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2004 Taipei Chinese Culinary Exhibition


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									2004 Taipei Chinese Culinary Exhibition                                          World Culinary Contest
I. The Contest
     (I) Domestic Contestant Briefing: May 2004 (exact date to be announced)
     (II) International Contestant Briefing: Before August 11, 2004 (upon arrival of all teams)
     (III) Preliminary Contest: August 12 - 13, 2004 (Thursday- Friday)
    (IV) Semi Final Contest: August 14, 2004 (Saturday)
    (V) Final Contest: August 15, 2004 (Sunday)
    ※Local teams from Taiwan must pass the qualifying round before proceeding to the Preliminary Contest.
II. Contest Rules
     (1) Each team must comprise one leader and four members. The team leader will be
         responsible for preparation and logistics, and may participate in cooking during the contest. Teams shall prepare their own ingredients and
         are allowed 3 hours to cook and display an 8-course menu for 4 people and 4 judges, each dish on a separate plate.
    (2) The contestants shall arrange the 4 people's servings on the standard display table for judging and post-competition public viewing.
    (3) For the teams advancing to the final, no change of members is allowed from the original line-up who participated in the preliminary and semi
        final rounds.
    (4) Teams advancing to the Final Contest may not necessarily prepare the same dishes as in the preliminary and semi final rounds.
    (5 )Details of the Contests :
        * Recipes and name of the dishes must be made available in the kitchens for judges viewing.
        * International/western ingredients with at least one Chinese ingredient must be used to produce modernized Chinese cuisine.
        * Example: goose liver could be mixed with Chinese ingredients or sauces to produce a Chinese dish.
        * Example: bean curd or bamboo could be processed in Western style to get an innovative product.
    (6) For Preliminary and Semi- Final Contests:
        * One cold platter: prepare for 4 persons and 4 judges, each served on the individual plates. The ingredients may be cooked in advance,
          but cutting, carving and garnishing have to be done during the contest.
        * Two hot seafood dishes: Seafood must be used as main ingredient, and could be accompanied by secondary ingredients. All ingredients
       can be washed and cleaned in advance but must be cut, carved and cooked on the spot.
     * Two hot poultry meat dishes: Poultry meat must be used as main ingredient, and could be accompanied by secondary ingredients. All
       ingredients can be washed and cleaned in advance but must be cut, carved and cooked on the spot.
     * One hot vegetable dish: Vegetables must be used as main ingredient, and could be accompanied by secondary ingredients. All
       ingredients can be washed and cleaned in advance but must be cut, carved and cooked on the spot.
     * One hot soup: Soup-stock can be prepared in advance. All other ingredients must be cut and cooked on the spot.
     * One dessert: Dough or the fillings can be prepared in advance. All other ingredients should be processed on the spot.
     * Vegetable/fruit sculpture: includes garnish and presentation: Vegetables and fruits can be sculptured before the competition but it will not
         be given any points. Set up and assemble works should be done during the contest.
   (7) For the Final Contest:
     * The contest organizer will provide basic cooking ingredients to the finalists on the day of the final contest.
     * The ingredients must be used for the seven specific courses; -one cold platter, one hot platter one hot or cold soup, one seafood dish,
          one meat dish, one vegetable dish, one sweet or salty dessert.
III. Contest Schedule

                          Preliminary Rounds   Preliminary Rounds   Semi Final Round   Final Round Hours
                          Hours On August 12 Hours On August 13 Hours On August 13       On August 13
 World Culinary Contest      09: 00~12: 00       08: 30~11: 30        08:30 ~ 11:30      10:00 ~ 14:00
 World Culinary Contest      13: 00~16: 00       12: 30~15: 30        12:30 ~ 15:30
Schedule Details
  1. Contestants must report to the contest administrator within 40 minutes prior to their contest time for material preparation and inspection.
  2. Contestants must stand by at the designated contest kitchen 15 minutes before the start of the contest. Judges will brief all contestants.
     Five points will be deducted from the team's average score for late arrival.
  3. At the sound of the first whistle or gong, the contest will begin.
  4. Contestants will be reminded 30 minutes before the end of contest time.
  5. The second sound of the whistle or gong will mark the completion of the contest.
  Admission to the Arena
    1. Domestic contestants may enter the arena with tickets to be provided after registration.
    2. International contestants may enter the arena with Entrance Passes issued by the administrator.
    3. Contestants who need to enter the arena before the opening time, to produce the Contestant Check-In Form before getting their tickets or
       passes as mentioned above.

