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									Profile of Mr. Shahsikant Patel
Chairman & Managing Director

At the helm of Plethico is Mr. Shashikant Patel. He was appointed Chairman & Managing
Director in 1996 and under his guidance and strategic direction; the company has established
a dominant position in the global healthcare and has successfully carved out a niche by
focusing on herbal and neutraceutical segments, internationally and in India.

A dynamic team builder and business strategist, Mr. Patel has been associated with the
business since over 40 years. An erudite personality with vast experience in international
business as well in-depth knowledge of the domestic healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors,
Mr. Patel’s vision, foresight and belief on the potential of the global healthcare market, has
catapulted Plethico to higher echelons of growth and expansion.

As soon as Mr. Patel was requested to take charge at the helm, he immediately set forth in
putting in place a strong senior management team including a professional marketing team,
bringing in the best talent available in the industry. Till then, Plethico was a Rs. 450 million
company. Within a span of 12 years, the company’s revenues grew to Rs. 5500 million. He
has evidently, been the key driving force behind the company’s rapid growth. The precedent
set by the infusion of professional talent into the company, is still practiced by Plethico. The
company’s operations are divided into strategic business units (SBU), each headed by world-
class professionals responsible for setting goals for their respective SBUs. His son Chirag
Patel and daughter Gauravi ably assist him in steering the company.

Mr. Patel is a Director with Plethico Laboratories Limited, India, Plazma Laboratories Private
Limited, Rezcom Realty Private Limited, Plethico Global Holdings B. V. Netherlands,
Plethico US Holdings Kft., Hungary, Natrol Inc. USA and Plethico International Limited,

Registered Office: A.B.Road, Manglia – 453 771, Indore (M.P.), India.                 www.plethico.com
Tel: +91-0731-2422881-85, Fax: +91-0731-2420938

Corporate Office: Sabnam House, Ground Floor, Plot No.A-15/16, Central Cross Road-B
Behind MIDC Police Station, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400093, India
Tel: +91-022-66988301, +91-022-66988302, Fax: +91-022-66988300, +91-022-66988330

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