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									8/                                Local 666 News
                                                   Richmond, Virginia

                                  August 2010                                              Volume 2, Issue 18

                                  From The Business Manager
                                  The work picture continues to be bleak and will remain this way until the financial
                                  institutions ease up on credit.
                                  How does it feel to be a member of an organization that has been in Richmond Virginia
                                  for 100 years – Quite an accomplishment for any organization? I hope you had the
                                  opportunity to participate in the 2 events held to celebrate our 100 years. I would like to
                                  thank the Centennial Committee for their hard work and effort for making these events
                                  so successful. Don’t forget about the Christmas/100 Anniversary Dance.
     IBEW LOCAL UNION 666         Also thanks to the Brothers and Sisters who participated in this years “Rebuilding
         P.O. BOX 467             Together”. Forty-three homes in the Bellemeade and Oak Grove communities in the
      SANDSTON, VA 23150          city were selected for this program. Thanks to our 35 volunteer members, we corrected
                                  the electrical deficiencies and made the homes safe for the low income residents.
                                  The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk will be Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010 at the
  APPRENTICESHIP: 353-2655                                                              th
 HEALTH & WELFARE: 358-2348       Canal Plaza Downtown Richmond. This is our 8 year as a sponsor and is a great
                                  event for a great cause.
                                  Do you remember last January and February when we were wishing it was 100
                                  degrees, well our wish came true. Have a safe summer.

                                  Jim Underwood
     Special Interest Articles:
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     • Deaths                 3
     • New Members
                                  From The President
     • Web Pages              4
                                  The 100 Anniversary Commemorative buck knives are ready for disbursement. They
                                  will be available for pickup at the close of the September 10, 2010 union meeting and
                                  thereafter at the union hall with a paid up dues receipt. We will also carry them to the
                                  September and October Retirees’ Club meeting. Be sure and attend the meeting to be
                                  among the first to get your keepsake knife. The knives will be available for pickup @ the
                                  union hall through the month of December 2010. Beginning January 2011 the unclaimed
     Individual Highlights:       knives will be sold.

 Apprenticeship               2   At the July 2010 union meeting pill #500-Wade Collins was pulled and had he been in
                                  attendance he would have won $1000.00.
 Financial Secretary          2

                                  Freddie Zahn
  Hiring Hall
  Beginning January 1, 2010 Local Union #666 will institute a quarterly re-sign to retain your name on the out of work list. The
  first month of each quarter will be the designated re-sign month. The day(s) of the month to resign on will remain the same,
  the first Wednesday of the month and/or two days prior to the first Wednesday. The months and dates of re-sign are as follow
                     th                             th   th   th
                    4 Quarter (2010)    - October 4 , 5 & 6

                  Fax # (804) 353-9611           Email address:
  We would like to thank all of our members and retirees for their generous contributions of food and money to support our food
  pantry. Our shelves are stocked and ready to assist our unemployed members and their families during this difficult time.
  Please call the union office @ 353-9666 X12 or email for information on this program.

  Bubba Gillend

2005 NEC Code Update class is designed for Journeymen with an expiring state card. The class last three hours and you
must attend all three hours to receive credit for the class. The class is scheduled on the 2 Thursday of each month from
6:00 – 9:00 p.m. The cost is $90.00 for all non-IBEW members. Please call the JATC office at 353-2655 to register for this
class. Please visit our web site for information on OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR/AED, PLC Basics, Teaching
Tools, CW/CE Fire Alarm Basics, Instrumentation, Built Rite, and Master’s Exam Code Review classes.

Bill Leigers

From The Financial Secretary
The Local Union would like to have email addresses for our members. Please send us your name, card # and email
address @ so we can update our records.

The National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) would like to remind our members preparing for retirement to submit a
completed retirement application 12 months prior to your expected date of retirement. Please call the union office if you
need additional information.

Larry Jarvis

Hearing loss in the construction industry is something we don’t take very seriously. One out of four will become hearing
impaired from exposures over 90 dba (standard for construction workers). Once your hearing is damaged it doesn’t heal
itself, it’s gone forever. Wear ear protection when exposed to loud noise, hammer drills, saws, etc.

Danny Garner

Retirees                                                                                        st
The Retiree’ Club welcomes all retired members and their spouses to join us at 11:00 a.m., the 1 Friday of each month at
Imperial Plaza, for a dutch treat luncheon. Please contact our club officers if you would like more information.
Conley L. Bodsford, Jr., President – 598-9139
Ronald L. Jackson, Vice President – 673-9795
Mary Ann Bernier, Recording Secretary – 798-4460
Fontaine K. Bowles, Treasurer – 745-3675
Earl A. Sale, Sgt at Arms – 276-9423
Joseph Nash – Chaplin – 227-3501

Recent IBEW Retirees
William A. “Bill” Powell – August 2010, James T. Summers – August 2010, James R. “Bobby” Lane – November 2010,
Jerry D. Robinson – October 2010, Michael E. Wirt – October 2010, Bruce W. Wiltshire – Retroactive October 2009,
Hinton Paul Powers, Jr. – August 2010

Meetings and Events
Union Meetings are held the 2 Friday of each month @ 8:00 p.m.
Executive Board meets the 3 Tuesday of each month

On Tuesday, July 27, 2010, the Senate Democrats failed to attract a single Republican vote on the DISCLOSE ACT,
which defeated the bill at this time. This cast a dark shadow on the November 2010 elections for the working families in
the U.S. This bill may come back onto the Senate floor before the fall elections because of a procedural rule. The
DISCLOSE ACT would make the corporate CEO’s or the largest contributor appear in and claim responsibility for the
advertisements for or against a candidate. It would not allow any foreign corporations to contribute to these shadow
groups. This subject was addressed a century ago by then Republican President Teddy Roosevelt who said the dangers
of the limitless corporate spending in our political system would be one of the principal sources of the corruption of our
democracy. The drowning of the people’s voices cannot be tolerated. “All contributions by corporations to any political
committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law” Roosevelt said in the first years of the 20 century.
Senator Charles Schmuer, D-New York was quoted as saying “The Supreme Court just predetermined the winners of the
next November election. It won’t be the Republicans. It won’t be the Democrats. It will be CORPORATE AMERICA.”
Call your Senators and let them know how you feel about this. Remember a little change now could make a big change

Dance Committee
James Farkas

The Dance Committee is making preparations for our 2010 Christmas Dance/100 Anniversary Celebration. The dance
will be on December 18, 2010 at the ACCA Temple. We will have the same caterer as last year, Catering by Jill. The
committee has a contract with the band, Casper, to provide the musical entertainment. We will be sending detailed
information and a reservation form around the 1 week of November.

A.C. Collawn
David Dance
Phil Bullock

  Departed Members
                                Born     Initiated      Retired           Died
  Eddie G. Mize                9/16/1941 4/20/1988      10/1/2006         4/24/2010
  R. Ashley Wilkinson          8/14/1959 11/4/1988                        5/28/2010
  John W. Hall, Jr.           11/22/1920 9/7/1951       5/1/1978          6/28/2010

Welcome New Members
Eric J. Frazier, AW – Apr 2010     William E. Lovelace, AW – Apr 2010   Eric Breitmeyer, AW – May 2010
Serena Hamilton, AW – May 2010     Brian N. Wright, AW – May 2010       Muhammad A. Brent, JW – May 2010
Bernard C. Bibbs, AW – June 2010   Andrew H. Revere, AW – June 2010     Julie F. Maile, CW – July 2010


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