IV. Facility and Equipment provided by the Contest Administrator
    (I) Equipment for each team
                   Item             Quantity                Item             Quantity              Item        Quantity             Item         Quantity
                                               Steamer (aluminum, with two
   Express cooking stoves              2                                        1       Slicing Knife             1       Snack board (4535cm)      1
   Oven with upper and lower temp                                                                                         Long plastic cutting
                                       1       Woks                             2       Chopping Knife            1                                 2
   control                                                                                                                boards
   Refrigerator with freezer and                                                                                          Deep frying wok with
                                       1       Wok Ladles                       2       Scissors                  1                                 1
   cooler                                                                                                                 filter
   Double sink with tap water          1       Spatula                          1       Peeler                    1       Skimmer                   1
   Work stations                                                                                                          Steeled bowl
                                       2       Soup Pot                         1       Pastry Knife              1                                 5
   (3 x 6 feet)                                                                                                           (Diameter: 30cm)
                                                                                                                          Steel plates for raw
   Working Chairs                      2       Tasting Plates                  12       Scale Remover             1                                 6
   Gas range lighter                   1       Tasting Bowls                    2       Egg Beater                1       Tin bowls                 6
   Presentation table
                                                                                                                          Weighting scale
   ( Off Wall) (180 x 135cm)white      1       Chopsticks                    10 pairs   Cleaning towel            5                                 1
                                                                                                                          (3 Kg)
   table cloth Dark apron
   Seasoning table                     1       Large and small steel spoon    5 each    Kitchen paper towels   5 packs    Cleaning kit              1
   (II) Contestants may bring their own or apply for tableware from the Contest Administrator one month before the contest. Please indicate on the
        registration form the quantity, sizes and types of the chinaware required.
        6- inch (18cm) round, flat and white plate
        10- inch (30cm) round, flat and white plate
        small white bowl dish
        small white soup dish
  (III) Seasonings provided by Contest Administrator:
    Cooking Oil                Rice Cooking Wine             Corn Starch Powder
    Soybean Sauce              Salt                          Oyster Sauce
    Sesame Oil                 Brown Sugar                   Chili Paste
    White Vinegar              Pepper Powder                 Honey

V. Scoring
    (I) Rules
       * Dishes will be assessed for their flavor/taste, creativity/innovation , presentation/appearance, and sanitation/hygiene.
       * All garnishes and carvings for dishes must be edible.
       * All dishes must be prepared under the highest hygienic conditions. Artificial coloring or chemical additives (e.g. monosodium glutamate
           (MSG), de-foaming fluid, emulsifi artificial flavor) are not allowed.
    (II) Scoring Criteria: flavor/taste (40 points), creativity/innovation (30 points), presentation/appearance (20 points), and sanitation/hygiene (10
    (III) Scoring Method
         * Reasons for demerit points will be provided to contestants.
         * Judges' scores will be added and averaged to arrive at the official score.
       * Five points will be deducted for each violation.
       * Violations include: arriving late, revealing identifiable names of individuals or team on finished dishes or uniforms, using     forbidden
           seasonings, smuggling in forbidden semi-finished or finished products.
       * Incomplete dishes will not earn any points. Contestants must stop work at the final whistle or gong.

    (IV) Judges
        * Shall report to the contest administrator within 40 minutes prior to the contest time, and be prepared to conduct material inspection and
        * Judges shall brief the contestants concerning the contest rules 15 minutes before the start. Evaluation should be conducted alone.
          Judges are discouraged to engage in any conversation with the contestants.
        * Judges signature is required on the score sheets.
    (V) The official results will be released 60 minutes after the end of the second day's preliminary contest. The list of semi finalists will be
        announced and posted on the bulletin board in the arena and at the entrance. The official result of the semi final contest will be released 60
        minutes after the end of semi final contest. Finalists must report to the Contest Administrator with regards to their participation for the Final
        Contest by then. The result of the Final Contest will be announced 60 minutes after the end of the Final Contest on Aug. 15.
    (VI) Awards Presentation Ceremony: All teams are invited to participate in the Awards Presentation Party on August 16 2004.

VI. Awards:
    1. The 4 teams scoring the highest points at their preliminary rounds will qualify for the semi-final contest on August 14 2004, while the 2 teams
       scoring the highest points at the semi final will advance to the final on August 15 2004.
   2. Awards for the Final Contest:
      a. Golden Trophy: one award will be presented to the team scoring the highest points.
      b. Silver Trophy: one award will be presented to the team scoring the second highest points.
      c. Bronze Trophy: two awards will be presented to the two teams scoring the third and/or fourth highest points.
       * Certificates in Chinese and English will be presented to team members that win the gold, silver, or bronze awards.
     d. Participating team members who did not qualify for the Final Contest will receive medals.

