third-party second level service desks until closed and
                                customer informed;
                            04. Provide remote management and resolution of issues wherever possible;
                            05. Be available during core School hours (0800hrs to 1800hrs) as a minimum and consideration must be given to extended
                                Schools and community development with additional provision until 2300hrs. A voicemail, email and online web service
                                should be available as a minimum at all other times for users to report incidents;
                            06. Provide an on-line call management system which allows for progress tracking of open calls, even those passed to a 3rd
                                party which Schools and the Authority have agreed with the [Services Provider] to manage on their behalf;
                            07. Allow nominated users to track progress of open calls electronically;
                            08. Be accessible by nominated staff;
                            09. Have staff who are all familiar with School uses of ICT including curriculum and pedagogic needs at an appropriate level;
                            10. Be fully operational, including plans for service volumes and quality of service indicators, with a risk plan to deal with
                                unanticipated or changing service demands;
                            11. Provide Schools with a full, published School Contract including non-negotiable operating parameters and response times
                                as well as local variations plus full service costs;
                            12. Develop and agree a set of realistic, prioritised, response and repair times with the Authority and Schools;
                            13. Provide escalation pathways for issue resolution;
                            14. Produce standard reports as agreed with the Authority, plus non-standard performance reports as requested within 2
                                Business Days;
                            15. Manage the resolution of issues within agreed timescales;
                            16. Provide access to personal support through access to suitably qualified mentors and on-line support materials;
                            17. Provide support to all learning bases associated with the Schools (as referred to in the School Specification); and
                            18. Offer the potential for technical support to pupils and staff 24/7.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                           31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                   Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.08    Managing a
        catalogue           The [Services Provider] shall:
                            01. Provide to Schools and the Authority a recommended minimum standard for hardware and software items which
                                incorporates best practice from industry and other authorities and demonstrates consideration of lifespan, robustness and
                                other relevant issues;
                            02. Procure and supply goods compliant with the specifications agreed in 2.02.01;
                            03. Ensure that each School’s requirements are supplied and fitted to meet the School Specification;
                            04. Ensure that any hardware procured is appropriate for the intended purpose and its location in the building;
                            05. Ensure that any software procured is appropriate for the intended purpose; and
                            06. Ensure all procurement and recommendations to Schools for procurement are consistent with the prevailing contract
                                standing orders and procurement guidelines for Schools.

                            The [Services Provider] may choose to operate a catalogue for the direct sales of software, hardware and services to Schools.
                            In this case the [Services Provider] shall:
                            07. Provide an online, searchable catalogue of searchable items (to include hardware, software and services additional to
                                 those included in the managed service), the pricing of which is reviewed and reported on at least every six months to
                                 ensure continuing competitiveness and value for money;
                            08. Produce proposals for new items and forecast requirements for updates to the catalogue;
                            09. Ensure that the communications plan includes an element for updating Schools and the Authority on changes to the
                                 catalogue (items or pricing);
                            10. Provide customer satisfaction monitoring processes and plans for updates according to customer feedback;
                            11. Provide guarantees of charging policies to ensure best value, ‘price matching’ and value for money on an ongoing basis,
                                 together with reporting on the same as part of the regular service reviews undertaken in connection with this Agreement;
                            12. The Catalogue must as a minimum contain details of the process by which items (hardware, software or services) not on
                                 the Catalogue will be assessed and delivered, with performance standards against which the [Services Provider] will be
                                 monitored on this activity.

