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					                    2010 Yearbook Senior Ads
                A Message with a picture to Your HPRHS Graduate
To purchase a spot in the yearbook to congratulate a graduating senior, please fill out the form below.
Please put your name on the back of any photo (Print very lightly so as to not damage the front. Do not
staple photos!) Mail or hand-deliver this form, photos, written message, and a check to the address
below. There is limited space available. Please make checks payable to High Point Regional High
                                  2010 Yearbook - Senior Ads
Ad Information:                                Personal Information:

Student’s Name: __________________________            Your Name: ______________________________
Check one:                                            Your Address:____________________________
        This ad is a surprise for my student.               __________________________________
        It is OK for the staff to ask my student            __________________________________
             any questions about the ad.              Phone #: ________________________________
                                                      Email: __________________________________
Place a check by the size of the ad you are buying.
                                                            We will send an email receipt upon
Check attached pages for more specifics.
                                                             receiving your ad materials.
        Full Page $200.00 – 5 to 10 picture
        1/2 Page $110.00 – 3 to 5 pictures                           DEADLINE
        1/4 Page $60.00 – 1 to 3 pictures                           Must be received by
                                                                Friday, December 11th, 2009
        1/8 Page $35.00– 1 to 2 pictures                 Ads will be included in the yearbook in the
   How are you paying for this ad?                               order that they are received.
        Check # ___________
        Money amount $ ___________
Layout options sketched on following pages.           Send to:
                                                      2010 Obelisk/ Attn: Liana Heller
Please circle one:
                                                      High Point Regional High School
Full Page:     F-01     F-02      F-03     F-04       299 Pidgeon Hill Road
                                                      Sussex, NJ 07461
1/2 Page:      H-05     H-06      H-07     H-08
1/4 Page:      Q-09     Q-10      Q-11     Q-12
                                                      Message Copy/ Photo Instructions:
1/8 Page:      E-13     E-14      E-15     E-16
                                                      Your message can be printed neatly or typed. We
                                                      reserve the right to edit or refuse any photo or
                                                      message that is not in the best interest of High
Please provide a description of each photo that
                                                      Point Regional High School. We will edit for
you have included in your ad materials:               grammar, but please edit before you send a
                                                      message in to us. It is against copyright laws to
                                                      print song lyrics.
                                                      Photographs can be any size, black and white, or
                                                      colored. We will scan your photos and return
________________________________________              them to you before the close of the school year. If
                                                      you submit a digital scan of a photo, it must have
                                                      a resolution of 300 dpi and on a CD.
Full Page Layouts - 5 to 10 pictures and 200 words depending on layout – 8 ½ x 11
Half Page Layouts – 3 to 5 pictures and 120 words depending on layout - 8 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches
Quarter Page Layouts –1 to 3 pictures and 60 words depending on layout - 4 x 5 ¼ inches
1/8 Page Layouts – 1 to 2 pictures and 35 words depending on layout - 4 x 2 ½ inches

               Please indicate which pictures you want in each space.
                  Please submit text that is printed neatly or typed.
                     Please check for grammar in your writing.

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