VII. Contest Related Matters:
     (I) Participation: The contest is open to professional teams of 5 persons; a total of 8 teams are allowed.. i.e. 7 international teams and 1
        domestic team.
     (II) Fees:
         1. Registration Fees: Overseas competition teams are not required to pay a registration fee. Team members will be issued an entrance pass.
          2. Activity Fees for Opening Ceremony, Award Presentation Ceremony, and Closing Party expenses will be fully sponsored by the Contest
        3. Contest Administrator will arrange one official coordinator, at no cost, for each team to provide assistance during the contest.
        4. Preparation Room for Contestants: The Contest Administrator, facilitator, or sponsors will provide contestants with free refreshments.
        5. Traveling: International team members, who need to tour, please contact the hotel or travel agents.

   (III) Related Regulations:
      1. The Contest Organizer will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of, exhibit, equipment, utensils or personal effects of
      2. The Organizer reserves the right to rescind, modify or add of the above rules and regulations and their interpretation of these is final.
         They also reserve the right to cancel or postpone the whole competition event should it be deemed necessary.

VIII. Registration
      1. Please complete registration form with the details of all the team members, and fax to Contest Administration Office before April 30, 2004.
       Contest Administrator retains the right to reject applicants.
    2. Please keep the copied registration form and mail the original copy together with the IDs or passports of the team members and registration
       fee to Contest Administration Office by May 31, 2004. Teams from Mainland China may register by April 30, 2004.
    3. Please submit the Contestant Dish Form by June 30, 2004. Teams from Mainland China may do so by May 31, 2004
    4. The above three stages must be completed in order for registration purpose and officially accepted teams will be notified by the Contest
    5. International contestants should apply for visas in advance.
    6. Mailing address for Contest Administrator Office: World Culinary Contest, Taipei Chinese Culinary Exhibition Organizing Committee
       6F-2, No. 2, Lane 77, Chung-Shan North Rd., Section 2, Taipei, 104, ROC
       TEL: (886) (2) 2568-4726       FAX: (886) (2) 2567-2291
       Contact persons: Ms. Jia-Yin Lin and Ms. Sandy Wu
    7. International teams are required to send detailed lists of team members, equipment, and materials to Ms. Jia-Yin Lin or Ms. Sandy Wu via
       fax (886) (2) 2567-2291 for Taiwan customs and declaration, at least 20 days before the contest.
IX. Accommodation and Food Handling
 1. Accommodations: If you will require food storage/handling facilities or other assistance from your hotel, please notify the hotel of such needs in
    advance of your arrival.
                                                                                                                                                             Double                                         Service
 NO     Hotel Name      Title/Dept. of Contact Person              Address                    Tel               Fax                    E-mail                             Tax Incl. Gratuity   incl. (two
                                                                                                                                                           Room/Night                                        Fee
      Grand Hotel      V.P.         Chen                1 Jhongshan N. Rd., Sec. 4, (02) 2886-8888
  1 (Taipei)                                                                                             (02) 2885-6088   pr@grand-hotel.org              NT$2,100+10%       ●
                       Marketing/PR Hsing-chung         Lane 1, Taipei 104          ext. 1022
      Ambassador       Customer       Wang              63 Jhongshan N. Rd., Sec. 2, (02) 2551-1111
  2 Hotel Taipei                                                                                         (02) 2561-7883   yesv.tp@ambhotel.com.tw         NT$2,200           ●                              ●
                       Service Dept   Shui-chang        Taipei 104                   ext. 2218
      Golden China                                                                      (02) 2521-5151
  3 Hotel              Business Dept. Peng Chih-ming 306 Songjiang Rd., Taipei 104
                                                                                        ext. 320
                                                                                                         (02) 2531-0680   service@mail.golden-china.com.tw NT$2,700+10%      ●         ●           ●
      Holiday Inn      V.P. Business                                              (02) 2715-0077
  4 Asiaworld Taipei     Dept.
                                     Chiang Li-feng 100 Dunhua N. Rd., Taipei 105
                                                                                  ext. 3505
                                                                                                         (02) 2713-9967   sm@asiaworldhotel.com.tw        NT$3,135+10%       ●         ●           ●
                                                 172 Jhongsiao E. Rd., Sec. 4, (02) 2781-2822
  5 San Want Hotel Business Dept. Fang Chien-kuo Taipei 106                                              (02) 2772-8912   tony.fang@sanwanthotel.com.tw   NT$2,800+10%       ●         ●           ●
                                                                               ext. 2432
      Gloria Prince    Manager, PR
  6 Hotel              Dept.
                                      Kuo Yi-chun       369 Linsen N. Rd., Taipei 104 (02) 2560-1276     (02) 2560-1387   Jean.Ko@gloriahotel.com         NT$3,500           ●         ●           ●            ●
      Caesar Park                                       38 Jhongsiao W. Rd., Sec. 1, (02) 2311-5150
  7 Hotel Taipei       PR Dept.       Chen Yi-ching                                                      (02) 2331-5362   pr_tpe@caesarpark.com           NT$3,600+10%                             ●
                                                        Taipei 100                   ext. 2425
      Imperial Hotel                                                                    (02) 2596-5110
  8 Taipei             Business Dept. Liu Ai-mei        600 Linsen N. Rd., Taipei 104                    (02) 2594-1958   sales@imperialhotel.com.tw      NT$3,900+10%       ●                     ●
                                                                                        ext. 2705
                                                        111 Minsheng E. Rd., Sec. 3,
  9 Sherwood Taipei Business Dept. Li Chi-kung          Taipei 105
                                                                                     (02) 2718-1188      (02) 2713-0707   smdaniel@sherwood.com.tw        NT$4,800+10%       ●         ●           ●
      Grand Hyatt                                                                       (02) 2720-1200
 10 Taipei             Business Dept. Chang Ya-lun      2 Songshou Rd., Taipei 110                       (02) 2720-1105   ellen.chang@hyatt.com.tw        NT$5,399+10%       ●
                                                                                        ext. 3502
      Grand Formosa Customer                            3 Jhongshan N. Rd., Sec. 2,
 11 Regent Taipei                 Hsu Hsiu-ju                                       (02) 2522-8124       (02) 2543-1643   lesleyhsu@grandformosa.com.tw   NT$5,500+10%       ●
                    Service Dept.                       Lane 39, Taipei 104
                       Marketing and                    133 Nanjing E. Rd., Sec. 3,
 12 Westin Taipei      Business Dept.
                                      Kung Shih-yu
                                                        Taipei 104
                                                                                    (02) 3518-3015       (02) 8770-5765   gloria.kung@mwstin.com.tw       NT$6,325           ●                     ●        ●