2.09    Backup
                            The [Services Provider] shall ensure that there exists for each School in relation to MIS and adjunct systems (including data):
                            01. A backup service that reflects guidance provided to Schools by Becta including recovery from off site resource/backup
                                taken at agreed critical times;
                            02. Guidance on the safe storage of backup data (fire safes, encryption etc.) including the need for these to be periodically
                                taken off site to aid disaster recovery;
                            03. Periodic confirmation to the Authority of the efficiency of the backup protocols adopted by Schools;
                            04. Processes for periodically checking the performance of the back up processes adopted by Schools, including those in
                                place for portable devices; and
                            05. Ways of delivering an automatic offsite backup service to at least the Becta standards prevailing at that time.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                             31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                     Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.10    Business
        continuity and      01. The [Services Provider] shall ensure the MIS implementation for each School, supported by appropriate maintenance and
        disaster recovery   monitoring systems, is designed with a view to providing business continuity such that systems and networks are available
                            99.99% of Core School Hours, measured and reported monthly within the availability, performance and monitoring report.
                            Where the [Services Provider] fails to achieve 99.99% availability in respect of any Contract Month, it shall provide a report to
                            the Authority and to each affected School detailing the reasons for the same, together with a plan for improving such
                            performance. Any such plan(s) shall be prepared in accordance with best industry practice and shall be included within the
                            regular continuous improvement plans to be provided by the [Services Provider] in accordance with this Agreement; and
                            02. Planned downtime should be arranged with the School and should take place outside core hours and should be sensitive
                            to the needs of remote access.

                            In addition the [Services Provider] shall develop:
                            03. A fully costed disaster recovery plan for each School that should provide an option for the recovery of software and
                                hardware (including servers and other mission critical equipment and applications) within a timeframe of one (1) day of any
                                disaster occurring and the methodology for agreeing the implementation of such a plan;
                            04. Plan that is linked to the building disaster recovery plan;
                            05. Plan review structure to ensure these are updated annually and within five (5) days of any major disaster; and
                            06. Process to inform future design and build programmes in the Authority and for the wider school estate of lessons learned.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                               31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                     Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.11    Virus protection
        and malicious       01. The [Services Provider] shall publish agreed (by the Authority) procedures to deal with instances of virus infection at a per
        attack              School level. The [Services Provider] will be responsible for managing updates, service packs and patches to operating
                            systems and management software and devices that do not require user intervention.

                            02. The [Services Provider] shall ensure that MIS and adjunct systems are protected by antivirus software in each School that
                            as a minimum (this can be the software available to Schools via the Authority or may be another product as specified by the
                            [Services Provider]):
                             Offers protection against virus, worm and Trojan infestation, and protection against other forms of virus, malware or
                                security breaches;
                             Provides zero tolerance for a known virus, with virus protection systems being no more than 12 hours behind
                                manufacturers’ latest definitions;
                             Provides protection for the networks and connected devices;
                             Considers the implications of connecting third party devices;
                             Provides protection from denial of service attacks and distributed denial of service attacks;
                             Where possible makes use of the central distribution engine available as part of the LCC ICTS service offering and not live
                                connections to the internet for updates; and
                             Provides build policies that discourage resident cookies, spyware and similar.

                            03. The [Services Provider] shall develop as part of the communication plan:
                                   Procedures for informing users promptly and effectively within each School about possible virus threats and actions
                                 being taken; and
                                   Provision of regular confirmation to users within each School and the Authority that systems are free from viruses.

2.12    Security
                            In designing and maintaining networks for each School the [Services Provider] shall:
                            01. Provide and operate procedures to maintain the security and privacy of data stored on in-School servers and user devices;
                            02. Ensure the service is provided in adherence with data protection legislation; and
                            03. Work with the the Authority and the Schools (and/or any other relevant third parties) with regard to the physical security of
                                ICT equipment and in particular: (a) advising such parties on best practice for such security; and (b) making such use of
                                relevant third party systems (e.g. building management systems) as may be practicable in the circumstances.

                            It is acknowledged that Schools are responsible for the accuracy of their own data, especially that within management
                            information systems.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                               31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                 Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
2.13    Management and
        maintenance         The [Services Provider] shall:
                            01. With the Authority, develop and publish a set of agreed minimum operating standards for the Service to ensure overall
                                availability and operation of all ICT services;
                            02. Provide both preventative and reactive maintenance to ensure full functionality of all equipment, services and access to
                                resources within agreed time;
                            03. Agree a schedule of maintenance with each School, such that the operational effectiveness of the School is not affected;
                            04. Manage software and the implementation of revisions, service packs and upgrades with minimum of disruption and in a
                                planned manner;
                            05. Manage resolution of all incidents raised to the Service Desk;
                            06. Provide a flexible service to Schools ensuring all non-standard maintenance is carried out at a fixed quotation;
                            07. Develop and agree with Schools, Education Leeds and the Authority policies and codes of practice for in-School technical
                            08. Ensure that a regular schedule of maintenance is agreed with each School for those items requiring regular servicing such
                                that the operational effectiveness of the School is not affected;
                            09. Publish to Schools an agreed annual plan for the upgrade of software and hardware and associated training in order to
                                assist in the management of the School year; and
                            10. Maintain and update all software installed in Schools and included in the School Specification (where possible using the
                                LCC ICTS distribution engine for global software updates rather than direct connection to the internet).

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                          31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                   Leeds school MIS provider framework

Section 3: Reporting services

Ref.    Item                Requirement
3.01    Self-evaluation
                            The [Services Provider] shall develop and publish an agreed self evaluation mechanism to ensure it meets the performance
                            targets agreed between itself and the Authority including those in the School Contract, linked to the continuous improvement
                            programme referred to in paragraph 3.02 of this Schedule 1.

3.02    Continuous
        improvement         The [Services Provider] shall produce an annual service improvement plan which identifies service performance issues and
        programme           provides detailed remediation plans for each area (and which is clearly linked to the performance reporting schedule at 3.05).

                            The Authority will review and agree any changes proposed by the [Services Provider] to ensure they are beneficial to the

3.03    Communications
        plan                The [Services Provider] shall develop and manage a communications plan which:
                            01. Includes provision for regular progress updates of information to Schools (updated at a minimum of once per month); and
                            02. Ensures information is targeted at and reaches the appropriate, differentiated audiences including those in Schools and
                                other stakeholder groups (such as the Authority, students, staff groups, parents, governors and the wider community).

3.04    Change control
                            The [Services Provider] shall:
                            01. Agree with the Authority service standards that define the extent of change that can reasonable occur within the contract
                                prior to triggering change control procedures;
                            02. Ensure that manageable change control procedures are developed and operated to support changes to the service, such
                                as movement of equipment and introduction of new equipment and software or curriculum changes which require new or
                                revised ICT;
                            03. Put in place procedures to allow the change control procedures to be invoked by the Authority or Schools;
                            04. Maintain all system records and updates relating to the configuration of each School system;
                            05. Include a sign-off process for each School and the Authority; and
                            06. Assess the impact of change on services provided by other stakeholders, and where appropriate trigger the relevant
                                change control and provide appropriate support to Schools and other service providers to ensure changes are
                                implemented effectively.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                             31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                  Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
3.05    Performance
        management          The [Services Provider] shall provide:
        reporting           01. A monthly availability, performance and monitoring report to Education Leeds (copied to Schools) on the efficiency and
                                effectiveness of its service delivery and any rectification required;
                            02. The monthly availability, performance and monitoring report will include as a minimum monthly performance and
                                comparative value for money reports, with remediation plans where performance is below agreed basic standards,
                                supported by a monthly meeting with Education Leeds for overall performance management;
                            03. Review this monthly report with Schools, LCC ICTS and Education Leeds as part of the broader performance reporting
                                framework around ICT support in general;
                            04. Quarterly and annual reports to Education Leeds and Schools on all aspects of the operation of the service by the
                                [Services Provider], supported by management meetings with each School (at least termly or more frequently as agreed
                                with each School) and with Education Leeds (a full performance meeting at least quarterly);
                            05. Quarterly budget planning and service use forecasting reports to Education Leeds and Schools;
                            06. Monthly performance reports to each School on open calls and general performance. These reports should include (but
                                not be limited to):
                                     o full details of performance against the School Contract;
                                     o failures (including unique code, severity, description, log time, failure time, workarounds, problem resolution in
                                         progress (if applicable) and impact);
                                     o service availability as per section 2.05.01 of this Schedule;
                                     o calls placed by Schools (incident reporting, management assistance and ICT advice as per section 2.01 of this
                                         Schedule), broken down by core and non-core hours;
                                     o relevant performance indicators;
                                     o notices of planned maintenance works; and
                                     o all data in the performance reports should where applicable be compared to other School and whole-Authority
                            07. A sign-off process for each School and Education Leeds to be part of quarterly performance management meetings
                                between the School and the [Services Provider];
                            08. All reports should be available to authorised users on an ad hoc basis through the online Service Desk;
                            09. Be prepared when necessary to provide such information as is requested under Freedom of Information requests to the
                            10. Information to support the Authority’s reporting cycles and inspection requirements as appropriate (e.g. CYPP, Education
                                Leeds Strategic Plan, ICT and IM Strategy); and
                            11. Nominated account management staff to participate in the agreed schedule of meetings with each School and the