    * Grand Hotel: Budget Room without a view. Food or ingredient handling and storage facilities are only available for two teams.
    * Ambassador Hotel Taipei: Double occupancy room including tax and service fee at NT$2,200, and with additional breakfast for two at
        NT$2,800. Single Room at NT$2,500 (including tax, service fee, and breakfast for one)
      * Holiday Inn Asiaworld Taipei: NT$3,135+10% for standard guest room
      * San Want Hotel: 1-4 guests: NT$3,200 (incl. tax, service fee, and breakfast); Groups of five or more: NT$2,800+10% (including tax, service
      fee, and breakfast).
    * Gloria Prince Hotel: Guests requiring storage/food preparation facilities should notify the hotel of all relevant details in advance by fax.
    * Sherwood Taipei: NT$4,800+10% (including tax, service fee, and breakfast for two); NT$4,500+10% (including tax, service fee, and
      breakfast for one)
    * Grand Hyatt Taipei: NT$5,399+10% (tax inclusive). Price is subject to changes. Please contact the hotel for current pricing.
    * Imperial Hotel Taipei: Foreign visitor price: NT$3,900+10% (including tax and breakfast for two); Local resident price (including overseas
      Chinese with resident certificate or ROC identification): NT$2,800+10% (including tax and breakfast for two)
    * Grand Formosa Regent Taipei: Price for deluxe king room. Free shuttle bus to Taipei World Trade Center leaves hotel at 8:00 a.m. during
    * Westin Taipei: Food storage/preparation facilities provided based on availability at time.

X. Discount Air Tickets
    1. China Airlines: CAL will provide air tickets to contestants at the most favorable rates.
    2. Hong Kong Dragon Airlines: Dragon air will provide preferential rates to contestants from Mainland China (including Hong Kong) between
       August 5-19, 2004. To apply for this special rate, please fax the following information to Ms. Sandy Wu (Fax no.: 886-2-2567-2291) at the
       Taipei Chinese Food Festival Committee well in advance of the contest date:
       A. Name in Chinese (if applicable) and English, as printed on passport
       B. Date and place of departure
       C. Date and place of return
       D. Preferred flight time (morning, afternoon, evening)
   3. Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission Accommodation Subsidy: Overseas Chinese contestants can apply through the Taipei Chinese Food
      Festival Committee for accommodation subsidy from the OCAC. The amount of the subsidy shall be determined by the OCAC.

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