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                           31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                      Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                Requirement
3.06    Asset register
                            The [Services Provider] shall for each School develop and maintain an Asset Register relating to the Services for Schools,
                            available to nominated users through the online Service Desk system. The [Services Provider] will publish protocols to ensure
                            the Asset Register is updated as required by the Schools. This will contain as a minimum:
                            01. A register of all equipment and software within Schools together with a refresh recommendation, which should be updated
                                on an ongoing basis as new items are purchased and installed;
                            02. A register of all warranties, guarantees and license conditions relating to the equipment on the register;
                            03. All current and updated equipment and software in Schools relating to the Service, maintained in a consistent record
                                (asset register and issues log as a minimum) which can be viewed on request or live online;
                            04. All software licenses and renewal periods, support contacts and other relevant information; and
                            05. Other relevant information such as potentially the number of users and their access restrictions.

3.07    Legislative         The [Services Provider] shall ensure that:
        requirements        01.All support staff employed should be subject to a CRB Enhanced Disclosure, if it is anticipated that any part of their role will
                               involve direct contact with children and young people.
                            02. From October 2009, all staff employed to work within a school or learning environment, or with access to any data items
                               relating to children and young people, have (or shall be working towards) a valid Independent Safeguarding Authority
                               membership and registration number.
                            03. Compliance is in place for any other statutory instrument relating to service provision or to individual responsibilities
                               associated with the contract.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                                31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                       Leeds school MIS provider framework

Section 4: Continuing professional development services

Ref.    Item                Requirement
4.01    Professional
        learning            The [Services Provider] shall facilitate the establishment of professional learning communities, using the tools available on the
        communities         Learning Platform and associated meeting and events programme. These are central to maximising the curriculum,
                            management and administrative expertise found across the city.

                            01. Support existing communities and develop new ones through the provision of resources (such as mentors, technical
                                expertise, web tools) to assist in the development of high quality on-line resources and the sharing of good practice;
                            02. Showcase best practice nationally and internationally; and
                            03. Consider and advise on innovative staffing policies to allow staff from schools to be given the time for these developments.

4.02    Professional
        development of      Professional development within schools is a critical part of ensuring that transformation is achieved in schools and delivers
        staff in Schools    real benefits to learners in the city. Professional development is not simply training in applications or technologies; crucially it
                            also extends to developing with and on behalf of Schools curriculum and management strategies for maximising the impact of
                            ICT across Schools.

                            The [Services Provider] shall:
                            01. Publish a professional development programme which seamlessly integrates with, and complements the Authority’s own
                                identified training programme, the National Strategies programme, Schools’ priorities and the work of the CLCs;
                            02. Ensure access is available to basic ICT skills training for all staff in Schools, to include core ICT competency and training
                                in MISs and others as appropriate;
                            03. Develop self assessment systems to enable staff to identify pathways through this programme to meet their own
                                development needs;
                            04. Ensure the CPD programme takes account of customer requests and the appraisal targets of staff in Schools and is
                                available in differentiated forms to take account of the needs of individual staff;
                            05. Involve the CLCs, National Strategies and others in the Authority actively in the development and delivery of this CPD
                            06. Ensure the full CPD programme is available to the Authority staff as appropriate or as requested;
                            07. Develop and maintain appropriate training facilities for the delivery of its programme (use may be considered of existing
                                Authority facilities if these are suitable);
                            08. Ensure its own training staff have appropriate accreditation;
                            09. Publish a directory of training providers and courses, including costs. This should include appropriate 3rd party courses;
                            10. Support and promote external training;
                            11. Ensure that its own courses can be accredited as part of national schemes such as the Information Technology
                                Qualification (ITQ);
                            12. Develop FAQs for staff as part of the online learning communities; and

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                                 31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                      Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                 Requirement
                             13. Not provide training which is already available from or provided by the Authority unless otherwise agreed.

4.03    Induction training
                             The [Services Provider] shall develop and manage delivery of an induction training programme for new staff and governors of
                             each School that offers familiarisation with and training in the systems supported by the Service.

4.04    Ongoing user
        training             01. The [Services Provider] shall provide training in the two weeks following granting of user access for new users to any
                             School ICT environment. This shall include:
                                 o Induction training appropriate to the type of staff or other users (e.g. teaching, non-teaching and facilities staff such as
                                     premises managers and cleaners) as defined in 4.03;
                                 o Training and support materials available to every user on the use of the system;
                                 o Differentiated training for varying ICT skills levels.

                             02. The [Services Provider] shall baseline and maintain records of the competency level of the workforce and use these to
                             inform development planning and make recommendations to Schools.

                             03. The [Services Provider] shall ensure that the ‘new user’ training sessions are also available in identical or similar form as
                             refresher or update training for existing staff.

                             04. The [Services Provider] shall throughout the duration of this Agreement ensure that any training relates to the current
                             technologies available in Schools.

                             05. The [Services Provider] shall ensure that major system changes, upgrades and software or hardware changes in Schools
                             have user training as a standard element in the project planning and delivery.

                             06. Proposals from the [Services Provider] should include options for extending this training to include modules leading to
                             formal qualifications for staff.

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                                 31/10/08
Schedule 1: Specification                                                                                                    Leeds school MIS provider framework

Ref.    Item                 Requirement
4.05    Professional
        development to       The [Services Provider] shall provide a comprehensive training programme tailored to meet the needs and abilities of users
        support the use of   which:
        administration       01. Ensures that any programmes developed contribute towards the Workforce Reform agenda;
        applications         02. Provides training as required to incorporate software updates or enhancements;
                             03. Provides training to meet the future need as integrated services are developed across the Authority;
                             04. Ensures that CPD is available as required to support the implementation of data sharing through Children’s Services;
                             05. Develops, with the Authority, management training to enable Schools to use MIS to develop their business and function
                                 more effectively;
                             06. Supports all training with an online interactive training and support package;
                             07. Ensures that application-specific courses are available for the prevailing MIS packages in Leeds and other applications in
                                 use in Schools as well more generic courses on management and data use;

                             The [Services Provider] shall provide:
                             08. System user training for the MISs in use in Schools;
                             09. Training in developing Schools’ business practice – the effective use of MIS information to inform the management
                                 processes of the School;
                             10. Training, support and guidance which supports Authority and national data collection exercises (specifically incorporating
                                 training, support and guidance which relates to the extraction of relevant data from School MISs); and
                             11. Training, support and guidance which responds promptly and effectively to new requirements generated by the
                                 deployment of new applications or services by DCSF, OfSTED or other relevant national agencies.

4.06    Maintenance
                             The [Services Provider] shall:
                             01. Develop, with Schools and the Authority, an accreditation scheme for School-based ICT support staff; and
                             02. Ensure that all of its training, support and consultancy staff are appropriately accredited.

4.07    Leadership and
        management           The [Services Provider] shall:
                             01. Provide and encourage the development of materials to support school SMTs; and
                             02. Provide career development opportunities for staff through the Learning Platform, through local materials and courses and
                                 through links to national or regional.

4.08    Conferences and
        seminars             The [Services Provider] shall organise and promote regular conferences and seminar series in the city to raise the profile of
                             the transformational potential of effective ICT in administration

Final v0.8                                                                                                                                              31/10/08